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WHOOPS DISEASE- 9. Me & My Pets Updates

My really handsome kitty is dead now, I think, he disappeared and is presumed dead. My newer kitties are:

  • one presumed dead, and
  • the other one biting me.

My parents cat has also been biting at me. So I must assume that it’s a WHOOPS DISEASE thing, which means that these normally nice and affectionate animals think I’m tasty. Likely because I’m close to dying OR my skin is so deliciously ‘cat food’ tasty that biting me is an attractive kitty option. Take care if you have a dog, they may OR may not be as attracted to you as my cats are to me. They also MAY BE more careful with their master/mistress…BUT they may not be…I don’t know you & I don’t know your animals.

My cat biting at me haven’t broken the skin with the biting, they have barely bruised me, but the biting actions are so abnormal for them that I’m afraid that I’m just getting closer to dying all the time. AND this could be happening with you and your pets also. BUT please don’t react harshly with your critters, it’s just you having Whoops Disease, and if the doctors ever treat us the pets will still be ours to care for.

For me if I pet my cat for a while after it’s bit me, and then get close to its mouth, it’s so happy I’ve been nice that it doesn’t even try to bite me until the next time I accidentally put my hand in it’s face when I haven’t been affectionate towards it recently &/OR it’s hungry enough not to care how affectionate I’ve been.

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Diabetic’s and Treatments

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Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables


#2- About Bible Notes from Rhapsodie

For this post INTO upcoming posts

These notes are being added here because plans are to read through my new chronological Bible’s  that I may get including the one mentioned previously. This is being done with the notes of my thinking being added, so that readers of my posts can see things if they want.

Please remember this is only based on how I think on these things; others have thoughts and feelings on scriptures and interpretations of what they read and that’s fine, for all of us we should take care because none of us is God. “Do not interpretations belong to God,” the words of Joseph to the cupbearer and the baker of the king of Egypt, before he was out of prison and made a great man in Egypt are reasons we shouldn’t preach about our interpretations unless those are facts. (Genesis 40:8)

My Reasoning

Rhapsodie, years ago

God’s Love Shown

My Reasoning is NOT God’s, while I talk to God and try to listen I know I’ve failed many times to do this as was as God had willed. It brings me to tears, but I hope others can learn that listening to God is more difficult as well as more easy than following the commands of people, including ourselves.

For example the words above were right out of the Bible, not my own. As well as the examples that people in the Bible lived at different times and were living in different circumstances which could shift how the reading impacts what we read and learn AND are examples of reasons for what I share.

My reading of the chronological Bibles is being done because it’s a new format that I think will assist me in understanding the time of statements and comments better. More information is shared about what I’m reading now in the 1st post of this series. This should mean I will also find these shares more pertinent if I also have some historical and understanding of the times and people being shared with.

Postings By Me Are Inconsistent

Please note that I am not a consistently regular poster, this means that infrequently there will be

  • the daily comments posted,
  • at other times I will a scheduling of multiples to share, while
  • most frequently there will be gaps in the shares.

For me with the Biblical postings, like any postings involve a lot of work. This is because every post involves time, energy, effort, and additional care and effort with the preparations because these are publicly shared announcements about me and who I am.

Problems with Consistently Sharing Posts

There are multiple problems to consistent shares, there are some options for avoiding these hassles, but you need to be consistent even if it’s only an infrequent consistency. For the Bible shares with daily reading of the Bible I’m anticipating that readers will also hope to get more frequent shares.

My Problems with Posting very Often

There is the situation that I’m just not on the internet OR even my computer as often as many others are. Plus, I try to post well, this means that sharing regularly adds work to the sharing. For in this case there are the initial work shares, followed by the upload shares, and the communication works beyond the sharing.


Because I want to share with many, taking the time for these efforts help the works to be useful as well as readable by others.

  • Starting in this work with me reading the Bible,
  • then use my reading to make notes if there is anything I think on commenting about.
  • Plus the extra work at times doing some research for adding additional ‘facts’.
  • Then there are the times I add info from research that takes time to add into the sharing.
  • Additionally there’s the jobs of
    • writing (a.),
      • it’s easier to do when you have something to say, but when you’re language skills are minimal there’s more work.
        • There’s still a lot of work, so readers are getting more than a lot of empty words.
    • editing the writing (a.), and
      • “This is 2/3rds of the work and time for writing,” A. Constantine.
    • image works (a.)

for online sharing, oops…I don’t have an example here yet, but here’s my work process…

      • Make your image,
        • which can be photos modified for sharing, drawings, sketches, computer graphics, and more before doing the posting work which includes another process action plan and work with doing that.
      • go into your image program,
        • yes you can take a photo with your camera and upload it, BUT you still should check the sharing based on the sizing of what it is, so work is needed…
        • (other programs differ, but I go into Word because I make large pixel images which means that my originals are HUUuuge.)
      • Shift the image option so that you can share it online with details BUT with less pixels than the original image which makes uploading, downloading, and sharing more of an option for more people.
        • (Your program shifts how this works, I use Microsoft Effects compression option.)
      • Save this for the users to know what it is about in a way that separates it from the original if you don’t want the original shrunk less usefully with future sharing,…(continues with more use info below).
      • At times I add this into the written information already made, but there are writing shifts that can mean this isn’t the best at all times.
        • If I load the image(s) into the offline writing, then later I’ll still need to follow the online processes below. BUT the prefit locations will display as image spaces with nothing added in some cases with the uploads copied and pasted.


Nothing is done really fast even if it’s found & read in a few minutes, in fact even if the info is prewritten then copied onto the sharing site additional share modifications may be necessary for readers to appreciate the reading more. Some of you are reading this thinking, I don’t need to do that, do I? Some people share differently than others, the work I do is done, so that if I die OR live the work that is done shares me well. Because I want to share with many, these extra efforts are taken so the works being shared can be easier for others to connect into.

Plus these carry my name and reputation forward, which means that care taken with the sharing and how it’s shared influences not just you, BUT also me and how you think about me.

  • The repetition of the jobs above, may only be done once, but with my work I like to keep a record of my previous writing, and it’s less costly to our internet to pre-write on paper then load the info online. This means the additional jobs for the type of sharing and the desired readers for what is being shared:
    • Rewriting OR writing (b.),
      • Often people will do writing online, while that’s okay in many cases, but my family pay for every gigabyte of internet we use.
        • While typing online only feels like typing into a document format, it generally is a process taking more internet, similar to online chatting, because every word I type onto the blog/website takes internet signal.
      • this is done with the online sharing at,, and other online sharing that involves ordering material online in ways that make the flow different than if it’s being read on paper.
        • This can involve multiple things OR only some things:
          • Rearranging sentences so less page space between written sections is there,
          • Putting in headings to segment the info for better online association with the info placements on the pages.
            • Originally for this paper there was no segmenting within this whole copy & paste section, BUT for this share I’ve added over 3 headings so far.
            • Plus there will be the work of reordering the paragraphs for shorter reading sections. Instead of the college OR professional writing styles of about 3 to 5 sentences for each paragraph, in general online more than four lines, about 2 sentences seems to be too much to read OR see.
          • Changing font styles, colors, & locations on the pages instead of the classic writing formations of having the info starting on the left and leading to the right side of the page.
            • The fonts which include the type of text and the size of the text, plus additions like emboldening OR underlining which may not be important on paper, can be really important with online reading placements and more.
          • In addition there is the size of the posts, I always make mine way larger than is preferred by many people. BUT I do this knowing that they are large, which also means fewer readers are likely.
            • BUT nothing is done with just this rewriting.
    • Re-editing the writing (b.),

yes this is done again with sharing online versus sharing on paper.

