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Rhapsodie’s Words on Social Heart for Business Media

Rhapsodie‘s Words on Social Heart for Business Media

David Chrisotopher« Enterprise Social Networks – The Heart of any Social Business »

Who is my audience, how can they find value in what I am sharing, and how can I share with them what is valuable for them.  And for businesses how can I make what is valuable for them valuable for me also.  The value of the social is that there is a way to influence and affect others.  But truthfully there is more effectiveness with heart than without it.

But what is heart and how can I share it.  There is more to hear than just feelings.  Heart involves understanding, patience, and a willingness to feel for others.  Social media is being used differently in the world now than it was in the past.  This requires not only understanding the tools, but also working to understand how to use the tools the best way possible.

For a business David Christopher highlights the value of the individual with social media plans, but there is more to life than business.  And that is where the value of understanding heart is important.  If, [a]  company that is socially connected is not just going to be more effective and more efficient, but it’s going to have a knowledge reach spanning the entire company that any employee can tap into and make use of.”  Then each person in business needs to figure how to understand the heart in order to connect with it.  This is a very useful tool in all types of business.

The reason for the success of multiple tools and multiple people is that there is more than one person on this earth.  And if you as an individual have trouble understanding yourself and your actions, how much more difficult time are you going to have understanding 0thers and their actions?  If there is one social channel, there will be less variety and understanding in communication then if there is a larger heart resource.  For business relationships and the social channel Mr. Christopher highlights a couple of ways to build up the social networking within a business.

The first thing mentioned in “Enterprise Social Networks – The Heart of any Social Business”, is that he and his crew “put more focus and attention on building employee social relationships. By doing so we build up employee trust and an expansive knowledge network which we can then utili[z]e.”  But also there is a really interesting idea for any business that wants to expand the network without expanding the budget tremendously.  “[P]ut a “Shout Out” to your employees asking for active participants (volunteers to be part of the project team) and passive contributors (volunteers to contribute from the sidelines).

There is a lot of money involved with adding the heart of individuals into this side of business:

This “Shout Out” approach provides some great business benefits:

  • avoids duplication of time, money and effort if someone is already working on something similar in your organi[z]ation (in large enterprises duplication is often a common occurrence)
  • delivers a better solution as the volunteers are interested in the subject matter
  • allows you access to a large knowledge network to minimi[z]e risks and issues
  • provides a better chance of adoption as the employees themselves have been involved in the delivery of the project

I call this Open Collaboration (yes, I avoided using the term social) and have been trialing it now for a while with some great success.

We all can relate.  What is really more interesting and exciting?  Dinner at home with potatoes and chicken, or dinner at a fine restaurant with hash browns and chicken cordon bleu?  Aren’t the foods typically the same, but the attitude is different because of the change in environment.  The people at the restaurant are different, the table is different, and the atmosphere is different.  To work in a restaurant once in a while, so to speak, is more exciting than dinner at home.  People in business enjoy trying new things, social media is new and interesting to many people.  Use this interest this heart and take advantage of what success it brings.

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