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WHOOPS DISEASE-6. Treatment Ideas & Facts

I’m sorry everyone, by writing and sharing these symptoms with my animal, males, females, minus the ones from the last posts about other injury symptoms with me that have been ignored because of other injuries with my body that aren’t diagnosed or treated correctly because of stupid pain ASSumptions by doctors.

What Treatments Have Worked With Me, Rhapsodie, Through the Disease

Throughout this blog there are actions that I have found effective in treating symptoms of Whoops Disease, and that have been effective with members of my family also. This list is made from some of the blog posts information previously shared with added details, AND here there is additional info from recent findings:

Males with Rashes

There was a rash years ago that my husband got, and he tried the doctors medications and suffered from trying those ineffective solutions. Recently he got a rash on his back and I placed some Bag Balm on his back, the next day the rash was almost gone and so was the itching.

Itchies for Noses

On and off for years I’ve had an itchy nose end, use of the Bag Balm has been great, and it reduces the itchy for a long time if I use it after my nightly face wash. BUT a care that I also do is to make sure to put it on and only rub it after, it takes about 1/2 hour for the itchy to go away mostly, but up to 2 hours for complete itch removal. AND this works for 24 hours at the least after letting it set undisturbed. If I rub it on and let it set for 1/2 hour then ‘blow my nose’ the itch removal still works.

Scalp Itchies

After taking a shower OR a bath and washing my hair my head gets super dry and itchy. So it means scratching at my scalp, but I’ve found that a pet comb works to scratch my scalp. BUT the best treatment is to scratch at the middle back top about 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches in that area. BUT like with the itchy nose treatment there’s time after doing that before the itching dissipates, and if I keep scratching it doesn’t go away as fast.

Congestion in the lungs

The congestion in the lungs from colds, bronchitis, and other congestion issues like the runny sinuses still happens even though the chamomile tea works great. What I’ve found is that Licorice Root in candies, teas, and even with the powder and extract work great. I do not use the dosage of the containers, about 10 drops of the Swanson’s Licorice Root Liquid Extract works super well and it’s both Alcohol and Sugar-Free.

The sinuses and drippy congestion for females may be worse than it is for males. My mom and I have this issue, I use the natural treatments that work and she keeps going to the doctor for treatments that are ineffective. The allergy medicines, the asthma medications, the cough drops, the cold medicines do not help her breathe better for more than a few hours at a time. BUT my treatments work for longer times. Here’s more from the WHOOPS DISEASE- 2. Females post about used treatments in addition to the effectiveness for me:

  • The only cold treatments that have worked are

    • GINGER for the INFLAMMATION- This is also good against car sickness, use each night means that I don’t have numbness in my arms OR legs, which is from undiagnosed & untreated fractures. In addition my nose, feet, legs, throat, and ears don’t suffer the swelling that lack of use could have caused.
      • Cider vinegar & honey help it taste good, and the Cider vinegar and honey is GREAT for the ACID REFLUX.
      • This does lead to Asthma diagnosis’ by doctors that don’t do full scale proper tests with proper equipment. Within the first 2 to 3 years.
      • BECAUSE IT IS NOT ASTHMA! THE DRUGS DO NOT WORK for more than making more lung space for the microscopic organisms that have invaded your lungs.
      • The dose for uses is a lot less than packages recommend, but that’s healthier for users because there isn’t the problems with Potassium diminishment in the body. I only use 10 drops of the Swanson’s Liquid Licorice Root extract, when my lungs are feeling bad and when the coughing and sneezing is heavier, even though the packaging says 48 to 56 as a dose.

Acid Re-flux

The acid re-flux issues are problems many people face that’s why there are over the counter treatments for individuals, but those are not healthy to continue. The reduction of potassium in the body the other side effects issues as well as the package warnings, ‘Use for up to 2 years,” which means if the issues stay people keep using the drugs when they shouldn’t. The side effects are likely to cause other health issues also, so the natural treatment Rhapsodie has used continues to be beneficial AND it has improved many health areas for her with the pre-teeth brushing before bed time consistent uses.

