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The Reason to Encourage READING VISIONS:

Our imaginations are in danger of being lost!  We have forgotten the key to opening our minds to dreams!  The children we were are gone without one word!  What’s to be, what’s to be!

Our imagination helps us to be free.  It opens up the world to you and me.  With an imagination the box doesn’t shut.  With that tool the doors to moving the world come unstuck.

But how can we can what’s been lost by the majority?  What is needed so that we can all find what TV‘s superseded?

Reading Visions 2b

For me it’s the book that opens up the world and keeps me safe while being free.  The TV gives me sound and site of of another’s mind, but with the book I draw the shape, make the design, determine the location and experience the emotion that the TV limits in my mind.  What about you, do you see the walls as strong and straight or do you see a way to bend and alter so that flexibility makes your world more flexible and less regulate?

We are taught to follow instructions, but those thoughts are limited to what the rules say.  How about you explore the world without the limits on your minds door.  Visions are shared with books that bring your mind and heart alive with imagining. Take the time and see what you may find.  The cost is minimal and the experience is most enjoyable.

My example of reading has given me many visions to share, hopefully you’ll find more visions with your minds experiences there.

Other posts are available with reading for the world to see!!!  Please it out at Sisters of the BloodWind for you and for me.

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