Me & my speech.

Rhapsodie from 2014 through 2015 didn’t take the Thyroid medication. After taking it again in 2015 the prescription from before was kept EXACTLY the same, there were no medicine changes and Rhapsodie is taking the EXACT same amount now. This is a sign of the Whoops disease, with the exact prescription maximized by non-users previous to problem of 1.25 for females not taking depression medications. Also for females previously taking thyroid medications the amounts only go up OR down to 2.5 not anymore OR any less. After treatment this should normalize, but I’m not sure at what speed.

The great intake of water to keep up the needs of the body reduce the size of the stomach’s intake of food, this when fluid intake is good to keep the body moisture levels accurate, so no inaccuracies in blood tests will result in starvation. Rhapsodie’s starvation has resulted in broken bones and other bone problems. The starvation notes by Rhapsodie are kept in her MEDICAL folders.

Additionally getting diabetes could be a huge issue for the people that aren’t already diabetic. And this disease being such a predominant one for diabetes may be a symptom of cure for diabetics. Especially if the disease was planted as one that can cure diabetes withOUT having bad disease aspects like the sneezes attached. In my opinion this disease being so consistent in symptoms, the EXACT SAME ONES FOR EVERYONE means that it is a nano-virus developed to demonstrate that nanos can cure diabetes even though our society desires to ignore that development. See information at Syracuse University about a way to use the Nano’s as a treatment without having the ‘disease’ side effects like the years of sneezing and other problems.

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