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WHOOPS DISEASE 7a- Updates on Continuous & New Symptoms & Some Treatment Issues

Everyone should be aware of updates with the disease, I try to add those onto the list for the last years, but it’s somewhat a sort through and find thing. So for the present I’m just adding symptoms here, because it’s the more recent things for me, my family, and maybe for you too. I’m adding another apology because I do not have the clinical name yet, it’s changed so much over the years since I’ve learned about it, so only the ‘professionals’ with the treatment have the clinical name.  BUT Whoops Disease, named by Rhapsodie is easy to remember AND because many of us get it whoopsily it makes sense for us.

Here are the disease updates I’ve suffered, but the diabetes ‘addition’ to other people’s lives is a huge hassle, AND that goes away for normal people with treatment BUT for diabetics certain treatment time periods take away diabetes also.

Additional symptoms

Additional symptoms and bits beyond the emotional ups and downs which have continued for months through my whole family include:

  • Hemorrhoid Issues
    • The hard & soft pooping problems can cause hemorrhoids that are unlikely for you at your age. So there are options to take care of things:
    • Treatment Plans & Cares
      • Make sure to use Vaseline on your rear hole every time you shit, this softens your ass and helps you avoid wounding yourself with super hard shits.
      • Also please try to suck it up, so you can rearrange what ‘forms’ are coming out.
        • I have had to  use my fingers, to break up the
          • Baseball feeling, larger than golf ball size mass.
          • The multiple golf balls worked out better with finger breakups also.
            • SO make sure to have finger cleaning wipes/ solutions or a SINK ready to treat your hands with these hassles.
      • If you can always work to make sure your fiber intake is great, at least one high fiber serving OR 2 or 3 per day. Is always good for your diet, but you may need to increase the high fiber content with this disease so that the poops are less of a problem, like adding 2 or 3 of the-
        • Oatmeal as daily serving snack OR meal.
        • High Fiber Snacks like
          • Triscuits as daily serving snack OR meal.
          • Granola as daily serving snack OR meal.
          • Other
        • High Fiber Brand Cereals like
          • Frosted Mini Wheats as daily serving snack OR meal.
          • Oat Bran Cereal as daily serving snack OR meal.
          • Other
  • Odd sugar problems– Rhapsodie has been type 1 diabetic since she was 5, so she reads these symptoms versus her diabetic normalities.
    • Take a bath in one week and every time sugar drops;
    • The week later take a bath and every time sugar goes up to 203 to 206.
    • Other weeks of sugar oddities-
      • 5 days 1 unit up, a pause, 5 days 1 unit down then
        • a break of 5 weeks
      • 3 days 1 unit up, a pause, 3 days 1 unit down repeated for 3 days
        • followed by a larger break of 3 weeks then
      • 1 day a unit up & 1 day a unit down for 7 days…
    • I’m not sure what’s next with the sugar hassles.
  • Sneezing is super heavy
    • That means using a face mask is not enough, using a handkerchief wrap over the face mask may not be comfortable, but a face pad with the mask can also work asorbitively.
    • Avoid passing lung fluids
      • Wear a face mask;
      • Do not sneeze or cough on your hands; Use elbow OR shoulder so you don’t spread the stuff.
      • Using bleach and boiling water should kill the ‘bugs’ ALSO dry heat will kill them, so a normal wash is fine with a hot air dryer.
      • Using a burn can in an oven with fire can destroy any tissues capturing lung mucus & sneeze crap that may hold the infection.
  • Sound Sensitivity
    • This has begun for me, pitchey noises get louder and more annoying, this is supposed to continue and get worse until it disappears. This can continue for 1 week up to 3 weeks, I’m suffering the early stages now.
    • Treatment Ideas
      • Outside nature sounds do not have this bothering effect;
      • Voices might OR might not;
      • Music; TV; Computer; and other electronic sounds cause a pitchy noise problem leading to headaches, so preparing by having
        • Ear plugs (normal foam ones);
        • Noise pitch ear plugs;
        • Noise canceling headsets;
        • Noise life plans;
          • Tell family about the situations so they can be prepared to live with you through these situations.
          • Work mates & job people might be able to work with you also, your boss can hopefully have plans to work with you through  these times.
  • Abnormal Planters Warts
    • Plus for people is the planters warts in the feet causing horrid foot pains. These like fill the foot with pain spread through the whole foot.
      • Treatment gets rid of these, if they aren’t the ‘normal’ planters warts infections.
      • Surgery to remove the pains could be an option, but you might not want the option if we determine the clinical ‘name’ of Whoops Disease for correct doctor treatment and care FIRST.  Hah, most of my doctors are treating me for other things like:
        • Diabetes,
        • Asthma (which I do not have so use chamomile tea)
        • Colds (which I treat as on other pages WITHOUT prescriptions)
        • Acid Re-flux (which I treat naturally with unpasteurized cider vinegar & honey before bed.)
      • My natural Whoops Disease treatments are listed in the other pages, linked below for any who want to read more.
  • Disease Treatment Situations-

