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WHOOPS DISEASE- 7b6. Problems with Diabetes & ABNORMAL Sugars in Life

For insulin dependent diabetics the problems during WHOOPS DISEASE include abnormal sugar results & body actions that impact uses of insulin & diet actions.

As well as sugar issues that have abnormal results based on normal actions.

The normal life of waking and sleeping, eating and drinking, washing and more are all part of what an individual prepares and organizes into insulin uses with diabetes. For more than 40 years I’ve lived with the disease and for over 25 years have had the insulin pumps, and for over 15 years have functioned with sugar variation patterns on my insulin pumps. BUT additional weird issues and sugar situations with the Whoops Disease make it a lot harder to live normally.


Previous to Whoops Disease there were NO sugar change issues with taking a bath. Yes I had to take care that my sugars were at correct levels with bathing, but nothing else. BUT over the last 10 years I’ve had variations of sugar changes with bathing & even showering AT TIMES. It’s likely because this disease is water related that the sugar variations happen with bathing and showering.

The body processes water as well as more, which means that when sugars are portioned into the body that variations in water amounts, like with Whoops can also shift sugar amounts because of the type of the disease and how water processing influences everything else. With bathing I’ve had sugar drops, so much so that in 3 cases I disconnected my insulin pump, for a 4 hour period while in the bath and only plugged it back in 3 hours later. That’s not normal at all.

And there’s the times where I take a shower for 20 minutes OR so starting with normal sugar levels, insulin disconnected, and get out of the shower with my sugar dropping low. This could be assigned to eating before showering, but this is not the case. So take care if you’re insulin dependent, bathing, showering, swimming, and other water activities with Whoops could cause dangers that are unexpected.


This is a more recent issue, having continued since about June and it’s getting worse all the time. It started doing this like every once every 3 days, but it graduated to once every 2 days, and now it’s doing it every day. I wake up, check my sugar normally, and go about the day. BUT if I consume milk, nutrition drinks with protein, or even eat protein my sugar goes up at least 80 beyond the amount of any carb in milk AND these issues last up to 3 hours beyond waking.

Today was an example:

  • A sugar check 3 hours before waking had my sugar at 116, it was fine and nothing was eaten until I woke.
  • After waking
    • First I had my initial mug of tea with about 1/3 of a cup of whole milk, which is normally equal to 5 carbs, but with it heated it’s generally a carb value of 2.5.
    • Then I had my 2nd mug of tea prepared the same way as the first mug.
    • While drinking the tea I had some venison sausage.
  • I just checked my sugar, the results were 205, that’s 5.40 units of insulin worth of a high.
    • I know it’s not the basal, the basal changes were tried previously with the post waking times and I had issues with lows on the next days because the basals were correct enough.
    • The milk carb total consumed was only an active 5 carbs. That equals 1 unit of correction insulin that could have been needed.
  • This means that 5.4 given minus the 1 means my sugar went up over 90 points with nothing but protein and dairy in my system to raise the sugars.
    • And for the next 2 to 3 hours any protein OR dairy I get will keep my sugar high.

This issues happens right after waking for the 2 to 3 hour time period…AS WELL AS when I’m doing stuff.

Sleeping & Activity

Normally with diabetes the basal, base, insulin rates are set higher for sleeping than for being awake. There are issues with that if you have a sit down at the computer job, because you’re not relaxed, but your body isn’t exercising, so it’s like watching a film OR television, your sugar basal levels are generally as high OR even higher than they are with sleeping.

BUT normally doing stuff helps your body utilize more carbs and allows your sugar levels to be lower.

BUT NOT WITH WHOOPS at these later stages!

For any activity my sugar levels are higher than normal, it’s odd because instead of lowering my basal temporarily, I have to raise it temporarily to keep my sugars level. I didn’t do that today, while it wasn’t a lot of activity, my sugar didn’t go down instead it went up tremendously, as shared above.

Last night I spent 3 hours preparing food and my sugar levels went up during the process of making. So instead of exercise and activity reducing insulin needs, it actually causes a rise in insulin needed for those time frames. This amount will vary by individuals. AND as is discussed in other articles about water weight and diabetes issues in 10 posts by me there are sensor use issues that make utilizing the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) mostly useless with Whoops Disease. Which means you need to manually be keeping check of the sugars, the results, the insulin, uses and lots more. And I fail with this repeatedly.


Please note that types of food as well as type of food making processes vary the values of the food as well as the use measures for people. Parts of this is discussed in the 7a. post under the Hemorrhoid Issues heading because of discussing fiber foods & food values with processes.

PROTEINS causing need for insulin at least in the first 2 to 3 waking hours.

VEGETABLES like corn, maybe also lima beans, and other carb veggies not having the insulin need that they used to.

  • cooked potatoes=1.25 amount of carb now
  • cooked corn=0.5 amount of carb now
  • cooked black beans= 0.75 amount of carb now
  • cooked chili beans= 0.75 amount of carb now
  • cooked garbanzo beans= 1.25 amount of carb now
  • raw carrots= 0.25 amount of carb now
  • summer squash= 0 amount of carb and still is for me
  • zucchini= 0 amount of carb and still is for me
  • leaf greens= 0 carb, but always are no carb
  • peas= ?
  • winter squash= ?
  • lima beans= ?
  • Others= ?

Generally the starchiness in vegetables is less when they are not cooked while the fiber contents can be higher, the nutrition is also varied. So for raw squash, tomatoes, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, garlic, corn, green type beans, and others I don’t take any insulin anyway…BUT the oddity of not taking insulin with carrots is weird.

FRUITS also have had varied insulin issues for me. There are always variations based on the ripeness/starchiness of the fruits as well as the sizes. This means that all fresh fruits always have insulin variations, BUT generally the canned fruits are ‘the same’ in accord with the carbs listed on the cans. But I’ve noted some variations with these also, but I do not take as many fruits as I do vegetables.

For the listings here I’m adding the info from the newer Calorie King book, which is not the newest, in my home PLUS I”m doing the math to show the size aspects with the fruits I normally get, because the insulin uses are based on me consuming those.

  • Avocados– Hass variety (Mexican)- Half cup, 2.5 oz= 6 carbs, BUT I need to take 1.5 times the amount, 9 carbs worth, because of the high protein content in this fruit.
  • Bananas
    • Green– 7″, 5oz. so 10 carbs normally, but with Whoops only 5 carbs are needed.
    • Good Yellow– 7″, 5oz. so 15 carbs normally, but with Whoops only 7 or 8 carbs are needed.
    • Brownish Yellow– 7″, 5oz. so 20 carbs normally, but with Whoops only 10 carbs are needed.
  • Apples
    • These vary but for 2 to 4 ounces I take 0 insulin, for a larger one I only take up to 8 carbs, depending on how sweet they are.
  • Grapes
    • cut insulin by 50%
  • Blueberries
    • cut insulin by 75%
  • Watermelon
    • cut insulin by 25%
  • Cherries
    • cut insulin by 75%
  • Strawberries
    • cut insulin by 50%
  • Others
    • Like the info above demonstrates the darker the color of the fruit the more cutting with Whoops Disease. BUT also, like with the bananas the less ripe the fruit is the more cutting that should be done normally.

So the fruit variations in carbs can cause low sugars with Whoops, but beyond Whoops the normal uses of insulin should return if an individual remains an insulin dependent diabetic.

Basal Changes

Normally in life there are basal patterns that can be mostly predicted based on lifestyles and patterns of daily living during those days of styles. BUT with Whoops my lifestyle has been consistent for most times of the year. The only variation was last spring, summer, and fall with the gardening.

Normal Basal Insulin Versus Whoops Insulin Basal Variations

BUT this means that in comparison there are issues in life because of the abnormality and amount of insulin changes that are so abnormal with Whoops. So let’s compare this last year for Rhapsodie and the normal variations in Basal for her with the Whoops Disease Basal Issues:

Normal Basal Pattern with Life Type

Were going to start with the spring gardening pattern, to the summer gardening pattern, the fall gardening pattern, the winter holiday pattern, then the later winter previous to spring patterns that are normal.

  • Work Basals
    • Early work day, to evening day work pattern
      • Basals are set with working times being lower than sleeping times, varying body functions, activities, and eating.
    • Late day start to mid morning work pattern
      • Basals are set with working times being lower than sleeping times, varying body functions, activities, and eating.
    • Early morning to mid night extra long work pattern
      • Basals are set with working times being lower than sleeping times, varying body functions, activities, and eating.
    • [Without gardening the work patterns also have the ‘weekend’ days/ non work days to calculate depending on the work schedules and their time frames. BUT  not with gardening…that work continues for months with variations because of work and growth cycles and works with the growth cycles. This pattern ends with a couple months of winter break, but with greenhouse work starting in February/March… it means the winter break from November into January is only a short time.]
  • Mid menstrual, ovulation, cycle, 24 hours of basals going up 15%.
  • Premenstrual into menstrual cycle pattern, up to 3 days with basals graduating
    • up 0.5 the 3rd day before,
    • 1.0 the 2nd day before,
    • 1.5 the day before, and
  • Menstrual cycle, 5 days total,
    • staying high through the period, then
  • Post menstrual
    • 1.0 basal drop for 24 hours the day after.
  • Normal
    • Sugar cycles back to normal patterns.

These pattern amounts allow a person on an insulin pump who has the normal cycles to setup up patterns with variations that are more normal and consistent for life. BUT that’s not the same with Whoops.

Whoops Disease Basal Pattern Issues with Life Types

Whoops disease basal patterns are so inconsistent, I barely get 2 days of the same basals, then I have to adjust things for many days, then get 1 or 2 days of no adjusting and then am back to rearranging my basals all over again. There have been so many patterns that I only at times have made records… copies are shared in multiple posts:

The information on the spreadsheet clips, shared on those posts was begun with a basal sheet setup that I have varied things for at least 182 days between 1 and 12 times a day this is ridiculous. At times because of using the Paradigm to allow me better control of my insulin without the innaccurate submariners fiddling with my basals and boluses on the 670g, I have just kept the pump in a single state and have made adjustments repeatedly. So using Excel have setup a listing that allows me to vary the ups and downs on page, then I can have that record as well as a copy that’s not erased for change uses.

This means that for 2020 I only have listings of variations for

  • 2020- March 4 days of Morning & Evening changes- that’s 8 sets with the 4 days of listed complete changes in basal list records.
  • 2020- April
    • 1 day of Morning & Evening changes- that’s 2 sets with the 1 day doing double records,
    • only 16 other days of multiple sets of changes recorded in basal list records
    • total of 17 days of recorded changes during April
  • 2020- May
    • total of 19 days of recorded changes during May
  • 2020- June
    • total of 1 day of recorded changes during June
      • Gardening and sleeping was most of my summer life.
  • 2020- July
    • total of 3 days of recorded changes during July
  • 2020- August
    • total of 0 days of recorded changes during August…too busy in real life to make recordings updates, but the variations were continuing…May is just an example of my life over the last years.
  • 2020- September
    • total of 2 days of recorded changes during September.

Instead of making up a brand new record now, I only do so when I have an issue with losing the records in the pump OR think of making an update from the Paradigm. While I was able to load the 670g I was doing the info records at least once a month, so I could copy the numbers onto the basal of that pump for the official records. BUT I’ve not been able to download the new setup from Minimed, and still can’t.

To Be Finished Soon!

And my poor little sensor with my 670g insulin pump is having trouble keeping up with my sugars which earlier tonight reading low, BUT my sugar tested 98% lower than the sensor readings with a count of 51 when the blood test is at 39. This means doing an all around basal lowerings all over again…yeehah more fun.  Because of body issues as well as Whoops there are many occasions where spending time on the computer adding info is too much for me to do, sorry…this also means there will be no improvement in my blogging style pertaining to frequency. But I’ll continue trying to share useful info for some of us.

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Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

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WHOOPS DISEASE 7a2- About How SOME Symptoms Mimic Other Diseases & Issues

There are many different possibilities for issues with Whoops disease that can be misdiagnosed as well as assumed inaccurately because of the general ignorance about Whoops. As these posts have shown there are many cases that with self-care the issues can be reduced OR even eliminated enough to not require any medical attention. BUT doctors who don’t know about Whoops it can be that they misdiagnose and have patient treated inaccurately for issues that really either don’t exist OR exist only on a temporary basis.

Some of these issues & diseases can be diagnosed because of Whoops:

Care is needed in some of these cases because treatments that allow Whoops to get worse could cause additional Whoops healthcare problems and health conditions that cause problems.


  • The trouble with the Whoops is that the microscopic organisms in the lungs make it harder to breathe. The inhalers that open up the lungs allow these organisms more play ground to make it even more difficult to breathe with less chance of breathing easier every single time an inhaler is used.
    • One of my doctors prescribed inhalers for me, because nothing was improving after months on the devices she prescribed another ‘medical’ inhaler. It was burning my throat. A visit to the ER had that doctor taking me off all inhalers accept the albuterol. I have only used that once since, because a visit to a lung specialist with an expensive test on a huge machine resulted in “You have no asthma”. So because of the chamomile tea, ginger, black licorice root at times, and licorice tea helping me, I’ve not even tried to use an inhaler at other times even though my breathing is really hard in the moist spring, summer, and fall air.