  • During sleep the ‘acid re-flux’ happens because your lungs are breathing in moisture from the stomach area, thus causing acid re-flux, so the treatment with a daily dose before bed of:
    • 2 tsp. Unpasteurized CIDER VINEGAR &
    • 2.5 tsp. of real HONEY,
    • 1cup hot water, and
    • aloe juice to cool the drink AND soothe the throat

Teeth brushing after treatments, within an hour generally assist in reducing the acid impacts on teeth. In addition since Rhapsodie uses this with her chamomile tea she has double treatments added into one action.

This treatment is so much better than over the counter OR prescribed acid re-flux drugs because it doesn’t raise the potassium levels in the body AND it works without any prescribed OR drug side effects. For diabetics the amount of sugar for 1 tablespoon of honey has between 17 and 9 carbs depending on the honey brand and type of honey, Raw being a favorite for me. I use raw honey which doesn’t have nutrients boiled out of it with too much heat being used. This has 11 carbs with 40 calories AND because honey isn’t a simple sugar I only need to use 1/2 the carbs with my insulin because like whole wheat AND non-starchy vegetables my body works through it meaning less insulin is needed for my body. In addition there are many nutritional benefits for the body from local area honey AND unpasteurized vinegar of any type.

Wet AND Boils in ears

This has been one of the most annoying things I’ve dealt within the last couple of years. There is so much puss in my ears most days after I wake up that I ended up buying an ear scraping kit. In addition I’ve found that the boils are premenstrual, about 2 weeks before my menstrual cycle it starts forming again. And the day my period starts the boil releases puss and gunk into my ear. What has helped has been using the Povidone Iodine solution sold in the local pharmacy on 2 Q-tips soaked with the stuff at least every other night. AND I make sure to use a separate one for each ear to reduce spreading the problems of one ear into the other ear.

  • Most of my headaches recently have resulted from noise, and I know my ears get clogged. So
    • Using the mix of rubbing alcohol and aloe juice heats and allows the waxy build up to run out and this can be done once a month or so.
      1. I mix up the aloe and alcohol in small container,
      2. Then put a towel on my pillow for each ear,
      3. Then using an eye-dropper fill the ear that’s up, and let it stay in the ear for 3 to 5 minutes, THEN
      4. I tip my head down and do the same with the other ear,
    • This may be repeated if I still feel the need for the release.

Yellowing & Softening Teeth

Yellowing of the teeth happens, the dryer you are. There are issues with teeth softening, it’s looks like rot, but it’s not this happens towards the end of the disease AND up to 5 days after medical treatment it goes away. AND treatment by me includes:

Water blisters that feel like pencil stub bubbles on the end of my fingers

It’s kind of odd because they came about 3 months apart, the one on my thumb I’ve lasted for almost exactly 3 weeks. So there wasn’t popping I use a sugar picker, super sharp needle, and poke a hole and bleed out the excess water in that blister.

Under arm Rashes & Itchiness

The under arm itchies have continued to the present day as have the nose itchies and I treat them the same with Bag Balm, that you can buy in a ‘farm care’ OR pet place.

Rock Hardening Feet for Males over 50

Males over 50 start having their feet harden, and they get feeling like stones. The feet issues may not be able to be reduced with constant feet sqwinching with toes and heals curling in and stretching, these issues definitely get worse with thick and tough shoes being worn. The heated foot & calf massagers may work for this, hand massages also work really well, but it may not stop the rock hardening of the feet completely. The care with this means after treatment taking the time to flex your feet back into normal, with rushing things the stiffened bones and joints in the feet may break if they are not massaged back into use safely. And this can mean wearing reinforcing stockings to reduce the urge to stretch and flex feet that are working more normally again.

