Me & my speech.

I’m adding another apology because I do not have the clinical name for Whoops Disease yet, it’s changed so much over the years name and most of them I’ve dealt with treat me for the ‘effects’ of the disease not for the disease.  Because since I’ve learned about it, so only the ‘professionals’ with the treatment have the clinical Whoops Disease, as named by Rhapsodie is easy to remember AND because many of us get it whoopsily it makes sense for us. But the clinical treatment impacts the body and systems also, this is what I’ve heard of, but more can be added after treatment shows the effects.

Please take care, no correct treatment leads to death because the parasites (microscopic organisms) overwhelm air systems and take away any ability to breathe. The wake up chokes that happen twice are only a couple of the effects with this action by the nano organisms. Asthma symptoms, with no asthma, is another effect. Having hard times fighting colds, getting bronchitis & pneumonia are other issues from this disease while it’s working. Additionally your HIV blood tests may show HIV that’s not AIDS, but it’s an immune virus impacted by the wastes of the organisms filling your body and weakening your ability to live.

Post Treatment Things

I am not treated, this is just what I have heard that there are repetition cycles beginning right after treatment. These patterns of repetition are heaviest closest to the treatment, the cycles are the same except for the new thing(s) every 3 days, I think. Additional effects may be nice OR not, but I’m not sure what the other treatment values are for sufferers of Whoops Disease.

Water Release

With Whoops Disease being a water borne microscopic organism, as described in many of the previous posts, the water is a necessity for that organism to survive. For individuals living with that disease water in take increases a lot more than normal, as is described with life in many of the previous posts also, links below. This means after disease treatment there will be a great release of water that the organism’s have stored for expansion in the body. In nature water is where it lives at warmer OR like ‘human body temperature’ or thereabouts (or around). That’s why with the human body, the water intake has increased so that the organisms have a supply to use while the body still functions ‘normally’ enough.

This should mean that after treatment the water release comes out of the human body in any way that we expel water. This means with the skin through sweat secretions, the urinary tract, from around the eyes with the tear ducts, and possibly the mouth. I’m assuming that the skin water release is in the initial 24 hours the most, while the urinary tract because of processing through the system it could vary and extend a lot longer.

With the extensive amount of water expelling through the body, it’s likely that the bathroom is going to be the best friend of anyone during the early day. BUT that’s not normal even if a person falls asleep in the bath tub. If you have nature space, like outside, it could be that summer warmth will allow you to be outdoors letting go of water, that’s not going to harm the environment. But anyone in the hospital, because of other injuries that were hidden with the water in the body refracting light from image machines hiding images of the reality of injuries under the skin.

This means the water run off of the body, will likely need a flow off bed (table) prepared. Something like is used in surgery that allows the released body fluids to flow away from the body on the operating table.  Slosh there are materials that allow garments to remain sweat free, so I’m sure there could be ‘fabric’ on beds/ mattresses/ tables that allow the water to flow away from the body of the patient on bed. This is only outside the body, what happens with the body.

What happens with the body?

With the water flowing out of the body, I’m assuming that the pores of the skin will allow the releases but will expand with the water outflow. While the urinary systems will work normally BUT at a higher potential, so it may be modified water expelling systems can be prepared. Like with underwear fitted with a water flow bag, like an old hot water bottle that allows the screw thread top to be connected to a hose to a bucket OR something else. BUT what about the pores, they are expelling massive amounts ABNORMALLY.

If the pores are expelling massive amounts abnormally, then they are expanded abnormally for extended lengths of time. So a rubbing OR vibrating rubbing could allow them to shrink back to normal a lot faster. Using a lubricating solution, like pregnancy rub OR sexual lubricant, can assist the friction from the rubbing to be reduced for the skin areas and the rubbing hands OR tools OR both. If the machinery tools are prepared so they can work like a vibrating mattress, pad, or other it means that they can possibly be rubbing tools that are used for other functions also.

These are just my ideas, they may OR may not be good, they are just ideas because of my thinking without having lived this section of the disease, treatment, yet. BUT I have also heard of the repetition cycles of things, that will impact life at the same time that water flows are happening.

Repetition Patterns

This is part of the proof that this disease is nano, not normal. There are repetition cycles, of movements & speech, that go from the first day of treatment to 7, 10, 13, or even 20 days. The first day is the most with the heaviest amounts of repetition. I’m not sure if this is repetition of the day before, OR from months before. I’m not sure what it comes from, but I think it comes from hearing a pattern of sound while the memories of what is spoken OR done OR read are captured for the repetition cycles. Each individual will repeat based on what they have done.

The heaviest sharing with the repetitions is the first day/days after treatment. The cycling pattern reduces away from treatment.  For everyone away from the repeater, things will not be as loud as they are for the speaker. It may be that in some ways, like with eating OR chewing gum OR sucking on something there won’t be as much vocal repetition hassle, but I’m not sure at present, time will tell after treatments begin.

I’m not sure of the patterns OR the time cycles with that. The reduction in repetitions and the actions with those can be prepared for. The patterns will bother everyone over time, BUT THE PERSONS WITH THE REPETITIONS WILL HAVE THINGS THE WORST. It’s possible that treatments done while the individual was sleeping will be easier for doctors, BUT it could be that there will be no moves OR speaking if the ‘patient’ OR ‘released patient’ is sleeping I’m not sure yet.

