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2020 U.S. Covid THREAT & Death LIES

Covid Threats & lies have caused idiot politicians and doctors to ignore care that is really needed. Patients who are avoiding getting needed treatment because of the covid lies and malpractice covid treatments have meant that the normal death numbers from diseases like flu & pneumonia have multiplied. The problem with covid treatments is that they do not address the issues like Flu OR pneumonia and instead leave those diseases to fester without treatment that could keep people alive.

Suicide RATES Rise with Covid ISOLATION IDIOCY

Parts of this suicide issue is because of liberal assjacks who are telling people that they can’t spend time with other people AND part of this is because the isolation is so unnatural that people are suffering ‘following law’ instead of natural health being around & with others as they need. The Hebrew Law, Leviticus 13:46, didn’t isolate Israelites not suffering diseases to the extent our stupid ‘governors’ are trying to do now. Only the infected were isolated until they weren’t sick anymore. This also was with quarantine actions, like with the smallpox it was only for those that were disease carriers.

Suicide rates study reveals increase in suicide rates.

Covid Isolation Idiocy Proven- 2020, 2019, and 2018 Death Comparisons

I have taken the numbers shared by the CDC and has compared them for real calculations of Covid ‘problems’ versus facts of previous years. These amounts were taken from CDC and they are put into Excel files with comparisons done as are shared below:

Then taking the numbers and charting them with just the differences between the numbers from the first link for those weeks & the total of the same ‘diseases’ in the other link for the exact same week show Covid lies fluffing numbers, because they should be exactly the same when the flu & pneumonia numbers are totaled the charted, but they aren’t. AND the flu & pneumonia counts haven’t been added to that chart in months.


These are the numbers from the complete year of 2018.


These are from the complete year of 2019.


Week 47 Records of the CDC With Rhapsodie’s Calculations

Using the 2 sets of links above with the specified flu & pneumonia numbers, but this isn’t the same with week 49, but other numbers are accurately shared.  These numbers were pulled from up to week 47 of 2020, meaning that there’s 5 to 6 weeks more that aren’t in these calculations.

Week 49 Records of the CDC With Rhapsodie’s Calculations

Using the  link from up to week 49, BUT the percentages of the week 47 flu & pneumonia percentage numbers found from week 47 the 96% & 4%, are calculated into the week 49 totals from the numbers shared by the CDC report in the link.

Complete 2020 Records of the CDC With Rhapsodie’s Calculations

Using the  , but the end of the year is so varied I question the accuracy of the reporting way more than I did previously. BUT I’ve only the 2020 year records which are complete, the previous year records are pulled from other year summaries. The varying and shifting numbers seem odd to me because of what results were found in previous weeks of the year.

There are more sets of images  than were previously shared by a section, can be used for your own conclusions. The calculated summaries in the images below, contain reddened & blued numbers which are from the calculations of 2019 & 2018 versus 2020. Anywhere there’s red the amounts for 2020 are higher, and this is also true with the percentage colors:

Above there is 1 number inserted into the 2018 amounts, because of the findings of 2019 & 2020 showing that the amount is okay enough to be added for the totals to be more accurate.

The jump of percentage numbers over the last weeks and days of 2020, from the beginning of week 50 through the days of week 53 demonstrate a HUUUUGE jump in amounts versus the averages previously put into files for the year.  BUT since the jump is across the whole setup it’s likely that the info wasn’t fully acquired until almost the end of the year.

The totals start near the middle of this next section, and follow in the next 3 portions of sets. BUT now we need to contrast the ‘normals’ against the crappy numbers because the stuffing versus previous records has been really high in the last month, as you can find in comparing the previous info from week 49 versus the end of the year modified info.

Now look at the greater jump in Covid DEATH numbers. THIS IS WRONG where I live there hasn’t been a death in over 2 months from Covid, but these numbers are really shifted to seem like Covid Deaths have risen, and these are not as actual numbers like they were previously.

It’s interesting that when you read the varied and shifted numbers now that the falsities are shown as so obvious with comparison to the previous numbers.

AND if you have community newspapers with ‘facts & figures’ plus others you can see how things aren’t right across the board.For instance how do you get a population of 35,000 for a county with 217 confirmed covid cases for the year with a number of 17% with the disease. The numbers do not work.

35,000 population x 17% (0.17) confirmed covid cases= 5,950 people NOT 217.

In fact the real numbers are a lot lower, because 217/35,000= 0.62%

And when a cold is a confirmed Covid case, when a death at the age of 80, 90, 100 is listed as Covid, when 2 people killed in a car accident are listed as Covid deaths, and when the only way a case can be confirmed is from a test not from symptoms there’s a big issue with this disease even being a pandemic let alone a real problem beyond ordinary disease growths that are commonly had from our mistreatment and overuse of drugs. AND the other issues, because the car insurance that would pay death benefits to the family for a car death do not have to make a payment if the death was from Covid.

Where did these Covid death LIE numbers come from?


Rhapsodie began sharing this information as of week 47, because of the lies being shared throughout the country it’s also possible that other government people are liars also. BUT the number changes seem to be mostly accurate EXCEPT for the dumb Covid lies.

Week 47

ONLY 126,756 deaths are over the last year unknown death amount, AND this year is lower than 2018 total death counts. Unknown death difference 126,756 minus so called Covid counts leaves lies about faked 100,610 Covid death counts and possibly this is added to with other lies on the records. Overall death totals by the CDC are only 9,356 higher than 2019 at the present time, which means that less than 10,000 more people have died this year in comparison with last year and there’s only 5 to 6 weeks of counts left in these CDC pages.

