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For Rhapsodie her suffering with Whoops Disease has been multiplied by doctors who assume a lot without taking the time to get outside of their own comfort zone in investigating issues Rhapsodie has mentioned. So Rhapsodie spent almost 24 hours gathering information and making a chart, so the doctors could have a scannable reference when she mentions water weight.

The adult human body water intake & output use image, at page under Dr. Larson’s name was used to form the chart information with Rhapsodie’s information & variables included. The other details explaining that chart, more, are saved in upcoming additional blog pages, because this page will be big enough. I’m sorry about that, it’s just too much work right now to fix and modify a whole blog sharing when there are followers that keep returning to find out more details before they suffer inaccurately by bad doctoring.

This chart has been created about Rhapsodie and by her, because images as are shown demonstrating Rhapsodie’s altered looks in the in the WHOOPS DISEASE- 2. Females pages, they are not being added her again. BUT the chart images compiled with formatting & coloring for easier connection between multiple pages are being shown, followed by the other present blog post links.

A- Intro to Rhapsodie’s WHOOPS DISEASE Water Weight Chart
b- Comparison of Metabolism water intake & Feces water releases, in Rhapsodie’s WHOOPS DISEASE Water Weight Chart with the information of the first parts of the 2 left columns from

c- Comparison of foods water intake & insensible LOSS water output, in Rhapsodie’s WHOOPS DISEASE Water Weight Chart with the information of the first parts of the 2 left columns from

d- Comparison of beverages ingestion as water intake & sweat water losses, in Rhapsodie’s WHOOPS DISEASE Water Weight Chart with the information of the first parts of the 2 left columns from

e- Comparison of insensible gain water intake & urine fluid output, in Rhapsodie’s WHOOPS DISEASE Water Weight Chart with the information of the first parts of the 2 left columns from

f- Comparison of intake & output TOTALS with a comparison summary in Rhapsodie’s WHOOPS DISEASE Water Weight Chart.

For Rhapsodie the difference between her normal 140 and 193 pounds is 53 pounds that’s a gain in 22 days, but we never calculated

  • menstrual cycle releases, so that is more calculation to consider. Plus
  • sneezes,
  • coughs,
  • bouts of diarrhea,
  • frequent sinus draining, and
  • more.

Being that Rhapsodie has not been eating the calories she did before the disease for many years, and other research supports this, Rhapsodie seems to be starving in the United States looking like a woman from Africa who’s suffering a parasite problem also. With the swollen belly, skinny hands & feet, dark hollows around the eyes, cracking fingernails, dry skin, cracking lips, and more.

End of this Whoops Disease Post, more continues on pages not added yet, but also on other pages. Links are below.


ABOUT THIS PAGE, please forgive me, I’m trying to use BLOCKS, at Wikipedia, so far I hate them please NEVER add THEM, BECAUSE THEY RUIN LOQUACIOUS WRITING, but they may be fixed in time with users. I’m hoping I can get the previous formatting back. Blocks are useful if an individual is blogging with a cell phone, because the actions popup when you start a new paragraph.

BUT I’ve had another problem, with highlighting a group of text, trying to change the color & italicize it wasn’t able to be done with the blocks. The blocks are locked on when you’re in the middle of writing. I can save a draft, but haven’t figured out how to turn blocks OFF. Additionally I’ve learned that I need to start my page with an intro paragraph AND a follow paragraph, so it’s easier to add new blocks.

PLUS once you go to the right of your page you can find the menu, eventually, and chose colors and test styles. BUT you can only change one block at a time, which means writers sharing lots of paragraphs, will likely find that difficult for use. If you make a color to use, you have to make a copy of the code OR remake another similar color. The system only allows coloring per block, presently, it’s a waste of time.

Neither can I figure out how to delete the unnecessary blocks, sorry that’s wrong, if you’ve typed into the block you can delete it, but if it’s blank you can’t.

If you add an image, you need to go to the top right corner of the page and click the + in the circle. This block thing has made me spend more time adding information to my pages. Plus while they do allow bullet points & outline numbers, they don’t seem to want to do anymore than shift a single bullet point in a list of points, which makes outlining really hard to do. which can ease the reading for people. But they may be creating this system as I’m working on it, so the future may have it better for users.



WHOOPS DISEASE- 2b. Water Weight Chart Comparisons




WHOOPS DISEASE-6. Treatment Ideas & Facts

WHOOPS DISEASE-7 A Cure for Diabetes

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