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Rhapsodie’s Opinions on Government and Freedom . . .

Rhapsodie’s Opinions on Government and Freedom are based upon the rights I as an individual have and am giving up.  Why do I say giving up?

It is because there are only two things to do to have, be given or take.  Those that don’t appreciate have others take and those that don’t care to have give up the right to keep.  In the last five years the American people have given up the right to have by not showing appreciation for what they have.  And truthfully if anyone says, “I’ll give you this for free,” what does it really mean?

“I’ll give you this for free, if you give me your opinion, if you vote for me, if you support me, if you . . .”  What is given for free doesn’t require anything else, it’s a gift.  And the US is not a gift giving country.  If you don’t use it you lose it, and if you think it doesn’t matter just consider how you feel when someone gets into your car and takes your tissues.  Sure they’ve been there for a long time, but they’re not theirs they’re yours.  How should we as American’s feel about gun legislation?

Well according to the second amendment of the US Constitution, “There is the right to keep and bear arms.”  These arms were used by Americans to protect from wolves, foxes, coyotes, and other people that tried to take what the individual American had gained and had.  These arms were also a way that the American people could be independent and free from government interference in life and required government protection for the people.

As  a society of people American’s are falling into the trap of not appreciating the freedom they’ve had and are losing.  It’s not freedom to get and get, it’s freedom to work to gain and to keep.  My visit to Europe highlights the news, praising comments for Obamah’s actions in the Italian news and there have been other comments from the UK that I heard.  The tone of voice for Obamah, gave me the feeling of the world’s savior, but the tone of voice from the UK gave me the impression that there are a lot of people in the US expressing dislike of his actions.

Interestingly, in Italy at the house I’m living in, there are no weapons for defense.  Signora’s broom has a cheap metal handle, her sharp knives have serrated edges but none have sharp tips, actually the one knife with a sharp tip had the tip broken off.  There seem to be no pointy objects at all.  She doesn’t even have a heavy book, pan, or cutting board for defense.  The glasses in her house are small also.  But that just may be in her home.

We’ve been at restaurants that serve water in glass bottles and they are larger glass bottles, but there have only been butter knives at the tables, no sharp knives even though the majority of the food is cut for eating.  This includes the tough crusted pizza.

There was a robbery earlier this week at the Dutch Bank in Sorrento, and Signora was really shocked that the robber used a gun.  This highlights for me how defenseless people are when they give up all their defensive strategies and weapons.  For me thinking about being at home, I consider the cans of food, the cast iron pans, the cutting boards, the rakes, the hoes, the wood, all the items that can  be used as defensive weapons along with the guns and the knives that we have.

One of the reasons for my thought is the fact that trusting another person to take care of me means that I give up the freedom to take care of myself.  Taking the freedom of life requires me to prepare defense for the dangers associated with living in this world also.

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