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About Stories

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Rhapsodie‘s Words About Stories

A story guides peoples perceptions of the writer.  Posts that share information of value lead to these perceptions.  But the story doesn’t necessarily make the man.  Here are a couple examples of stories:

The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

And Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings.

But those are only examples of stories, for people telling stories online more is required.  The person must continue to carry a story through one line after another line on page after page or post after post.  And for Rhapsodie, telling stories is not easy.  Rhapsodie’s words about stories is that tell it well or avoid telling it at all.

We all care about the story that we tell.  But is the story that is told important to others? This question is often a guide to story telling for all.  The import of the story is the reason that others listen and this is the reason to search for a story.  What do you tell that is important and how can your words influence others?  Let me share with you an example of how to do this.

“Visitor detail capturing which is possible on a website by creating forms is not allowed on Facebook.’’ Indeed, let us add that at east 50 per cent of our business leads come from the form created on the website. We are still to get a single lead via our social media presence. Adds Varun Joshua, our creative director: “Facebook is structured/ designed to enhance conversation between people with limited options to communicate a brand message through visuals, experience, interaction – which a website does. It’s restrictive in that sense.’’

The reason that is noticed on Google is because there is a story being told that others find valuable and interesting.  So may your words and mine find success in being a story for others.

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