      • While “[t]his is 2/3rds of the work and time for writing,” A. Constantine on paper, when taking previously written material and putting it online the formatting, type of talking style, and language formats shift in ways that aren’t obvious.
        • For example
          • instead of using the word and, often the symbol & is used.
          • Instead of writing first, the 1st ‘word’ type was added. This is because numbers are more relatable, easier to see and find, and they feel more important than the whole word, especially with screen reading.
      • Also the segments of info should be prepared for readers to feel like I’m talking to each of them, oh, each of you personally.
      • Plus I’m long winded, so taking the time to portion out the share by the first & ‘read more’ sections take efforts and time.
        • What is shared with separations can allow people that open up the post info sections of what is being shared, without needing to download the whole post unless they desire to read more.
    • image works (b.),

for online sharing, as we discussed above continues here…

        • Some posters share almost only images, but that’s not me. Which means additional work is needed to read through the info being posted to determine where the images with what is said should be put into the post. That’s if images are prepared already, if there aren’t images then some have to be made to be added, so that at least one image is added to each post…it’s odd, but those are often the only thing that’s shared with the linked post shares other than the image caption or an added tagline.
          • This varies based on what is being said, if the image is leading to the words OR if the words are leading to the images.
          • This can be done with the previous writing, like was shared above,
          • BUT if the writing alters or changes these placements are likely to vary.
        • All images still need to be put onto the internet to be acceptable for uses.
          • If the words are copied the images do not copy until they are put into the internet image records.
        • Some systems like blogger lock the images after you load them, so you can’t reduce the mass of saved images, like you can with WordPress, Pinterest, and some other sites.
        • Your loading on the internet copyrights the image, but that copyright varies based on what you & where you load the images,
        • plus the type of copyright impacts who can load OR not use the images with OR without crediting you.
          • Please take care, just because you load a protectedly copywrit image it doesn’t do anymore than give you legal rights to take control of the issues if another uses your works.
            • You have to search out and protect your rights. That’s why businesses that own things like production houses, studios, artists and others find value in guilds and unions that assist them in keeping and getting these rights.
        • It’s useful to preview a post to see how it looks for other readers also, but take care do the previews in multiple styles:
          • Different search engines,
          • Different devices
            • Previously I had a setup at WordPress, that looked great on computer in Google & Bing, but on the cell phone it was a page space waster. It also didn’t work in other search engines, like in Explorer
      • Share it with the post.

I’m not adding anything but the preceding info, the link follow-up info, and the scriptures read through with the posts that follow the first post. That post shared here was done without planning any future posting, but starting to read the One Year Chronological Bible has changed my work here.

Because my notes are mine, no one should think this is a ‘religious teaching’, it’s more about gaining more by taking the time to learn with reading. Learning begins with questioning what is normal, taking the time to consider and think about what is learned; it’s often referred to as ‘thinking outside of the box.’ And this means it’s not a standardized teaching that helps this learning it’s going into things and beyond things to find and get more. This takes more effort than emotionally reacting to what is being shown or shared.

For reading thousands of years of information capsulated in the Bible, there are many areas of information and consideration that aren’t added, my reasoning is because this compilation of writings is done to show us examples of God’s love for us all, no matter who we are…and this is proven with Israel one of the specifically blessed people who lived with God’s hand helping them a lot. Job wasn’t a member of Israel his family was blessed also, SO I can’t say that God only loved Israel as a nation. BUT as a people they did lead us to Jesus as the SAVIOR for all mankind. But the classic Bible has a lot of information about Israel leading to Jesus. BUT also how God interacted and was heard by so many people over so many years. So we all need to take care, if God was to speak with us would we hear and listen OR not? We all, each of us, have been saved from Adamic death because of Adamic sin with the actions of Jesus, so we each should consider if our actions are done in imitation of his example of love for us?

So my next post is going to start with notes from me about my Bible reading, that was done yesterday… BUT my plans are to just share my thoughts from verses of the Bible without making anyone use the version OR translation I’m writing about.

#3- Beyond Bible Notes- War in Heaven

Heaven’s War in the Bible

I’m still reading my One Year Chronological Bible, some sections of information have really shared more impact with me because of the modern terms versus previous readings of other Bibles.

Different Bibles have various terms in sections of the Bible that can be found interpretable based on our own understanding versus the terms in the time of writing of the versions AND the terms translation from the original and the translators of the works from the original into the present used versions.

The war in the heaven’s has continued for millennia there is Biblical evidence and modern information being written by Ava D Dohn also. The information will take some time to gather and share with accurate links to the scriptures as well as ways for others to see the information. [This will be modified gradually as the information is updated and prepared better for sharing.]

Heaven’s War Scriptural Evidence

Different Bible’s state the same terms in different ways, but modern reading can add interpretation ideas that may have been found in other times which we don’t really associate the same with now. For example one of the examples below from Joshua 5:13-15 has

  • the term commander in the NIV, 1995, while
  • in the, 1984, New World Translation the same section has the term prince.

Modern people take prince to mean a ‘figure head’, while in the past the term prince like king often also meant military commander OR leader. So the term for modern interpretation with commander is more definitive for modern readers trying to understand the scriptures. Other terms used in the exact same set of scriptures include:

  • captain– in the King James Version (KJ),
  • Captain– Modern Language Version (ML)- 1959
  • Commander in Chief– Living Bible (L)- 1971
  • Commander– Revised Standard Version (RSV)- 1952

The terms have various military connotations in the modern day, but when looked at and read based on Heaven’s War there is little interpretation against the military of the heavens.

More War in heaven scriptural evidence [not done yet]

That the heaven’s has been at war is evidenced with the Bible and information in the scriptures shared in various locations with different aspects to be learned with reading the information. The scriptures I’m adding are based on how reading things of the scriptural information was found and interpreted by me. As we mention above there are various ‘terms’ that can impact interpretations, so while I’ll always add one verse at times multiple verses may be linked OR completely shared OR both.

Joshua 5:13-15

New International Version(NIV)…

13 Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, “Are you for us or for our enemies?”

14 “Neither,” he replied, “but as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.” Then Joshua fell facedown to the ground in reverence, and asked him, “What message does my Lord[a] have for his servant?”

15 The commander of the Lord’s army replied, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.

New King James Version (NKJ)

13 And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted his eyes and looked, and behold, a Man stood opposite him with His sword drawn in His hand. And Joshua went to Him and said to Him, “Are You for us or for our adversaries?”

14 So He said, “No, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.”

And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped, and said to Him, “What does my Lord say to His servant?”

15 Then the Commander of the Lord’s army said to Joshua, “Take your sandal off your foot, for the place where you stand is holy.” And Joshua did so.

English Standard Version (ESV)

13 When Joshua was by Jericho, he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing before him with his drawn sword in his hand. And Joshua went to him and said to him, “Are you for us, or for our adversaries?” 14 And he said, “No; but I am the commander of the army of the Lord. Now I have come.” And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped[a] and said to him, “What does my lord say to his servant?” 15 And the commander of the Lord’s army said to Joshua, “Take off your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.

Amplified Bible (AB)

13 Now when Joshua was by Jericho, he looked up, and behold, [a]a man was standing opposite him with his drawn sword in his hand, and Joshua went to him and said to him, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” 14 He said, “No; rather I have come now as captain of the army of the Lord.” Then Joshua fell with his face toward the earth and bowed down, and said to him, “What does my lord have to say to his servant?” 15 The captain of the Lord’s army said to Joshua, “Remove your sandals from your feet, because the place where you are standing is holy (set apart to the Lord).” And Joshua did so.

Image Interpretations

There are various types of images from this scripture some showing more passivity in the style of the angel’s dress and others showing more warrior dress with armor and help than other images share. I think the more warrior style of dress is appropriate, but I don’t think the human ‘dress’ styles would be used as much in the heavens unless they are practical. The modern dress options with pants, boots, and armor may not have been seen both because Joshua was able to recognize at least the sword and the man didn’t seem to be too odd to him. Not like other images of angels seen at other times.

Rhapsodie’s interpretation of Joshua 5:13-15

The man/angel with the sword was obviously handling a familiar instrument. This is backed up because of being commander, captain, prince of the army of the Lord/God/Jehovah/Yehowah. I’ve not studied a lot of war history, but it seems to me that commander positions are gained with actions taken, not just because of title in many instances. The sword in hand is evidence that the hand holding the sword had the power/strength/ endurance to do this for some bit of time also.