    • I am not treated, this is just what I have heard that there are repetition cycles beginning right after treatment. These patterns of repetition are heaviest closest to the treatment, the cycles are the same except for the new thing(s) every 3 days, I think.
      • So the record of when, what is done, and what is said made the first day will assist the other repetition day records to be prepared to be crossed out as time goes on and things STOP repeating.
        • The physical and verbal repetition patterns in record  can help everyone treated, their families, the doctors/ healthcare givers, and it should mean that the repeater hassles can be minimized also.
          • For instance if you’re treated with ‘going to the bathroom’ as part of the repetition, how was your body held, what future actions in repetition can you pass over OR will you do exactly the same again. So what treatment repetition patterns do you plan?
            • Like for guys that use the urinal, could you have a waist wrap that ‘hides your repetition actions’ OR for a woman that squats on a low toilet is there a … OR maybe you just determine to try and use the bathroom with the repetition, so the hassles aren’t a ‘bother’.
        • It’s likely that the verbal exclamations and actions can be more annoying, especially if you’re having repetitions while at work OR if you’re being treated by doctors.
          • For any getting treated and walking out, it could be that at ‘home’ for the weekend OR  a long weekend’ could be best for recording & making pattern action guides for things that get less and less over the 7 to 10 days of repetition.
          • For in hospital people, having an ‘on the door record’; ‘in the room record’, and ‘in between record’ that allows the other records to be kept accurate is good. It can also be great if the doctors & nurses have a copy of the repetition cycle records.
        • Your plans and actions will impact everything,
          • So making sure to have a record of the repetitions will enable you to work through and with things. For instance if you drive to work, maybe before treatment you get someone(s) you can prepare travel plans with, so you don’t have driving issues in repetition actions that could cause accidents.
            • Maybe you have meetings planned, so you prepare the meeting times with the repetition schedules in mind, maybe even coffee breaks, that allow you to ‘go repeat’ in the bathroom or however is better with you for live around the repetition with the meeting situation.
          • Doctors may be learning this disease, but I’m sure they may be able to provide a ‘doctor’s note(s)’ about the repetitions, so bosses won’t be able to fire you for disease treatment actions that you don’t have control over during treatment repetition days.
      • Family & Work mates & job people might be able to work with you also, your boss can hopefully have plans to work with you through  these times.Just like they will need to with treatment


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was begun with the previous posts, linked to here:

described values Rhapsodie received from others’ sharing.  Her information about receiving is still incomplete because of the alternate factors that were shared in the 1st post, let’s look beyond our present to see value more too.

Thinking you’ve not received when you have, comes down to thinking outside yourself repeatedly.  Or even minimally, are the flowers handed over appreciated as being shared?


  • Are your feelings a result of a lack of others’ care for you or because of your silliness in life?
    • Do you work to find what values in receiving from the non-material are?
  • Could your feelings of not having received come because you don’t appreciate what is shared with you?
    • How often does a child really appreciate the self-sacrificing sharing of their parent(s)?
    • WHEN THEY WORK TO HELP YOU RECEIVE YOU DON’T know that it’s for your own good.
    • You haven’t shared enough, so you are unaware of the values also shared with you.

This happened with Rhapsodie and Mr. Howie Mandel, Mr. OBAMA, Ms. Shelley, and Mr. Will Shortz to list just a few that worked hard in giving to Rhapsodie but she didn’t remember. NOTHING ILLEGAL, just not commonly shared gifts.

Her insult to these people was partially because of A BAD name memory, Rhapsodie’s so bad that, a great longtime friend of hers, Michelle received a blank stare as Rhapsodie tried to remember her name after 4 or 6 years of their being very close to each other and connected by many experiences and relationships. BUT memory isn’t the only reason people feel that they haven’t received anything.

Other reasons are associated with your perceptions about value.


  • Who knew that Mr. Lucas or Mr. Coppola would be famous in 1960?
  • Who was aware that publicized computer’s like Apple would effect the whole world?
  • Who knew that a national system of healthcare would exist in the United States in 1980?

Well maybe some had hopes or fears about these things, maybe some have reasons for their thinking, I know I do, but history will tell the tale I can’t.


  • Reason based on how a person thinks &
  • emotion based on what is being felt.

Emotion fluctuates just as much as reason does narrowing down the reasons for FEELING LIKE YOU’VE NOT RECEIVED WHEN YOU HAVE, COMES DOWN TO WHO YOU ARE. Is it because what you’ve received isn’t necessarily physical or considered valuable to you when it was received.

Or do you need flowers vased and shared specially wrapped in order to appreciate the value shared?


