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For insulin dependent diabetics the problems during WHOOPS DISEASE include abnormal sugar results & body actions that impact uses of insulin & diet actions.

As well as sugar issues that have abnormal results based on normal actions.

The normal life of waking and sleeping, eating and drinking, washing and more are all part of what an individual prepares and organizes into insulin uses with diabetes. For more than 40 years I’ve lived with the disease and for over 25 years have had the insulin pumps, and for over 15 years have functioned with sugar variation patterns on my insulin pumps. BUT additional weird issues and sugar situations with the Whoops Disease make it a lot harder to live normally.


Previous to Whoops Disease there were NO sugar change issues with taking a bath. Yes I had to take care that my sugars were at correct levels with bathing, but nothing else. BUT over the last 10 years I’ve had variations of sugar changes with bathing & even showering AT TIMES. It’s likely because this disease is water related that the sugar variations happen with bathing and showering.

The body processes water as well as more, which means that when sugars are portioned into the body that variations in water amounts, like with Whoops can also shift sugar amounts because of the type of the disease and how water processing influences everything else. With bathing I’ve had sugar drops, so much so that in 3 cases I disconnected my insulin pump, for a 4 hour period while in the bath and only plugged it back in 3 hours later. That’s not normal at all.

And there’s the times where I take a shower for 20 minutes OR so starting with normal sugar levels, insulin disconnected, and get out of the shower with my sugar dropping low. This could be assigned to eating before showering, but this is not the case. So take care if you’re insulin dependent, bathing, showering, swimming, and other water activities with Whoops could cause dangers that are unexpected.


This is a more recent issue, having continued since about June and it’s getting worse all the time. It started doing this like every once every 3 days, but it graduated to once every 2 days, and now it’s doing it every day. I wake up, check my sugar normally, and go about the day. BUT if I consume milk, nutrition drinks with protein, or even eat protein my sugar goes up at least 80 beyond the amount of any carb in milk AND these issues last up to 3 hours beyond waking.

Today was an example:

  • A sugar check 3 hours before waking had my sugar at 116, it was fine and nothing was eaten until I woke.
  • After waking
    • First I had my initial mug of tea with about 1/3 of a cup of whole milk, which is normally equal to 5 carbs, but with it heated it’s generally a carb value of 2.5.
    • Then I had my 2nd mug of tea prepared the same way as the first mug.
    • While drinking the tea I had some venison sausage.
  • I just checked my sugar, the results were 205, that’s 5.40 units of insulin worth of a high.
    • I know it’s not the basal, the basal changes were tried previously with the post waking times and I had issues with lows on the next days because the basals were correct enough.
    • The milk carb total consumed was only an active 5 carbs. That equals 1 unit of correction insulin that could have been needed.
  • This means that 5.4 given minus the 1 means my sugar went up over 90 points with nothing but protein and dairy in my system to raise the sugars.
    • And for the next 2 to 3 hours any protein OR dairy I get will keep my sugar high.

This issues happens right after waking for the 2 to 3 hour time period…AS WELL AS when I’m doing stuff.

Sleeping & Activity

Normally with diabetes the basal, base, insulin rates are set higher for sleeping than for being awake. There are issues with that if you have a sit down at the computer job, because you’re not relaxed, but your body isn’t exercising, so it’s like watching a film OR television, your sugar basal levels are generally as high OR even higher than they are with sleeping.

BUT normally doing stuff helps your body utilize more carbs and allows your sugar levels to be lower.

BUT NOT WITH WHOOPS at these later stages!

For any activity my sugar levels are higher than normal, it’s odd because instead of lowering my basal temporarily, I have to raise it temporarily to keep my sugars level. I didn’t do that today, while it wasn’t a lot of activity, my sugar didn’t go down instead it went up tremendously, as shared above.