Angel’s with Swords

There are many scriptures where Cherubs and Angels are mentioned as having/holding swords in the scriptures. Because there are so many scriptures with information I’ll add the links here that I’ve found. BUT reading these versus can be interpreted in many ways if the information isn’t mentioning more about military in the heavens.

Here are some links

With reading this information you’ll note that some of the scriptures are added to the war in heaven evidence, while others aren’t added. [Not done yet]

War in Heaven Care with Reading Info

There are multiple scriptures where war in heaven is a theme. Because there are so many interpretations and links with scriptures containing information I’ll add the links here that I’ve found, but as you can see with reading there are so many bits of information that are interpretable, that readers have ‘various’ feelings about what they read as they read it. Revelation 12 shares a dragon, with the war in heaven.

  • If I was Chinese than the enemy is the woman, if
  • I were European the enemy is the dragon. BUT if
  • we believe that Jesus’ came to the earth for all mankind,
    • For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. (Luke 19:10) …For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (John 3:17)…This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. (1 John 4:9)…And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. (1 John 4:14) (From Evangical

While I don’t believe all the info at this site, it’s still useful for the run of scriptures above about WHY JESUS CAME TO EARTH? and sharing the scriptures above and others at the site. Additional scriptures through the gospels show us why later in the scriptures, the work of Jesus is shared saying, “Become imitators of me as I am of Christ.” (1 Cor. 11:1, New World Translation, 1984) 

The whole written work of Jesus on earth that is commonly known is shared through the gospels. Jesus whole life, his actions, his work as a child of God is shared here for all of us…this means that all of Jesus’ time on earth is an example…BUT the war in the heaven’s then also means that we have lived lives that aren’t ‘peaceful’ all the time…our life in the past AND possibly for a longer time into the  future can be a lot more tumultuous and ‘warring.’ While we are still living a life imitating Jesus.

Again reading these versus can be interpreted in many ways depending on the readers, the time periods under discussion, and interpretation of the information by the readers.

Revelation 12: about war in the heavens-

For instance in China dragons are considered, Wikipedia info:

But in the American/European interpretations, based on the times of the last 1,000 years or so the dragon is held as an enemy, a threat, a danger, like Wikipedia also shares:

When Revelation was written by John, is likely based on his understanding, BUT for any of us the ‘dragon’ term is varied. For John, since I don’t speak OR know the ancient tongue he wrote the works in, I’m unsure what he really wrote about when we refer to dragon. There has also been some online searching about this [not done yet.]

Our Brother’s and Sister’s in the Heaven’s at War

Our Brother’s and Sister’s in the heavens are at war…Author Ava D Dohn shares a historic account of the heaven’s at war. AND this goes on to the story of the earth with heavens war and impacts, by the same author. While I still haven’t finished reading these books, when reading under the ‘term’ fiction, they are boring, but if we read these as factual…because they are shared in part by visions from God then we see things totally differently with the reading.

The war in the heaven’s has impacted the earth and it continues to do so, but that’s not my story to share.

#1- About Bible Readers Reading Enjoyment Being Enhanced

I’ve read the Bible, most of my reading has been done with the New World Translation, of 1984 with footnotes and cross references. BUT I also have looked into the King James Version, NIV (New International Version), and others over time. For me the reading of the Bible has developed as I’ve grown over time, but just today I received my first copy of a Bible that was ordered chronologically.

Because of buying it on eBay I originally posted a review just based on what I found from looking through that book. BUT my original complaint wasn’t posted… I’m so glad because after reading through the facts I later learned some of the problems of that book were added into my commenting as praises which were inaccuracies. Now the correct comments are shared because of taking a little more time to assess the accuracy of that version of the Bible.

What Chronological Bible?

The 2013 Bible, is actually a great book… It’s the One Year Chronological Bible and it has many reading values.

It’s not too small OR too large.

General Book Style To Read

It is a really nice read, the paragraph & spacing style of the printed pages allow readers to associate the material with any other books that aren’t Bibles OR college material of the 2 column type. The material format and print size, between 10 & 12 font, mean that it’s easier to read than the smaller print Bibles.

The author’s have taken the time to work on this book as is seen with how the material is compiled and shared.

Ordered Timewise Chronologically by Events

It’s great that the Bible was reordered from the canonical style, ordered from Genesis to Revelation classically by books that have chapters and verses.  There is a reference to the canonical ways of the Bible at the end of this version. It includes references to this chronological style with page numbers listed near the canonical/ classical references that are shared with this Bible.

In addition with the chronological information it adds the timeframes for readers of when the events happen through the reading. As you can see in the slightly tilted image below:

Reading this Bible

This chronological Bible has the sections separated into 365 days of reading starting with January 1st, but NO ONE HAS to read the Bible that slowly OR at those times OR even in that order. But this writing by Tyndale has shared for us a way to read through most of the Bible with a lot more insight into the historical nature of the scriptures. It’s styled based on Biblical events as they happened, as I put onto the cover with my noting, but not with how OR when they written.


This should make for a great time-a-logical writing, but there is more readers can do for reading accuracy.

Time-A-Logical Reading

I appreciate that they compiled the material with aspects like the timeline of events with Judah and Israel that includes the writer’s lives over those times. The writing time references they used, the additional historical notes and details that are added as references, plus footnotes that allow readers to find more info about the scriptures as they read. The yearly timeline shared doesn’t need to be used at all for great reading through this book. BUT as you can see I need a readers way to get to sections of those timelines, so the addition of flags and tags was made for me on my addition.

Can be Used with Classical/ Canonical Bible’s Also

While it’s not ordered canonically it does have the scripture chapters, versus listed with the reading, so an individual can pull out the classical canonical format and compare OR even read those scriptures if they find the chronological style not as useful with times and works being done.

For instance if I was at a meeting and someone told me to open up Jeremiah 12:3 it would be easier to do that with a canonical Bible. I could still do that with this Bible by going to the Canonical Scripture Index at the end of the Bible to find what pages had that scripture. BUT it would be a lot faster in some situations just using the classic styling Bible’s for some uses, but I really really like this style for reading and understanding the scriptural story better.

Faults of This Bible

Faults with Reading this book are that the events are chronologically ordered by the events that happen not the time of the writing about the events. They tried to order the writer’s words by how they relate to when they were written, but there are reasons that I don’t agree with those orders. For book, story, and Bible readers there are ways to get more value out of the material as well as more understanding, at least from non-fictional materials.

That is a factor that readers’ can use to find MORE value from with the reading!

Enhanced Bible Reading Enjoyment for US ALL!!!

The Bible is a book covering a couple of thousands of years of history. For all of us with the multiple writers it means that the chronological telling can have many various forms that we can find and enjoy. I’m looking at buying versions that include archeological facts and details, different aspects of story sharing variables also. BUT it’s important for all scholarly readers to take the time to do more than just read a book, so that they can learn more than just how one telling of a story shares the words of the story.

Writers & Events Impact the Tales

For all books, like the Bible writers and events impact the details of what is told and how those details are shared.

For example the series of books, the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John about Jesus’ on earth were all recorded at different times and for different readers. There are different timelines of story that impact the connections with readers. So for my reading I’ll use a chronological telling at this time, with using understanding of the writings that may differ from others.

This, One Year, Bible has

  • MARK’s writing from about 55 to 65AD,
  • LUKE’s from 60AD,
  • MATTHEW’s from 60 to 65AD,
  • JOHN’s from 85 to 90AD…

The New World Translation timeline is different

  • MATTHEW’s writing completed in 41AD,
  • LUKE’s writing completed between 56 and 58AD,
  • MARK’s 60 to 65AD, and finally
  • JOHN’s ending at about 98AD.

This means reading understanding can differ based on opinions of when & why things were written.

I’m not going to historically tell you details of this info, but it’s useful to consider the various writing times as well as the different writer’s reasons for writing to the readers they were sharing with because of how this varies what they share, how they share it, it can also influence considerations of what was written when and how. In addition who the writer’s were & are influences the stories that they tell and how they tell them. Let me simplify this a bit with a modern example.