Gifts shared with work and care may at times be ignored because we don’t appreciate the effort others’ take to share.  In time there may be appreciation, but we should value the sharers who keep on giving so that others keep on receiving.  Please do NOT let the feelings of the present in regards to our receiving halt us from sharing. Time often grows an understanding of values shared & received, and I hope we all can appreciate that there is a lot more to giving than just getting.





The previous post #1- RECEIVING & SHARING (R&S)- PLEASE SHARE IF IT’S GOOD FOR YOU started with an illustration about cashiering, the information below in italics has been copied from the end of that post for a speedier cashier reference.

Why was this so good for any cashier? 

Because with a very busy day, lots of people, and lots of money is being cared for, counting back to a customer shares respect for them and your work, on top of giving you more ability to handle cash responsibly. A person with a $123.43 bill who hands a cashier $150.00 should receive $26.57 in change.  If, you count money, while talking through the altered amounts, back in reverse, smallest amount first, a person handling money is more likely to be accurate and will be caring for their customers.

Please remember, for any cashier, counting the coins back can also be good. Especially with small kids or individuals that don’t know our U.S. money, but remember others can appreciate that also.  PLEASE try to care for your customer’s time, so that when you’re so busy the customers that could be angry with every second they wait are reassured they won’t wait worthlessly, this means speaking at a speed that doesn’t delay the transaction, it is often useful to practice.

So how does Rhapsodie’s customer get their $26.57 back?  Her other conversation with them pauses for a bit, as she works returning change and she says, as suggested to her, and using our example from above, based on what the facts are, [SITUATION REMINDERA person with a $123.43 bill who hands a cashier $150.00 should receive $26.57 in change.] 


Rhapsodie’s 2nd and preferred cashiering count back option

“Your total was $123.43 out of $150.00,” and with HANDING THE CUSTOMER their change, here were doing a complete change count back, but you could just give them alll the coins and add that to the amounts, but here with two pennies, state “one twenty three 45″ and adding one nickel (or 5 more pennies) and adding aloud, ”   50  “, and then with the final small change addition of  two quarters (or 5 dimes if the quarters balance is too thin), “one twenty four.” OR if you want, with the quarters, (and I’m sure you’re smart enough to run up the totals with dimes OR a quarter, 2 dimes, and a nickle, but here quarters (a reminder because of blabbling, one twenty three 50, plus adding to their hand one quarter with the said number, ”  75   ” and then another quarter and the words ” one twenty four  ” we reach our bill change in the count back but the smaller amount is in the person’s palm for pocketing or walleting with more ease.

AND then just like we did before with a difference in words we continue by handing our person the $1.00 bill, and adding ”   124   ” in words, then adding the $5.00 and saying, ”    one thirty    ” and finally with the last addition of a $20.00 bill in this illustration, completing this exchange with ” one hundred fifty is your changed total,……” OR “one hundred fifty completes your change …,” OR with “your one hundred and fifty dollar count,…..” completes your counting work, and now you can continue working with whatever is being said & done also.

This may seem unnecessary to you presently as it did for Rhapsodie for a very long time,  but eventually after many problems and with lots of stupidity she wishes she had taken and used this advice a lot earlier in her career as a cashier at Walmart as well as taking the advice to “slow down” and “relax.” Her customers would have benefited by having the smaller change in hand, and the bills organized so that the people in line around them didn’t see what they held as easily.  Also for pocketing it’s often nicer to have the smaller amounts on the outside of the fold instead of the larger amounts.

Rhapsodie’s clumsy and silly, so there was more than one time, when gathering change for her hands she pulled out the wrong type of money. Her lazy work hurt her as well as others, like her business and her family, just taking a few seconds to count back would have been a lot more value shared.  If she had just taken the words given to her earlier, she could have kept and received much more of value, SO MANY MORE WOULD HAVE BENEFITED.


And THAT WAS JUST ONE ILLUSTRATED CASHIERING SITUATION about how to, very similar to not only the advice, but also an illustration for action that Rhapsodie received. But how does thinking about receiving effect us all?

Often the value of what is shared is missed for a long time, if we work to continually try and learn from what is shared we may eventually learn from the other posts. . .





RECEIVING & SHARING- Was previously shared as RECEIVING at Here the information shared there will be divided into smaller sections.


Some may suffer a feeling of not receiving,  I hope that the following information can give you useful valuable help, while the hearts above help those with small devices to see what my black shadowed picture hides from people with small devices too.  That’s at least until I have my 3 computers that are fiddlenfarten fixed…



I know I have, and I hurt others it’s hoped my apologies here are found by them.  And it’s hoped others will find that receiving isn’t as often physical as it is useful.  DO YOU FEEL like no one ever gives to you?  Do you feel like no one has ever cared enough to try and give to you?  Narrowing down the reasons for feeling like you’ve not received when you have, comes down to who you are.  Is it because what you’ve received isn’t necessarily physical or considered valuable to you when it was received.

