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Everyone should be aware of updates with the disease, I try to add those onto the list for the last years, but it’s somewhat a sort through and find thing. So for the present I’m just adding symptoms here, because it’s the more recent things for me, my family, and maybe for you too. I’m adding another apology because I do not have the clinical name yet, it’s changed so much over the years since I’ve learned about it, so only the ‘professionals’ with the treatment have the clinical name.  BUT Whoops Disease, named by Rhapsodie is easy to remember AND because many of us get it whoopsily it makes sense for us.

Here are the disease updates I’ve suffered, but the diabetes ‘addition’ to other people’s lives is a huge hassle, AND that goes away for normal people with treatment BUT for diabetics certain treatment time periods take away diabetes also.

Additional symptoms

Additional symptoms and bits beyond the emotional ups and downs which have continued for months through my whole family include:

  • For Damp Ears
  • Boils in ears
    • These have been going on for a long time, use of a Q-tip, one per ear, presoaked with povidone iodine solution for about 2 weeks
      • for the last year prior to my menstrual cycle for the right ear boils really helps cut the boil itchiness and infection spread once they burst.
      • recently this is for my left ear and still the right, but for 2 weeks after my menstrual cycle.
      • Then there are about 2 weeks with clear ears.
  • For Dry Eyes
    • I use the Equate Brand from Walmart  Multi-Purpose Solution in the back corners of my eyes about once a week, but you can use it as much as you need. This reduces the itchiness and if you wear contacts I find it’s also recommended for use daily.
  • For Men over 50- Stiffening FEET, doctors say it’s arthritis freezing those

    • Treatment for Whoops Disease should release the tension of bone arthritis problems, BUT
      • After treatment extra care to return flexibility to your feet is needed. Because during the freezing processes, muscles and tendons in the feet are stiffening from the lack of movement flexing, so with return of bone flexibility the muscles and tendons need care to not be stressed in getting normal flexibility for how you were back again.
      • Shiatsu heat feet massager machines may work, BUT it may help to flex and stretch your feet as soon as you think you have Whoops Disease impacting you.
  • Burping Hassles
    • Gas gets in the gut and hurts if you don’t let it go. It’s only gas, but drinking water, soda, and anything without protein added will give you gas.
    • Treatment Plans & Cares
      • Try to burp is a useful action,
      • Drinking highly carbonated drinks can help also,
      • I’ve found using hydrogen peroxide, like 1/4 to 1/8 of a teaspoon in 1 cup of water is a big gas helper. Try to avoid taking too much so you don’t have other issues than gas.
        • Take care with this if you take too much you’ll be farting as well as burping.
        • The pharmaceutical is way cheaper than the food grade and is more viable if you aren’t getting any additional additives. My container is a mix of stabilized hydrogen peroxide & purified water, it has 3% of hydrogen peroxide meaning I use more than a tinsy bit.
  • Fever Issues
    • Cycles with high temperatures have been happening on and off for years now. I think part of this is because of broken bone infections, but the disease is also known for causing temperature issues.
      • Treatments found that work are use of Suphedrine PE OR Multi-Symptom Cold & Flu drinks which contain the Suphedrine PE. This never totally gets rid of my temperatures, but allows them to be less bothersome.
  • Hemorrhoid Issues
    • The hard & soft pooping problems can cause hemorrhoids that are unlikely for you at your age. So there are options to take care of things:
    • Treatment Plans & Cares
      • Make sure to use Vaseline on your rear hole every time you shit, this softens your ass and helps you avoid wounding yourself with super hard shits.
      • Also please try to suck it up, so you can rearrange what ‘forms’ are coming out.
        • I have had to  use my fingers, to break up the
          • Baseball feeling, larger than golf ball size mass.
          • The multiple golf balls worked out better with finger breakups also.
            • SO make sure to have finger cleaning wipes/ solutions or a SINK ready to treat your hands with these hassles.
      • If you can always work to make sure your fiber intake is great, at least one high fiber serving OR 2 or 3 per day. Is always good for your diet, but you may need to increase the high fiber content with this disease so that the poops are less of a problem, like adding 2 or 3 of the-
        • Oatmeal as daily serving snack OR meal.
        • High Fiber Snacks like
          • Triscuits as daily serving snack OR meal.
          • Granola as daily serving snack OR meal.
          • Other
        • High Fiber Brand Cereals like
          • Frosted Mini Wheats as daily serving snack OR meal.
          • Oat Bran Cereal as daily serving snack OR meal.
          • Other
  • I don’t want to listen to you gesture
    • More in the men’s symptoms.
  • Odd sugar problems– Rhapsodie has been type 1 diabetic since she was 5, so she reads these symptoms versus her diabetic normalities.
    • Take a bath in one week and every time sugar drops;
    • The week later take a bath and every time sugar goes up to 203 to 206.
    • Other weeks of sugar oddities-
      • 5 days 1 unit up, a pause, 5 days 1 unit down then
        • a break of 5 weeks
      • 3 days 1 unit up, a pause, 3 days 1 unit down repeated for 3 days
        • followed by a larger break of 3 weeks then
      • 1 day a unit up & 1 day a unit down for 7 days…
    • I’m not sure what’s next with the sugar hassles.
  • Sneezing is super heavy
    • That means using a face mask is not enough, using a handkerchief wrap over the face mask may not be comfortable, but a face pad with the mask can also work asorbitively.
    • Avoid passing lung fluids
      • Wear a face mask;
      • Do not sneeze or cough on your hands; Use elbow OR shoulder so you don’t spread the stuff.
      • Using bleach and boiling water should kill the ‘bugs’ ALSO dry heat will kill them, so a normal wash is fine with a hot air dryer.
      • Using a burn can in an oven with fire can destroy any tissues capturing lung mucus & sneeze crap that may hold the infection.
  • Sound Sensitivity
    • This has begun for me, pitchey noises get louder and more annoying, this is supposed to continue and get worse until it disappears. This can continue for 1 week up to 3 weeks, I’m suffering the early stages now.
    • Treatment Ideas
      • Outside nature sounds do not have this bothering effect;
      • Voices might OR might not;
      • Music; TV; Computer; and other electronic sounds cause a pitchy noise problem leading to headaches, so preparing by having
        • Ear plugs (normal foam ones);
        • Noise pitch ear plugs;
        • Noise canceling headsets;
        • Noise life plans;
          • Tell family about the situations so they can be prepared to live with you through these situations.
          • Work mates & job people might be able to work with you also, your boss can hopefully have plans to work with you through  these times.
  • Tiredness Grows
    • As the sneezings get worse, so does the tiredness…
      • It’s harder to sleep,
      • Harder to breathe,
      • and harder to stay awake.
    • If doctors have given you inhaler’s to use the microbes that are filling your lungs may do so faster OR more thoroughly which can mean more energy depletion.
  • Abnormal Planters Warts
    • Plus for people is the planters warts in the feet causing horrid foot pains. These like fill the foot with pain spread through the whole foot.
      • Treatment gets rid of these, if they aren’t the ‘normal’ planters warts infections.
      • Surgery to remove the pains could be an option, but you might not want the option if we determine the clinical ‘name’ of Whoops Disease for correct doctor treatment and care FIRST.  Hah, most of my doctors are treating me for other things like:
        • Diabetes,
        • Asthma (which I do not have so use chamomile tea)
        • Colds (which I treat as on other pages WITHOUT prescriptions)
        • Acid Re-flux (which I treat naturally with unpasteurized cider vinegar & honey before bed.)
      • My natural Whoops Disease, during disease, treatments are listed in the other pages, linked below for any who want to read more.

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