Itchy Skin

DO NOT USE FINGERNAILS to itch, this damages the skin and it causes itching to get worse. Instead find a roughly textured cloth or use your fingers/hands to rub away the itch.  This also works with bug bites, because it releases the area inflammation that generally adds to itchiness, but it doesn’t raise up more blood that will increase the inflammation in the healing processes.

Ripping & Cracking fingernails,

The ripped nail edges are being treated with a nail file, because one is carried with me all of the time, my left hand nails are rip cracking the opposite of my right hand on the exact same fingers.

Hangnails & Skin Rips OR Cuts

I’ve not had a lot of these because of drinking so much fluid, BUT use of the Gorilla brand Super Glue to just bought at Walmart, it seals those areas is best and I keep a container in my medicine cabinet, this is used by me because it works longer than the other super glues and it has a resealable lid that works. Larger amounts are available also. In addition if it’s wetted it hardens in place, and generally that washes off in 6 to 12 hours, but the healed area may need re-treatment OR it may not. I also use this on other areas of my skin that rip open a lot easier because of skin losses.

Dry Skin

This has impacted many aspects of my body, that I feel more than others really see. Some areas, like the vagina aren’t had by males, but they may find many of these treatments useful beyond the drink a lot continually action.

  • Dry Skin
    • Making sure to keep drinking; drinking; drinking and the facial & creams that have added glycerine AND aloe juice which also gets added to my cider vinegar, chamomile tea, and honey mix.
    • For my hands using the O’Keeffe’s Working Hands lotion has helped tremendously for that.
    • For my feet using the lotion found in ‘pharmacy’ for feet has helped as has the Gold Bond for Diabetics
  • SCALP Reduce this with super nutritional moisturizing shampoo & conditioner AND making sure to keep drinking; drinking; drinking. I actually use a cheap conditioner, and add honey water with a little vinegar added into the conditioner. About a half and half mix. Then the scalp itch care as mentioned in these pages.
  • Dry vagina means using a homemade douche, container, which I’ve modified from the original by adding a hole at the tip of the inserter.
    • My mix, which works requires dual uses one right after the other to reduce leave behinds.
      • Adding a 1/ 2 with a water & Aloe Vera juice mixed at a ratio of 2/3 water to 1/3 Aloe juice. Doing the math for the individual amounts with the full mixture as a base means:
        • Water- 0.5 (as 1/ 2) ÷ (0.666) or 2/3rds= 0.333
        • Aloe Vera juice- 0.5 (as 1/ 2) ÷ (0.333) or 1/3rd= 0.1.667
        • With the cleansing agent of 1/2 of cider vinegar.


The mood issues with this disease range from feeling misunderstood and uncared for to just being short tempered. This can result in yelling, screaming, and wanting to smash things.

It can be useful to have a punching pillow, bag, towel OR something that makes you feel like the anger, frustration, and more especially from individuals that are ‘believing’ the lies of doctors who are around you all the time believe. If you need maybe even plastic pop bottles, gallon jugs, or other items with some water for weight and a smashing zone so you can feel the whomp of smashing as well as see and maybe feel the smashing results can be good. Take care if this is inside there will be clean up work to be done. In addition it’s super useful when you feel the moods coming on to tell others something about it, so they aren’t hit with your mood when they don’t understand OR feel it themselves and you end up exploding with frustration.

OKAY I’m done doing repeats now, there are additional sets of information in the other Whoops Disease blog posts which are linked below.

Pet Care

The issues with animals are described more in the previous WHOOPS DISEASE- 1. Animals blog post. Here is a bit of that info: A clear sign for animals is the single long cut on both of the front canines, that begins AFTER SNEEZES, THE TEETH which WILL HEAL FINE if the long cuts are cleaned 3 to 6 times before they start healing, with the pet toothpaste & infant brush, AND allowed to fully heal with no touching, if the skin is broken by finger nail or toothbrush after they start healing, then the poor animal has a yucky canine. If the tooth is not brushed the teeth can starve the critter or they can heal with yuck in them.