Sometimes memory is a factor, at other times value is a factor, and there may even be other factors that you can share.


How often have your family forgiven you for a mistake or damage you’ve caused to them or their stuff? How many times were you given a suggestion that in life was so beneficial for you to have, like “I always count money back to people in reverse, smallest amount first.” (A great person, trying to give to this blog author.


Why was this so good for any cashier?

Because with a very busy day, lots of people, and lots of money is being cared for, counting back to a customer shares respect for them and your work, on top of giving you more ability to handle cash responsibly. A person with a $123.43 bill who hands a cashier $150.00 should receive $26.57 in change.  If, you count money, while talking through the altered amounts, back in reverse, smallest amount first, a person handling money is more likely to be accurate and will be caring for their customers.

Please remember, for any cashier, counting the coins back can also be good. Especially with small kids or individuals that don’t know our U.S. money, but remember others can appreciate that also.  PLEASE try to care for your customer’s time, so that when you’re so busy the customers that could be angry with every second they wait are reassured they won’t wait worthlessly, this means speaking at a speed that doesn’t delay the transaction, it is often useful to practice.

So how does Rhapsodie’s customer get their $26.57 back?  Her other conversation with them pauses for a bit, as she works returning change and she says, as suggested to her, and using our example from above, based on what the facts are, [SITUATION REMINDERA person with a $123.43 bill who hands a cashier $150.00 should receive $26.57 in change.]:

-Rhapsodie’s 1st, less preferred, cashiering count back option-

“Your change is $26.57, out of $150.00″. Then with handing the customer all of the change, of two pennies & one nickle (or 7 pennies) and two quarters (or 5 dimes) saying the partial exchange total ”  57  “, followed by handing them the $1.00 bill, and adding ” one 57  “, (this is implying dollars and cents, but American cashiers normally don’t say that because cash is in hand, like with this example detailing with a count back  ‘one dollar 57 cents’ in the midst of a count back is normally silly, but some people do because of their jobs or reasons) then adding a $5.00 bill saying, ”  six 57 is your change…” continuing to interchange with customer as is good.

Or for more detailing there’s . . .



What is interesting about living with this disease is that the doctors are always trying to diagnose something else, and they never even look for this being an option.  One reason is because it was listed in the journal I located about 2009 as a tropical microscopic organism and I don’t live in nor have I every visited the tropics.

But according to those records the disease is waterborne from the lower lungs where it starts growing.  It can be passed by drinking the fuzzy water in certain areas of the tropics, and it can be passed by a sneeze from an infected person passing into your sinuses and thus your lungs.  As it is carried on water there may even be life with it beyond the tropics in the right moist environment.  The pattern consistencies of symptoms that don’t vary from individual of sex and type run the same pattern and this causes me to think there could be a nano mite cause.

Nano Mites are microscopic organisms assembled with technology that also live to one degree or another. I have been a diabetic since 5 years of age, and have used insulin shots to care for myself since that age.  Sugar variances are a norm with me, but for the last 20 years tight control of my sugar with the assistance of the insulin pump has caused me to grow away from diabetic problems like nerve damage to the body or to the systems of my body.

My care also means that there are times when low sugar have resulted, but with this Nano Mite possibility I’ve had abnormal situations, like back in 2013 there was one week where I had my insulin pump disconnected for over 20 hours just to keep my sugar normal.  Then there have been the abnormal up and down patterns of base insulin rates also. This assembly of mix is found in some ways with things like the insulin pump that connects to the body of a diabetic for use in treating the sugar problems of a bad pancreas.  Heart pumps, artificial joints, symbiotic brain connections, and other systems are in use and existence, beyond that for me there is the:

  • Eye flickers where the right eyelid, the right eyelid ONLY, jumps for a period of time and proceeds to get worse for about 6 months.
  • Abnormal itchy repetition, mostly avoided by me because of rubbing not scratching the itchy areas almost 2 years into this disease.
    • The extensiveness of this itching never extends beyond the exact same location on the body when it comes again years later.
  • Vocal- Acid Reflux PROBLEMS that everyone seems to get.
  • Left Eye Skin Tab that will NOT go away no matter the treatment.
  • Behind the ear bubbles, IT IS NOT A PIMPLE, in about 2 years it just disappears.
  • Diabetes Designation to any female who acquires this disease.
  • High Blood Pressure problem to any male who acquires this disease above a certain age.
  • The Weird Hunchback Acquisition TO ANY YOUNG MALE FOR I think 4 weeks.

