Me & my speech.

With the Political Debates the Moderators Share the Rules…

…I’m not sure if candidates are made aware of those earlier OR not.

The rules and more with debates and writing are done to assist people to have the ability to share as well as to get the time others do to share in these situations and with these events. Debates are generally prepared to bring out various opinions on confrontational OR even conflicting opinions & ideas pertinent with matters. This allows the various issues to be brought forth that may be hiding in the background of other aspects with issues & events.

For instance the, official, results of the first debate between Trump & Biden were based on the debate styles as well as how the candidates acted in front of the audience.

There are contentions about who won the debate, but I’m also wondering if Trump was suffering fever and possibly other ‘cold OR virus’ symptoms. When I am high in temperature, having a sore throat, having aching lungs, and not feeling good there is less patience that I display because of  my body suffering stress & other abnormal physical issues.

College Debate Differences to the Political Debates

While in college the debate plans were put forward months before the debates began.

  • The issues were topics of interest with life in society.
  • The rules were added when the debate assignments were handed out,
  • we had weeks to prepare and
  • to practice these with the team works.

The debate styles were expected to be kept, as part of the grade for the class, for the Presidential & VP debates

  • the people are trying to get info as well as learn more about their candidates.
  • The debate results will be determined with the election results as long as individuals that vote remotely also make sure their votes were taken accurately, AND
  • if the boxes aren’t stuffed with false voting.

Rules for U.S. Political Debates

The rules for the U.S. political debates are really loose, they are mostly time rules AND let the other candidate speak aspects. This also means that the moderators type of questions do NOT have to be specifically answered, but it also means this isn’t a free for all conversation. 

The Ten Simple Rules for Debating, by Nullus Maximus Posted on April 21, 2016, and blogged about by me in the previous post which shared some practical guidance for debating as well as logistical issues that impact the results of the debates for the audiences.

So here are some links to research I’ve done on debating and on debate rules:

Presidential Debate Rules

At times these are located after the debates, but so far I’ve not found the rules listed OR shared for the public for the next Presidential debate which is only 7 days away.

Presidential Debate Commission Debate Rules [not located with searching]

Are hard to find…it must make it difficult for the candidates also if those aren’t shared beforehand. Microphone cutoffs are being considered for future presidential debates, and the VP debates are likely to enforce those actions.

Who is and how this should be handled is a different issue and will be influenced by how the ‘rules’ are established. For instance if it’s a timed debate, will there be microphone time stoppers pre-programmed which means the moderator can’t shift things? Will there be a pre-time ending button the debaters can click to allow the moderator & other debater speaking time?

But it’s definitly under consideration, because the rules of the debate were broken repeatedly.

Other General Debate Info

Like my college debate which was a team process there are debate processes and styles dependent on the types of debating and locations with those. The issues that come into political debates may be considered with these rules, but the rules are what the moderators state…Timing rules.


As you can see there are multiple aspects that are considered with debates, but for the political debates the people, the audience, the third party are who the debates are for and are about. This setup and change of debate styling may mean that moderators will get more control AND that will mean less ‘for the people’ and more ‘about the system’ actions taking place.

Please share your thoughts.

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