A- Simplified fictional modern example

If I were to witness a car accident, and Bill was we both are seeing things from our own views. If Melinda was in the accident and George also saw it from another perspective there are 4 views of the exact same event. All of us could have witnessed various aspects of the accident and that can mean that we tell the story of the accident with different details and views of what was seen.

  • If Melinda’s car had just come out of the shop being repaired.
  • If George saw a lug nut bouncing down the road., if
  • I had seen the tire hit hit the curb, while on the car, and
  • if Bill had thought he saw the driver driving weird

each of the perspectives are telling parts of the story. There’s more to the story based on what was happening when we were telling things and why we were telling things also.

So no story has a single way of being shared. For this means that the gospels also have alternate details and perspectives from both the writers and with the readers that can influence how the stories were shared and how the readers get those.

Additional Gospels in Perspectives

Let’s consider this from the version of story times I think is more accurate.

  • MATTHEW’s writing completed in 41AD,
  • LUKE’s writing completed between 56 and 58AD,
  • MARK’s 60 to 65AD, and finally
  • JOHN’s ending at about 98AD.


MATTHEW as a Jew and a tax collector, was a person that kept accounts of things, which likely also means he took notes of stuff over time, and his accounts were some of the first in writing mainly because he was sharing with Jews the stories he had gathered with time. The Jews who came into contact with disciples of Jesus, those who were impacted by events with his death, those who witnessed his resurrection and many more likely had questions. Because he was writing within 10 years of Jesus’ death it’s assumed that a lot of his info could have been a compilation of his notes from events, but also this means those details could have been referenced by the other gospel writers.

Luke and Mark wrote their scriptural accounts about 15 to 20 years after Matthew.


It’s supposed that LUKE was writing material in a detailed manner that is often attributed to how as a physician he would be noting details of types related to physical aspects and results. Luke’s notice of physical aspects of people, the healing, and the details of those events can explain why he didn’t comment as much on the reactions of the crowds in many events. The aspects of this being shared by him 15 years after Matthew’s account also mean that the additional points and details are not only backing up Matthew’s account they are also reinforcing aspects of the story as well as adding details to what was shared.

Mark’s account came about 5 years later.


The account of MARK began to be shared in Rome. “According to ancient tradition, Mark’s gospel was first made public in Rome.” (Aid to Bible Understanding, p. 1114, 1971). Mark likely spoke primarily with early Christians, partially because of his age with events from Jesus’ life, and because of how he related with the Christian church/ congregational/ organizational developments. Mark could have been “the young young man who escaped, partially naked, when Jesus was captured.” (Aid to Bible Understanding, p. 1113; 1971). I assume from this that it’s likely he was a teenager, who got out of home, at night, went to the garden to spy on the events he caught ear of previously. Likely an uninvited guest of the events.

“Ancient tradition indicates that Peter provided the basic information for Mark’s Gospel..Although Mark appears to have written primarily for the Romans, this record does contain [info] from the Hebrew scriptures.” (Aid to Bible Understanding, p. 1113; 1114, 1971). This is also likely to tell us that Mark’s words were written to people who grew up hearing of Jesus, but those who hadn’t witnessed much in accord with the events of Jesus being alive.

That shouldn’t be a surprise if this Mark’s “Hebrew name was John”. (Aid to Bible Understanding, p. 1111, 1971). This also means that Mark was a Jew by birth. The people were distinct religiously in many ways…but the story was the same in many respects. Differences were from how people lived and what they believed as readers would have had an impact on how things were written in many ways.


The writings of John are totally distinct because what he wrote was after living times with the early Christians being killed and hurt from beliefs about the Christ and times they were living in. In addition John had witnessed the events of visions and more that caused him to write Revelation which means there is a lot of detail in his account of Jesus’ life that could have meant very little when being witnessed that may have had a lot of impact later after seeing, hearing, and witnessing things that had happened from beyond those events.

For instance John had likely spent a little time reading the events of Saul (Paul) who saw Jesus/Michael. In addition the details of John often had bits and parts that were missed by those living around Jesus and other gospel writers. These writings while from different people, written in different ways, aren’t written to be any more than what we read, but they are so much more.

B- Modern Example Detailed Some More

What if with our modern example more could be found from getting perspectives of the viewers of those events?

What if that car accident had more to show us?

“All of us could have witnessed various aspects of the accident and that can mean that we tell the story of the accident with different details and views of what was seen.” This also means we could tell of different aspects that pertain to the exact same event.

  • If Melinda’s car had just come out of the shop being repaired.

What if the shop had a new person, a kid, who had forgotten to bolt the tires onto the rims correctly? What if the shop owner hadn’t been in the shop, so the kid made the mistake of saying the car was ready to go without having made sure all the work details were finished accurately? So Melinda was driving down the road with a car that wasn’t working right?

  • If George saw a lug nut bouncing down the road.

George could have been seeing part of the incident before anything else that was major was witnessed by any other viewers. BUT Melinda was likely to have been trying to handle things as they were happening.

  • I had seen the tire hit hit the curb, while on the car.

Melinda had been working to get the car stopped safely, before the tire wobbled off the car. I didn’t know that, I could have assumed that she was drunk. The car is the proof of what has happened with this incident.

  • if Bill had thought he saw the driver driving weird.

Bill could have also thought that Melinda was driving drunkenly, but he could have seen more because he has more knowledge of cars and driving than I do.


“Each of the perspectives are telling parts of the story,” but there’s so much more that we have to be readers/ viewers using faith as well as knowledge to look beyond the surface of what is shared to find more in the events as they are shared.

This post is #1, I’m not sure if I’m going to add any more OR not, but I do have plans to get other Bible’s with other chronological ordering in addition to that I hope these Bible’s let me gain more insight into the events of the Bible that I will share…so for now enjoy your reading.

WHOOPS DISEASE- 10. Life Through Whoops Disease Medical Treatments

I’m adding another apology because I do not have the clinical name for Whoops Disease yet, it’s changed so much over the years name and most of them I’ve dealt with treat me for the ‘effects’ of the disease not for the disease.  Because since I’ve learned about it, so only the ‘professionals’ with the treatment have the clinical Whoops Disease, as named by Rhapsodie is easy to remember AND because many of us get it whoopsily it makes sense for us. But the clinical treatment impacts the body and systems also, this is what I’ve heard of, but more can be added after treatment shows the effects.

Please take care, no correct treatment leads to death because the parasites (microscopic organisms) overwhelm air systems and take away any ability to breathe. The wake up chokes that happen twice are only a couple of the effects with this action by the nano organisms. Asthma symptoms, with no asthma, is another effect. Having hard times fighting colds, getting bronchitis & pneumonia are other issues from this disease while it’s working. Additionally your HIV blood tests may show HIV that’s not AIDS, but it’s an immune virus impacted by the wastes of the organisms filling your body and weakening your ability to live.

Post Treatment Things

I am not treated, this is just what I have heard that there are repetition cycles beginning right after treatment. These patterns of repetition are heaviest closest to the treatment, the cycles are the same except for the new thing(s) every 3 days, I think. Additional effects may be nice OR not, but I’m not sure what the other treatment values are for sufferers of Whoops Disease.

Water Release

With Whoops Disease being a water borne microscopic organism, as described in many of the previous posts, the water is a necessity for that organism to survive. For individuals living with that disease water in take increases a lot more than normal, as is described with life in many of the previous posts also, links below. This means after disease treatment there will be a great release of water that the organism’s have stored for expansion in the body. In nature water is where it lives at warmer OR like ‘human body temperature’ or thereabouts (or around). That’s why with the human body, the water intake has increased so that the organisms have a supply to use while the body still functions ‘normally’ enough.

This should mean that after treatment the water release comes out of the human body in any way that we expel water. This means with the skin through sweat secretions, the urinary tract, from around the eyes with the tear ducts, and possibly the mouth. I’m assuming that the skin water release is in the initial 24 hours the most, while the urinary tract because of processing through the system it could vary and extend a lot longer.

With the extensive amount of water expelling through the body, it’s likely that the bathroom is going to be the best friend of anyone during the early day. BUT that’s not normal even if a person falls asleep in the bath tub. If you have nature space, like outside, it could be that summer warmth will allow you to be outdoors letting go of water, that’s not going to harm the environment. But anyone in the hospital, because of other injuries that were hidden with the water in the body refracting light from image machines hiding images of the reality of injuries under the skin.