In addition the numbers for disease deaths that should be about the same like Alzheimer’s are still lower. And deaths for diseases like flu, pneumonia, and other diseases could be higher because of ‘Covid’ lack of treatments AND Covidly inaccurate treatments.

Week 49

Just using the comparisons of death totals from the week 47 & the week 49 listings are proof against the covid lies…What is that shit about Thanksgiving ‘covid’ crap? The deaths in the U.S. by CDC death totals including covid rose 137,361 higher than last year in the last 2 weeks, BUT the unknown death numbers dropped, so that the 738,407 total shrunk to 720,201 meaning that only 18,206 deaths were known more about.

Covid Lies Compared from Week 47 into Week 49

Alzheimer’s deaths rose 6,156 in 2 weeks, Deaths for diseases like flu, pneumonia, and other diseases could be higher because of ‘Covid’ lack of treatments AND Covidly inaccurate treatments which are likely to get worse in States with stupid medical carers and government that make ‘fever’ OR ‘congestion’ a Covid thing…When it’s flu OR pneumonia instead.  But it’s great to read that heart disease is down, so much, likely because of lack of stress from working for employers.

The comparisons between week 49 & week 47 prove more about the falsities of the Covid numbers lies.

Notice these numbers from the Supposed Covid Death Totals, wk 49 & the FALSE Unknown COVID DEATH Numbers, wk 47 show that the death numbers from covid supposedly rose 49,421 in 2 weeks. BUT the unknown death numbers are dramatically decreased from previous years AS WELL AS this year with the false ‘covid’ counts being factored into the unknown amounts. As we can see with the TOTALS reviews there is a huge discrepancy in the ‘LIES’ about Covid and the real numbers.

Now the week 49 numbers are still partially incomplete because the CDC hasn’t updated the flu & pneumonia death numbers from week 39, so the week 49 numbers above are using averages from the charts linked, but not the other chart from the CDC.

Number Variations

Number changes which are supposed to be listed as facts may continue varying because there are sets of numbers in the CDC files which are called The Suppressed (counts 1-9) where the info in the charts isn’t accurate as yet. These have been shared for States like NY State, CA, Illinois, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, and Tennessee who have almost all their numbers finalized, and who likely have stuffed a lot of numbers in these records.


Do you love your animals?

Some of us love them & make them as sick as we are!

Whoops I just sneezed at you, did you get my disease, I sure hope not!

Whoops did you swallow my sneeze, uh oh, I don’t know it’s real name, so I hope you didn’t get Whoops Disease.

Whoops is a disease that is some sort of waterborne microscopic organism with so many normal symptoms that your ignorant doctors make misdiagnosis repeatedly for other diseases.

The symptoms are listed in the following pages, they effect humans and animals.  Do you love your animals?

I love mine, and made him as sick as me! But his vet has the treatment, that saline was added to, for the general treatment of parasites.  Because sneezing on him has made his health as horrid as mine, well maybe my males.  Whoops disease symptoms for males and females are different, An Arrow-b here’s one link to find out the details I’ve lived with. Animals can get this from humans also. My Mystin displays the male symptoms, and he’s still alive, maybe because he got one ‘weak parasite treatment correctly at the veterinary office, but he needs the concentrate multiplied by 10.

Mystin 2008

A clear sign for animals is the single long cut on both of the front canines, that begins AFTER SNEEZES, THE TEETH which WILL HEAL FINE if the long cuts are cleaned 3 to 6 times before they start healing, with the pet toothpaste & infant brush, AND allowed to fully heal with no touching, if the skin is broken by finger nail or toothbrush after they start healing, then the poor animal has a yucky canine. If the tooth is not brushed the teeth can starve the critter or they can heal with yuck in them.

THE SNEEZES which can KILL when the animal has them repetitiously and cannot sleep, THE SYMPTOMS LIVE A TIMELINE OF EVENTS OVER YEARS OF TIME. But there is also the food problems from the acid re-flux that swell the throat and make it hard to swallow anything not fluid. Being unable to eat and the sneezes are death dealing, I’ve helped my baby with soft kitty food AND chicken fatty water, because that’s what he prefers. He’ll drink tuna juice, but he does not tuna in olive oil. Beef  & lamb & turkey juice and other fish juices might be nice.

The itchy problems, from dry skin, are more advanced with the animals because the critters like cats and dogs with fur covered skin have hair that means only claws dig through to itch their skin.  Thus the scabs from the itching grow with the itchiness, and I hope my animal gets correct treatment before a painfully raw scratch causes and infection that leads to death through an attack or another disease. Additionally, there are weeks where he’s been blind. I think if he gets the proper parasitic treatment while he’s not blind he’ll be able to see fine for the rest of his life.

The amount of liquid intake increases the peeing need, and it also causes the body to suffer diarrhea, my poor little kitty keeps going potty about 3 to 5 times more than normal. He’s so sick right now with the diarrhea he smells stinky and he has been sleeping outside on the porch for running to the yard.

THE HUMAN SYMPTOMS ARE , in some ways, THE ANIMALS SYMPTOMS, but the animals can die from poor teeth possibly, acid re-flux, and from lack of sleep with sneezing because they have trouble sneezing laying down.  And there are side effects that alter the body compositionally and because of multiple thoughts on this disease I now am assuming that this is a technologically advancing disease.

My baby disappeared over a year ago I believe he died in the wilderness of home, I still cry missing him at times and so upset I made him sick when he could be treated at Lakewood Vets.

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

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