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The Moved- Debates Factors Info + Some BAD Info About FREE Options

Debates Factors- HAS BEEN MOVED FOR BETTER SHARING- Free Stuff is NOT as good.

I’m sorry!

The formatting with this post was messed up because the WordPress FREE option didn’t allow the classic bullet & number options that I use all the time. So I had to reform & remake a post that would read better & be less messy for viewing & understanding while still being large like it was. It contains mostly all the info from this set of pages with some modifications like taking out the bullets totally AND removing my name where it was still added from the original writing.

These are the change reasons:

Here’s a snip of how this was written for sharing by me:

From original, linked site, with the detailing shared at my previous post that was this page of info.

And this is how the FREE system varied the better, but more costly use option:

From original, linked site, with the detailing shared at my previous post that was this page of info.

I write long stuff, so having a way to separate and distinguish info without taking a lot of page space is generally my goal with writing using bullet points as well as numbers. Because numbers often have a prioritization OR a 1 through whatever aspect, I find that when the points are not being prioritized bullets are preferable to keep them distinct and notable in reading.

FREE Stuff… Hah, Hah!

This example is my experience with most FREE stuff, it’s not as good, it’s more hassle, and it’s likely to be a much higher cost in time, energy, and effort even if it’s not a greater cost in money initially.

If you go to a fair OR a carnival and get a FREE waffle, what do you get? A 1″x1″ bite size piece, if you go into a store and get a FREE sample what do you get, “a micro sized amount of the option”. FREE healthcare is not likely to be as good as what you’ve already had. For me AHC is worse than I had before the new U.S. health care came into practice. AND now there are promises of FREE college education…Hah, Hah… our education system has depreciated so much that the first whole year of college is just educating people like they used to be in high school, so that they can catch up & get a college education.

God has given us the trees, the fields, the streams, and more BUT we don’t just open up our mouths and get the value of those unless it’s air. We need to harvest, cultivate, find the food, we need to hunt, farm, fish for the meat, we need to work to get what is already given. While it’s FREE it still takes effort, energy, and work to have. The stink of the modern system is that we have healthcare promises & education promises for FREE, but I can’t expect anything much…

Look at medicare retirement benefits. Individuals have worked their whole lives and the costs and coverage varies, the values and costs also vary, and these were worked for THE ARE NOT FREE! If no one goes out to get the fruits and veggies than their are none available for others to have… there is nothing that’s just given by modern society that will be FREE.

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