This means the water run off of the body, will likely need a flow off bed (table) prepared. Something like is used in surgery that allows the released body fluids to flow away from the body on the operating table.  Slosh there are materials that allow garments to remain sweat free, so I’m sure there could be ‘fabric’ on beds/ mattresses/ tables that allow the water to flow away from the body of the patient on bed. This is only outside the body, what happens with the body.

What happens with the body?

With the water flowing out of the body, I’m assuming that the pores of the skin will allow the releases but will expand with the water outflow. While the urinary systems will work normally BUT at a higher potential, so it may be modified water expelling systems can be prepared. Like with underwear fitted with a water flow bag, like an old hot water bottle that allows the screw thread top to be connected to a hose to a bucket OR something else. BUT what about the pores, they are expelling massive amounts ABNORMALLY.

If the pores are expelling massive amounts abnormally, then they are expanded abnormally for extended lengths of time. So a rubbing OR vibrating rubbing could allow them to shrink back to normal a lot faster. Using a lubricating solution, like pregnancy rub OR sexual lubricant, can assist the friction from the rubbing to be reduced for the skin areas and the rubbing hands OR tools OR both. If the machinery tools are prepared so they can work like a vibrating mattress, pad, or other it means that they can possibly be rubbing tools that are used for other functions also.

These are just my ideas, they may OR may not be good, they are just ideas because of my thinking without having lived this section of the disease, treatment, yet. BUT I have also heard of the repetition cycles of things, that will impact life at the same time that water flows are happening.

Repetition Patterns

This is part of the proof that this disease is nano, not normal. There are repetition cycles, of movements & speech, that go from the first day of treatment to 7, 10, 13, or even 20 days. The first day is the most with the heaviest amounts of repetition. I’m not sure if this is repetition of the day before, OR from months before. I’m not sure what it comes from, but I think it comes from hearing a pattern of sound while the memories of what is spoken OR done OR read are captured for the repetition cycles. Each individual will repeat based on what they have done.

The heaviest sharing with the repetitions is the first day/days after treatment. The cycling pattern reduces away from treatment.  For everyone away from the repeater, things will not be as loud as they are for the speaker. It may be that in some ways, like with eating OR chewing gum OR sucking on something there won’t be as much vocal repetition hassle, but I’m not sure at present, time will tell after treatments begin.

I’m not sure of the patterns OR the time cycles with that. The reduction in repetitions and the actions with those can be prepared for. The patterns will bother everyone over time, BUT THE PERSONS WITH THE REPETITIONS WILL HAVE THINGS THE WORST. It’s possible that treatments done while the individual was sleeping will be easier for doctors, BUT it could be that there will be no moves OR speaking if the ‘patient’ OR ‘released patient’ is sleeping I’m not sure yet.

This means preparing for the repetitions. (I’ve made my own copy of an Excel Spreadsheet and this bit is only ‘some’ of it, so that it can be filled in.

But you may want to create your own form, with a series, please note that doctors can use pages with the same pattern easier than different patterns. So preparing pages for uses will vary with treatment, and the fewer changes can mean less pertinent pages, but easier to use. Plus with movements & VIDEO RECORDS it can be that some repetition pattern problems can be less stressful for individuals & carers and this can possibly also assist recoveries to be less of a problem.

  •  The record of when, what is done, and what is said made the first day will assist the other repetition day records to be prepared to be crossed out as time goes on and things STOP repeating.
    • With a spreadsheet form prepared with Time & Moves & Speech by volume & span of cycle can allow carer’s and individual’s living with the events to prepare to live through the events. AND with the new ‘event’ OR ‘words’ that are likely once OR ???… I’m not sure to be added onto the cycle pages also.

I prepared a 24 hour, 15 minute segmented, multiple day form in Excel which is detailed with a lot more information for filling. Some of the info is likely a waste of space, but other info may be needed also. So far the spreadsheet is just prepare, it’s not filled in because no treatment has been received, but here’s a simplified clip of that which is prepared in my Whoops files likely under treatment:

      • This can be placed into print form OR left on computer, using the video records will allow the time records to be captured and stored correctly on the pages/ computer.
        • For individuals kept in the hospital through the treatment, it can be good that the repetition records are:
          • Kept in the doctors pages,
          • Placed in the Nurses records,
          • Added outside the door for other ‘carer’s to reference’, that is if the patient agrees to that,
          • Placed inside the room for the patient’s family and others as an easier reference,
          • Then there is the connection surface, pad, computer, page, or whatever is used, like a clipboard OR a computer that can be a go between for all the other records pages/ systems.
      • Using video records will allow the verbal and physical actions to be ‘seen & heard’, plus time captured for the cycle pattern records. BUT please remember all the video is viewer capture of the actions, which means anyone seeing this who is living with it is getting the capture perspective.
        • If you have a sports camera on your glasses/ chest/ hat/ head rim/ or arm things will be seen as you do them from the location of the camera, but if you have an exterior camera looking at you that will see things from that angle, which may mean multiple  exterior captures UNLESS one can be placed umbrella like over you where you go with what you do.
    • The physical and verbal repetition patterns in record  can help everyone treated, their families, the doctors/ healthcare givers, and it should mean that the repeater hassles can be minimized also.
      • For instance if you’re treated with ‘going to the bathroom’ as part of the repetition, how was your body held, what future actions in repetition can you pass over OR will you do exactly the same again. So what treatment repetition patterns do you plan?
        • Like for guys that use the urinal, could you have a waist wrap that ‘hides your repetition actions’ OR for a woman that squats on a low toilet is there a … OR maybe you just determine to try and use the bathroom with the repetition, so the hassles aren’t a ‘bother’.
    • It’s likely that the verbal exclamations and actions can be more annoying, especially if you’re having repetitions while at work OR if you’re being treated by doctors.
      • For any getting treated and walking out, it could be that at ‘home’ for the weekend OR  a long weekend’ could be best for recording & making pattern action guides for things that get less and less over the 7 to 10 days of repetition.
      • For in hospital people, having an ‘on the door record’; ‘in the room record’, and ‘in between record’ that allows the other records to be kept accurate is good. It can also be great if the doctors & nurses have a copy of the repetition cycle records.
    • Your plans and actions will impact everything,
      • So making sure to have a record of the repetitions will enable you to work through and with things. For instance if you drive to work, maybe before treatment you get someone(s) you can prepare travel plans with, so you don’t have driving issues in repetition actions that could cause accidents.
        • Maybe you have meetings planned, so you prepare the meeting times with the repetition schedules in mind, maybe even coffee breaks, that allow you to ‘go repeat’ in the bathroom or however is better with you for live around the repetition with the meeting situation.
      • Doctors may be learning this disease, but I’m sure they may be able to provide a ‘doctor’s note(s)’ about the repetitions, so bosses won’t be able to fire you for disease treatment actions that you don’t have control over during treatment repetition days.
  • Family & Work mates & job people might be able to work with you also, your boss can hopefully have plans to work with you through  these times. Just like they will need to with treatment beyond and times with aspects of this disease.

Some issues that can happen may be extreme amounts of bathroom uses, there are the repetition cycle patterns, and there are also other issues like ‘abnormally speaking out’ because of the repetition of speech . As we discuss in this article above the work to prepare and setup ways to measure what is happening both before treatment and through treatment can really impact the results of what happens and how things are planned after treatment.

In addition there’s the possibility with treatment at the correct time that any person with Type 1 diabetes could have that go away. I’m not sure about how this impacts people that have gotten diabetes with Whoops AND I’m not sure how ‘fast’ things will shift.

We haven’t gotten to this stage of Whoops Disease yet, but it can be that you all might need additional follow up information beyond the treatment preparations above. Plans are to extend these posts following the title above with letter codes.  We may add some videos, but I’ll try to avoid as many as possible, because internet in the boonies costs a lot of money. Unless you have signal then you are paying for service all the time. AND video takes a massive amount of internet signal space.