What’s really weird about the whole situation is that the systems of everyone have exactly the same problems.  I’ve been living with doctors doing only what they are familiar with in making bodily diagnosis.  My grandfather died from  a TROPICAL SPRU (I think that’s a wormy leech that attached to his intestine walls, that he picked up from drinking out of a water fountain in Syracuse, NY over 20 years ago.) Maybe you know of or have suffered also from Whoops Disease symptoms.

For me the worse part of the whole situation has been that years ago I located an article on tropical parasites and symptoms for the Whoops Disease were fully shared from an doctoral analysis. BUT I have NOT been able to relocate that article or the disease name as located in that article. When I originally shared the name of the disease with my PCP, she had her office research to find the modern updated disease name, and in that research the urinary test to be examined within 23.99 hours by the testing facility was required.

I think my doctor thought I was being a nincompoop, so the only person’s supporting my investigation and the symptoms displayed were the other office nurses who had seen my suffering and had taken the time to read the full instruction set up for the test.  In fact the lab slip for the test was NOT FILLED OUT CORRECTLY missing the time, my excitement for getting proper care & my trust in the nurses at the lab caused me to only mention that time issue NOT TO WORK TO MAKE SURE I WROTE THE INFORMATION IN CORRECTLY.  So I still suffer today, with no name to share with you, no other information either, which means you’ll have to continue suffering also.




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WHOOPS DISEASE-6. Treatment Ideas & Facts

WHOOPS DISEASE-7a. Updates on Continuous & New Symptoms & Some Treatment Issues

WHOOPS DISEASE-7b. Cure for Diabetes



The previous posts described some of the symptoms of what my family and I have been suffering.  With the posts about MALES; FEMALES; and ANIMALS., the disease is outlined, but the doctors are still ignorant of most of the effects on people and how it is in the United States.

The sneezing, with this disease, is ridiculously consistent & painful. Since I believe this infection was passed to me in anothers sneeze, it means that the sneezing can pass this to everyone and anyone else that breathes any moist bits of a sneeze. I’m not sure how many generations of this disease continue through, but I know I was an individual that got this from another person and I passed it on to my family. So sneezes are loud, eventually they hurt, and they cause other body functions to be harder to live through OR even live around. It’s a big pain when you sneeze and pee leaks out because my, and maybe your, bladder feels like it’s being squeezed.

In addition I’m not sure if everyone has this or not, but these additional symptoms & at times treatments are working with me and possibly you also.

  • Mole on the face, left cheek, that moves from lower check to upper face almost to eye AND then disappears with treatment.
    • You don’t need to worry about cancer with this, if you’re having all the other symptoms also.
    • Has not been treated by me, I’m waiting on doctors who think symptoms are a bunch of other issues connected to the weight gain from this disease and poor eating habits they ASSume I have:
      • Higher cholesterol, peaks with LDL’s at 142, which is close to the 139 for treatment that allows organs to not get squashed by the excess moisture in the body.
      • Odd sugar flow aspects, people without diabetes get diabetes for no discernible reason. And people with diabetes have sugar variation weirdnesses regularly.
        • Recently I had a whole week where if I took a bath I needed to disconnect my insulin pump, with a 3 to 8 hour bath that has meant no incoming insulin, but that’s the only way to avoid low sugar attacks. I got out of the bath with my sugar at 102 after 4 hours of no insulin and normally that would have left me with sugar over 300.
      • Mood swings;
      • Head aches;
      • Fevers;
      • Constant head congestion & chest congestion which I treat as was described on previous pages.
  • Pimples on back of neck & middle of back, for women near bra strap, also at the groin, but for men it may not be happening if it is, it could be in another or similar location.
  • For women- with the mid cycle a big pimple blister appears on the inner butt cheek,
    • I have treated mine with BOIL EASE.
      • For women the pimple lasts until your period and fades almost away into the next cycle with no treatment needed after the period ends.
      • I do not know if men have this happen ,in a way, also BUT they can try the BOIL EASE for care of pimples & boils.
      • it works for me and can be bought at pharmacy in stores OR pharmacies that have the supply OR online.
  • Nasty headaches, water on skin treats these. Either water on the head, hands, body, anywhere.
    • If a soaking bath can’t work for you, the wet cloth on the head, needing to be remoistened regularly works, I use a hat to hold that on my head.
    • OR soaking a hand in a bowl or sink of water works also, but prunies result.
  • Often these are late afternoon evening problems, so taking
    • a soaking bath for around 15 to 20 minutes OR taking a shower for 30 to 40 minutes works deleting the headache until it comes again.

Because of that there are more reasons for me to share with you some X-rays of my body and how it is not looking right.

Bone Body Effects

The pictures of my body from April of 2015 show comparable differences with the pictures of July 2016, the pictures were taken because of injuries that are not seen, in fact I can’t see through the bones like the X-ray is supposed to show.  The surfaces of the bones in the pictures are incorrect for viewing any fractures.  When the anterior rear outside of the Tibia is damaged or the far bottom outside of the Ulna taking pictures of the interior or the fore angle will result in nothing.