Last night I spent 3 hours preparing food and my sugar levels went up during the process of making. So instead of exercise and activity reducing insulin needs, it actually causes a rise in insulin needed for those time frames. This amount will vary by individuals. AND as is discussed in other articles about water weight and diabetes issues in 10 posts by me there are sensor use issues that make utilizing the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) mostly useless with Whoops Disease. Which means you need to manually be keeping check of the sugars, the results, the insulin, uses and lots more. And I fail with this repeatedly.


Please note that types of food as well as type of food making processes vary the values of the food as well as the use measures for people. Parts of this is discussed in the 7a. post under the Hemorrhoid Issues heading because of discussing fiber foods & food values with processes.

PROTEINS causing need for insulin at least in the first 2 to 3 waking hours.

VEGETABLES like corn, maybe also lima beans, and other carb veggies not having the insulin need that they used to.

  • cooked potatoes=1.25 amount of carb now
  • cooked corn=0.5 amount of carb now
  • cooked black beans= 0.75 amount of carb now
  • cooked chili beans= 0.75 amount of carb now
  • cooked garbanzo beans= 1.25 amount of carb now
  • raw carrots= 0.25 amount of carb now
  • summer squash= 0 amount of carb and still is for me
  • zucchini= 0 amount of carb and still is for me
  • leaf greens= 0 carb, but always are no carb
  • peas= ?
  • winter squash= ?
  • lima beans= ?
  • Others= ?

Generally the starchiness in vegetables is less when they are not cooked while the fiber contents can be higher, the nutrition is also varied. So for raw squash, tomatoes, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, garlic, corn, green type beans, and others I don’t take any insulin anyway…BUT the oddity of not taking insulin with carrots is weird.

FRUITS also have had varied insulin issues for me. There are always variations based on the ripeness/starchiness of the fruits as well as the sizes. This means that all fresh fruits always have insulin variations, BUT generally the canned fruits are ‘the same’ in accord with the carbs listed on the cans. But I’ve noted some variations with these also, but I do not take as many fruits as I do vegetables.

For the listings here I’m adding the info from the newer Calorie King book, which is not the newest, in my home PLUS I”m doing the math to show the size aspects with the fruits I normally get, because the insulin uses are based on me consuming those.

  • Avocados– Hass variety (Mexican)- Half cup, 2.5 oz= 6 carbs, BUT I need to take 1.5 times the amount, 9 carbs worth, because of the high protein content in this fruit.
  • Bananas
    • Green– 7″, 5oz. so 10 carbs normally, but with Whoops only 5 carbs are needed.
    • Good Yellow– 7″, 5oz. so 15 carbs normally, but with Whoops only 7 or 8 carbs are needed.
    • Brownish Yellow– 7″, 5oz. so 20 carbs normally, but with Whoops only 10 carbs are needed.
  • Apples
    • These vary but for 2 to 4 ounces I take 0 insulin, for a larger one I only take up to 8 carbs, depending on how sweet they are.
  • Grapes
    • cut insulin by 50%
  • Blueberries
    • cut insulin by 75%
  • Watermelon
    • cut insulin by 25%
  • Cherries
    • cut insulin by 75%
  • Strawberries
    • cut insulin by 50%
  • Others
    • Like the info above demonstrates the darker the color of the fruit the more cutting with Whoops Disease. BUT also, like with the bananas the less ripe the fruit is the more cutting that should be done normally.

So the fruit variations in carbs can cause low sugars with Whoops, but beyond Whoops the normal uses of insulin should return if an individual remains an insulin dependent diabetic.

Basal Changes

Normally in life there are basal patterns that can be mostly predicted based on lifestyles and patterns of daily living during those days of styles. BUT with Whoops my lifestyle has been consistent for most times of the year. The only variation was last spring, summer, and fall with the gardening.

Normal Basal Insulin Versus Whoops Insulin Basal Variations

BUT this means that in comparison there are issues in life because of the abnormality and amount of insulin changes that are so abnormal with Whoops. So let’s compare this last year for Rhapsodie and the normal variations in Basal for her with the Whoops Disease Basal Issues:

Normal Basal Pattern with Life Type

Were going to start with the spring gardening pattern, to the summer gardening pattern, the fall gardening pattern, the winter holiday pattern, then the later winter previous to spring patterns that are normal.