  • The lung issues from the organisms also mean that lung infection possibilities are greater, so more care with health is a necessity. These organisms aren’t going to be killed by antibiotics, your healthy bacteria will be killed and you’ll suffer more issues.


  • Dryer skin is almost a guarantee with this disease, the less moisture you consume, the dryer your body is, the less baths you take, the more likely you’ll suffer symptoms more like Eczema.

Acid Reflux-

  • You MAY suffer this even if you never have previously, my mom and I both have this issue now since Whoops.


  • You MAY suffer this even if you never have previously, there is a need to treat this with the Whoops, BUT it could be immediately OR within a few hours after treatment that the diabetes gained from Whoops goes away.

Sleep Apnea-

  • This seems to be worse for males & it also seems to be horrid for those that don’t take, at least 15 minute, baths once a week.


  • “The signs and symptoms of narcolepsy may worsen for the first few years and then continue for life. They include: 1. Excessive daytime sleepiness. People with narcolepsy fall asleep without warning, anywhere, anytime…” ( ) BUT I’ve found with Whoops though I’m extremely tired so much of the time, I only nod off when I let myself. Like in the bath OR leaning a backrest. My fractures are also reasons for lack of energy.

High Cholesterol-

  • I’ve had my cholesterol up at around 138-142LDL, which is an issue…BUT since I’ve been starving myself, my body is working to protect my organs. I think the cholesterol is likely protecting my organs from being choked to death by the masses of water in the body. AND for Whoops Disease treatment with the electric shock hitting the organs, the bioelectrical impedance with the extra LDL cholesterol fat around the center of my body may actually assist the organs in being more protected against the electrical shock then if those organs were just surrounded by water like my skin layer and rest of the body is.

This also means those body areas are likely to assist in better recovery because of the electrical charge ‘dissipating’ versus spreading with water. The recovery should be a bit faster, because my body isn’t overloaded with electric hitting my core, like it would be if my cholesterol was in normal ranges. Some more about this is added in the blog post about body composition tests.

High Blood Pressure-

  • If you already have high blood pressure that’s likely to be an issue after treatment again if it’s not with the disease. BUT every single individual in my Whoops Diseased family has had an issue with high blood pressure, BUT every single one of us has no issue now. So with Whoops Disease this was only temporary as an issue for all of us.


  • My mom and I have been diagnosed with thyroid issues. I’ve been getting the pills for over 10 years now, but the white ones of any brand eat my throat, so I always need the pink ones. AND they make me super sleepy all the time. Dosage wise the amounts are really small, less for my mom than for me, and the amounts once reaching 125mg was too much for me, 112mg has been better, but not more has ever been needed. That’s after going almost a year with none, which is abnormal, because doctors say, “amounts go up regularly” and doctors predict, “you’ll need this for the rest of your life.” If this was because of the Whoops it’s unlikely that it will be needed for life and it’s unlikely that the rates will ever go up through the disease.

Shakes that are NOT Parkinson’s Disease

Assumed as Parkinson’s by Whoops Ignorant People- [No pictures are in these pages yet, they are prepared and they are placed in the document this information was copied from, but they still need to be added to the media files and these pages…sorry.]

BUT it’s Not Likely to be Parkinson’s even though some similarity with tremors, for the majority of Whoops people. The shakes aren’t that dramatic OR even noticeable when hands aren’t empty, and they have no impact on holding things, not like with real issues.

  • This shaking only happens when nothing is being held or touched by that hand. So writing, drawing, sewing, cleaning, eating, and typing is not bothered by the soft shakes.  For some people they may think you have Parkinson’s Disease because of this shaking- the article 10 Signs of Parkinson’s Disease, from June 12, 2019 with very descriptive images also tells us a list of Parkinson Disease signs which ‘non-Rhapsodie people could assume she has, because they don’t live in her body.”
  • “…The loss of these neurons causes essential neurotransmitter levels to decrease, particularly the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine [it’s likely blood tests can show dopamine levels, but it’s possible that like sugar levels the normal amount needs to be correct for the individual’s height, weight, bone mass, and life style]. This, in turn, leads to abnormal brain activity that affects one’s control of muscle movement. Older individuals are the most common group diagnosed with Parkinson’s.
  • If you’re an individual like me some of your relatives may even assume that your symptoms are other diseases. AND in some cases the options you have for showing that it’s something else like Whoops Disease are really limited, especially when doctors don’t even know about issues and aspects of care for a disease like Whoops which is man made. In addition family & doctors may hear of OR believe that you are suffering diseases, BUT taking the time to research the disease can help you assess the accuracy of what is being diagnosed. AND because you live in your body 24 hours a day ever since you were born, you’re more likely able to better know your body in many aspects than assumers who aren’t you.

Parkinson’s Disease Versus Whoops Disease

My father was concerned that I was suffering Parkinson’s Disease, but my research & the evidence I’ve prepared show that’s not the case. Parkinson’s has some other issues that are, at times, similar to the issues with Whoops Disease, BUT the disease aren’t the same. I’ve listed a set of Parkinson’s symptoms below with my comments and at time images about my issues added.

1. [Resting] Tremors-

[With Parkinsons]…usually, this begins with the trembling or shaking of one finger. Sometimes the hand or foot on one side of the body experiences tremors or, in rare cases, the face or jaw. The tremors usually begin when the affected body part is relaxed, which is why they are called “resting tremors.” Not all tremors are symptomatic of Parkinson’s, however.

[This is why looking at more than one sign is vital for trying to determine any issues being suffered. I’ve had only some slight tremors in my right hand, and also everyone I’ve heard of suffering this disease has this issue after they get into the last third of the disease. Plus recently my trembling has been mostly after being too tired, when I go to bed I start trembling. My hands had ‘the shakes’ for about 6 months, so you may only have issues for a time also.]

2. Muscle Rigidity

“However, those with Parkinson’s experience stiff muscle tone. This means the muscles of an affected body part do not relax completely even at rest…[I am suffering injuries, but my muscles are remaining flexible, can be rubbed, and work without rigidness when not being overworked. They relax fully when I sleep as long as I don’t move and hurt myself awake, in fact I relax so much that my arm goes asleep and numbs, which means I have to awaken it because it feels dead, that’s not a rigid muscle, that’s a blood flow pressure issue.

  • Muscle rigidity can be felt with rubbing and soothing of body parts, it sort of feels like how muscles do after extreme exertion OR how feet sometimes feel after getting out of high heeled shoes. You know how when you feel a hard muscle because it’s been overused OR suffer stiff feet from bad shoes OR moves.]

3. Slowed Movement

With Parkinson’s– “Also known as bradykinesia, slowness of movement [with] Parkinson’s disease … causes people to perform ordinary activities, such as walking, moving, or changing clothes, more slowly than normal…” [Imagine trying to walk or move with air pressure casts on areas of your body. It’s harder to move and thus people perform slower to allow them to complete their actions with moving. AND this is generally for all movements, not just specific types of movements.

  • For me I move slowly because certain lifting of items, moving of items, walking moves, standing moves cause fresh pains to shoot out. Putting spoons back in the silverware drawer one day had me screaming out in pain because of an unexpected shooting pain, 3 days ago changing the bedding caused my left lower leg to shoot out pains at me 3 times because of the movement… which I’ve avoided since. But other actions like cooking take a lot of effort and energy, plus because of limited activity muscles aren’t as supportive as they used to be in protecting my bones from moving issues.

This has grown worse over time because my injuries have remained uncared for, and the only prescribed drug that really reduces my pain is an antibiotic. This means I am cautious because the pain is not good nor do I think the doctors will ever treat the problems because they haven’t as yet.

  • I had a painkiller, a steroid drug; and only took 2 doses of the 7 because of the Penicillin in the drug which I’m allergic to causing rashes & itchiness. That drug relieved me of pain for almost 7 days, and cautiously I did enjoyed activities like walking up to the pond once, cleaning the house, doing dishes, cooking dinner, but after that ‘pain killer’ dissolved out of my system I had 2 months unable to move normally OR do almost anything because of further injuring my body additionally while the drug was in my system…now I take other natural treatments. Other issues with doctors are also blogged about if you’re interested.
4. Change in Posture

Postural instability is common among people with Parkinson’s and usually appears in the LATER stages of the disease…may be unable to maintain balance in general … Turning, pivoting, and standing upright also become difficult.” [This makes sense because with the muscles ‘going rigid’ the other parts of the body working under and around the muscles have less use AND less repair advancement. It’s sort of the like body is atrophying while the individual is not resting on a bed OR dead.

Rhapsodie’s posture is still very good, her movement hindrances are because of the pain from ripping bones AND the rheumatoid arthritis resulting from the lack of bone care over the years. Her balance is still good, but she works really hard in moving to not hurt, so others could think she has posture issues.]

5. Weakened Facial and Throat Muscles

  • “…The face tends to have a fixed, vacant expression called the “Parkinson’s mask.” Loss of facial muscle movement restricts facial expressions, including smiling, frowning, and laughing.
    • [The image on the website reminds me of individual’s I’ve seen with Downs Syndrome.
    • Rhapsodie has no facial problems other than the blinking of her eye, which isn’t happening anymore. She doesn’t smile as often being a companion with the T.V. & her reading/ writing most days without any discussions with other people.]
  • Similarly, weakened throat muscles cause the individual’s speech to become low-toned, unclear, and sometimes slurred.
    • [Rhapsodie’s indistinct speech happens because of limited interaction with other people, which has meant lazy talking styles.
    • Her sore throat is strong, just sore all the time.
      • Muscles in use get sorer than muscles that aren’t being used.
      • Unused muscles get itchy feeling because they need movement to keep the bloodflow to be feeling good. That’s why individuals wearing casts have itchiness, the skin issues are only a part of that factor, then there are the issues with limited blood flow in areas of the muscles that are familiar with those actions.]
    • Choking, coughing, and drooling may develop at advanced stages.
      • [Rhapsodie has had coughing with the sneezing & sleep drooling because of the masses of water in her body. The coughing began early in the disease, the sneezing within the first 2 years; the drooling was a situation of the previous 2 years, with NOTHING of the drooling now. Additionally she knows this is not Parkinson’s because
        • Coughs leave a dried glittery white mass on any darker materials. It’s such a mess that it looks like glittering shimmer makeup but coughed OR sneezed onto nearby stuff.
        • The sneezes cause the same issues; these are the disease remains that die as they dry. BUT look like glitter glaze used on nails and come from the wet releases.
      • Dry lungs really reduce this hassle, the more moist the air is the more coughs & sneezes that are released. The WHOOPS DISEASE nano microorganisms are waterborne, meaning they need water to live and reproduce. Have a super dry house, with less than 20% humidity 3/4ths of the year mean Rhapsodie continues to fight them choking her to death.]

6. Freezing Gait

“…People with Parkinson’s sometimes hesitate to move forward and report feeling as if their feet are glued to the ground…” [This sounds like something with the muscle atrophying is swelling OR causing nerves in those areas to not feel enough to move. It sounds like they are not feeling ‘some’ of their foot areas as much. With individuals laying in beds, they say that they should be turned to keep them from having body parts atrophy, harden, and weaken areas of skin, bones, muscles and more.]

7. Small[er] Handwriting & Other test possibilities for fine motor skills

Images of Rhapsodie’s writing & artwork over time have been collected as the evidence that she does NOT have Parkinson’s, they are not added yet to this blog.  

If you take your car to the mechanic for an overall check with mention of noises & wiggles of the front end in driving and they change the oil and check the tire air pressure, but then your tie rod collapses, OR your brakes fail to work, OR the noise and the shaking also continues so that you go to other mechanics that read the report of the previous mechanics time and again. So they don’t do the work to fix the struts OR rotors OR brake pads and you eventually end up selling that car you’re unlikely to ever want to return to those mechanics for vehicle service. Plus if they were paid by you for service to your car it’s likely they can also be sued for lack of care that they were supposed to do. That could be multiplied if the mechanics lack of care caused further injury & problems for you and your family.

“An early indicator of Parkinson’s is a change in the size of a person’s handwriting [AND other aspects of hand work and how it is & has been done over time.]  Often, a marked decrease in the letter sizes and spaces between the words becomes noticeable…” [but more can be found if there is a way to learn beyond just using handwriting. Plus there’s a need to make sure to get the ‘past’ in a recordable style that is of use in determining the situation if the ‘patient’ doesn’t tell the doctor and if the doctor doesn’t listen to the patient.]

Some Test Options Including & Beyond Handwriting Alone

Options for testing are added here because Rhapsodie’s handwriting sizes have shifted for many years, so that’s no evidence against Parkinson’s. The fine skill control for doing work, like with the pen, can be tested in other ways also.

