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‘Heaven is for Real’ influences & YOU- #7 of 7

‘More, well what more could you be talking about?’

The time as a door greeter at Walmart led to many conversations, that I think helped contribute to movies that have been produced. The movie Noah,’ ‘Tangled,’ and ‘Heaven is for Real’ are the last three, I think, I influenced.

In fact the woman that mentioned the boy came back to the store with the young man and his mother and I asked him questions, he gave me some vague responses.  And his mother mentioned that he had been drugged quite a bit during the surgery, so the family is not sure the recollections are correct.

But the faith of this one young man and his family have inspired a deeper look at the heavens by our world.

Another Godly view.

Another Godly view.

The young man I met was about 8 years old, and that is a little older than the young man described from the book in the movie. Later the pastor who is mentioned as writing the book and I had a conversation.

After informing me that he was just the pastor the young man had requested to share the story he commented on thoughts about the story for the book, and asked me, “Do you think it will be wrong to lie to people about his age?”

In response, to this pastor a customer “who is always right was,” I investigated with, “What do you think?!”

“I’m the minister and guide for my people, but I’m writing this story with the idea that it will become popular. With popularity problems can result!,” was the emphatic response.

His comment caused me to feel that he genuinely cared about this young man and his family. That he was showing fatherly love and consideration, when he was considering age and with this inquiry about age to me.

In response I said, “That’s good to think about, it’s wrong to lie, but it’s also wrong to harm others.  When a general thing like age, is being considered in this situation, harm and cost should also be thought about.  Who may be harmed with this lie?  Who can be harmed without this lie? If you tell the truth, will life be good for this young person in school and for life? Will his family suffer harm after people hear this personal experience? After the story becomes popular, will he be able to keep on learning, or will he be hassled because of his personal experiences? Could it even be better to alter his name, in the book, to protect him from undesirable attention? What is the more loving thing to do?”

“You’re right, I didn’t think of all that,” was his considering response.

“Did this help you make a decision?”

After motioning to the young man he said, “. . . We’ll have to talk this over.”

And I was left to continue sharing with my customers while their conversation took place at a slight distance from me. When they were done the pastor returned and told me of their decision.  Which I’m not sharing here. Because presently the work of this young man, his pastor, his family and other God loving people has brought about more results. The world has available the movie ‘Heaven is for Real’to watch in theaters.

This story should lead others to continue contemplating, looking and reading because a lot can be hidden in the pages of a book.  In fact, I desire everyone to take on the reading of a fictionalized presentation of The Chronicles of Heaven’s War an epic beginning with Sisters of the Bloodwind, because this story has inspired me to share more love with the world.

Your own views are yours and telling you what to think is not my desire, but causing you to think and then act on those thoughts, because they hit your heart through thoughts in your head, is my desire.

Read and see if this doesn’t inspire thee!!!

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This is a sample of Rhapsodie as an individual.  There is another blog that I have worked on, but it is a promotional blog for a book I love. is a link for any reader to use to determine my blog capabilities.

As communication is key for a good blog, I am happy to share more with any readers that desire to know more.


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Rhapsodie McClintick is presently a student at Alfred State College, and she previously was the infamous door greeter at Wal-mart in Hornell NY.  During her time as a college student and a door greeter Rhapsodie has contributed her efforts in the establishment and the distribution of Ava D Dohn’s, Chronicles of Heaven’s War books.  The Sisters of the Bloodwind is Ava D Dohn’s first epic and as Rhapsodie defines it, the first twenty-first century classic.


While working for her degree she successfully maintained a GPA of 3.0 and higher, while supporting multiple in college organizations as secretary and treasurer.  Through temporary work on campus Rhapsodie developed a reputation as a hard worker and as a woman that does not suffer stupidity in others.


At the present time Rhapsodie is also working towards a paid summer internship and more relationships with fellow extraordinaires.  And any that define themselves as extraordinary qualify.

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