I am not having problems on the inner sides of my bones the easily viewed areas of the Tibia or Fibia’s, but we have a medical system of this is common, and of course no uncommon things ever happen. The problems are all on the outer back inner sides of the Tibia’s, but the one injury to the right leg has bent the fibula out, damaged my right hip, and has added stress to the left leg. Generally doctors only look to see what they have found commonly in the past, uncommon situations goof their diagnoses up because they aren’t trying to find the abnormal, they are not taught to be investigators only prognosticators.  And even though our bodies are systems like computers, our actions and lifestyles are never the same.

Body Changes Displayed

NO PICTURE LIKE THESE WILL SHOW ANYTHING, specially when the X-ray mathematics aren’t correct for the situation.  These pictures are like taking a picture of the driver’s side of the car for the insurance when the key slash is on the passenger side of the car.  A REAL body exam is needed, because these are not normally situated fractures.  But this post isn’t about the stupid medical system and dumb doctors and technicians instead it’s to show the effects visually of the Whoops Disease on Rhapsodie’s body.

April 2015 Pictures

The lost and missing X-rays from 2014 aren’t available for me to share with you, but the ones from April 2015 are:


Blog- Left inner leg

LEFT ARM thumb out to the left,

Blog- Left Arm thumb out to the left

Notice that weird rim around the leg, it’s not fat or muscle, because fat and muscle is denser so it displays with more whiteness than skin.  These pictures display the weird rim edging the body, but there is a lot more in the newest pictures and the contrast is a lot more noticeable.

July 2016 Pictures

The picture above of the left knee and the left arm are not at the exact same angles, but here are the comparisons.


Blog- Left Leg- July 2016

LEFT ARM, palm down & thumb out to the right,

Blog- July 2016- Left Arm Palm down & Thumb towards the right

What’s weird here is how massive the glow package around the skin is, in comparison to the pictures from the previous year there is a large difference. Which is shared below in the comparison section.  But notice that the bone is not visible completely through, there is only a picture of the uninjured drivers side, not the messed up passenger side.  Of course the car insurance companies work to examine the broken and displaced vehicle sections not ignoring the car owners because it saves them money, effort, and time.  But of course the medical profession wastes people’s lives and their money because they don’t listen to the patients, they do what they’ve been taught only.  They do not listen or work to compare properly.

Comparisons of images:

Here are my comparisons of the visual images I have, of course the files were not shared completely either, because on both my disc sets half of the pictures are missing.  You can see blood vessels &/or nerves in the surrounding tissues, but you don’t see the mass of fat or muscle.  Because an X-Ray uses a “stream of electromagnetic radiation shorter [than the] wavelength [of] light” there is often a very detailed and reflective image shared. (Greenfield, 2007) With a water mass over the normal amounts surrounding the body bones, it is likely that the radiation fails because of the reflection & refraction potentials of water not calculated into the X-rays.


Blog b- Left Leg Comparisons- 4-2015 & 7-2018

Yes the angles are not the same, that’s why the mass of the bones in the right picture look larger than the mass of bones in the left, but the ankle to knee tibia and fibula are almost the same, the fibula is straighter in the left picture.  Close ups of the thin views display blood vessels and nerves.

LEFT ARM, April 2015- Palm up thumb out to the left VS. July 2016- Palm down & thumb out to the right,

Blog b- Left Arm Comparisons- 4-2015 & 7-2020

It’s my belief that this is a water mass added to the views, in fact the visuals of the zoomed sections display blood vessels and possibly more too.

Zoomed Blood Vessel Views

Generally the softer body tissues don’t display very easily. The mirror systems with refraction and the other systems with reflection can vary the x-ray images if the mathematical formulas are not shifted for the variations, and this a good reason that Rhapsodie’s X-rays are not displaying the refraction of the magnetic pad only the reflection from the surfaces of solids as well as the show throughs of the surfaces with no density.

Left Leg Zoomed

Blog b- Left Inner Leg

Left Inner Knee

Blog b- Left Inner Knee- 4-2016

Left Ankle

Bloodvessles and upper ankle bone

So the display of blood vessels is likely easier on my body presently than on the body of a person without the water weight.  This amount of water, if it is water, means that my body water mass is higher than 70%.

For example if I used to weigh 150 pounds and now I weigh 180 but I’ve decreased calories and have increased fluid intake, and these pictures are displaying water, then there was at least a 15% increase in body water amounts.  It’s likely more than that, but so far I’m ignored as being a pain because the doctors are ignorant.