  • Change in the Size of Handwriting
    • Handwriting often shifts and changes sizes. Over time people develop a style of writing, like Rhapsodie has based on where she’s writing and how much paper she has available for what she’s trying to write.
    • So I’m assuming because of the muscle atrophy, the amount of muscle, tendon, and skin flexibility with these actions ‘rusts’ which means to write requires smaller, slower, and more controlled writing work efforts.
  • Paper Folding
    • Origami– “…[A]nimals and flowers of Japanese origami…”- If a person has never done this it can be a harder test for them if no directions are shown with the folding, but if there were numbers, letters, colors, or designs and a sheet of directions to create the shapes the folding shouldn’t be a huge hassle. The skill of a new person will not be as fast or as great as a more experienced origami worker, but it could demonstrate issues with muscles in hand uses also.
    • Folding fans– if a person has never done this it is an easily perceived action, and there are generally the simple back and forth fold that drives the style for these fans;
    • Folding paper airplanes– if a person has never done this it is an easily demonstrated activity;
    • Zhezhi. “…Traditional Chinese paper folding concentrates mainly on objects like boats or hats rather than the animals and flowers of Japanese origami…”
    • Paper flowers, could be made easily with a couple sheets of paper with a tack OR a swivel paper snap going through.
  • Button sewing on;
    • if a person has never done this it is an easily taught action;
  • Snowflake Cutting– This skill uses hands and scissors to get done, the folding of the paper, the holding & cutting of the paper, and the opening of the paper snowflake designs are all hand muscle skills.
    • This work doesn’t need a lot of experience to be done, but if the individual trying the work is being tested for Parkinson’s disease it can demonstrate how hand uses are ‘stiff’ and how use of materials & tools is impacted by the hands.
  • Makeup application can be a sign also-
    • Like having the individual with the possible Parkinson’s disease apply nail polish to their self AND also possibly onto others.
    • Other make up application processes can shift depending on the skill levels of the applier and the result desires for the test information.
  • Hair work can also be a good test- this depends on whose hair and the type of hair they have also. The longer hair which needs braiding is going to be more difficult for a person with hand troubles.
  • Seam repair;
    • if a person has never done this it can be a harder test for them;
  • Knitting– individuals hold the knitting needles with both hands, so if a person has never done this it’s not a good test for them;
  • Crocheting– individuals don’t need a crochet hook for a simple loop, but the hook allows them to feed and grab the material with one hand doing the needle work and the other holding the weaving strands generally. The weaving is easier with the hook than the fingers for many strand materials and sizes.
  • Cross Stitch– this is following a pattern on material for weaving in and out,
    • Plastic grid sheets, can allow cross stitch tests using yarn and a blunter yarn needle.
    • Canvas backings, the canvas sizes vary, but the holes are way smaller than with the plastic grid sheets. This work is generally done with embroidery floss or similar threads, which come 6 OR 8 strands combined.
      • The strands need to be separated to be worked so that’s more muscle testing also.
    • Macramé uses larger strands, plant holders are often created using macramé weaving; since the strands are more ropey in texture they are rougher for the hands, but they are easier to grip also.
    • Weaving– I’ve never done real weaving, my only experience is weaving potholders with the device that allows square potholders to be woven with use of weaving.
    • Drawing; unlike coloring in the lines is less defined, so it’s easier for those that are losing skill to rearrange creations to seem normal even when they have had problems making them. Thar are the options of doing this with
      • Pencils;
      • Leads;
      • Chalks;
      • Pens;
      • And other drawing tools.
    • Coloring like in
      • Paint by number books with a water paint brush with a finer tip can also demonstrate how that skill compares to use of a pen in writing.
      • Children’s coloring books with crayons OR colored pencil; can show how an individual can do repetitive motions without too much physical stress. Comparing older work that was done can assist in determining the uses of the tools and actions with the coloring.
      • Adult coloring books with markers, ink pens, colored pencils, chalks, watercolor pens/ markers, and maybe also crayons;
      • Painting a large portion of painting skill comes in melding colors and layers of types of paint correctly to create the images that are formed. So while it’s a possible skill test it’s not necessarily the best ‘test’, but individuals may share work hassles with painting that impact the results of their work tremendously.
        • Like with coloring, painting uses broader strokes in some aspects of the work while smaller ones in other aspects of the work.
      • Maze games like those done in children’s coloring, games, and skill books, and on the backs of cereal boxes can show the hand control of an individual follow the pattern. BUT t
        • his should be watched, if the individual is slow and seems to be having a hard time they could be having muscle trouble if they aren’t so drugged that the test is invalid anyway.
      • Skill queries if individuals used to be able to
        • Hold a camera for great photos
          • If they can’t hold the camera, when they love using it, it means there’s a problem stopping them from doing what they like.
        • Hold a phone and can’t grip it any more
          • New flat phones, without cases, are really difficult to grip without extra holding tools, older phones were easier to hold but weren’t as comfortable to use over super long periods.
        • Keyboarding
          • If an individual has been a typist, accountant, secretary, writer, or more it’s likely that muscle problems would also minimize their ability to use the keyboard.
        • Craft Jewelry
          • This is a tight and generally tiny task that means fine muscle control.
        • Cook or Chef
          • It’s possible with some modern tools to avoid use of a knife if you’re having trouble in the kitchen, but use of hands, arms, feet in conjunction are common needs acted on with cooking.
        • Do bead work OR strand work
          • This doesn’t need to be an expensive test, buttons OR beads can be gotten in bunches. Popcorn strands like for Christmas with dried cranberries added can demonstrate the action abilities of hands and arms for a smaller cost.
        • Do other crafts
      • Dot-to-dot pictures like those done in children’s coloring, games, and skill books, can allow the past skills to be compared to the present skills and how the users functioning is getting worse OR not.
        • The line work is often as difficult as writing, but it can be harder because of the span of spaces, but it can be easier if the dot to dot image lines are almost all the same in the shape of the image.
      • Other hand use tests could be used, but I’m not sure what they are other then the ones previously mentioned above.

Historical Information References

One of the best options for having past records is handwriting, because over years of time people write repeatedly, at least before the keyboard has become the tool of the writer. The printing of modern students doesn’t have the versatility, speed, and usefulness that handwriting has had for millennia.  So what can we use for doctors to view as handwriting evidence OR other types of evidence AND where may we locate these? We can work to collect different sets of evidence:

By Age with types included &/OR by types with ages distinct

A time line of writing OR other samples of the same &/OR different styles can assist doctors to see the ‘problems’ better if they exist at all. If signs are being shown over time, then the sooner the ‘signs’ are showing & put into record then the sooner they can be visible as evidence for quicker treatment to be approached, hopefully with less cost in life problems, lack of care results, and doctor & tests & nurses visit costs and cares. The record of signs should assist the doctor to help more also.


  • Ages 0 to 9.99 writing, coloring, dot to dots, drawing, maze games, hangman games, and more.
    • Childhood writing styles are likely to be bigger and wider than the more advanced writing styles grown with practice over time. The styles developed with writing over time can be ‘determined’ by the children during these ages if they want, and if there aren’t injuries that hinder that style processing. BUT other people may find that they need to try and write consistently regularly, because they have a harder time with it than others.
      • These earliest records may OR may not be used depend on the value of the early writing & action records. The record of these early records may OR may not assist the doctor to help more also.
    • Ages 9.99 to 14 through 16 or 17 writing, coloring, dot to dots, drawing, maze games, hangman games, and more.
      • In the early teen years the writing styles in development start becoming finer and more refined. They may find that they need to try and write consistently regularly, because they have a harder time with it than others.
        • Either because of lack of practice OR because of how they naturally write OR because they have suffered injuries that have caused the muscles, tendons, joints, and more to shift the writing style that’s a normality for them.
      • If signs are being shown over time, then the sooner the ‘signs’ are showing the sooner treatment can be approached. The record of signs should assist the doctor to help more also.
    • Ages 14 up to early 20’s &/or 30’s writing, coloring, dot to dots, drawing, maze games, hangman games, and more.
      • In modern times the writing practice during these times of life is tremendously reduced because of computers, cell phones, and other ‘electronic devices.’ There is still a need to practice writing, because it’s a way to ‘be yourself’ and to connect in life to your past.
        • Reviewing my writing since about 4 has shown me this.
      • If signs are being shown over time, then the sooner the ‘signs’ are showing the sooner treatment can be approached. The record of signs should assist the doctor to help more also.
    • Ages 20 &/or 30 up to 40 &/or 50 writing, coloring, dot to dots, drawing, maze games, hangman games, and more.
      • If individuals are suffering diseases, like Parkinson’s the results over time will alter.
        • “An early indicator of Parkinson’s is a change in the size of a person’s handwriting [AND other aspects of hand work and how it is & has been done over time.] Often, a marked decrease in the letter sizes and spaces between the words becomes noticeable…”
          • This is harder to discern with less samples to compare.
          • If signs are being shown over time, then the sooner the ‘signs’ are showing the sooner treatment can be approached. The record of signs should assist the doctor to help more also.
        • If signs are being shown over time, then the sooner the ‘signs’ are showing the sooner treatment can be approached. The record of signs should assist the doctor to help more also.
      • Ages 40 &/or 50 up to 60 writing, coloring, dot to dots, drawing, maze games, hangman games, and more.
        • If signs are being shown over time, then the sooner the ‘signs’ are showing the sooner treatment can be approached. The record of signs should assist the doctor to help more also.
      • Ages 60 up to 70 writing, coloring, dot to dots, drawing, maze games, hangman games, and more.
        • If signs are being shown over time, then the sooner the ‘signs’ are showing the sooner treatment can be approached. The record of signs should assist the doctor to help more also.
      • Ages 70 up to …? writing, coloring, dot to dots, drawing, maze games, hangman games, and more.
        • If signs are being shown over time, then the sooner the ‘signs’ are showing the sooner treatment can be approached. The record of signs should assist the doctor to help more also.

Rhapsodie’s handwriting, coloring, maze work, and drawing over time with images

[Not done, images are being captured of Rhapsodie’s writing, art, and some other work done over time to compare with the most modern work. BUT that’s taking time which hasn’t been used yet today. Rhapsodie’s writing varies in sizes & styles, at least in some degrees, based on the size of her information and the size of the paper sections OR amounts she has to use. This was much rougher when she was learning to write, but in 6th grade Rhapsodie’s writing was good enough to take notes of a deaf student in that glass after his translator learned to interpret the loops. He could read them right off the paper OR her computer/ tablet/ USB screen.

Trouble Sleeping

Tossing and turning even while deeply asleep can be a sign of Parkinson’s. Some individuals may even fall out of bed during the night. This symptom interrupts sleep patterns and decreases sleep quality, which can exacerbate other symptoms. Half of all people with Parkinson’s disease have muscles that do not completely relax during sleep. This increases the risk of leg cramps and abnormal leg movements at night. Some people even “act out” their dreams by moving their limbs. It is also common for people with Parkinson’s to experience excessive sleepiness during the day [because of not sleeping well at sleep times.

  • BUT Rhapsodie sleeps fine, just super heavy, as well as too much for a normal healthy person at present because of uncared for injuries. Exasperated injuries cause further need for rest to recover and allow more healing for Rhapsodie. BUT her body is so damaged this is very minimal now and it causes more sleep needs.]

9. Constipation [& Leaking Bladder]

Straining to move the bowels can be a sign of Parkinson’s and is also one of the most overlooked symptoms. Parkinson’s affects the nervous system that controls the movement of muscles, so it is logical that it should also affect the bowels and bladder.

  • The bowel can lose its sensitivity and become inefficient, slowing down the digestive process and the movement of waste, leading to constipation.
    • Care is needed to make sure an individual is consuming proper amounts of fiber, so that normal bowel problems are reduced from this assessment. Individuals with other muscle problems will have more knowledge of what is happening, in some ways, than observers who assume they understand without listening to the person suffering something like WHOOPS Disease.
  • The urinary tract actions are controlled by muscles. So leaking bladder is another sign of the muscle weakness that is Parkinson’s disease.
    • Individuals with leaking bladder are more common, but very few of them have Parkinson’s Disease.
10. Excessive Sweating

Parkinson’s disease severely affects the central nervous system. As the disease progresses, changes in the skin can develop. Many individuals with the disease experience excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis for no apparent reason. For women, this symptom can feel similar to hot flashes during menopause. In addition, medications used to treat Parkinson’s disease can cause excessive sweating.

  • Rhapsodie has had some sweating she associates with Menopausal symptoms, but nothing more than that.
  • For the lack of muscle uses the body often finds fat builds up, this can cause excess sweating also, but it does not indicate Parkinson’s Disease most of the time.

[Finding Parkinsons & Treating

The signs above are used by individuals to share with the doctors their Parkinson’s symptoms, but as you read Rhapsodie’s added information you can see how individuals not living with the problems can ‘believe’ Parkinson’s or other problems because of what they think they are seeing. That’s a problem with doctors not treating patients based on what the patients are telling them about things and situations.]

1. Studies and lab tests

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disease created by the build-up of the protein called alpha-synuclein. The disease creates problems with motor function and movement, rigid muscles and severe hand tremors. Roughly 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with the disease every year, and it affects up to 10 million people worldwide…

2. Previously mentioned actions & possible tests

The drawing, writing, coloring in the lines, doing dot to dot, can be indicators of issues with Parkinson’s. Part of the test involves actions and how familiar they are normally AND different they are with Parkinson’s for individuals. Family members & close friends may note issues, while strangers/doctors may assume issues where there aren’t any. The writing style issues, the dot to dot issues, and more can be ‘faked’ with individuals practicing not to be diagnosed. BUT it’s really hard to take years of evidence and dismiss it no matter what the evidence shows.

