Me & my speech.

My really handsome kitty is dead now, I think, he disappeared and is presumed dead. My newer kitties are:

  • one presumed dead, and
  • the other one biting me.

My parents cat has also been biting at me. So I must assume that it’s a WHOOPS DISEASE thing, which means that these normally nice and affectionate animals think I’m tasty. Likely because I’m close to dying OR my skin is so deliciously ‘cat food’ tasty that biting me is an attractive kitty option. Take care if you have a dog, they may OR may not be as attracted to you as my cats are to me. They also MAY BE more careful with their master/mistress…BUT they may not be…I don’t know you & I don’t know your animals.

My cat biting at me haven’t broken the skin with the biting, they have barely bruised me, but the biting actions are so abnormal for them that I’m afraid that I’m just getting closer to dying all the time. AND this could be happening with you and your pets also. BUT please don’t react harshly with your critters, it’s just you having Whoops Disease, and if the doctors ever treat us the pets will still be ours to care for.

For me if I pet my cat for a while after it’s bit me, and then get close to its mouth, it’s so happy I’ve been nice that it doesn’t even try to bite me until the next time I accidentally put my hand in it’s face when I haven’t been affectionate towards it recently &/OR it’s hungry enough not to care how affectionate I’ve been.

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

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