Doctor’s Misdiagnosis’ Can Cause More Problems

These tropical waterborne microscopic organisms [parasites], are all building the signs of Whoops disease so you may also be suffering. The older ‘medical PDF’ record I found disappeared from the internet, and since then the disease name has changed frequently so all I can tell you now is to be prepared that your doctors will try to treat you for asthma, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and anything else they can prescribe a drug for to get you out of their hair AND they will not be treating the problem that’s killing you. Which means you may be demanding multiple tests for waterborne micro-organisms.

If I’d lied and said I’d been in South America, they may have tested for the correct disease. With Whoops disease for testing, a waterborne parasite a urine test is used, and the test needs to be done within 24 hours after the sample is collected. IF the place you go for tests ships in amounts to a hospital lab, it’s likely a bad place to use for this type of test. That’s because from the time of your peeing in the cup until the lab does the test needs to be less than 24 hours. This means that there’s a finite time between sharing the sample and getting the accurate test. If this procedure is not followed, with the lab slip stating 24 hours the results are likely to be TOTALLY inaccurate unless the people handling the test are familiar with it and it’s priority in time, which they aren’t likely to be.

There have not treatments in my life other than the misdiagnosed treatments that actually are done for symptoms that will disintegrate with the real treatment. I mean diabetics may have dry skin that could be a sign of high sugar, so treatment for years for dry skin could kill the people who aren’t tested for the diabetes which is the problem. AND that’s also the case with Whoops disease.  If I get treatment and care I’ll try to have that information shared with you as soon as possible.

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

  • To have a shared written record, that’s useful in case Whoops Disease kills her OR she ends up in a hospital OR somewhere else.
  • To provide information to others to assist them in dealing with the horrid medical system the U.S. has at present.
  • To hopefully impact a doctor OR health carer eventually that will take the time to look beyond the false records in their reports who can take the time to do better work themselves for Rhapsodie and for others.

Other Sets of Posts corresponding with Whoops Disease are shared below. And more posts about Inaccurate PAIN Assessments and actions medical society could use starts here.

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Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables



The previous posts described some of the symptoms of what my family and I have been suffering.  With the posts about MALES; FEMALES; and ANIMALS., the disease is outlined, but the doctors are still ignorant of most of the effects on people and how it is in the United States.

The sneezing, with this disease, is ridiculously consistent & painful. Since I believe this infection was passed to me in anothers sneeze, it means that the sneezing can pass this to everyone and anyone else that breathes any moist bits of a sneeze. I’m not sure how many generations of this disease continue through, but I know I was an individual that got this from another person and I passed it on to my family. So sneezes are loud, eventually they hurt, and they cause other body functions to be harder to live through OR even live around. It’s a big pain when you sneeze and pee leaks out because my, and maybe your, bladder feels like it’s being squeezed.

In addition I’m not sure if everyone has this or not, but these additional symptoms & at times treatments are working with me and possibly you also.