In fact it may be useful, especially with older & more experienced adults to ask them to update an older work ‘like’ one that’s not recent and see how they do it. I am not a copying person, I hate redoing stuff, but if a doctor took one of my crocheted yarn doubles from the past and handed me the yarn and crochet hook now, it would take some time to get the stitch style again, but I could repeat it if the pattern was remembered enough to do so.

There are simple sewing, stitching, boot lacing, shoe lacing, drawing, actions that are like riding a bicycle able to be done in other ages, but modified ways also. In addition there are actions like mixing pancake batter by hand/fork/whisk and more that aren’t too expensive trials to do. There’s also that finger string game, I think I remember how to set up the starting pattern still, and only string of a type not too hard OR soft is needed. I just used my double crochet line with the kitty toy at the end to do this setup like I remember.

Other Connecting Posts

Diabetic’s and Treatments

Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables

WHOOPS DISEASE- 7b5b.- BMI Ignorance Versus Accurate Body Composition Treatments

Doctors who ignorantly use BMI ratings, body mass index ratings, based on weight without taking into account muscle, organs, water, bone density & size, ASSume that it’s fat gain. “BMI has many limitations and is a poor tracking tool for weight change because there’s no way to identify if changes in your weight are in fat or muscle. Predicting health or mortality using a single number such as BMI oversimplifies health risks and ignores important factors that contribute to positive health.”  (

Not only do doctors ignorantly using BMI with people having WHOOPS DISEASE try to make you stop eating enough to stay alive, I’m barely getting 1,600 calories a day on average over the last year, and that amount is up from previous years which had been down to under 1000 calories a day. They inaccurately start adding to your medical files ‘overweight/fat/and more’ without taking the time to ask for body composition tests OR taking the time to do the test manually, or even doing the work to read your lists of food consumption, the lists of calorie counts, or more that you do to keep yourself alive.

Body composition tests do not have to be expensive, and doctors who took the time to ‘buy’ a cheap tool, learn to use it, and found ‘abnormal results’ with the body composition tests could get more accurate tests AND could be more accurate with their records. Since, “[b]ody composition is a method of breaking down the body into its core components: fat, protein, minerals, and body water. It describes your weight more accurately and provides a better glimpse into your overall health than traditional methods. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. ” (

There are various tools that can be used for body composition measures. The methods should be based on the measurement system that can be done manually, like with fat measuring tools like calipers. I haven’t added the tape measure methods because with an abnormal water composition measure the tape measure calculations will be wrong.

Goal Body Fat Percentage [GBF%]

The measures of the tools are based on finding out how close or far from the desired Goal Body Fat Percentages, [GBF%], a person is. These rates are generally more activity altered BUT ratings can be based on more than age. Here are some links to some different sites with GBF%’s shared:

These were pulled from the linked site above, these are age related Body Fat Percentage ratings, but modified for more accuracy and better readability by me for sharing with you:

The body fat ‘ideals’ are of use in the body composition calculations. AND while some machines will do the work for you other systems and processes could need double checking so using these manual calculation options can be of great help with many machines. The start of the calculations below utilizes the skin caliper measures, but other systems can give you measures. The second part of the calculation uses the body fat ideas and factors like age to work from.

Body Composition Calculations

As you can see with the body composition tools the measurements may result with some tools in a total that can be used. BUT with other tools additional calculations are needed, like with the body calipers. First take the time to get the correct material for measuring. The skin caliper method use the layer of fat under the skin and pinches for a measure. To do this accurately practice sliding your skin around over the under layers, you’ll note that you are also gathering fat. This is the layer that gets pinched, not anything else, OR your measures are inaccurate. The location of the pinches are listed in the calculations below. The locations impact the gathering, BUT also does the amount of actual body fat that you have. The skinnier OR fatter you are, the less OR more fat that you have, the more difficult it will be to pinch an amount accurately without causing damage OR hurt to other areas.

Below are some of the bits of info pulled from the Determination of Body Composition PDF authored by

Determination of body composition from skinfold measurements is based on the fact that a
large proportion of total body fat is stored directly underneath the skin…Reasonably accurate prediction of % body fat from skinfolds therefore requires that the equation
used for a given person to have been developed using a similar subject population…In an attempt to remedy this problem, Jackson and Pollock and Jackson, Pollock, and Ward
have provided generalized equations that have been validated for various age groups and both athletic and non-athletic populations.

Skin Caliper Uses for Body Composition Measures

[First take the time to get the correct material for measuring. The skin caliper method use the layer of fat under the skin and pinches for a measure. To do this accurately practice sliding your skin around over the under layers, you’ll note that you are also gathering fat. This is the layer that gets pinched, not anything else, OR your measures are inaccurate. The location of the pinches are listed in the calculations below. The locations impact the gathering, BUT also does the amount of actual body fat that you have. The skinnier OR fatter you are, the less OR more fat that you have, the more difficult it will be to pinch an amount accurately without causing damage OR hurt to other areas.]


  • x=sum of triceps, chest, and subscapular skinfolds (in mm) for men, and
    • the sum of triceps, suprailium, and abdominal skinfolds for women, and
  • y =age in years.
  • These equations are:
    • Men: D [Determination of body composition fat amounts]
      • =1.1125025-0.0013125(x) + 0.0000055(x2) – 0.000244(y)
    • Women: D [Determination of body composition fat amounts]
      • =1.089733-0.0009245(x) + 0.0000025(x2) – 0.0000979(y)

…Goal Body Fat Percentage and Target Weight
The following method can be used to determine goal body fat percentage (GBF%) and target weight (TW).
1. Multiply total body weight (TBW) by the body fat percentage (BF%) to determine fat weight (FW).

  • Step 1: TBW x BF%-FW
  1. Subtract FW from TBW
  • Step 2: TBW – FW=LBM [or FFM]
  1. The remaining weight is the fat free mass (FFM [or LBM])
    4. Determine an appropriate and reasonable GBF% [Goal Body Fat Percentage]
    5. Divide the LBM by the (1-GBF% [Goal Body Fat Percentage])
  • Step 3: LBM/(1-GBF%) = TW
  1. The answer will be the TBW at the predetermined GBF% [Goal Body Fat Percentage]
    7. Subtract the TW from the TBW to determine the amount of weight loss (WL) [OR Weight Gain (WG) required to achieve GBF%
  • Step 4: TBW – TW = WL

[Steps compiled]

  • Step 1: TBW x BF%-FW
  • Step 2: TBW – FW=LBM
  • Step 3: LBM/(1-GBF%) = TW
  • Step 4: TBW – TW = WL

Body Composition Measurement Tool Options

Some tools are cheap enough, they may not be as accurate as other tests, but they are way better than the BMI lies added to medical records. General tools search links:

There are various aspects of tools and values for users. So considering your needs, uses, and more can impact the better tools for you. In addition there are the issues with learning how to use the tools properly for the measures. Because a tool, like a scale that takes the body fat percentage, doesn’t mean it does the work in sharing the correct values with us and in some cases, since most the tools are setup for weight loss, there can be issues if a person has too little fat on their body.

Specific tools:

I’ve been to multiple sites looking for information including,, and others. One of the aspects I really appreciate is others comments/ratings on the items they have used. Their comments and more can really help me with my assessments. BUT the info often found requires time, so variations of needs and uses will impact each persons evaluations.

      • Display the correct resulting 6 seconds…After inputting your personal data, a measurement can be started by simply holding the grip electrodes and pressing the start button.
        • [Being handheld means that some individuals will have an easier time grasping it than standing. BUT because grips vary it can also mean various results will be gained at times with uses.]
      • Since the analyzer is built with a [9] person profile memory, each member of your family or team can track the success of their individual exercise routines
    • $14.49, No ratings at so far– This tool requires use on the 3 to 7 correct locations of the body, which vary for males and females, links about this above. AND as many people that can fit this can use it without messing up other ratings, each calculation setup is for each test by each individual. [This tool is different than other electronic calipers having a wider pinch mechanism which means less pain and damage for people.]
      • The calculations above describe more how to use this, but care is needed, because the pinch should only be the skin fat and skin, not the other body portions that are under layers in those zones where the pinching is being done.
    • $12.99- 5 Star rating from 1 person- Body Fat Caliper Handheld BMI Body Fat Measurement Device 
      • Made of ABS plastic material, more gentle to clip the skinfold than metal caliper…Electronic digital caliper, working buttons are illustrated with corresponding characters. Caliper can be used for measuring 0-50mm ranges of body fat accurately. Accurate, dependable and with good repeatability. 3 Volt battery not included.
  • Stand on, holds up to 400lbs- Beurer Body Fat Scale, BF221
    • $28.27- 4.5 out of 5 stars with 15 ratings at & 4.5 out of 5 stars with 232 ratings at BODY ANALYZER: The Beurer BF221 gives you a full body analysis. The scale measures body weight, body fat, body water, muscle %, and bone muscle; 1 scale – 10 people. This smart scale has memory spaces for 10 people and automatically recognizes each user. Up to 400lb users… the scale features a large platform and extra-large illuminated LCD display…Place your scale on a hard and level surface. Place bare feet on the stainless steel electrodes/conductors on the sides of the scale. Within seconds, the conductors then send a safe and very low electrical current through the lower half of your body. This full analysis measures and determines your percentage of body fat, water weight and muscle mass.
      • Gatorboy- 2-22-20 comment– The setup was quick and easy. Note that the quick start guide shows how to set up user data in slightly wrong order, but the main manual is accurate…There is no app with this scale since it does not support Bluetooth.
        • [This is great for people that don’t want to fiddle with an additional device while using the scale. BUT this can be an issue if your doctors demand copies of the info that they will trust. While they may accept your personal records OFTEN they only believe digital info they think can’t be modified or changed.]
      • jim f- 2-21-16 comment– Every time you want to get I for other than your weight, you have to hit a button and wait about 10 seconds for the scale to prep.
      • Amazon customer- 2-26-20 comment– I really like this scale and bought it specifically to measure the amount of water weight I am carrying.
      • Amazon customer- 2-26-20 comment– The scale has great features, however, batteries need to be replaced every two-three weeks. [It uses-  3 x AAA batteries, which means that battery changes can be costly unless an individual removes the batteries when the scale isn’t in use. This will mean more battery in and out hassles, and it could also mean having to reprogram the device repeatedly.]
      • alvaro herrara, 1-8-2018– The muscle percentage calculation is one of my favorite features on this scale. It’s nice to see what my weight measures at, but it’s even better to see where that number is derived from in terms of, is it increasing because I’m lifting more? Or is it increasing because of my diet? It’s really helping me stay on track of my overall health and diet/food consumption. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to make this purchase.
    • $49.99- 4 out of 5 stars at & 4.4 out of 5 stars with 6,366 ratings at, $70– Body Composition Monitor and Scale measures 7 fitness indicators including
      • body fat percentage,
        • If you’re losing weight, tracking your body fat percentage lets you know you’re trimming the fat as opposed to losing other kinds of weight [which are healthy to maintain AND keep].
      • body mass index (BMI),
        • This indicator is calculated from your height and weight and [uses a charted measure for estimating the overall body fat by doctors, but a scale with the multiple measures like this can be way more accurate]. The higher the BMI, the greater the chance for possible health risks.
      • skeletal muscle,
      • resting metabolism,
        • Regardless of activity level, a minimum level of caloric intake is required to sustain your body’s everyday functions. Knowing your resting metabolism helps you plan your diet according to your weight loss or maintenance needs. [Care is needed with this also, because an amount of weight to lose OR gain should be planned and worked for with incrementally working towards goal amounts, so the body doesn’t shock itself and so you can mentally get into the groove of weight changing into a consistent way of living healthily.]
      • visceral fat,
      • body age and
        • This indicator is calculated using your weight, body fat percentage and skeletal muscle percentage. The resulting number reflects your body age in relation to your calendar age. You want to keep it lower [than calendar age] if possible.
      • body weight.
        • It may be an obvious fitness indicator, but body weight alone doesn’t tell you everything. Measuring your weight in conjunction with other readings gives you a clearer picture of what’s going on with your body.
    • This OMRON body composition monitor can be used by adults up to 330 pounds and 6.5 feet tall. It stores up to 180 days of data to track your progression over nearly 6 months and features a [4] person memory profile for the whole family to use… Accurately measures body fat percentage using proven bioelectrical impedance method…
        • Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a commonly used method for estimating body composition, in particular body fat and muscle mass. In BIA, a weak electric current flows through the body and the voltage is measured in order to calculate impedance (resistance) of the body. Most body water is stored in muscle. Therefore, if a person is more muscular there is a high chance that the person will also have more body water, which leads to lower impedance.. BIA[1] actually determines the electrical impedance, or opposition to the flow of an electric current through body tissues which can then be used to estimate total body water (TBW), which can be used to estimate fat-free body mass and, by difference with body weight, body fat

Although the instruments are straightforward to use, careful attention to the method of use (as described by the manufacturer) should be given.[citation needed]

…Dehydration is a recognized factor affecting BIA measurements as it causes an increase in the body’s electrical resistance, so has been measured to cause a 5 kg underestimation of fat-free mass i.e. an overestimation of body fat.[4] [The reason is that with less water in the body the electrical resistance of tissues and body portions is higher than normal, which is estimated as body fat.