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Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables

Business Continuation Steps… PLUS

Businesses can fail because of not taking the time to do more than focus on setting the business up and get products prepared with the business. The business continuation steps are focusing on continuation with the business while the steps to make the business succeed are being worked on. Here is Rhapsodie’s list of business steps, I do not have all the information, but I’m sure that it’s some more than many businesses add into processes:

  • Prepare the business properly,
    • Legal work;
    • Financial work;
    • Product development work generally called R&D (Research & Development);
    • Marketing work;
    • Communications work;
    • More
  • Act correctly over time with development & actions in business,
    • People work;
    • Legal work;
    • Financial work;
    • Product development work;
    • Marketing work;
    • Sales work;
    • Communications work;
    • More
  • Keep the business with actions & developments overtime with,
    • People work;
    • Legal work;
    • Financial work;
    • Product development work;
    • Marketing work;
    • Sales work
    • Communications work;
    • More
  • Setting in processes & plans for the future along with continuing the business at present-
    • Takeover; Continuation; Retirement; other business future options
    • People work;
    • Legal work;
    • Financial work;
    • Product development work;
    • Marketing work;
    • Sales work
    • Communications work;
    • More

All of this work with business takes time, energy, effort, constant update, constant development, and constant consideration over the development of the business into a business AND through the business as a business. If the factors are learned in business that’s okay, but if processes and procedures aren’t worked on with the business then FAILURE is the most likely option being prepared with the business.

The business can only continue with actions that assist it to resist failure. Reasons with this were found in my examination of a product commented on at Home Advisor.

Business Failure Can Be Worked on to be Avoided

As my previous post shared, there are products that are of use in siding a home, reasons for failures and successes go beyond the product itself. This came from reading Sandi’s comment about Liquid Siding, notice that she mentions that she could not locate the manufacturer 10 years after the application. The problems with application could have been reduced if the business had taken steps to cut the problems AS WELL AS having worked to improve it’s processes with the product:

Comment Sandi, January 29 [Rhapsodie’s words are added in the square brackets]

Do not use on wood siding!! [Rhapsodie does not agree with this, but because of the results, it can be that the area Sandi lived in also impacted these results. Plus the way her structure was built and when the material was applied.]

We had liquid siding put on about 10 years ago and have had a problem with wood rot on the T111 [called T one eleven] for the past 5 years [likely the T111 was damp in application of the liquid siding this wasn’t the fault of the wood OR the material, it was a fault in the application.]

We will have to completely reside a 4,000 sq ft house. Cannot find the manufacture.

How this comment influences Rhapsodie’s Words about Business

Rhapsodie’s Words based on reading that information are based on application considerations that would be part of the various business steps mentioned above including:

  • People work;
  • Legal work;
  • Financial work;
  • Product development work;
  • Marketing work;
  • Sales work;
  • Communications work;

For instance with the product development work while the business could have merchandised great & their product could have been great, but that doesn’t mean their product appliers OR processes were good. If plans were made to integrate product development with the research time for testing and trials, part of this problem situation could have been reduced for Sandi before she even bought the product.

This product development work could have involved:

  • Product uses with tests in applications;
  • Product uses over times with applications; and
  • Product developments with the tests of uses in the products over time.

This work adds cost to the business before anything is shared with the public, but also while things are being shared with the public. Processes and procedures with legal and financial planning and actions with the business can impact development BUT in addition to that can influence procedures and actions beyond that.

The work with processes and procedures can impact how the finances are used AND how the steps in processes and procedures impact legal costs & values with the business. BUT more than that the

  • People work;
  • Product development work;
  • Marketing work;
  • Sales work; and
  • Communications work.

Can all be integrated into product & process development both before client uses and with client uses.

How many individuals like Sandi could have appreciated working with the business in product development if they were give ‘cost reduction’ options for product uses with tests and trials in use of their home. And with the communications processes prepared for the comments & ‘problems’ & ‘value’ uses with the products in application; uses; the results.

For example if Sandi’s home of T111 was covered by this material when the T111 was ‘damp’ because the wood was bought brand new, then it could mean anyone doing the application on ‘new wood’ could have problems also. In addition to that because DAMP WOOD is often found with new products, the aging processes and procedures with wood could impact the application time frames with this new Liquid Siding application.

Liquid siding from my reading is a form of material like vinyl siding, but being that it’s painted, it seals any product problems, like moisture in wood, beneath the plastic. And what happens when your kids OR you have sweaty wet wear put in plastic bags that are left that way over time. The stinky clothes can rot in the bags if they aren’t cleaned & dried before being put into plastic OR storage again.

Some Business Application Material Considerations

For the business the T111 material could have been new, damp, and needed to be dried before the Liquid Siding was applied.

  • But did it practice communication and processes with the customers it had with problems like that?
  • Did it prepare application tests and processes that could have reduced those problems?
  • Shouldn’t it have prepared for appliers that used the product incorrectly with it’s legal and communication procedures before it suffered the problems from ‘idiots’ in business that do not follow the manufacturer application processes?
  • Shouldn’t it have taken the time to make sure the products were sold with a little more cost for the customers, so that the prices would assist them to continue to care for the users after they had ‘problems’ resulting from bad uses and applications?
  • Were the applicators hired by the business?
    • How did the business prepare & train people doing applications with it’s products?
    • What contracts did the business prepare for applicators working with it’s business?
    • What times & process actions were part of the business application procedures that the contractors were to work with for the business?
  • If applicator’s weren’t hired were the business, were there information guides prepared so other contractors would have application guidance by the business to use?
    • Were there product warranty contracts & actions prepared to handle legal situations resulting from unapproved applicators using the business products inaccurately?

More will always come

A business is always growing. No business will have no additional costs after it’s up and running, which means there will always be additional costs beyond normal business costs when a business is up and running. Taking the time with plans and procedures to make sure actions and processes are prepared for business development with each and every customer & each and every product takes time, effort, energy, consideration, care, and business development with actions over time.

If a business doesn’t take care in it’s planning, processes and product development, process and product uses, plus process and product care there’s need to do more also. This could mean with work in time they can improve things as long as they are prepared to change and develop with time and with actions over time.  BUT if they begin business without taking the time to

    • Test marketing;
    • Test uses;
    • Development tests;
    • Care efforts;
    • Communications with
      • customers we have & customers we could get;
      • business people in house & external;
      • development people in house & external; and
      • others also.
  • TEST METHODS including
    • Development processes & products;
    • Marketing options & actions;
    • Legal preparations, communications, and works;
    • Financial preparations, communications, allowances for mistakes & possible needs, and other works;
    • Customer work including our sharing BUT also including taking time to care to listen, learn, and grow with their comments the negative & the positive. Because no one learns to grow from being told you’re great unless we are also trying to find out what we need to improve on. It’s easier to learn to grow by being told this is not right, I hope  you will try OR do AND if you changed this and other comments that can be ‘negative’, but are actually valuable for the business if it takes time to hear the customers;
    • Communication work is “2/3rds hearing and 1/3rd speaking” Dr. Back, Alfred State College. But communication work is also taking the time to learn more with what is being heard, so it involves interactions and inviting comments so that we can hear more;
    • Product sharing work is always growing and developing. When products are similar to others they are often styled similarly because those options are what work well for the customers. If new products are being shared tests and trials mean customers impact future developments because they should influence what is shared and how it’s shared and over time this progresses and develops;
      • Uses with products- it may be products are developed for certain uses and certain purposes, but customers and their tests and trials can influence what users consider AND try with the products made available and how those are used. If the business is listening to it’s clients they could learn about this and thus it can offer other sharing options not previously considered. While this will mean further research & development it can advance sharing options also;
    • Uses with business should always be prepared for advancing and changing, that’s why research and development are so important as are the communications and interactions with customers.
      • with TYPES of MATERIALS &
      • with TYPES OF MATERIAL &
  • can assist a business in avoiding failure. This is not a guarantee, but it’s a tool that can be of assistance.

For Any Business

For anyone who doesn’t consider the future with their actions of the present can be preparing for some sorts of failure. If mom & dad train their kids to be as they are how with their kids develop to be adults which are more than kids as they are?

