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#01. Inaccurate PAIN Assessments CAN CAUSE MORE BODY DAMAGE

For the last years my doctors have been asking me to rate my pain AND recently I also had a therapist ask that question.  But the majority of the time they are basing my 0 to 10 ratings on their previous experience and the LIES in my medical files that have grown with people that really don’t care about me.  Rate your pain from 0 to 10, how often have you heard that question?

The question of pain assessments by doctor’s and the veracity of their conclusions has given place to many articles.  Like the one found at Web MD [b]y R. Morgan Griffin stating some of the problems I have suffered from

“…’Pain is always personal,’ says F. Michael Ferrante, MD, director of the UCLA Pain Management Center in Los Angeles. “It’s invisible to other people looking at you — and that can lead to a lot mistrust and difficulties in relationships.”

Whether you have low back pain, or migraines, or nerve pain, people might not understand or believe what you’re going through. That suspicion might not only be shared by your in-laws or your boss, but even your doctor — and that can have serious repercussions, preventing you from getting the pain treatment you need…”

The least thing that could be done is for doctors to have correspondence about other life situations and our pain assessments of those.

Would you please relate any previous experiences so I can understand your rating now? Like a migraine or an infection or another injury.

Someone like me could say, ‘I fractured my lower left calf in gym at school, walked home, took some aspirin, wrapped my leg in ice, then went to the bedroom and put the bone in place, I passed out once, the pain was about a 6.  But it wasn’t bad enough to make me throw up.’  I mean wouldn’t that be more relational for them when I’m telling them now that I feel with pain from physical therapy with my lower left leg?  After passing out for over 30 minutes and standing up with an injury to my right calf, my pain was about at 7, but I walked out of it.

Recently variable accidents have caused me to seek out care by doctors, because the original incidents were not so physically dehibilitatingly painful to me that I took an ambulance to the hospital and the time between the original injury and the first seeking of care was very broad.  This has caused the results of NO CARE partly because there have been no equivalency results of my statements of pain on a good generalized scale,  Just OVER A WEEK AGO, even sharing my pain ratings in comparison with the Bloody urinary tract infection had the exercise therapist rejecting my comment, because it wasn’t in relation to the injury he was working to care for.  But the fact that my LEFT Rotator Cuff was ‘a legitimate injury’, he was willing to hear me to some degree in response to my tolerance level variances.

There hasn’t been any doctor who has taken the time to read the complete record of statements from me, like the fact that the best pain treatment has been ANTIBIOTICS that in addition to MY SUPER HIGH PAIN TOLERANCE as was shown with a urinary tract infection (UTI) some years ago has led me to suffering more and more with time and NO TREATMENT to care for the real problems…

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