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Rhapsodie’s Words About Eric Harr’s

Rhapsodie’s Words About Eric Harr’s

Social media success in business is still going through test and trial phases.  A pattern for all has not been formulated.  But htere are multiple patterns on offer for different types of businesses.  Eric Harr seems to have written an article called “12 Steps to Social Media Success…and a Gilly Flower Cordial to You!, which seems super valuable to me, Rhapsodie.  After reading and reviewing the information highlighted, my appreciation of how the general business public are thought of and spoken to  has encouraged me to share the information with more of the public.

Why is his information valuable?  Because he acts like he speaks.  The value of social media in business is becoming common knowledge, but unless you are a superman finding all of the information needed is impossible.  For the person reading the “12 Steps . . .” the material feels right for all.  The applications are valuable for the basic business person and the more complicated business set up.  When reading the material an individual, like myself, feels appreciated and valued.  And the outline of the material is easy to comprehend and apply.

Let me share an example with you:

To put your brand on the map, you can toil away day-in and day-out for years, but one knockout appearance on The Today Showcan tip it in one fell swoop. Most people shy away from thinking big, because they think they’re not good enough (or ready) for mainstream coverage. Guess what? You are. Want proof? Look at some of the people who appear on talk shows. If they can do it, you can do it! Emotionalize your brand, craft a clever pitch, and use Twitter to engage mainstream media.

The material talks to me as an individual, the emotions of a human are shared in appreciation of my humanity and in understanding of the way to overcome and grow with and beyond.  The steps highlighted here will be applied in business by me and hopefully by you far into the future.  May Mr. Eric Harr find blessings because of his understanding of the value of humanity.

Eric Harr is the new Social Media Expert for CBS News and the Founder & President of Resonate Social, a boutique, integrated marketing agency in San Francisco. He is the author of “The REAL TRUTH About Social Media: 8 Timeless Truths Uncovered & 8 Monumental Myths Revealed” now available in bookstores nationwide and on the REAL TRUTH Website. He is the creator of FlyRight, the world’s first real-time customer service app that uses the social web to empower you with a stronger voice as it enables airlines to improve service. Engage with him on Twitter.

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