Home Work Rhapsodie’s Words Shares:

Exterior Work my Comments at Home Advisor

Business Continuation Steps… PLUS

#30- Growing PAIN Problems

More here continuing from #29- OUR Responsibilities! MY medical file, which I didn’t make, could have eliminated that mistreatment, with my files of prescriptions showing every drug I ever got as well as the hospitals & doctors I used.

Why Problems Have Grown

While some places like those that treat for Physical Therapy work to make sure that the pain a patient feels is more accurately assessed by the details they request in the questionnaires they share with the patients.  There have been multiple the times when I’ve gone to a doctor’s office and they have not even done what a physical therapist does NO MORE than what they always do.  This could be related to:

  • Doctors’ FEARS OF LAWSUITS as shared previously-
    • Likely because of their fear of being hassled by patients who could sue them with sexual molestation, a legal matter, for the doctor touching the patient.
  • The TIME FOR PATIENT CARE HAVING DIMINISHED with the National Healthcare Laws and Regulations for doctors-
    • Causing more reliance on technical reports INSTEAD OF getting or viewing visuals or blood tests with numerical comparisons for more accurate assessments.
    • Even though the doctor should do further investigation beyond sending the patient to get an X-ray or other test done by a technician that has no idea where the problem really is AND has no time to make an accurate assessment unless the doctor or patient shares more than basic details it is likely the issue has not been brought to their attention.
      • These are problems leading to doctors making mistakes in assessing my pain.
      • As the previous record of Rhapsodie’s Visual Detailing Pain & Variations demonstrates in accord with my lower LEFT arm, as well as my information of relational pain in accord with a bloody urinary tract infection and my left shoulder rotator cuff situations.

But why aren’t doctors doing more to make more accurate assessments?

As a patient I did not keep a record for the doctors to view, I did not take the time to prepare so that the doctors had a real reason to care.  A person seeking a new car often does more work before shopping than I did in going to the doctor’s.  We have to do more or we could suffer for not taking care.

While I have been treated for diabetes melytus since the age of 5, but for the last 20 years my sugars with the Minimed Insulin Pump and my personal diet and sugar care have kept my Hemoglobin A1C levels in a range that a normal person has.  This means I do not have eye, limb, nerve, or kidney problems.  Consistent visits with my Diabetic Care & Resource Center has also assisted me in getting ideas that have assisted me in living without more diabetic problems.

I’m sorry, we are all unique aren’t we, so why should we expect the doctors to be able to make accurate estimates when there is a big, PAIN, gap in their association requests?

Just because our medical system makes a recommendation to do something in making an assessment it does not mean that it is being done correctly either so we all have to make sure we are taking the time effort and energy to make sure our care is appropriate in getting to the issue or we could suffer huge from inaccurate assessments.  Even more than taking the time to get the accurate assessments.

Even spending more time than it may take to get the accurate assessments. OH yes, and please remember that if you get older than college age, and are younger than retired the doctors will do more than is necessary to care for you.  SO you have to pay, pay, pay, and pay to get anything done before you die from their inaccurate ASSessments. I’d take my care to a garage and a problem would be mentioned that they say is going to cost me a certain amount, I’d go and do research.  I’d contact other garages to see if I get the same or a similar estimate without telling them about the other garage visit.

Garage mechanics would likely be insulted if you brought them a report from another garage UNLESS it was a home garage or something, but our doctors suffer under the ‘government’ and the information they get controls all of their patients.  SO

  • research your doctors,
  • avoid any with ratings below 4 stars, and
  • try to get to them before they have a single falsified report shared from a previous doctor.  AND
  • make sure to get copies of all the reports, these are simplified info sheets not saying anything, but it’s better than nothing because at least it testifies to you having ‘gone to the doctor.’

But because you aren’t allowed to have your own files make sure to get those WITH EVERY SINGLE VISIT TO THE DOCTORS and ADD YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS, DENTAL VISITS, and ANY of your own NATURAL TREATMENTS.

THE END! For Now!

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

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#29- OUR Responsibilities!

More here continuing from #28- More ACCURATE ASSESSMENTS with Good Reporting, Filing, & Reviewing  … Our Responsibilities… So all of the work of our healthcare has been handed to strangers, doctors, technicians, nurses, pharmacists, and the government BUT we all have responsibilities for our selves, BUT do we take care of our responsibilities for our selves and our families?

Unhealthy Patient Diets Can Add to Pain Problems

Unhealthy diets can cause us to have deficiencies in our systems that significantly add to problems with our growing bones.

Yes, I said growing.  is a site that is very informative about bone growths. Including information corresponding to bone density is a massing of bone cells in smaller amounts of space, my dense bones for many years suffered almost no pain. Injuries which have caused my bones to repeatedly work to fix themselves, could be causes for why I now know a lot more about weather pain, but my self treatment seems to keep the pain from being too bad presently… it is not only a continually good diet, but it also is ginger which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Diets of

  • white flower foods, (with the flour a sugared starch with NO value other than it is not sugar),
  • high sugar (cane sugar is often bleached, and strained so that all we get are the sweet remainders left behind from the health of the cane),
  • highly processed foods with the added chemicals that can break the natural body, and
  • lots of physical inactivity also can add to the problems grown for us as a people.

Many of us begin trying to live healthy after we have lived in fun for many years. But how many of us are suffering from our fun, with possibly injuries or problems that add cause to our reasons for suffering pain?

Blah, blah, blah… yes I talk too much, sorry. But you may also find that the use of nature can enhance your health. For me the old Dr. Jarvis treatment of unpasteurized cider vinegar and local honey has resulted in me avoiding the medicines for Acid Re-flux, Allergies, and possibly arthritis also. The previous Bone Density link shares information about how chemicals treating Thyroid conditions actually do not add value to bone building in the body.

All of our natural care for ourselves is another addition to the information we should share with our doctors.  They also may be ignorant of us because they skin a small sheet of information about us.  And the longer we have been treated the more fiddling files there are about us for our doctors to review.

So we should

So we all should have

  • a list of our medications, even the natural ones we use instead,
  • a list of all our self treatments & when,
  • a list of all the doctors we have visited & when,
    • a list of the doctor associated hospitals also,
  • diagnoses they have made,
    • medications they have prescribed for what,
    • tests they have done, for what, and when those were done, AND
  • other information.

This way we keep a medical record for our lives and for a reference to use in sharing with others.

The value of our own records

For us the value is a binder of work we’ve done for ourselves.  AND this assists us when we seek out new doctors, did they get reports from all your doctors about all your medications or were there missing files that they need to have?

And you know why this is my recommendation?

It’s because I’m not anyone but me, there is no guide in their files designating me for them.  The sense of this is because a lot of doctors I’ve visited recently tend to generalize me with all other diabetics they have treated, but I am me not them. So generally there is at least 2 minutes of every 10 minute visit with a doctor telling them to check my A1C records, to do the research, that I am healthy.  And there are still doctors that do not look beyond their past knowledge of other people before they start estimating me and the pain I have been living with.

While my:

  • records of my lower caloric intake have been ignored?
    • With the body situations of having eaten very little for over 3 years that could be effecting my bones, joints, organs, and other body areas too.
  • records of balanced food consumption have been ignored?
    • With my work to eat balanced amounts of food diminished by no hunger.
  • comments about skin, hair, body, and other problems have been put to the side because only one issue at a time can be taken into account.
      • What idiocy, how can you know any issue if you don’t take the time, effort, and energy to make a real determination of the issue?
    • My words aren’t heard!

AND I’ve used the internet for RESEARCH also

Research for me includes having looked at

  • Osteomylitus, [NO TESTS done for this yet]
  • Respiratory Alkalosis, [NO TESTS done for this yet]
  • Diabetes Insipidus, [NO TESTS done for this yet]
  • Microscopic Waterborne Parasites/ Organisms, [1 TEST done for this INCORRECTLY] and
  • Hyponatremia water–electrolyte imbalances, [NO TESTS done for this yet]

which ALL fit me somewhat.  The Respiratory Alkalosis was proven not to be asthma AND Diabetes Insipidus have bone weakness associations; the Osteomylitus may have been acquired with walking around barefoot and having a nasty prickly bite me the inflammation in my right calf started about 2 months after that.  There has been no other work by doctors, beyond believing the lies of technician’s who were too overworked in reports, reading of information, and going through so many files.