  • Mole on the face, left cheek, that moves from lower check to upper face almost to eye AND then disappears with treatment.
    • You don’t need to worry about cancer with this, if you’re having all the other symptoms also.
    • Has not been treated by me, I’m waiting on doctors who think symptoms are a bunch of other issues connected to the weight gain from this disease and poor eating habits they ASSume I have:
      • Higher cholesterol, peaks with LDL’s at 142, which is close to the 139 for treatment that allows organs to not get squashed by the excess moisture in the body.
      • Odd sugar flow aspects, people without diabetes get diabetes for no discernible reason. And people with diabetes have sugar variation weirdnesses regularly.
        • Recently I had a whole week where if I took a bath I needed to disconnect my insulin pump, with a 3 to 8 hour bath that has meant no incoming insulin, but that’s the only way to avoid low sugar attacks. I got out of the bath with my sugar at 102 after 4 hours of no insulin and normally that would have left me with sugar over 300.
      • Mood swings;
      • Head aches;
      • Fevers;
      • Constant head congestion & chest congestion which I treat as was described on previous pages.
  • Pimples on back of neck & middle of back, for women near bra strap, also at the groin, but for men it may not be happening if it is, it could be in another or similar location.
  • For women- with the mid cycle a big pimple blister appears on the inner butt cheek,
    • I have treated mine with BOIL EASE.
      • For women the pimple lasts until your period and fades almost away into the next cycle with no treatment needed after the period ends.
      • I do not know if men have this happen ,in a way, also BUT they can try the BOIL EASE for care of pimples & boils.
      • it works for me and can be bought at pharmacy in stores OR pharmacies that have the supply OR online.
  • Nasty headaches, water on skin treats these. Either water on the head, hands, body, anywhere.
    • If a soaking bath can’t work for you, the wet cloth on the head, needing to be remoistened regularly works, I use a hat to hold that on my head.
    • OR soaking a hand in a bowl or sink of water works also, but prunies result.
  • Often these are late afternoon evening problems, so taking
    • a soaking bath for around 15 to 20 minutes OR taking a shower for 30 to 40 minutes works deleting the headache until it comes again.

Because of that there are more reasons for me to share with you some X-rays of my body and how it is not looking right.

Bone Body Effects

The pictures of my body from April of 2015 show comparable differences with the pictures of July 2016, the pictures were taken because of injuries that are not seen, in fact I can’t see through the bones like the X-ray is supposed to show.  The surfaces of the bones in the pictures are incorrect for viewing any fractures.  When the anterior rear outside of the Tibia is damaged or the far bottom outside of the Ulna taking pictures of the interior or the fore angle will result in nothing.

I am not having problems on the inner sides of my bones the easily viewed areas of the Tibia or Fibia’s, but we have a medical system of this is common, and of course no uncommon things ever happen. The problems are all on the outer back inner sides of the Tibia’s, but the one injury to the right leg has bent the fibula out, damaged my right hip, and has added stress to the left leg. Generally doctors only look to see what they have found commonly in the past, uncommon situations goof their diagnoses up because they aren’t trying to find the abnormal, they are not taught to be investigators only prognosticators.  And even though our bodies are systems like computers, our actions and lifestyles are never the same.

Body Changes Displayed

NO PICTURE LIKE THESE WILL SHOW ANYTHING, specially when the X-ray mathematics aren’t correct for the situation.  These pictures are like taking a picture of the driver’s side of the car for the insurance when the key slash is on the passenger side of the car.  A REAL body exam is needed, because these are not normally situated fractures.  But this post isn’t about the stupid medical system and dumb doctors and technicians instead it’s to show the effects visually of the Whoops Disease on Rhapsodie’s body.

April 2015 Pictures

The lost and missing X-rays from 2014 aren’t available for me to share with you, but the ones from April 2015 are:


Blog- Left inner leg

LEFT ARM thumb out to the left,

Blog- Left Arm thumb out to the left

Notice that weird rim around the leg, it’s not fat or muscle, because fat and muscle is denser so it displays with more whiteness than skin.  These pictures display the weird rim edging the body, but there is a lot more in the newest pictures and the contrast is a lot more noticeable.

July 2016 Pictures

The picture above of the left knee and the left arm are not at the exact same angles, but here are the comparisons.


Blog- Left Leg- July 2016

LEFT ARM, palm down & thumb out to the right,

Blog- July 2016- Left Arm Palm down & Thumb towards the right

What’s weird here is how massive the glow package around the skin is, in comparison to the pictures from the previous year there is a large difference. Which is shared below in the comparison section.  But notice that the bone is not visible completely through, there is only a picture of the uninjured drivers side, not the messed up passenger side.  Of course the car insurance companies work to examine the broken and displaced vehicle sections not ignoring the car owners because it saves them money, effort, and time.  But of course the medical profession wastes people’s lives and their money because they don’t listen to the patients, they do what they’ve been taught only.  They do not listen or work to compare properly.

