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was begun with the previous posts, linked to here:

described values Rhapsodie received from others’ sharing.  Her information about receiving is still incomplete because of the alternate factors that were shared in the 1st post, let’s look beyond our present to see value more too.

Thinking you’ve not received when you have, comes down to thinking outside yourself repeatedly.  Or even minimally, are the flowers handed over appreciated as being shared?


  • Are your feelings a result of a lack of others’ care for you or because of your silliness in life?
    • Do you work to find what values in receiving from the non-material are?
  • Could your feelings of not having received come because you don’t appreciate what is shared with you?
    • How often does a child really appreciate the self-sacrificing sharing of their parent(s)?
    • WHEN THEY WORK TO HELP YOU RECEIVE YOU DON’T know that it’s for your own good.
    • You haven’t shared enough, so you are unaware of the values also shared with you.

This happened with Rhapsodie and Mr. Howie Mandel, Mr. OBAMA, Ms. Shelley, and Mr. Will Shortz to list just a few that worked hard in giving to Rhapsodie but she didn’t remember. NOTHING ILLEGAL, just not commonly shared gifts.

Her insult to these people was partially because of A BAD name memory, Rhapsodie’s so bad that, a great longtime friend of hers, Michelle received a blank stare as Rhapsodie tried to remember her name after 4 or 6 years of their being very close to each other and connected by many experiences and relationships. BUT memory isn’t the only reason people feel that they haven’t received anything.

Other reasons are associated with your perceptions about value.


  • Who knew that Mr. Lucas or Mr. Coppola would be famous in 1960?
  • Who was aware that publicized computer’s like Apple would effect the whole world?
  • Who knew that a national system of healthcare would exist in the United States in 1980?

Well maybe some had hopes or fears about these things, maybe some have reasons for their thinking, I know I do, but history will tell the tale I can’t.


  • Reason based on how a person thinks &
  • emotion based on what is being felt.

Emotion fluctuates just as much as reason does narrowing down the reasons for FEELING LIKE YOU’VE NOT RECEIVED WHEN YOU HAVE, COMES DOWN TO WHO YOU ARE. Is it because what you’ve received isn’t necessarily physical or considered valuable to you when it was received.

Or do you need flowers vased and shared specially wrapped in order to appreciate the value shared?


Gifts shared with work and care may at times be ignored because we don’t appreciate the effort others’ take to share.  In time there may be appreciation, but we should value the sharers who keep on giving so that others keep on receiving.  Please do NOT let the feelings of the present in regards to our receiving halt us from sharing. Time often grows an understanding of values shared & received, and I hope we all can appreciate that there is a lot more to giving than just getting.



About Stories

Please forgive me the delay.  My knowledge of WordPress is more limited than I thought.

Rhapsodie‘s Words About Stories

A story guides peoples perceptions of the writer.  Posts that share information of value lead to these perceptions.  But the story doesn’t necessarily make the man.  Here are a couple examples of stories:

The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

And Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings.

But those are only examples of stories, for people telling stories online more is required.  The person must continue to carry a story through one line after another line on page after page or post after post.  And for Rhapsodie, telling stories is not easy.  Rhapsodie’s words about stories is that tell it well or avoid telling it at all.

We all care about the story that we tell.  But is the story that is told important to others? This question is often a guide to story telling for all.  The import of the story is the reason that others listen and this is the reason to search for a story.  What do you tell that is important and how can your words influence others?  Let me share with you an example of how to do this.

“Visitor detail capturing which is possible on a website by creating forms is not allowed on Facebook.’’ Indeed, let us add that at east 50 per cent of our business leads come from the form created on the website. We are still to get a single lead via our social media presence. Adds Varun Joshua, our creative director: “Facebook is structured/ designed to enhance conversation between people with limited options to communicate a brand message through visuals, experience, interaction – which a website does. It’s restrictive in that sense.’’

The reason that is noticed on Google is because there is a story being told that others find valuable and interesting.  So may your words and mine find success in being a story for others.

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