This also means that with higher body water amounts there is less electrical resistance, so this means that the body fat measures will be lower. Since it’s so abnormal to have a higher water mass amount that’s a reason for Whoops Disease that this is a good measurement when it gives body water amounts. BUT there can be machine problems because the devices aren’t able to read higher body water mass in some cases.]

Body fat measurements are lower when measurements are taken shortly after consumption of a meal, causing a variation between highest and lowest readings of body fat percentage taken throughout the day of up to 4.2% of body fat.[5]

Moderate exercise before BIA measurements lead to an overestimation of fat-free mass and an underestimation of body fat percentage due to reduced impedance.[6] For example, moderate intensity exercise for 90–120 minutes before BIA measurements causes nearly a 12 kg overestimation of fat-free mass, i.e. body fat is significantly underestimated.[7] Therefore, it is recommended not to perform BIA for several hours after moderate or high intensity exercise.[8]

BIA is considered reasonably accurate for measuring groups [of results], …for tracking body composition in an individual over a period of time, but is not considered sufficiently precise for recording of single measurements of individuals.[9][10]

…Two-electrode foot-to-foot measurement is less accurate than 4-electrode (feet, hands) and eight-electrode measurement. Results for some four- and eight-electrode instruments tested found poor limits of agreement and in some cases systematic bias in estimation of visceral fat percentage, but good accuracy in the prediction of resting energy expenditure (REE) when compared with more accurate whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA).[12]

The use of multiple frequencies in specific BIA devices that utilize eight electrodes has been found to have a 94% correlation method with DEXA when measuring body fat percentage. The correlation with DEXA is as high as 99% when measuring Lean Mass, if strict guidelines are adhered to.[13][14]

        • Bioelectrical impedance analysis (or BIA) is a simple and non-invasive test measuring how low-voltage electric currents circulate through the body with the help of electrodes… By measuring the voltage drop between source and receiver electrodes, BIA determines the resistance level of these tissues to the passage of the current.

A four-electrode configuration for BIA between the right arm and right leg. Called “impedance,” this

resistance (Z)

Resistance measured in fatty tissues. In fatty tissue, the resistance (or impedance, or “Z”) is high, and measured current flow (V) is low…

[Z] corresponds to the ratio of the voltage (V) measured between 2 points in contacts with the tissue,…

Resistance measured in fat-free tissues. In muscles or water, there is less opposition to the current flow, so the measured current (V) is higher and impedance is low…

on the

intensity (I) of the frequency to the current applied to this tissue.

The impedance calculation is then Z=V/I

    • [With the devices like Omron it is]…Recommended to take the measurement in the morning before exercise, eat, drink or take a shower…Omron’s Full Body Sensing takes measurements from both hands and feet [4 points] creating a more accurate reading by reducing the influence of water movement throughout your body…For optimum accuracy, use your body composition monitor [either] right after you wake up and at least 2 hours after each meal [or food intake. For more accurate measures.] Avoid taking measurements after exercising, drinking a large amount of water, or bathing. These may significantly alter your body composition readings. [Normal actions and activities shouldn’t bother the system readings, but odd OR abnormal actions can.…Plus] 4 AA batteries required …For more accurate BIA measurements the device used needs to use DSM-BIA technology
    • Omron device Comments at
      • Robert Mauro, 4-22-16– HOW TO USE:
        – Do not take out handle
        – Press the power button and release
        – Do not touch the machine until it is calibrated
        – Hit the profile number you want (1-4)
        – Remove handle and hold appropriately
        – Step on scale
        – Wait until all measurements complete
      • Adam, 9-9-15– The scale actually does factor in the weight of the handle according to where the handle is when you turn on the scale. For instance if the handle is clipped in when you turn it on it will read zero. In the same way if you would unclip and hang on to the handle, then turn it on, and place the handle back down on top of the scale, it will now read 1 pound. This is why the readings will be different if you weigh yourself first holding the handle then weigh yourself again just stepping on the scale it will show you a difference of 1 lb.
      • W.tom- 7-25-18…when my partner took the batteries out without replacing them for two weeks, all my history was deleted…
      • Don D.- 7-1-20…The battery life is good, power switch turns on quickly (located at front, beneath the edge, and the display is easy to read…
      • Keith- 3-20-14…I would very highly recommend this scale because it will let you see the day to day progress you are making. Physically, it is very difficult/impossible to see small changes day to day, but having this show the daily changes is very motivating that progress is being made even if you don’t see it…and I agree that there are many factors that go into your overall ‘health age’, so the value doesn’t really represent your health age, but it does represent your physical composition age…
      • Mike Ransom- 1-7-17… I measure the body fat percentage about once a we[e]k. I take that measurement before I take a shower and before eating or drinking anything as getting wet even after drying can change the results along with food in your stomach. I don’t know how accurate the body fat percentage is since I have not[h]ing to compare it to but I use it to more or less track a trend in rise or fall in the percentage. It is easy to use. I am able to turn it on with my foot with a switch on the front of it.
      • Ron- 6-25-19- Same measuremernt as the $6000 one at my Dr’s office.
      • Amazon Customer- 9-24-18– …The history feature for up to 4 sets is really complete and accurate. The indicators are everything you need to assess yourself in nutritional terms. I compared results with professional testings and they match by 95% I would say…
      • Randy M- 7-11-18…If you buy this, don’t skip over the instructions. To get all the measurements, you need to be barefoot, press power on, after it shows CAL and 0.00, press the desired person button 1-4. First time it will prompt for age, sex, and height. If you want to use the GUEST FEATURE (doesn’t save), wait for the CAL and 0.00 and press the top middle button…
      • Jamie W- 5-30-20– Definitely read the instructions and it measures 1/4 inches that gives more accuracy for measurements…
      • Mark Twain- 9-12-18– …when weighing yourself, turn the unit on, [if you] pick up the hand-held piece, but hold it so that the attached rope is slack. Otherwise, if you pull up on it while weighing, you will weigh lighter. Once the weight displays and blinks, you can hold it out in front of you to test the body fat, etc
      • Eliot Gable- 3-13-13– I bought this scale over a year ago…1) The scale provides accurate body weight results, as verified by my multiple visits to the doctor’s office…This scale had the exact same weight readings as each of the scales I stepped on in the various doctor’s offices,…2) The body fat percent and muscle percent measurements seem to be affected a lot by water and muscle glycogen content.
  • [The more water weight you have, the higher your muscle percent reading will be and the lower your body fat percent reading will be.
  • If you go on a diet and do lots of [exercising] it drains your muscle glycogen a little more each day and your fat percent reading increases with each day until you have used up all [excess] muscle glycogen. It took me about 8 lbs of weight loss (1 week at 10 miles per day and 1,000 calorie diet each day) before the readings leveled out. Once glycogen was depleted, the fat percentage stopped increasing. [It seems that the muscle glycogen, ‘food’, is read as fat until the muscle glycogen is not too high.]

In fact, based on my calorie deficit for the day and the difference between subsequent days of readings, the the fat percentage difference converted to lbs of fat lost exactly matched my calorie deficit for the prior day. Prior to hitting glycogen depletion, the readings were more sporadic and it would appear that I was gaining and losing as much as 2 – 4 lbs of fat between days. My wife also had a water submersion test done to determine body fat percent, which is the most accurate way to determine it. That test put her at 34% body fat while th[is] scale read 37.4%. That’s a difference of about 5 lbs of fat for her weight.

3) The scale takes measurements fairly quickly. 4) The original batteries are still working, but I only weigh myself once a day. 5) The body age number seems a bit wacky. I am 32, but it says my body age is 71. I have lost about 35 lbs so far, and my body age has dropped from 75 to 71. I still have another 60 lbs to lose to hit my ideal weight (15% body fat). However, I have lost 1/3 of the weight I needed to lose and the body age has only changed by 4 years. So, that means when I hit my ideal weight, it will probably still be saying I am 63. I walked 1400 miles last year. [This shows that the scale is measuring more than just the present ‘amounts’. A damaged, body composition aged body, will not repair as fast as you may exercise into better health rates. A person who stops smoking has to take years to have better health results from the damage done.]

6) The visceral fat reading has dropped from 15 to 14. I seem to be stuck at 14. 15 is the highest reading. Even after my initial 8 months on my weight loss program eating a very clean diet, and losing 30 lbs, it still only went from 15 to 14 and has stayed there. I am not too sure it is working correctly.  7) Overall, the scale is awesome, and it is way more accurate than I expected it to be with weight and body fat readings. However, I would like the ability to import the data into my computer for tracking. I currently manually enter it into a Google Docs spreadsheet for tracking and graphing progress.

      • Kristen- 8-17-12– I bought this after visiting a fitness resort and learning the importance of NOT using the number on the scale, but rather using measurements such as body fat percentage… I did have to follow the instructions to get it properly set up, as I wanted to use the recording system for myself to track my progress, but I think the instructions were easy to follow. This scale is VERY sensitive, though, so if you’re going to invest in it, just be sure to give it the care it needs, which is not difficult.

Other types of tools exist, the values and uses vary depending on how the tools work and what they are measuring. As we’ve shared above there are various ways that the measurements can be found, but at times the ability to get the individual numbers can be the best for individuals because they can do the calculations without needing to rely on the machine OR even as tests for the machine result accuracy with the calculated readings.

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Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables


WHOOPS DISEASE- 9. Me & My Pets Updates

My really handsome kitty is dead now, I think, he disappeared and is presumed dead. My newer kitties are:

  • one presumed dead, and
  • the other one biting me.

My parents cat has also been biting at me. So I must assume that it’s a WHOOPS DISEASE thing, which means that these normally nice and affectionate animals think I’m tasty. Likely because I’m close to dying OR my skin is so deliciously ‘cat food’ tasty that biting me is an attractive kitty option. Take care if you have a dog, they may OR may not be as attracted to you as my cats are to me. They also MAY BE more careful with their master/mistress…BUT they may not be…I don’t know you & I don’t know your animals.

My cat biting at me haven’t broken the skin with the biting, they have barely bruised me, but the biting actions are so abnormal for them that I’m afraid that I’m just getting closer to dying all the time. AND this could be happening with you and your pets also. BUT please don’t react harshly with your critters, it’s just you having Whoops Disease, and if the doctors ever treat us the pets will still be ours to care for.

For me if I pet my cat for a while after it’s bit me, and then get close to its mouth, it’s so happy I’ve been nice that it doesn’t even try to bite me until the next time I accidentally put my hand in it’s face when I haven’t been affectionate towards it recently &/OR it’s hungry enough not to care how affectionate I’ve been.

Other Connecting Posts

Please beware they are grouped based on a style of topics.

Diabetic’s and Treatments

[Sorry posts still need dividing & completing for better online reading.]

Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables


WHOOPS DISEASE-8. Dryness Issues & Self Treatment Actions

These issues grow as time goes on and the ‘microscopic organisms multiply’. In addition the amount of effort that’s gone into personal health maintenance including:

  • drinking enough,
  • modifying and adjusting humidity better,
  • bathing,
  • using lotions,
  • moisturizing eye care,
  • moisturizing hair care, and
  • more

will have huge impact on the dryness issues being lived through.

I live in an atmosphere that’s really dry a long portion of the year, in my home the humidity level from about October through April is under 20%. That’s a great level for reducing mold and bug issues, but it’s a really dry atmosphere. This has meant that living in a dryer environment has meant taking the time to figure out ways to make the air easier to breathe and less dry.

Treatments against Dryness

As we mentioned above the dry air causes additional issues with a body that’s suffering dryness. Treatments can be practical, but they may not be cheap, this is depending spaces and needs by users with spaces. In additional person dryness care varies with our actions through the disease.

Reduce Dry Air in the Environment

Because of the super low humidity in the home I suffer dry air breathing issues if I don’t have a water source humidifying the air in my areas. While this means I’m adding more water which will increase the Whoops organisms growth potentials, I have a really hard time with my throat feeling like a scrub brush is being used on it every time I breathe. The humidity in the house with a humidifier next to me, a pan of water near the stove, a dish of water out, and a tub of water in the kitchen sink is still less than 20%.

In house plants

While the plants don’t humidify the air a lot, they allow watering AND do release moisture with their air cycling works. In addition the natural plant air is likely more reduced in issues that help Whoops Disease, because the fresh air varies the possible issues that could come from not being clean & fresh.


These come in various types and sizes. Larger sizes and smaller sizes often have replacement filters, cleaning methods, and more. BUT the prices for the devices vary, the locations for possible uses vary, the amount of water with uses varies, the care for them varies, and the water potentials with them vary. Here are some links to search locations for humidifiers:

Larger ones

Smaller ones

Boiling pots of water

This method is generally better with a larger pan, because the boiling even simmering will dry out water from the pan pretty fast. This will humidify the air some, it’s more than nothing.

  • If you boil out 2 gallons of water, 8 quarts, it means that you have that amount of moisture put into the air.

Other pots/buckets/pans/tubs with water

These can be placed in locations that work for you. In some cases like with floor, or wall heating vents, or even heater stands it could be adding water pots OR tubs near those areas can allow more moisture to be added from evaporation.

