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It’s amazing what different bits of material are available on the web.  This article , “Facebook profiles predict job success” by Eve Tahmincioglu, the article shows how a limited study was done in accord with a judgment of “the findings of a new study by a trio of universities that looked at how Facebook profiles predict job success.”

The details of the article let the reader understand the limits of this study.  “Facebook users, 56 total, were given a personality score by independent evaluators and six months later those ratings were compared to evaluations completed by the supervisors who the users worked for.”  The limits are not good in accord with the US work population, but the articles publishing causes the writer to share the words of Kluemper.

According to Kluemper “‘This is one study and the sample size is not that large,’ he explained. ‘A lot more studies need to be done.’”  So a reader needs to take the time to look beyond the first words in a blog page, and take the time to read the material provided.  Kluemper shared his concern and Ms. Tahmincioglu’s post shares that “he admitted some ill-advised HR folks may try and hang their hats on this one study, and that worries him because using such personality tests could be on sketchy legal grounds.”

So all reviewers of material should take the time to look beyond the bit and into the depths of the material.


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