My body looks fat, but the doctors have not done a body composition test which measures the amount of fat versus bone and muscle.  Nor has there been a pain test.  AND my left shoulder became dislocated for the first time in my life early in July of 2016.  Living in discomfort for about 6 weeks still extends now, after my movements in an abnormal situation realigned my shoulder, awkwardly.  The visit to Dr. Terhaar an Orthopedic surgeon in Western NY on September 1st after an emergency room visit on August 28th verified for me my pain tolerance.

Additionally examination of the x-ray technician’s manual demonstrated many different equations for the calculations including the real Body Composition test, not the fake, BMI based on a weight assssumption  for fat with because of person’s height & weight. A person that is a full grown adult with fine bones, and doesn’t eat a lot or doesn’t exercise a lot may be a normal weight of 90lbs, which is a healthy weight for them. Another person that’s the same height, who jogs, boxes, does a lot of exercise and weighs 110 pounds can be super healthy, while the doctors judge that person as being overweight for their height and bone mass, AND muscle weighs more than fat, so the doctors can be totally wrong.

Dr. Terhaar informed me that he had suffered a dislocated shoulder in the past, while he was testing me I used my right hand on my shoulder to realign it again because it had slipped again.  Being out for so long could have damaged my muscles as well as other areas, the doctor informed me further examination with an MRI and another doctor is needed.  But what was most affirming for me was the slightly nauseous pained look on his face when I made the noise.  It could have been because he associated that sound with the pain he suffered previously, or it could have been because the sound bothered his ears.  At the end of the visit I felt like there was at least one doctor that would work to find that facts before drawing a conclusion that could be incorrect based on gossip and the common situation observed.



WHOOPS DISEASE- 2b. Water Weight Chart Comparisons




WHOOPS DISEASE-6. Treatment Ideas & Facts

WHOOPS DISEASE-7a. Updates on Continuous & New Symptoms & Some Treatment Issues

WHOOPS DISEASE-7b. Cure for Diabetes



Whoops disease symptoms for males and females are different, An Arrow-b here’s one link to find out the details I’ve lived with. Animals can get this from humans also. My cat Mystin has displayed some of the human male symptoms.  Human’s can die because our society is majorily ignorant about the existence of this disease.  And because our health system has less doctors than it needs to work properly with full government health care.  I’ve been sick for the last 10 years, first from May or was it July 2008, but so are the males in my life.mixed 065

But their symptoms are somewhat different than the female symptoms.