This means preparing for the repetitions. (I’ve made my own copy of an Excel Spreadsheet and this bit is only ‘some’ of it, so that it can be filled in.

But you may want to create your own form, with a series, please note that doctors can use pages with the same pattern easier than different patterns. So preparing pages for uses will vary with treatment, and the fewer changes can mean less pertinent pages, but easier to use. Plus with movements & VIDEO RECORDS it can be that some repetition pattern problems can be less stressful for individuals & carers and this can possibly also assist recoveries to be less of a problem.

  •  The record of when, what is done, and what is said made the first day will assist the other repetition day records to be prepared to be crossed out as time goes on and things STOP repeating.
    • With a spreadsheet form prepared with Time & Moves & Speech by volume & span of cycle can allow carer’s and individual’s living with the events to prepare to live through the events. AND with the new ‘event’ OR ‘words’ that are likely once OR ???… I’m not sure to be added onto the cycle pages also.

I prepared a 24 hour, 15 minute segmented, multiple day form in Excel which is detailed with a lot more information for filling. Some of the info is likely a waste of space, but other info may be needed also. So far the spreadsheet is just prepare, it’s not filled in because no treatment has been received, but here’s a simplified clip of that which is prepared in my Whoops files likely under treatment:

      • This can be placed into print form OR left on computer, using the video records will allow the time records to be captured and stored correctly on the pages/ computer.
        • For individuals kept in the hospital through the treatment, it can be good that the repetition records are:
          • Kept in the doctors pages,
          • Placed in the Nurses records,
          • Added outside the door for other ‘carer’s to reference’, that is if the patient agrees to that,
          • Placed inside the room for the patient’s family and others as an easier reference,
          • Then there is the connection surface, pad, computer, page, or whatever is used, like a clipboard OR a computer that can be a go between for all the other records pages/ systems.
      • Using video records will allow the verbal and physical actions to be ‘seen & heard’, plus time captured for the cycle pattern records. BUT please remember all the video is viewer capture of the actions, which means anyone seeing this who is living with it is getting the capture perspective.
        • If you have a sports camera on your glasses/ chest/ hat/ head rim/ or arm things will be seen as you do them from the location of the camera, but if you have an exterior camera looking at you that will see things from that angle, which may mean multiple  exterior captures UNLESS one can be placed umbrella like over you where you go with what you do.
    • The physical and verbal repetition patterns in record  can help everyone treated, their families, the doctors/ healthcare givers, and it should mean that the repeater hassles can be minimized also.
      • For instance if you’re treated with ‘going to the bathroom’ as part of the repetition, how was your body held, what future actions in repetition can you pass over OR will you do exactly the same again. So what treatment repetition patterns do you plan?
        • Like for guys that use the urinal, could you have a waist wrap that ‘hides your repetition actions’ OR for a woman that squats on a low toilet is there a … OR maybe you just determine to try and use the bathroom with the repetition, so the hassles aren’t a ‘bother’.
    • It’s likely that the verbal exclamations and actions can be more annoying, especially if you’re having repetitions while at work OR if you’re being treated by doctors.
      • For any getting treated and walking out, it could be that at ‘home’ for the weekend OR  a long weekend’ could be best for recording & making pattern action guides for things that get less and less over the 7 to 10 days of repetition.
      • For in hospital people, having an ‘on the door record’; ‘in the room record’, and ‘in between record’ that allows the other records to be kept accurate is good. It can also be great if the doctors & nurses have a copy of the repetition cycle records.
    • Your plans and actions will impact everything,
      • So making sure to have a record of the repetitions will enable you to work through and with things. For instance if you drive to work, maybe before treatment you get someone(s) you can prepare travel plans with, so you don’t have driving issues in repetition actions that could cause accidents.
        • Maybe you have meetings planned, so you prepare the meeting times with the repetition schedules in mind, maybe even coffee breaks, that allow you to ‘go repeat’ in the bathroom or however is better with you for live around the repetition with the meeting situation.
      • Doctors may be learning this disease, but I’m sure they may be able to provide a ‘doctor’s note(s)’ about the repetitions, so bosses won’t be able to fire you for disease treatment actions that you don’t have control over during treatment repetition days.
  • Family & Work mates & job people might be able to work with you also, your boss can hopefully have plans to work with you through  these times. Just like they will need to with treatment beyond and times with aspects of this disease.

Some issues that can happen may be extreme amounts of bathroom uses, there are the repetition cycle patterns, and there are also other issues like ‘abnormally speaking out’ because of the repetition of speech . As we discuss in this article above the work to prepare and setup ways to measure what is happening both before treatment and through treatment can really impact the results of what happens and how things are planned after treatment.

In addition there’s the possibility with treatment at the correct time that any person with Type 1 diabetes could have that go away. I’m not sure about how this impacts people that have gotten diabetes with Whoops AND I’m not sure how ‘fast’ things will shift.

We haven’t gotten to this stage of Whoops Disease yet, but it can be that you all might need additional follow up information beyond the treatment preparations above. Plans are to extend these posts following the title above with letter codes.  We may add some videos, but I’ll try to avoid as many as possible, because internet in the boonies costs a lot of money. Unless you have signal then you are paying for service all the time. AND video takes a massive amount of internet signal space.

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