  • Work Basals
    • Early work day, to evening day work pattern
      • Basals are set with working times being lower than sleeping times, varying body functions, activities, and eating.
    • Late day start to mid morning work pattern
      • Basals are set with working times being lower than sleeping times, varying body functions, activities, and eating.
    • Early morning to mid night extra long work pattern
      • Basals are set with working times being lower than sleeping times, varying body functions, activities, and eating.
    • [Without gardening the work patterns also have the ‘weekend’ days/ non work days to calculate depending on the work schedules and their time frames. BUT  not with gardening…that work continues for months with variations because of work and growth cycles and works with the growth cycles. This pattern ends with a couple months of winter break, but with greenhouse work starting in February/March… it means the winter break from November into January is only a short time.]
  • Mid menstrual, ovulation, cycle, 24 hours of basals going up 15%.
  • Premenstrual into menstrual cycle pattern, up to 3 days with basals graduating
    • up 0.5 the 3rd day before,
    • 1.0 the 2nd day before,
    • 1.5 the day before, and
  • Menstrual cycle, 5 days total,
    • staying high through the period, then
  • Post menstrual
    • 1.0 basal drop for 24 hours the day after.
  • Normal
    • Sugar cycles back to normal patterns.

These pattern amounts allow a person on an insulin pump who has the normal cycles to setup up patterns with variations that are more normal and consistent for life. BUT that’s not the same with Whoops.

Whoops Disease Basal Pattern Issues with Life Types

Whoops disease basal patterns are so inconsistent, I barely get 2 days of the same basals, then I have to adjust things for many days, then get 1 or 2 days of no adjusting and then am back to rearranging my basals all over again. There have been so many patterns that I only at times have made records… copies are shared in multiple posts:

The information on the spreadsheet clips, shared on those posts was begun with a basal sheet setup that I have varied things for at least 182 days between 1 and 12 times a day this is ridiculous. At times because of using the Paradigm to allow me better control of my insulin without the innaccurate submariners fiddling with my basals and boluses on the 670g, I have just kept the pump in a single state and have made adjustments repeatedly. So using Excel have setup a listing that allows me to vary the ups and downs on page, then I can have that record as well as a copy that’s not erased for change uses.

This means that for 2020 I only have listings of variations for

  • 2020- March 4 days of Morning & Evening changes- that’s 8 sets with the 4 days of listed complete changes in basal list records.
  • 2020- April
    • 1 day of Morning & Evening changes- that’s 2 sets with the 1 day doing double records,
    • only 16 other days of multiple sets of changes recorded in basal list records
    • total of 17 days of recorded changes during April
  • 2020- May
    • total of 19 days of recorded changes during May
  • 2020- June
    • total of 1 day of recorded changes during June
      • Gardening and sleeping was most of my summer life.
  • 2020- July
    • total of 3 days of recorded changes during July
  • 2020- August
    • total of 0 days of recorded changes during August…too busy in real life to make recordings updates, but the variations were continuing…May is just an example of my life over the last years.
  • 2020- September
    • total of 2 days of recorded changes during September.

Instead of making up a brand new record now, I only do so when I have an issue with losing the records in the pump OR think of making an update from the Paradigm. While I was able to load the 670g I was doing the info records at least once a month, so I could copy the numbers onto the basal of that pump for the official records. BUT I’ve not been able to download the new setup from Minimed, and still can’t.

To Be Finished Soon!

And my poor little sensor with my 670g insulin pump is having trouble keeping up with my sugars which earlier tonight reading low, BUT my sugar tested 98% lower than the sensor readings with a count of 51 when the blood test is at 39. This means doing an all around basal lowerings all over again…yeehah more fun.  Because of body issues as well as Whoops there are many occasions where spending time on the computer adding info is too much for me to do, sorry…this also means there will be no improvement in my blogging style pertaining to frequency. But I’ll continue trying to share useful info for some of us.

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