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These issues grow as time goes on and the ‘microscopic organisms multiply’. In addition the amount of effort that’s gone into personal health maintenance including:

  • drinking enough,
  • modifying and adjusting humidity better,
  • bathing,
  • using lotions,
  • moisturizing eye care,
  • moisturizing hair care, and
  • more

will have huge impact on the dryness issues being lived through.

I live in an atmosphere that’s really dry a long portion of the year, in my home the humidity level from about October through April is under 20%. That’s a great level for reducing mold and bug issues, but it’s a really dry atmosphere. This has meant that living in a dryer environment has meant taking the time to figure out ways to make the air easier to breathe and less dry.

Treatments against Dryness

As we mentioned above the dry air causes additional issues with a body that’s suffering dryness. Treatments can be practical, but they may not be cheap, this is depending spaces and needs by users with spaces. In additional person dryness care varies with our actions through the disease.

Reduce Dry Air in the Environment

Because of the super low humidity in the home I suffer dry air breathing issues if I don’t have a water source humidifying the air in my areas. While this means I’m adding more water which will increase the Whoops organisms growth potentials, I have a really hard time with my throat feeling like a scrub brush is being used on it every time I breathe. The humidity in the house with a humidifier next to me, a pan of water near the stove, a dish of water out, and a tub of water in the kitchen sink is still less than 20%.

In house plants

While the plants don’t humidify the air a lot, they allow watering AND do release moisture with their air cycling works. In addition the natural plant air is likely more reduced in issues that help Whoops Disease, because the fresh air varies the possible issues that could come from not being clean & fresh.


These come in various types and sizes. Larger sizes and smaller sizes often have replacement filters, cleaning methods, and more. BUT the prices for the devices vary, the locations for possible uses vary, the amount of water with uses varies, the care for them varies, and the water potentials with them vary. Here are some links to search locations for humidifiers:

Larger ones

Smaller ones

Boiling pots of water

This method is generally better with a larger pan, because the boiling even simmering will dry out water from the pan pretty fast. This will humidify the air some, it’s more than nothing.

  • If you boil out 2 gallons of water, 8 quarts, it means that you have that amount of moisture put into the air.

Other pots/buckets/pans/tubs with water

These can be placed in locations that work for you. In some cases like with floor, or wall heating vents, or even heater stands it could be adding water pots OR tubs near those areas can allow more moisture to be added from evaporation.

Wet towels OR cloths

While you may not have a large space it can be that if there are available hangers & hooks OR even rods, wetted towels OR cloths can be hung to add moisture into the air where those are placed.

  • Care is needed because the hanging wetted thing may cause damage if the location OR items near the location are bothered by the wetted instrument.

Fan around water dish with a cloth

I don’t run a humidifier in my bedroom, but with sleeping in the dry atmosphere I need the moisture to keep my throat from hurting as much. So instead of fiddling to bring a humidifier into the bedroom I’ve made another option that works great AND is a lot quieter.

  • The fan over the dampened cloth that has one side in a dish of water and the other side on a raised platform which allows the fan to blow over the cloth and spread moisture. The issues can be drips that cause damage to furniture, but a plastic layer under this setup can assist in reducing that issue. The dish, fan, cloth are able to be of any preferred style, the tray shown is upside down to lift the wetted cloth closer to the fan.

The humidifying options help the breathing a lot, BUT so does the work to drink a lot each day. Days with drinking less than a gallon a day result in dryer and itchier skin, dryer eyes, and harder breathing, so making sure to drink enough is a huge value for reducing dryness issues.

Personal Dryness Treatments For

My personal treatments for the body are mostly successful, and they aren’t too expensive in most cases either. These treatments aren’t needed too much because of the fluids ingested daily. But just recently I had a couple of days of burning dry skin. After showering and drying taking the time to rub my skin resulted in flaking that’s normally seen after a sunburn.

Dry body

Treatment for the dry body begins with taking in enough moisture regularly. In addition the lotions OR creams that are used should enhance moisture with the skin. It’s amazing but recently I found a great dry skin treatment.