  1. Inhaling someone else’s sneeze juice OR drinking the fuzzy pead on water in the TROPICS or in another container that’s not purified OR cleaned correctly.
  2. Feeling ‘not right’ within a couple of hours or days. Generally noticed within days or weeks ‘something is not right’.
  3. SLIGHT congestion in the lungs, generally begins at the start progressing into colds within the first 1 to 6 months after contracting the disease, but this graduates in time to sneezing BUT less than the females.
  4. SNEEZES- from the 1st year to a continuous month then more on and off.
    • SNEEZES that start and grow and grow calm down and repeatedly for some years passing on more disease for others even the animals in your life.
      • The sneezes get harder and louder the longer they are had. AND
      • they hurt also.
    • Evening & night sneezes increase and hurt more as time goes on, the first one of the night is usually the most painful, but the damage to the lungs can mean less sneezes BUT it may not be that way for everyone.
  5. Itchy skin that both males and females get from dry skin is very common. When the skin feels itchy DO NOT SCRATCH IT WITH YOUR NAILS or ANY OTHER SHARP OBJECT. Instead find a roughly textured cloth or use your fingers to rub away the itch.  This also works with bug bites, because it releases the area inflammation that generally adds to itchiness, but it doesn’t raise up more blood that will increase the inflammation in the healing processes.
    • There is an additional itch to worry about also with this disease.
      • Initially, about year 2 to 4, the bug feet on the skin itchies, with NO bugs were light and I rubbed those areas, but in 3 areas I scratched- the end of my nose and on my upper arms, until I rethought and stopped.
      • About the 7th or 8th year this has returned with a mass of rash on the body and in the places that did the scratching with the slightly itchy skin. These were in the exact same spots, but my life wasn’t tremendously worsened, because I avoided ripping my skin and digging for the itchies earlier.
        • I still feel little bug feet crawling on my body, but there’s nothing there so I rub the area &/OR leave it and they stop.
        • Presently, starting in 2017 into 2018, the men in my life are suffering what they think are fleas, ripping open their itchies because of not knowing that their earlier itching’s caused this exacerbated itchy feeling.
  6. Sores on the left thigh that seem nasty for 7 to 14 days, doctors MISDIAGNOSE THIS also at about 3 to 4 years.
  7. Age differences in disease for men, I may not have all the facts for all the ages, so please comment on details I’m missing:
    • This is for the men between 30 and ….
      • Gut Rash on the body, similar to Shingles but NOT for 30 to 60 days in a 5 to 7 year time period.
    • For men between 14 and 30?
      • A hunch back that comes about for some months, and then disappears leaving a normal body shape that’s still sick.
  8. Higher sugars, that range in the range closer to real diabetes, but they vary with normal sugars, so it’s not Diabetes-
  1. Also there are mood changes.
    • One month of severe deathly depression,
    • At least 4 to 6 weeks of one nice week one mean week.
    • And other depression mood swings that last for about 2 to 4 years.
  2. Additionally there are the days and weeks of memory loss,
    • “I didn’t say that.”
      • When they said it so nicely and meaningfully earlier, you may want to take vocal recordings because this has happened at least 3 times and it may be different with your men.
  3. Males also lose their hearing for volume control, from their mouths, so
    • They talk LOUDLY instead of speak for a 3 to 12 month time period, generally biweekly Saturdays are their loudest.
    • They do not think they are being loud but their voices expand and fill the whole space, so if you’re having waxy ears and listening, the sound is amplified more and hurts.
    • Additionally they want things turned up louder, because it’s harder for them to hear.
      • This may be because of the mass of wax in the ears, mentioned below.
  4. Heavy wax build up in the ears causes a sort of ‘deafness’ that comes in the 4 to 10 year.
    • The wax buildup starts as heavy liquid coming from the ears that feels very watery when a person is sleeping.
      • Initially normally wax colors get very dark and
      • While previously the EARS WAXES WERE WATERY.
    • Now they are really yellow and heavier. Unless they are brown or black from bloody discharge also. So
      • Using the mix of rubbing alcohol and aloe juice heats and allows the waxy build up to run out.
        1. I mix up the aloe juice and rubbing alcohol in small container,
        2. Then put a towel on my pillow for each ear,
        3. Then using an eye-dropper fill the ear that’s up, and let it stay in the ear for 3 to 5 minutes, THEN
        4. I tip my head down and do the same with the other ear,
      • This may be repeated if I still feel the need for the release.
  5. Males also have water weight gain, but it’s mostly all belly & chest gain not real body weight gain.
    • Appetite shifts increase, so that people retain weight and even gain it with fluids, but they are not eating properly towards the ends of the disease.
    • It’s sad that the less a person eats the more ‘weight’ they gain in this disease. SO the Scales are always lying.
      1. AND men as well as women that are trying to lose weight, need to take care with this disease infecting them.
      2. They should be making sure they are getting the correct nutrition to stay alive, because this disease decreases the appetite for food while enhancing the fluid needs of the body.
  6. And there is hair and skin loss, that grows as time progresses and
    • The more showers a person takes the more hair and skin they lose.
  7. There are also the Planters Warts that come, but aren’t really planter’s warts because they do not infect others. BUT they do disappear with treatment of the real ‘wart’ disease.
  8. There are also sleep situations that are not normal, that seem to happen in the 6th & 7th year of symptoms.  The can’t sleep episodes with a pattern of
    • 8 hours 1 night
    • 5 hours 1 night,
    • 3 hours 1 night,
    • 5 hours 1 night,
    • 8 hours 1 night
    • After these patterns end they get weeks of sleeplessness that grows worse and worse, especially if they already have sleep apnea because this makes it worse.
  9. Also there are the muscle cramping’s, of
    • The left leg, year 2 to 4
    • The left foot, year 5 to 6 and
    • The upper left shoulder, year 7 to 8.
  10. Then there are the groin rashes.
    • Starting first with raised dots that are in the upper leg V’s.
    • Spreading to a rash through all the upper groin hair.
      • A treatment that seems to work well is Bag Balm which can be purchased in many pharmacies & pet supply stores.
        • It’s a mix of an antiseptic, lanolin, and petroleum jelly, Wikipedia mentions how the ingredients of the past were likely to have been varied because the present ingredients are as listed above.
  11. There are also blood pressure problems, so the doctors are treating the symptoms resulting from the Whoops Disease problems and their assumptions about a patient’s weight Body Mass type.
  12. About year 10, the men also get a ringworm looking patch on the front of their right legs, this includes red dots that stick out, are dry, and stick away from their legs AND it comes again on their rear right shoulder being super, super itchy.  Using Bag Balm OR the Petro-Carbo Salve can assist them in fighting this drying itchy bumpy rash, for about 24 hours.

And I’ve not remembered everything, because I’ve only seen the events of the men in my life. But it’s somewhat odd that the symptoms run the same parallel by sex and lung size in humans even if they are genetically from different bloodlines for millennia of time.



WHOOPS DISEASE- 2b. Water Weight Chart Comparisons




WHOOPS DISEASE-6. Treatment Ideas & Facts

WHOOPS DISEASE-7a. Updates on Continuous & New Symptoms & Some Treatment Issues

WHOOPS DISEASE-7b. Cure for Diabetes


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