Comparisons of images:

Here are my comparisons of the visual images I have, of course the files were not shared completely either, because on both my disc sets half of the pictures are missing.  You can see blood vessels &/or nerves in the surrounding tissues, but you don’t see the mass of fat or muscle.  Because an X-Ray uses a “stream of electromagnetic radiation shorter [than the] wavelength [of] light” there is often a very detailed and reflective image shared. (Greenfield, 2007) With a water mass over the normal amounts surrounding the body bones, it is likely that the radiation fails because of the reflection & refraction potentials of water not calculated into the X-rays.


Blog b- Left Leg Comparisons- 4-2015 & 7-2018

Yes the angles are not the same, that’s why the mass of the bones in the right picture look larger than the mass of bones in the left, but the ankle to knee tibia and fibula are almost the same, the fibula is straighter in the left picture.  Close ups of the thin views display blood vessels and nerves.

LEFT ARM, April 2015- Palm up thumb out to the left VS. July 2016- Palm down & thumb out to the right,

Blog b- Left Arm Comparisons- 4-2015 & 7-2020

It’s my belief that this is a water mass added to the views, in fact the visuals of the zoomed sections display blood vessels and possibly more too.

Zoomed Blood Vessel Views

Generally the softer body tissues don’t display very easily. The mirror systems with refraction and the other systems with reflection can vary the x-ray images if the mathematical formulas are not shifted for the variations, and this a good reason that Rhapsodie’s X-rays are not displaying the refraction of the magnetic pad only the reflection from the surfaces of solids as well as the show throughs of the surfaces with no density.

Left Leg Zoomed

Blog b- Left Inner Leg

Left Inner Knee

Blog b- Left Inner Knee- 4-2016

Left Ankle

Bloodvessles and upper ankle bone

So the display of blood vessels is likely easier on my body presently than on the body of a person without the water weight.  This amount of water, if it is water, means that my body water mass is higher than 70%.

For example if I used to weigh 150 pounds and now I weigh 180 but I’ve decreased calories and have increased fluid intake, and these pictures are displaying water, then there was at least a 15% increase in body water amounts.  It’s likely more than that, but so far I’m ignored as being a pain because the doctors are ignorant.

My body looks fat, but the doctors have not done a body composition test which measures the amount of fat versus bone and muscle.  Nor has there been a pain test.  AND my left shoulder became dislocated for the first time in my life early in July of 2016.  Living in discomfort for about 6 weeks still extends now, after my movements in an abnormal situation realigned my shoulder, awkwardly.  The visit to Dr. Terhaar an Orthopedic surgeon in Western NY on September 1st after an emergency room visit on August 28th verified for me my pain tolerance.

Additionally examination of the x-ray technician’s manual demonstrated many different equations for the calculations including the real Body Composition test, not the fake, BMI based on a weight assssumption  for fat with because of person’s height & weight. A person that is a full grown adult with fine bones, and doesn’t eat a lot or doesn’t exercise a lot may be a normal weight of 90lbs, which is a healthy weight for them. Another person that’s the same height, who jogs, boxes, does a lot of exercise and weighs 110 pounds can be super healthy, while the doctors judge that person as being overweight for their height and bone mass, AND muscle weighs more than fat, so the doctors can be totally wrong.

Dr. Terhaar informed me that he had suffered a dislocated shoulder in the past, while he was testing me I used my right hand on my shoulder to realign it again because it had slipped again.  Being out for so long could have damaged my muscles as well as other areas, the doctor informed me further examination with an MRI and another doctor is needed.  But what was most affirming for me was the slightly nauseous pained look on his face when I made the noise.  It could have been because he associated that sound with the pain he suffered previously, or it could have been because the sound bothered his ears.  At the end of the visit I felt like there was at least one doctor that would work to find that facts before drawing a conclusion that could be incorrect based on gossip and the common situation observed.

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Do you love your animals?

Some of us love them & make them as sick as we are!