Wet towels OR cloths

While you may not have a large space it can be that if there are available hangers & hooks OR even rods, wetted towels OR cloths can be hung to add moisture into the air where those are placed.

  • Care is needed because the hanging wetted thing may cause damage if the location OR items near the location are bothered by the wetted instrument.

Fan around water dish with a cloth

I don’t run a humidifier in my bedroom, but with sleeping in the dry atmosphere I need the moisture to keep my throat from hurting as much. So instead of fiddling to bring a humidifier into the bedroom I’ve made another option that works great AND is a lot quieter.

  • The fan over the dampened cloth that has one side in a dish of water and the other side on a raised platform which allows the fan to blow over the cloth and spread moisture. The issues can be drips that cause damage to furniture, but a plastic layer under this setup can assist in reducing that issue. The dish, fan, cloth are able to be of any preferred style, the tray shown is upside down to lift the wetted cloth closer to the fan.

The humidifying options help the breathing a lot, BUT so does the work to drink a lot each day. Days with drinking less than a gallon a day result in dryer and itchier skin, dryer eyes, and harder breathing, so making sure to drink enough is a huge value for reducing dryness issues.

Personal Dryness Treatments For

My personal treatments for the body are mostly successful, and they aren’t too expensive in most cases either. These treatments aren’t needed too much because of the fluids ingested daily. But just recently I had a couple of days of burning dry skin. After showering and drying taking the time to rub my skin resulted in flaking that’s normally seen after a sunburn.

Dry body

Treatment for the dry body begins with taking in enough moisture regularly. In addition the lotions OR creams that are used should enhance moisture with the skin. It’s amazing but recently I found a great dry skin treatment.

Aloe gel with some added liquid colloidal silver & glycerin:This was purchased by me during the summer when it was available, then I used some of my colloidal silver concentrate AND glycerin to help this be a better moisturizing solution. After the flaking skin, I used this on my limbs and shoulders. It’s been 2 days since that now, and my skin is still not flaking after that treatment neither is it burning like it was previous to the treatment.










Dry Underarms & Belly Button

The dry flakiness at my belly button and underarms is gone with the use of Bag Balm after every single shower OR bath.

Dry scalp

I haven’t found a way to stop my scalp from flaking with tons of dandruff right after a hair wash, it’s possible I can try my allow solution in my hair care post conditioning also. The dry scalp and flaky itching is reduced for me because I wash my hair only when absolutely needed. It assists in helping me to avoid itchy scalp.

Dry mouth/throat

For my dry mouth and throat drinking lots of tea with added milk really helps. The milk alone helps also, but it’s gone to fast and it’s super expensive, so adding milk to the tea really helps. My Traumeel may increase saliva flow, which can possibly also assist in reducing my dry mouth issues. Two aspects that really helps on top of drinking large amounts with milk is that I brush my tongue when cleaning my teeth, AND I do not drink sugar fluids.

The sugary fluids cause ‘mouth’ food processing at enhanced rates and this also drys my mouth a lot.

Dry lips

I’ve made a lip balm mix using vitamin E balm, glycerin, a bit of tea tree oil & iodine which act as a disinfectant and taste bad which keeps me from licking my lips. In addition I at times add a bit of bag balm, vaseline, and some cocoa butter balm. This solution has shifted and varied a lot over time, some of the ingredients originally gotten aren’t available any more at a price I want to spend. The addition of the glycerin assists in keeping the balm as a moisturizing agent while it’s on my lips instead of a drying agent.

Dry face

At times my face is drying abnormally, but the addition of the glycerin to my face cream has reduced the dryness issues a lot. In addition I make sure to add the lotion right after rinsing and patting dry my skin. BUT I’m still tremendously wrinkled.

Dry ears

My ears are dry outside AND super moist inside. This means various treatments.

Inside ears

Inside my ears the moisture and masses of skin cause a needed scraping cleaning issue daily. At times recently I’ve also had a whitish puss like remains. That can be what adds to the dry flaky remains that are scraped out daily.








The ears are generally dug into with my fingers before I remember to pull out my tools. The tools are safer for my ears and can be disinfected. The amount of mass shown on the towel is what my fingers had as well as what the scrapers helped me get in this use.

Outside ears

My outside ears between my inner ear hollow and outer rim get really dry, I use the Bag Balm on that also each time I wash my hair OR take a shower, but at times I need to add more because of the flakiness issues.

Dry eyes

As discussed previously I use the equate brand multi purpose solution, which allows thorough moisturizing infrequently versus other solutions that require frequent applications.

Dry hands

While the skin on my hands is also dry drinking enough generally keeps them moist enough. I don’t add additional lotion most of the time until I moisturize my feet before going to sleep. BUT I’ve found that in some cases the addition of the Bag Balm to dry areas, like under my arms OR at my belly button leaves enough excess I can add it to my hands.

While my hands are swollen, dry, and more I’m avoiding a lot of issues because of drinking enough. BUT in addition to that when I get a hangnail, OR another hand wound taking the time to add a bit of superglue allows the healing with less damage. The Gorilla brand superglue, I’ve not tried the gel, lasts up to 6 OR 8 hours with use on my hands, it lasts about 24 to 30 hours in use elsewhere for injuries both larger AND smaller.

Dry feet

I’ve mixed a variation of lotions and cream, my base is the Udderly Smooth which is unscented and allows the addition of the ‘oilier/ heavier’ moisturizing materials like the face creams, vitamin E oil, and non oily aloe juice and glycerin to feel right for uses on my feet nightly right before bed.

With all of these treatments there has been a bunch of experimenting and trials until I find ‘it’ working correctly. The Gold Bond Ultimate- Diabetics’ Dry Skin Relief– lotion is really good, but I like more moisturizing at less cost, so my fiddling is done enough to supply me with useful solutions that work right while not being as costly at one time.

Dryness issues are likely to increase more as time goes on, they have already, it may also be that with Whoops Treatment the issues will continue OR stretch for some time also.

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

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WHOOPS DISEASE- 11. Life Beyond Whoops Disease Medical Treatments

We haven’t gotten to this stage of Whoops Disease yet, but it can be that you guys might need additional follow up information beyond the treatment issues previously mentioned. The medical treatment posts are likely to run in a series similar to the diabetic aspect posts. We may add some videos, but I’ll try to avoid as many as possible, because internet in the boonies costs a lot of money. Unless you have signal then you are paying for service all the time.

Other Connecting Posts

Diabetic’s and Treatments

Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables

WHOOPS DISEASE-7c1. A Possible Cure for Type 1 Diabetes fighting False Whoops Disease Issues

Because of all the medical variables with Whoops Disease, it’s really easy for doctors to assume other problems and issues. AND if you’re not keeping an accurate record for yourself, it means that you like me could be suffering believing the doctors know what they are talking about. BUT after you start making your own records, don’t expect the doctors to believe you, they will base their estimations on their assumptions and previous records.

So keep your Own Records to Assist you In Protecting Your Health

There are many aspects to this work. Including:

  • Medicine Records,
  • Natural treatment records,
  • Fluid consumption records,
  • Pee records,
  • Calorie records, with other variables as desired OR needed,
  • Personal Mood/Feeling Records
  • Temperature & Fever Issues
  • Yelling & Screaming Issues

Medicine Record Variations from Normal

Rhapsodie from 2013 into 2014 didn’t take the Thyroid medication. After taking it again in 2015 the prescription from before was kept EXACTLY the same, there were no medicine changes and Rhapsodie is taking the EXACT same amount now. This is a sign of the Whoops Disease, with the exact prescription maximized by non-users previous to problem of 1.25 for females not taking depression medications. Also for females previously taking thyroid medications the amounts only go up OR down to 2.5 not anymore OR any less. After treatment this should normalize, but I’m not sure at what speed.

Fluid intake Records & Pee Records

The great intake of water to keep up the needs of the body, for Rhapsodie a proven 1.25 to 1.5 gallons of fluid daily, reduce the size of the stomach’s intake of food, this when fluid intake is good to keep the body moisture levels accurate, so no inaccuracies in blood tests BUT the results have similar aspects to some starvation issues Rhapsodie lived. This also means that others need to keep track of their eating and amounts of that with Whoops Disease. While drinking fluids like water often add a fullness to a stomach, with Whoops Disease they are filling and nothing else seems to be wanted.

Pee amounts aren’t done all the time, just using an empty gallon jug a couple of times has proven I’m peeing only about ½ of what I’m drinking. BUT fluids go out in other ways also. But this also varies with types of fluids, types of activities and durations, types of environments, types of moods/events/and other impact actions and stresses for the body, and variations in aspects of environment like humidity. When I have a sweating low with my sugar I can lose enough water to soak my mattress, or at least my sheets.

Calorie Intake Records

I’ve suffered from not consuming enough, and the calorie intake measured from 2013 to 2015 went up from around 900 calories a day to almost 1,250…those years of starvation previous to my calorie measures were super bad. During the timeframe of my starvation broken bones happened, which has meant that the doctors should have found the injuries, but being stress fractures, inaccurate X-ray reading, Whoops Disease water beneath the skin, inaccurate BMI weight assessments instead of accurate body composition measures, and bad communication additional problems have grown. This includes issues from limited abilities to exercise, needs for pain fighters and avoiding the narcotics doctors ignorantly keep prescribing. The starvation notes by Rhapsodie are kept in her MEDICAL folders.

Keeping a record of calorie intake isn’t hard to do, BUT I also try to make sure to have balanced diet as a norm. This has meant preparing all my hot drinks with whole milk, so I get enough calories of protein and fat daily while still getting all the fluids Whoops causes me to want. The daily list helps me to continue to consume at least 3 servings of fruits and veggies daily, even though they take a lot of stomach space, digestion time, and leave me to full to consume many other calories. BUT they are full of fiber if veggies and are way healthier than other foods.

The calorie papers I have kept get put into my 2012- 2021 Food Calories of Rhapsodie Excel spreadsheet which is prepared to take the daily counts and average those by amounts per week, month, 4 months, and year as daily amounts. So when I tell you that my recent average per day is up to 1611 calories per day, the number is from the 4 month daily average. This means it’s a running calorie average, not a day of amount OR a week of  average OR a month of amounts. For 2020 my daily average of calories came to 1570 calories per day. This is in no way a way to be fat, and while I’m not starving anymore, the fractured bones are still suffering the times of starvation.

For others this means taking care to make sure to keep accurate food consumption records in order to avoid starvation and issues that can result from that.

Symptom & Treatment Records

I’ve tried to add the symptoms and treatments used by me here in this blog, but I’m sure that more is happening with other people because more has happened with my mom, my dad, and my husband. This means various life actions as well as ages and sexes can shift the symptoms in various ways. Types of treatment through this blog are mostly natural, BUT I’ve also been having the issues with the broken bones. My treatments have gone way more natural because of multitudes of reasons as well as many useful options available for me AND for you…

Personal Mood/Feeling Records

Our health issues and our times in life impact our feelings and moods. So does the weather, our comfort, and the aspects of life that bother us and help us feel better. Understanding ourselves and our tolerance for problems and issues as well as our willingness to care for others and ways to do so through issues is a big help for all of us. In addition with Whoops Disease patterns could be located that can assist health care people AND our families to understand more about what we may be having issues with when. Some of this is impacted by sugar levels, temperature & fever issues, fluid intake aspects, bathing aspects, sleep aspects, and also medicines we may be taking OR on.

  • For me, Rhapsodie, high sugar makes me feel stretched out of my skin, all my limbs feel slightly, only slightly tight. Also I desire food and drink way more than when my sugar is normal or low, at least with Whoops.
  • Temperature & Fever Issues, like every 3 to 6 days, now, I have a temperature cycle from high to chill…This has been going on for the last three years, BUT it’s getting more and more frequent. When my temp is high I’m super thirsty, and I’m also less patient with others around me. In addition the higher temperatures seem to go away when I sleep AND reappear only when I’m awake.
  • Fluid is necessary with Whoops, tremendous amounts of it, if my sugar is higher I try to drink only clear fluids, but the milky tea is the only thing that soothes my throat when it hurts without additional medications.
  • I’m so much more calm and relaxed if I can get a good soak, 4-8 hours once a week. That hasn’t happened for months because of hot water issues, so I’m also not sleeping as well which also adds to harsher and less patient moods. Which sometimes end up in frustration and meanness towards the air around me.
  • For me, I generally sleep when I’m tired enough not to stay awake if I’m in the middle of something. BUT if I’m not involved in something, I may sleep and go back to sleep, because sleep is super important.
    • My tiredness is huge with the injuries, the first day after fracturing my right calf I conked out for 13 hours straight. That week I missed a day of classes, and did no homework that weekend for the first time since college began…for months I suffered lots of sleeping and very little energy. I didn’t work a single day that year of classes, not like the previous years and I had a lot fewer than the previous years also. I was just too tired all of the time. I struggled to get projects & papers done repeatedly and it was my senior year in college. It would have helped if I’d realized the injury then, I never remembered the cracking break sound till the summer of 2014 after the fracture in the fall of 2013, which remains undiagnosed to this day.
  • Medicines & more we take can alter moods tremendously.
    • Gabapentin was a pain killer I stopped taking after 4 days…it made me tired, moody, mean, grumpy, and super gassy.
    • Kava Kava, is a mood calmer.
    • Humalog insulin also calmed my mood versus the beef & pork insulin taken previously.
    • Fluoride is also a mood calmer.
  • Mood boosters
    • Sunshine, good old fun days in the sun with the vitamin D can really pick up a person, only 15 minutes a day is needed for enough D to be enough for the whole day.
    • Adrenalin, which comes from exercise, also improves moods, adds ‘pepp’ to the step, and helps people feel ‘a bit sunnier’.

