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I’M SO SORRY, tonight I relized the reason of sharing by others with this site, so please, please, please forgive me for allowing a darkened picture and black letters to remove your pleasure from reading posts,  while the little history is visible on most laptop screens but definitely not with phones or 7 inch book size devices. After my fiddlenfarden computers are repaired,  I’ll try to remember to fix the views on this sight.

So why is this article entitled RECEIVING, it’s because RECEIVING is a large reason why giving is so good.  It’s often difficult to understand others care and help to us because we are not looking through their eyes, or with their machines. We may have received great advice, but we may have not seen the value in hearing it, I didn’t multiple times.  Please forgive me, for now I see some, but it’s hoped I’ll work to see and hear more also.

But maybe my actions in giving will be better for you than others giving was to me.  In fact some often feel they haven’t been given enough, but maybe they have received greatly.


Narrowing down the reasons for feeling like you’ve not received when you have, comes down to who you are and how you see.  Is it because what you’ve received isn’t necessarily physical or considered valuable to you when it was received or maybe it’s because what’s good isn’t truly perceived. or maybe it’s because what you received wasn’t really good.  That’s horrible, if it’s true. But SOMETIMES good isn’t easy to know, but maybe the feeling is our own fault also.

Sometimes memomry is a factor, at other times value is a factor, and there may even be other factors that you can share.


How often have your family forgiven you for a mistake or damage you’ve caused to them or their stuff? How many times were you given a suggestion that in life was so beneficial for you to have, like “I always count money back to people in reverse, smallest amount first.” (A great person, trying to give to Rhapsodie.)


Why was this so good for Rhapsodie or any cashier?  Because with a very busy day, lots of people,  and lots of money being cared for, counting back to a customer shares respect for them and your work, on top of giving you more ability to handle cash responsibly. A person with a $123.43 bill who hands a cashier $150.00 should receive $26.57 in change. If, you count money, while talking the altered amounts, back in reverse, smallest amount first, a person handling money is more likely to be accurate and will be caring for their customers. Please remember, for any cashier, counting the coins back is can be good. Especially with small kids or individuals that don’t know our U.S. money, but remember others can appreciate that also.  But PLEASE try to care for your customers time, so that when you’re so busy the customers that could be angry with every second they wait are reassured they won’t wait worthlessly.

So how does Rhapsodie’s customer get their $26.57 back.  Her other conversation with them pauses for a bit, as she works returning change and she says, as suggested to her, and using our example from above, based on what the facts are, [A person with a $123.43 bill who hands a cashier $150.00 should receive $26.57 in change.]:

-RHAPSODIE’S 1ST, LESS PREFERRED, OPTION- “Your change is $26.57, out of $150.00″. Then with handing the customer all of the change, of two pennies & one nickle (or 7 pennies) and two quarters (or 5 dimes) saying the partial exchange total ”  57  “, followed by handing them the $1.00 bill, and adding ”   one 57  “, (this is implying dollars and cents, but American cashiers normally don’t say that because cash is in hand, like with this example detailing with a count back  ‘one dollar 57 cents’ in the midst of a count back is normally silly, but some people do because of their jobs or reasons) then adding a $5.00 bill saying, ”  six 57 is your change…” continuing to interchange with customer as is good.

Or for more detailing there’s

-RHAPSODIE’S 2ND, BUT MORE PREFERRED OPTION- “Your total was $123.43 out of $150.00,” and with HANDING THE CUSTOMER their change, here were doing a complete change count back, but you could just give them alll the coins and add that to the amounts, but here with two pennies, state “one twenty three 45″ and adding one nickle (or 5 more pennies) and adding aloud, ”   50  “, and then with the final small change addition of  two quarters (or 5 dimes if the quarters balance is too thin), “one twenty four.” OR if you want, with the quarters, (and I’m sure you’re smart enough to run up the totals with dimes OR a quarter, 2 dimes, and a nickle, but here quarters (a reminder because of blabbling, one twenty three 50, plus adding to their hand one quarter with the said number, ”  75   ” and then another quarter and the words ” one twenty four  ” we reach our bill change in the count back.

AND just like we did before with a difference in words we continue by handing our person the $1.00 bill, and adding ”   124   ” in words, then adding the $5.00 and saying, ”    one thirty    ” and finally with the last addition of a $20.00 bill in this illustration, completing this exchange with ” one hundred fifty is your changed total,……” OR “one hundred fifty completes your change …,” OR with “your one hundred and fifty dollar count,…..” completes your counting work, and now you can continue working with whatever is being said also.

This may seem unnecessary to you presently as it did for Rhapsodie for a very long time,  but eventually after many problems and with lots of stupidity she wishes she had taken and used this advice a lot earlier in her career as a cashier at Walmart as well as taking the advice to “slow down” and “relax.” She’s clumsy and silly, so there was more than one time, when gathering change for her hands she pulled out the wrong type of money. But the lazy work hurt her as well as others, like her business and her family.  And if she had just taken the words given to her earlier, she could have kept and received much more of value, SO MANY MORE WOULD HAVE BENEFITTED.



Thinking you’ve not received when you have, comes down to thinking outside yourself repeatedly.  Are your feelings a result of a lack of of others care for you or because of your silliness in life. THE FEELINGS,  CAN COME BECAUSE YOU FORGET WHO YOU GAVE TO, AND WHEN THEY WORK TO HELP YOU RECEIVE YOU DON’T know that it’s for your own good.  This happened with Rhapsodie and Mr. Howie Mandel, Mr. OBAMA,  Ms. Shelley, and Mr. Will Shortz to list just a few that worked to give that Rhapsodie didn’t remember.

Her insult to these people was partially because of A BAD name memory, Rhapsodie’s so bad that, a great long time friend of hers, Michelle received a blank stare as Rhapsodie tried to remember her name after 4 or 6 years of being very close to each other and connected by many experiences and relationships. BUT memory isn’t the only reason people feel that they haven’t received anything.

Other reasons are associated with your perceptions about value.  Who knew that Mr. Lucas would be famous in 1960? Who was aware that publicized computer’s like Apple would effect the whole world? Who knew that a national system of healthcare would exist in the United States? Well maybe some had hopes or fears about these things, maybe some have reasons for their thinking, I know I do, but history will tell the tale I can’t.

But ….(share your thoughts)

I know that value is based on reason and emotion. Reason based on how a person thinks and emotion based on what is being felt. And emotion fluctuates just as much as reason does.

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