Whoops I just sneezed at you, did you get my disease, I sure hope not!

Whoops did you swallow my sneeze, uh oh, I don’t know it’s real name, so I hope you didn’t get Whoops Disease.

Whoops is a disease that is some sort of waterborne microscopic organism with so many normal symptoms that your ignorant doctors make misdiagnosis repeatedly for other diseases.

The symptoms are listed in the following pages, they effect humans and animals.  Do you love your animals?

I love mine, and made him as sick as me! But his vet has the treatment, that saline was added to, for the general treatment of parasites.  Because sneezing on him has made his health as horrid as mine, well maybe my males.  Whoops disease symptoms for males and females are different, An Arrow-b here’s one link to find out the details I’ve lived with. Animals can get this from humans also. My Mystin displays the male symptoms, and he’s still alive, maybe because he got one ‘weak parasite treatment correctly at the veterinary office, but he needs the concentrate multiplied by 10.

Mystin 2008

A clear sign for animals is the single long cut on both of the front canines, that begins AFTER SNEEZES, THE TEETH which WILL HEAL FINE if the long cuts are cleaned 3 to 6 times before they start healing, with the pet toothpaste & infant brush, AND allowed to fully heal with no touching, if the skin is broken by finger nail or toothbrush after they start healing, then the poor animal has a yucky canine. If the tooth is not brushed the teeth can starve the critter or they can heal with yuck in them.

THE SNEEZES which can KILL when the animal has them repetitiously and cannot sleep, THE SYMPTOMS LIVE A TIMELINE OF EVENTS OVER YEARS OF TIME. But there is also the food problems from the acid re-flux that swell the throat and make it hard to swallow anything not fluid. Being unable to eat and the sneezes are death dealing, I’ve helped my baby with soft kitty food AND chicken fatty water, because that’s what he prefers. He’ll drink tuna juice, but he does not tuna in olive oil. Beef  & lamb & turkey juice and other fish juices might be nice.

The itchy problems, from dry skin, are more advanced with the animals because the critters like cats and dogs with fur covered skin have hair that means only claws dig through to itch their skin.  Thus the scabs from the itching grow with the itchiness, and I hope my animal gets correct treatment before a painfully raw scratch causes and infection that leads to death through an attack or another disease. Additionally, there are weeks where he’s been blind. I think if he gets the proper parasitic treatment while he’s not blind he’ll be able to see fine for the rest of his life.

The amount of liquid intake increases the peeing need, and it also causes the body to suffer diarrhea, my poor little kitty keeps going potty about 3 to 5 times more than normal. He’s so sick right now with the diarrhea he smells stinky and he has been sleeping outside on the porch for running to the yard.

THE HUMAN SYMPTOMS ARE , in some ways, THE ANIMALS SYMPTOMS, but the animals can die from poor teeth possibly, acid re-flux, and from lack of sleep with sneezing because they have trouble sneezing laying down.  And there are side effects that alter the body compositionally and because of multiple thoughts on this disease I now am assuming that this is a technologically advancing disease.

My baby disappeared over a year ago I believe he died in the wilderness of home, I still cry missing him at times and so upset I made him sick when he could be treated at Lakewood Vets.

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WHOOPS DISEASE- 2b. Water Weight Chart Comparisons




WHOOPS DISEASE-6. Treatment Ideas & Facts

WHOOPS DISEASE-7a. Updates on Continuous & New Symptoms & Some Treatment Issues

WHOOPS DISEASE- 7b1. Problems with Diabetes

WHOOPS DISEASE- 7b2. Problems with Diabetes & MAY Details

WHOOPS DISEASE- 7b3. Problems with Diabetes & JUNE Details

WHOOPS DISEASE- 7b4. Problems with Diabetes & JULY Details

WHOOPS DISEASE- 7b5. Problems with Diabetes & INFO updates

WHOOPS DISEASE-7c. Cure for Diabetes

WHOOPS DISEASE- 8. Treatment Issues & Action Options


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