Temperature & Fever Issues

With higher temperatures my skin and body, mostly face, throat, and neck feel like 10 times hotter and more stretched than with high sugar. The oddity about the Whoops fevers is that they seem to work their way up. Starting in the thighs through the head, and finally ending nearer the top of the head with a headache days OR hours later depending on the time frame of the pattern. Unlike being sick fevers that run from the toes to the head, the Whoops fevers seem more upper body for me.

Normal temperature feelings are like abnormal for me now, but I’ve had a couple of days this last year when I’m just feeling ‘good’, and with checking my temperature I’m at 97.7 OR 97.8, right almost at my normal temperatures of 97.6 to 97.7 which have been normal since about 5 years of age. I run a lower than normal average, so does my dad, grandma, aunts, and maybe also my uncle…it seems to be a family trait.

Yelling & Screaming Issues

My ‘days of yells’ upsets are mostly Fridays and Saturdays every 2 weeks, my husbands are every Saturday and Sunday every 3 weeks. While spread a bit they are still issues for all of us because we are usually yelling toward each other unless we recognize the pattern and yell to the air as much as possible.

Keeping our own records can really help us help ourselves and others we spend time with if we also note that we have Whoops disease. What I’ve found with all these issues is that my patterns are weirdly ‘ordered’.

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

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2020 U.S. Covid THREAT & Death LIES

Covid Threats & lies have caused idiot politicians and doctors to ignore care that is really needed. Patients who are avoiding getting needed treatment because of the covid lies and malpractice covid treatments have meant that the normal death numbers from diseases like flu & pneumonia have multiplied. The problem with covid treatments is that they do not address the issues like Flu OR pneumonia and instead leave those diseases to fester without treatment that could keep people alive.

Suicide RATES Rise with Covid ISOLATION IDIOCY

Parts of this suicide issue is because of liberal assjacks who are telling people that they can’t spend time with other people AND part of this is because the isolation is so unnatural that people are suffering ‘following law’ instead of natural health being around & with others as they need. The Hebrew Law, Leviticus 13:46, didn’t isolate Israelites not suffering diseases to the extent our stupid ‘governors’ are trying to do now. Only the infected were isolated until they weren’t sick anymore. This also was with quarantine actions, like with the smallpox it was only for those that were disease carriers.

Suicide rates study reveals increase in suicide rates.

Covid Isolation Idiocy Proven- 2020, 2019, and 2018 Death Comparisons

I have taken the numbers shared by the CDC and has compared them for real calculations of Covid ‘problems’ versus facts of previous years. These amounts were taken from CDC and they are put into Excel files with comparisons done as are shared below:

Then taking the numbers and charting them with just the differences between the numbers from the first link for those weeks & the total of the same ‘diseases’ in the other link for the exact same week show Covid lies fluffing numbers, because they should be exactly the same when the flu & pneumonia numbers are totaled the charted, but they aren’t. AND the flu & pneumonia counts haven’t been added to that chart in months.


These are the numbers from the complete year of 2018.


These are from the complete year of 2019.


Week 47 Records of the CDC With Rhapsodie’s Calculations

Using the 2 sets of links above with the specified flu & pneumonia numbers, but this isn’t the same with week 49, but other numbers are accurately shared.  These numbers were pulled from up to week 47 of 2020, meaning that there’s 5 to 6 weeks more that aren’t in these calculations.

Week 49 Records of the CDC With Rhapsodie’s Calculations

Using the  link from up to week 49, BUT the percentages of the week 47 flu & pneumonia percentage numbers found from week 47 the 96% & 4%, are calculated into the week 49 totals from the numbers shared by the CDC report in the link.

Complete 2020 Records of the CDC With Rhapsodie’s Calculations

Using the  , but the end of the year is so varied I question the accuracy of the reporting way more than I did previously. BUT I’ve only the 2020 year records which are complete, the previous year records are pulled from other year summaries. The varying and shifting numbers seem odd to me because of what results were found in previous weeks of the year.

There are more sets of images  than were previously shared by a section, can be used for your own conclusions. The calculated summaries in the images below, contain reddened & blued numbers which are from the calculations of 2019 & 2018 versus 2020. Anywhere there’s red the amounts for 2020 are higher, and this is also true with the percentage colors:

Above there is 1 number inserted into the 2018 amounts, because of the findings of 2019 & 2020 showing that the amount is okay enough to be added for the totals to be more accurate.

The jump of percentage numbers over the last weeks and days of 2020, from the beginning of week 50 through the days of week 53 demonstrate a HUUUUGE jump in amounts versus the averages previously put into files for the year.  BUT since the jump is across the whole setup it’s likely that the info wasn’t fully acquired until almost the end of the year.

The totals start near the middle of this next section, and follow in the next 3 portions of sets. BUT now we need to contrast the ‘normals’ against the crappy numbers because the stuffing versus previous records has been really high in the last month, as you can find in comparing the previous info from week 49 versus the end of the year modified info.

Now look at the greater jump in Covid DEATH numbers. THIS IS WRONG where I live there hasn’t been a death in over 2 months from Covid, but these numbers are really shifted to seem like Covid Deaths have risen, and these are not as actual numbers like they were previously.

It’s interesting that when you read the varied and shifted numbers now that the falsities are shown as so obvious with comparison to the previous numbers.

AND if you have community newspapers with ‘facts & figures’ plus others you can see how things aren’t right across the board.For instance how do you get a population of 35,000 for a county with 217 confirmed covid cases for the year with a number of 17% with the disease. The numbers do not work.

35,000 population x 17% (0.17) confirmed covid cases= 5,950 people NOT 217.

In fact the real numbers are a lot lower, because 217/35,000= 0.62%

And when a cold is a confirmed Covid case, when a death at the age of 80, 90, 100 is listed as Covid, when 2 people killed in a car accident are listed as Covid deaths, and when the only way a case can be confirmed is from a test not from symptoms there’s a big issue with this disease even being a pandemic let alone a real problem beyond ordinary disease growths that are commonly had from our mistreatment and overuse of drugs. AND the other issues, because the car insurance that would pay death benefits to the family for a car death do not have to make a payment if the death was from Covid.

Where did these Covid death LIE numbers come from?


Rhapsodie began sharing this information as of week 47, because of the lies being shared throughout the country it’s also possible that other government people are liars also. BUT the number changes seem to be mostly accurate EXCEPT for the dumb Covid lies.

Week 47

ONLY 126,756 deaths are over the last year unknown death amount, AND this year is lower than 2018 total death counts. Unknown death difference 126,756 minus so called Covid counts leaves lies about faked 100,610 Covid death counts and possibly this is added to with other lies on the records. Overall death totals by the CDC are only 9,356 higher than 2019 at the present time, which means that less than 10,000 more people have died this year in comparison with last year and there’s only 5 to 6 weeks of counts left in these CDC pages.

In addition the numbers for disease deaths that should be about the same like Alzheimer’s are still lower. And deaths for diseases like flu, pneumonia, and other diseases could be higher because of ‘Covid’ lack of treatments AND Covidly inaccurate treatments.

Week 49

Just using the comparisons of death totals from the week 47 & the week 49 listings are proof against the covid lies…What is that shit about Thanksgiving ‘covid’ crap? The deaths in the U.S. by CDC death totals including covid rose 137,361 higher than last year in the last 2 weeks, BUT the unknown death numbers dropped, so that the 738,407 total shrunk to 720,201 meaning that only 18,206 deaths were known more about.

Covid Lies Compared from Week 47 into Week 49

Alzheimer’s deaths rose 6,156 in 2 weeks, Deaths for diseases like flu, pneumonia, and other diseases could be higher because of ‘Covid’ lack of treatments AND Covidly inaccurate treatments which are likely to get worse in States with stupid medical carers and government that make ‘fever’ OR ‘congestion’ a Covid thing…When it’s flu OR pneumonia instead.  But it’s great to read that heart disease is down, so much, likely because of lack of stress from working for employers.

The comparisons between week 49 & week 47 prove more about the falsities of the Covid numbers lies.

Notice these numbers from the Supposed Covid Death Totals, wk 49 & the FALSE Unknown COVID DEATH Numbers, wk 47 show that the death numbers from covid supposedly rose 49,421 in 2 weeks. BUT the unknown death numbers are dramatically decreased from previous years AS WELL AS this year with the false ‘covid’ counts being factored into the unknown amounts. As we can see with the TOTALS reviews there is a huge discrepancy in the ‘LIES’ about Covid and the real numbers.

Now the week 49 numbers are still partially incomplete because the CDC hasn’t updated the flu & pneumonia death numbers from week 39, so the week 49 numbers above are using averages from the charts linked, but not the other chart from the CDC.

Number Variations

Number changes which are supposed to be listed as facts may continue varying because there are sets of numbers in the CDC files which are called The Suppressed (counts 1-9) where the info in the charts isn’t accurate as yet. These have been shared for States like NY State, CA, Illinois, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, and Tennessee who have almost all their numbers finalized, and who likely have stuffed a lot of numbers in these records.

WHOOPS DISEASE- 10. Life Through Whoops Disease Medical Treatments

I’m adding another apology because I do not have the clinical name for Whoops Disease yet, it’s changed so much over the years name and most of them I’ve dealt with treat me for the ‘effects’ of the disease not for the disease.  Because since I’ve learned about it, so only the ‘professionals’ with the treatment have the clinical Whoops Disease, as named by Rhapsodie is easy to remember AND because many of us get it whoopsily it makes sense for us. But the clinical treatment impacts the body and systems also, this is what I’ve heard of, but more can be added after treatment shows the effects.

Please take care, no correct treatment leads to death because the parasites (microscopic organisms) overwhelm air systems and take away any ability to breathe. The wake up chokes that happen twice are only a couple of the effects with this action by the nano organisms. Asthma symptoms, with no asthma, is another effect. Having hard times fighting colds, getting bronchitis & pneumonia are other issues from this disease while it’s working. Additionally your HIV blood tests may show HIV that’s not AIDS, but it’s an immune virus impacted by the wastes of the organisms filling your body and weakening your ability to live.

Post Treatment Things

I am not treated, this is just what I have heard that there are repetition cycles beginning right after treatment. These patterns of repetition are heaviest closest to the treatment, the cycles are the same except for the new thing(s) every 3 days, I think. Additional effects may be nice OR not, but I’m not sure what the other treatment values are for sufferers of Whoops Disease.

Water Release

With Whoops Disease being a water borne microscopic organism, as described in many of the previous posts, the water is a necessity for that organism to survive. For individuals living with that disease water in take increases a lot more than normal, as is described with life in many of the previous posts also, links below. This means after disease treatment there will be a great release of water that the organism’s have stored for expansion in the body. In nature water is where it lives at warmer OR like ‘human body temperature’ or thereabouts (or around). That’s why with the human body, the water intake has increased so that the organisms have a supply to use while the body still functions ‘normally’ enough.

This should mean that after treatment the water release comes out of the human body in any way that we expel water. This means with the skin through sweat secretions, the urinary tract, from around the eyes with the tear ducts, and possibly the mouth. I’m assuming that the skin water release is in the initial 24 hours the most, while the urinary tract because of processing through the system it could vary and extend a lot longer.

With the extensive amount of water expelling through the body, it’s likely that the bathroom is going to be the best friend of anyone during the early day. BUT that’s not normal even if a person falls asleep in the bath tub. If you have nature space, like outside, it could be that summer warmth will allow you to be outdoors letting go of water, that’s not going to harm the environment. But anyone in the hospital, because of other injuries that were hidden with the water in the body refracting light from image machines hiding images of the reality of injuries under the skin.

This means the water run off of the body, will likely need a flow off bed (table) prepared. Something like is used in surgery that allows the released body fluids to flow away from the body on the operating table.  Slosh there are materials that allow garments to remain sweat free, so I’m sure there could be ‘fabric’ on beds/ mattresses/ tables that allow the water to flow away from the body of the patient on bed. This is only outside the body, what happens with the body.

What happens with the body?

With the water flowing out of the body, I’m assuming that the pores of the skin will allow the releases but will expand with the water outflow. While the urinary systems will work normally BUT at a higher potential, so it may be modified water expelling systems can be prepared. Like with underwear fitted with a water flow bag, like an old hot water bottle that allows the screw thread top to be connected to a hose to a bucket OR something else. BUT what about the pores, they are expelling massive amounts ABNORMALLY.

If the pores are expelling massive amounts abnormally, then they are expanded abnormally for extended lengths of time. So a rubbing OR vibrating rubbing could allow them to shrink back to normal a lot faster. Using a lubricating solution, like pregnancy rub OR sexual lubricant, can assist the friction from the rubbing to be reduced for the skin areas and the rubbing hands OR tools OR both. If the machinery tools are prepared so they can work like a vibrating mattress, pad, or other it means that they can possibly be rubbing tools that are used for other functions also.