Aloe gel with some added liquid colloidal silver & glycerin:This was purchased by me during the summer when it was available, then I used some of my colloidal silver concentrate AND glycerin to help this be a better moisturizing solution. After the flaking skin, I used this on my limbs and shoulders. It’s been 2 days since that now, and my skin is still not flaking after that treatment neither is it burning like it was previous to the treatment.










Dry Underarms & Belly Button

The dry flakiness at my belly button and underarms is gone with the use of Bag Balm after every single shower OR bath.

Dry scalp

I haven’t found a way to stop my scalp from flaking with tons of dandruff right after a hair wash, it’s possible I can try my allow solution in my hair care post conditioning also. The dry scalp and flaky itching is reduced for me because I wash my hair only when absolutely needed. It assists in helping me to avoid itchy scalp.

Dry mouth/throat

For my dry mouth and throat drinking lots of tea with added milk really helps. The milk alone helps also, but it’s gone to fast and it’s super expensive, so adding milk to the tea really helps. My Traumeel may increase saliva flow, which can possibly also assist in reducing my dry mouth issues. Two aspects that really helps on top of drinking large amounts with milk is that I brush my tongue when cleaning my teeth, AND I do not drink sugar fluids.

The sugary fluids cause ‘mouth’ food processing at enhanced rates and this also drys my mouth a lot.

Dry lips

I’ve made a lip balm mix using vitamin E balm, glycerin, a bit of tea tree oil & iodine which act as a disinfectant and taste bad which keeps me from licking my lips. In addition I at times add a bit of bag balm, vaseline, and some cocoa butter balm. This solution has shifted and varied a lot over time, some of the ingredients originally gotten aren’t available any more at a price I want to spend. The addition of the glycerin assists in keeping the balm as a moisturizing agent while it’s on my lips instead of a drying agent.

Dry face

At times my face is drying abnormally, but the addition of the glycerin to my face cream has reduced the dryness issues a lot. In addition I make sure to add the lotion right after rinsing and patting dry my skin. BUT I’m still tremendously wrinkled.

Dry ears

My ears are dry outside AND super moist inside. This means various treatments.

Inside ears

Inside my ears the moisture and masses of skin cause a needed scraping cleaning issue daily. At times recently I’ve also had a whitish puss like remains. That can be what adds to the dry flaky remains that are scraped out daily.








The ears are generally dug into with my fingers before I remember to pull out my tools. The tools are safer for my ears and can be disinfected. The amount of mass shown on the towel is what my fingers had as well as what the scrapers helped me get in this use.

Outside ears

My outside ears between my inner ear hollow and outer rim get really dry, I use the Bag Balm on that also each time I wash my hair OR take a shower, but at times I need to add more because of the flakiness issues.

Dry eyes

As discussed previously I use the equate brand multi purpose solution, which allows thorough moisturizing infrequently versus other solutions that require frequent applications.

Dry hands

While the skin on my hands is also dry drinking enough generally keeps them moist enough. I don’t add additional lotion most of the time until I moisturize my feet before going to sleep. BUT I’ve found that in some cases the addition of the Bag Balm to dry areas, like under my arms OR at my belly button leaves enough excess I can add it to my hands.

While my hands are swollen, dry, and more I’m avoiding a lot of issues because of drinking enough. BUT in addition to that when I get a hangnail, OR another hand wound taking the time to add a bit of superglue allows the healing with less damage. The Gorilla brand superglue, I’ve not tried the gel, lasts up to 6 OR 8 hours with use on my hands, it lasts about 24 to 30 hours in use elsewhere for injuries both larger AND smaller.

Dry feet

I’ve mixed a variation of lotions and cream, my base is the Udderly Smooth which is unscented and allows the addition of the ‘oilier/ heavier’ moisturizing materials like the face creams, vitamin E oil, and non oily aloe juice and glycerin to feel right for uses on my feet nightly right before bed.

With all of these treatments there has been a bunch of experimenting and trials until I find ‘it’ working correctly. The Gold Bond Ultimate- Diabetics’ Dry Skin Relief– lotion is really good, but I like more moisturizing at less cost, so my fiddling is done enough to supply me with useful solutions that work right while not being as costly at one time.

Dryness issues are likely to increase more as time goes on, they have already, it may also be that with Whoops Treatment the issues will continue OR stretch for some time also.

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