AND because I don’t want to insult them with asking for tests for these, because the microscopic parasite test I asked for was a work done by so many to find the test.  BUT the LAB SHOULD HAVE SAID “Go to the hospital, we can’t do that here LIED!” And this lie has made my whole family get infected also, I lost my Walmart job because of the disease, BUT my family sacrificed so I could go to college.

Then I fractured my right calf and have had more falls, likely increased in intensity because the parasite has altered my whole system.  AND because of the lies added to my files which have caused doctors to think I’m a ‘drug addict’ instead of them treating me like I’m trying to get healthy again. MY medical file, which I didn’t make, could have eliminated that mistreatment, with my files of prescriptions showing every drug I ever got as well as the hospitals & doctors I used…

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Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

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#28- More ACCURATE ASSESSMENTS with Good Reporting, Filing, & Reviewing

More here continuing from #27- Good COMMUNICATION a NecessityBUT everything with these tests depends on the technologists and the lab technician’s accurately reporting AND the doctors & their medical teams accurately gathering and filing reports AND reviewing them accurately also.

Better Medical Technical Assessments

There are multiple areas for getting technical assessments medically.

  • Blood Tests,
  • Picture Assessments,
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) assessments, and

these are only a few of the areas where more work is needed to make assessments correctly.  In some cases the assessments are just wrong because they do not have the detail needed to be accurate.

A BMI takes a government assessment of weight corresponding to the body and uses that to suppose if you are healthy or not.  But did you know that BMI is only using your weight and height for making the assessment of your health?  But Farmer John who is out in the garden 8 hours per day with a weight of 200 at a height of 72 inches (6 feet) of height could be way healthier than Everette Pike at a height of 72 inches (6 feet) of height with a weight of 190 could be a lot unhealthier.  The BMI doesn’t differentiate based on accurate assessments, it is only used for generalized measures based on generalized estimates of the public.

Body Composition tests which measure the water mass, bone + organ mass, fat mass, and muscle mass can result in much more accurate health assessments.  If Farmer John has– 28% muscle & 48% water & 18% bone + organ mass then the fat levels for him are at a 6% level, meaning he is very, very healthy.  But the so called healthier Everette Pike according to the BMI estimates could be a person who doesn’t do much more than sit in front of the computer and work.  With the exact same heights these men are inaccurately assessed when BMI is the only factor of health assessment.  Because weight is the only subset in differentiating and making the estimate of health.


Yes the doctors do try to determine how much a person exercises, but do they ever ask about the chores you are doing outside of walking?

Everette Pike in the body composition test results in 12% muscle & 32% water & 20% bone + organ mass then the fat levels for him are at a 36% level, meaning he is very unhealthy.  Because of his youth and the loose clothes he wears the BMI assessments show him at a healthier level than farmer John.  But he is less hydrated, has a way higher fat on body amount, and is not burning the food with the muscle either.  His results from the body composition test could help doctors advise him to exercise more and could assist him in resisting heart diseases and organ problems also.

And these were only examples, what if a woman had a body composition test done that showed 12% muscle & 68% water & 16% bone + organ mass then the fat levels for her would be at a 4% level, meaning she is oddly out of proportion for being alive.  And it could cause doctors to make more accurate assessments of problems she is sharing with them.

Reducing the Doctor’s Fear of LEGAL Hassles

Oh yes I have complaints about the technical assessments done, because there are no variances in the assessments from the hospitals who I’m planning on suing for malpractice, liability, and long term disability resulting from lack of good care.

  • THEY have misdiagnosis part of my permanent file,
  • they have made technical ASSessments THAT WERE WRONG,
  • they have made me suffer lies about drug abuse,
  • they have let my family think that the doctors who believed the falsified reports are accurate in their diagnosis and
  • that I am a hypochondriac because the ONLY estimates they look at are the ones that SIMPLE TO SEE.

Which may mean I’ll need to wait until I’m dead, and my family sues, or I’m treated because they have misfiled and inaccurately billed my insurance and me among other things. But I can sue them for liability, because of lack of proper actions and miscommunication, this will vary because of the law changes, but it’s useful because I can act without dying or getting the accurate diagnoses which I can’t pay for now.


Our Responsibilities

So all of the work of our healthcare has been handed to strangers, doctors, technicians, nurses, pharmacists, and the government BUT we all have responsibilities for our selves, BUT do we take care of our responsibilities for our selves and our families?

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Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

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#27- Good COMMUNICATION a Necessity

More here continuing from  #26- Your healthcare is YOUR HEALTHCARE!BUT those tests are only good if the technician making the report doesn’t rewrite what the X-ray report really showed or they didn’t stuff in what a doctor wrote previously.

In continuing from the previous page we see how the tests and lab work is done as part of the doctor’s work.  If the assessments and actions with the tests are done well then the problems can grow. Beyond that there needs to be great communication between the doctors and the lab people and the technicians. For instance how can the doctor know that there’s a bone biopsy needle for a small suction bit that can give good results with less painful costs unless there is that communication?

How will the MRI person make a report accurately when there were two broken limbs, but the doctor didn’t tell them of that? Even if the patient says something and the technician doesn’t see a notification in the doctor’s report then the MRI is a waste of time and money for everyone.  Look at the other tests here with Osteomyelitis (Bone Infection) from, by John P. Cunha.

  • Osteomyelitis is an infection of bone.
  • A delay in diagnosis or treatment of osteomyelitis can lead to permanent deficits

There are several different ways to develop the bone infection of osteomyelitis. The first is for bacteria to travel through the bloodstream (bacteremia) and spread to the bone, causing an infection. This most often occurs when the patient has an infection elsewhere in the body, such as pneumonia, an abscessed tooth, or a urinary tract infection that spreads through the blood to the bone…In adults, the symptoms often develop more gradually and include

  • fever, [Yes for Rhapsodie!]
  • chills, [Yes for Rhapsodie!]
  • irritability, [Yes for Rhapsodie!]
  • swelling OR redness over the affected bone[s], [Yes for Rhapsodie!]
  • stiffness, [Yes for Rhapsodie!] and
  • nausea. [Yes for Rhapsodie!]…

The diagnosis of osteomyelitis begins with a complete medical history and physical examination. During the medical history,

  • the doctor may ask questions about recent infections elsewhere in the body, [DONE but doctors will only hear of 1 or 2 not more.]
  • past medical history, [Yes for Rhapsodie!]
  • medication usage, [Yes for Rhapsodie!] and
  • family medical history. [In Rhapsodie’s medical file]

The physical examination will look for areas of

  • tenderness, [Yes for Rhapsodie!]
  • redness, [Yes for Rhapsodie!]
  • swelling, [Yes for Rhapsodie!]
  • decreased or painful range of motion, [Yes for Rhapsodie!] and
  • open sores. [NO for Rhapsodie!]

The doctor may then order tests to help diagnose osteomyelitis.

None of these is specific for osteomyelitis but they can suggest that there MAY BE SOME INFECTION in the body. [NEVER DONE FOR RHAPSODIE] …After an area of bone is identified with possible osteomyelitis, a biopsy of the bone may be obtained to help determine precisely which bacteria are involved, and the culture of this can indicate the best choice for antibiotic treatment.

The information is very good in comparison with the other, but it also added the detail that the bone scans done COULD show osteomyelitis not that they would.  The only way to do that is to get an accurate diagnosis is to do a biopsy of the bone. And that sounds horribly painful, if bone core is exposed that can be easier, but not if it’s buried. Bone skin and bone does feel pain, the outer area between the skin and the core may not feel as much because the nerves are centered near moving blood not ‘callused’ bone formations but I know every time a splice grows from a fracture.

BUT everything with these tests depends on the technologists and the lab technician’s accurately reporting AND the doctors & their medical teams accurately gathering and filing reports AND reviewing them accurately also…

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Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

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