These are just my ideas, they may OR may not be good, they are just ideas because of my thinking without having lived this section of the disease, treatment, yet. BUT I have also heard of the repetition cycles of things, that will impact life at the same time that water flows are happening.

Repetition Patterns

This is part of the proof that this disease is nano, not normal. There are repetition cycles, of movements & speech, that go from the first day of treatment to 7, 10, 13, or even 20 days. The first day is the most with the heaviest amounts of repetition. I’m not sure if this is repetition of the day before, OR from months before. I’m not sure what it comes from, but I think it comes from hearing a pattern of sound while the memories of what is spoken OR done OR read are captured for the repetition cycles. Each individual will repeat based on what they have done.

The heaviest sharing with the repetitions is the first day/days after treatment. The cycling pattern reduces away from treatment.  For everyone away from the repeater, things will not be as loud as they are for the speaker. It may be that in some ways, like with eating OR chewing gum OR sucking on something there won’t be as much vocal repetition hassle, but I’m not sure at present, time will tell after treatments begin.

I’m not sure of the patterns OR the time cycles with that. The reduction in repetitions and the actions with those can be prepared for. The patterns will bother everyone over time, BUT THE PERSONS WITH THE REPETITIONS WILL HAVE THINGS THE WORST. It’s possible that treatments done while the individual was sleeping will be easier for doctors, BUT it could be that there will be no moves OR speaking if the ‘patient’ OR ‘released patient’ is sleeping I’m not sure yet.

This means preparing for the repetitions. (I’ve made my own copy of an Excel Spreadsheet and this bit is only ‘some’ of it, so that it can be filled in.

But you may want to create your own form, with a series, please note that doctors can use pages with the same pattern easier than different patterns. So preparing pages for uses will vary with treatment, and the fewer changes can mean less pertinent pages, but easier to use. Plus with movements & VIDEO RECORDS it can be that some repetition pattern problems can be less stressful for individuals & carers and this can possibly also assist recoveries to be less of a problem.

  •  The record of when, what is done, and what is said made the first day will assist the other repetition day records to be prepared to be crossed out as time goes on and things STOP repeating.
    • With a spreadsheet form prepared with Time & Moves & Speech by volume & span of cycle can allow carer’s and individual’s living with the events to prepare to live through the events. AND with the new ‘event’ OR ‘words’ that are likely once OR ???… I’m not sure to be added onto the cycle pages also.

I prepared a 24 hour, 15 minute segmented, multiple day form in Excel which is detailed with a lot more information for filling. Some of the info is likely a waste of space, but other info may be needed also. So far the spreadsheet is just prepare, it’s not filled in because no treatment has been received, but here’s a simplified clip of that which is prepared in my Whoops files likely under treatment:

      • This can be placed into print form OR left on computer, using the video records will allow the time records to be captured and stored correctly on the pages/ computer.
        • For individuals kept in the hospital through the treatment, it can be good that the repetition records are:
          • Kept in the doctors pages,
          • Placed in the Nurses records,
          • Added outside the door for other ‘carer’s to reference’, that is if the patient agrees to that,
          • Placed inside the room for the patient’s family and others as an easier reference,
          • Then there is the connection surface, pad, computer, page, or whatever is used, like a clipboard OR a computer that can be a go between for all the other records pages/ systems.
      • Using video records will allow the verbal and physical actions to be ‘seen & heard’, plus time captured for the cycle pattern records. BUT please remember all the video is viewer capture of the actions, which means anyone seeing this who is living with it is getting the capture perspective.
        • If you have a sports camera on your glasses/ chest/ hat/ head rim/ or arm things will be seen as you do them from the location of the camera, but if you have an exterior camera looking at you that will see things from that angle, which may mean multiple  exterior captures UNLESS one can be placed umbrella like over you where you go with what you do.
    • The physical and verbal repetition patterns in record  can help everyone treated, their families, the doctors/ healthcare givers, and it should mean that the repeater hassles can be minimized also.
      • For instance if you’re treated with ‘going to the bathroom’ as part of the repetition, how was your body held, what future actions in repetition can you pass over OR will you do exactly the same again. So what treatment repetition patterns do you plan?
        • Like for guys that use the urinal, could you have a waist wrap that ‘hides your repetition actions’ OR for a woman that squats on a low toilet is there a … OR maybe you just determine to try and use the bathroom with the repetition, so the hassles aren’t a ‘bother’.
    • It’s likely that the verbal exclamations and actions can be more annoying, especially if you’re having repetitions while at work OR if you’re being treated by doctors.
      • For any getting treated and walking out, it could be that at ‘home’ for the weekend OR  a long weekend’ could be best for recording & making pattern action guides for things that get less and less over the 7 to 10 days of repetition.
      • For in hospital people, having an ‘on the door record’; ‘in the room record’, and ‘in between record’ that allows the other records to be kept accurate is good. It can also be great if the doctors & nurses have a copy of the repetition cycle records.
    • Your plans and actions will impact everything,
      • So making sure to have a record of the repetitions will enable you to work through and with things. For instance if you drive to work, maybe before treatment you get someone(s) you can prepare travel plans with, so you don’t have driving issues in repetition actions that could cause accidents.
        • Maybe you have meetings planned, so you prepare the meeting times with the repetition schedules in mind, maybe even coffee breaks, that allow you to ‘go repeat’ in the bathroom or however is better with you for live around the repetition with the meeting situation.
      • Doctors may be learning this disease, but I’m sure they may be able to provide a ‘doctor’s note(s)’ about the repetitions, so bosses won’t be able to fire you for disease treatment actions that you don’t have control over during treatment repetition days.
  • Family & Work mates & job people might be able to work with you also, your boss can hopefully have plans to work with you through  these times. Just like they will need to with treatment beyond and times with aspects of this disease.

Some issues that can happen may be extreme amounts of bathroom uses, there are the repetition cycle patterns, and there are also other issues like ‘abnormally speaking out’ because of the repetition of speech . As we discuss in this article above the work to prepare and setup ways to measure what is happening both before treatment and through treatment can really impact the results of what happens and how things are planned after treatment.

In addition there’s the possibility with treatment at the correct time that any person with Type 1 diabetes could have that go away. I’m not sure about how this impacts people that have gotten diabetes with Whoops AND I’m not sure how ‘fast’ things will shift.

We haven’t gotten to this stage of Whoops Disease yet, but it can be that you all might need additional follow up information beyond the treatment preparations above. Plans are to extend these posts following the title above with letter codes.  We may add some videos, but I’ll try to avoid as many as possible, because internet in the boonies costs a lot of money. Unless you have signal then you are paying for service all the time. AND video takes a massive amount of internet signal space.

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables

WHOOPS DISEASE- 7b5. Problems with Diabetes & BMI Inaccuracies

For insulin dependent diabetics the problems during WHOOPS DISEASE include abnormal sugar results and body actions that impact uses of insulin and diet actions. BUT diabetics that are living healthily may also be facing the WHOOPS DISEASE issue of water weight gain and inaccurate BMI assessments versus body composition measures of weight and body health, more in connecting post.

More Diabetes with WHOOPS DISEASE

Rhapsodie has shared notes on previous pages, some which emphasize diabetes aspects beginning with the first page focused on diabetes with Whoops Disease, more is being shared on this page with details of July and the odd results of things with Rhapsodie’s sugars. The patterns demonstrated on the May, June, and July 2019 pages are not repeated exactly there are alterations that continue, but the patterns are repeated though with those variations.

The low pattern & high pattern get more dramatic. I’ve had insulin changes that were over 5 units higher with the highs in the newer cycles and over 5 units lower in the newer cycles. My shifts are done on 0.05 increments based on the basals I’ve set with my insulin pump, if you’re not using the insulin pump then this means having knowledge of how the insulin percentages may vary.

Insulin Changes with Whoops Disease

The pattern changes repeat, so having knowledge of that means you can shift insulin in preparation of the change of a new day if you are having insulin shifts with Whoops Disease. Please remember the amount of insulin you take is NOT what I am taking, which means the insulin amount variables differ for you & for me, but the percentages of shift from me may help you. Pattern wise with the changes it’s generally been 5 sets of days for ups and 5 sets of days for downs, then a more normal cycle for about 2 weeks a month, which is likely the same for you because that’s a Whoops Disease shift thing.


These are based on my numbers, you have your own rates, so I’m adding percentage factors based on my rates which may assist you in understanding the shifts with your basal insulin more. Plus the information about how to do the calculations can be done with calculators, computers, on paper OR any other way for you to be able to determine shifts and changes with your insulin rates.

The time frames for these changes up & down extended for weeks, BUT I’ve tried to list the daily numbers so you can see the change patterns for your own uses. Microsoft Excel was used, because I’ve taken the column & row numbers to share on the images for matching the patterns with separate images for your uses.

If you look at these numerical calculations you can see how there is a 0% change like every 7 days, it may assist you in figuring out the insulin shifts for your body. If the percentages of my changes are similar to the percentages of your changes that can be fine. BUT please take care, this disease has had different symptoms in some ways between males and females, and it may also be the case with the percentages of insulin changes.

Sugar Change Pattern Shifts

The sugar change pattern shifts for me have meant that the earlier patterns of basal change of umbrellaed the numbers for the lower basal uses are going lower, the numbers with the higher basal uses are going higher so there are greater leaps in the changes as time has progressed. This means that I’ve had high daily basals going over 38 units per day with low daily basals going under 19 the next month. The numbers on the percentage change charts above are based on past figures from May, June, and July when I started making record of the insulin change patterns. Who knows what the coming weeks and days will be for me AND for you.

I hope this helps if you need the information, but in addition there are insertion site and sugar checking issues.

Insertion Site & Sugar Checking Issues

For type 1 diabetics with insulin dependency shots OR even insulin pumps are normally used. While it’s normal that all fat mass areas of the body can take an insertion for insulin delivery with a limited amount of fat, with a lot of water under the skin, and with less muscles because of less exercise for me because of untreated fractures. It has meant that there are various insertion issues that may or may not be had by other people.

Both of these issue sets are because I use an insulin pump, they may OR may not be as much a hassle for individuals that take shots.

Difficulties With Needles for Insulin Delivery

I have utilized 2 different types of insertion devices for insulin delivery the needle AND the cannula covered needle.

·       Cannula covered needle issues

The cannula is a small plastic tube that lays over a needle for insertion. Once the insertion of the needle is finished, the needle is removed from the cannula and the tube now allows insulin deliveries. There are 2 issues I’ve had with this:

    1. The cannula won’t penetrate the skin, it gets caught and won’t go in, then it begins to ‘wrinkle’ so that I can’t even try to use it more. This is likely because of the water under the skin that makes the skin more moist and more penetration resistant.
    2. The cannula bends OR kinks inside the body. This issue has gotten worse, so that there are fewer and fewer body locations I can insert the cannula needle that will work for days.

The insulin amounts for uses of these systems and their placements vary as we mentioned previously. BUT there is almost always more insulin needed in the areas where these are inserted versus the shorter needle insertions. This may only be a whoops thing, but it may also impact uses by other diabetics.

·       Normal needle issues

Normal needles seem to penetrate the skin with a lot less hassle than with the cannula needles, but there are issues with insulin dispersion, likely because they aren’t as deep in penetrations. BUT the insulin does work faster and better than it does with the cannula needles and their insertion locations.

·       Insertion for days issues

Originally, when I started the insulin pump over 20 years ago I had no issues with the correct insertions unless I left the cannula OR needle in for more than 3 days. Now I can’t leave any of the insertions in for longer than 2.5 days OR I have issues. In general it’s often found that the cannula insertions only work for 2 days while the needle insertions work for up to 2.5 days. BUT there are scarring & bruising issues also.

Scarring & Bruising Issues

Over the years I’ve learned that using the same locations for shots and sugar checking repeatedly results in bruise issues that may not go away. It depends on how much damage is caused repeatedly with insulin insertions and locations. Additional insertion locations reduced these issues a lot, but with fewer and fewer locations that insertions can work on my Whoops body the more and more issues that come.

In addition because the needles stay in the body for 2 to 2.5 days AND my sensors stay in the body for about 7 days it means that with the water layers increased under the skin my skin shifts and moves more. This causes the insertions to cause more skin and body damage with the body movements and uses. Because of that I have some needle marks now from 4 weeks ago which are slowly healing. Cat claw digs which I got last week are more healed now. This means that insertions with normal life are more issues than they should be.

The previously shared insulin issues with amounts used are still impacting me, but there are other insulin use issues that started recently.

Additional Insulin Use Oddities

Not only am I suffering the insulin not acting normally so often that it’s dangerous, I’m also having times where the insulin taken for food doesn’t have the power that it had hours before OR hours later. Plus there are times with the insulin site setups that the amount of insulin values vary.

On the left of my belly right now the insulin is 10-30% of a unit of basal weaker than on the right side of my belly. Which means for every single insertion change the insulin amounts work differently and need to be changed for accurate uses and sugar results.

Other Connecting Posts

Diabetic’s and Treatments

Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Pain ASSessment Inaccuracies & Health Issues

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables

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