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#30- Growing PAIN Problems

More here continuing from #29- OUR Responsibilities! MY medical file, which I didn’t make, could have eliminated that mistreatment, with my files of prescriptions showing every drug I ever got as well as the hospitals & doctors I used.

Why Problems Have Grown

While some places like those that treat for Physical Therapy work to make sure that the pain a patient feels is more accurately assessed by the details they request in the questionnaires they share with the patients.  There have been multiple the times when I’ve gone to a doctor’s office and they have not even done what a physical therapist does NO MORE than what they always do.  This could be related to:

  • Doctors’ FEARS OF LAWSUITS as shared previously-
    • Likely because of their fear of being hassled by patients who could sue them with sexual molestation, a legal matter, for the doctor touching the patient.
  • The TIME FOR PATIENT CARE HAVING DIMINISHED with the National Healthcare Laws and Regulations for doctors-
    • Causing more reliance on technical reports INSTEAD OF getting or viewing visuals or blood tests with numerical comparisons for more accurate assessments.
    • Even though the doctor should do further investigation beyond sending the patient to get an X-ray or other test done by a technician that has no idea where the problem really is AND has no time to make an accurate assessment unless the doctor or patient shares more than basic details it is likely the issue has not been brought to their attention.
      • These are problems leading to doctors making mistakes in assessing my pain.
      • As the previous record of Rhapsodie’s Visual Detailing Pain & Variations demonstrates in accord with my lower LEFT arm, as well as my information of relational pain in accord with a bloody urinary tract infection and my left shoulder rotator cuff situations.

But why aren’t doctors doing more to make more accurate assessments?

As a patient I did not keep a record for the doctors to view, I did not take the time to prepare so that the doctors had a real reason to care.  A person seeking a new car often does more work before shopping than I did in going to the doctor’s.  We have to do more or we could suffer for not taking care.

While I have been treated for diabetes melytus since the age of 5, but for the last 20 years my sugars with the Minimed Insulin Pump and my personal diet and sugar care have kept my Hemoglobin A1C levels in a range that a normal person has.  This means I do not have eye, limb, nerve, or kidney problems.  Consistent visits with my Diabetic Care & Resource Center has also assisted me in getting ideas that have assisted me in living without more diabetic problems.

I’m sorry, we are all unique aren’t we, so why should we expect the doctors to be able to make accurate estimates when there is a big, PAIN, gap in their association requests?

Just because our medical system makes a recommendation to do something in making an assessment it does not mean that it is being done correctly either so we all have to make sure we are taking the time effort and energy to make sure our care is appropriate in getting to the issue or we could suffer huge from inaccurate assessments.  Even more than taking the time to get the accurate assessments.

Even spending more time than it may take to get the accurate assessments. OH yes, and please remember that if you get older than college age, and are younger than retired the doctors will do more than is necessary to care for you.  SO you have to pay, pay, pay, and pay to get anything done before you die from their inaccurate ASSessments. I’d take my care to a garage and a problem would be mentioned that they say is going to cost me a certain amount, I’d go and do research.  I’d contact other garages to see if I get the same or a similar estimate without telling them about the other garage visit.

Garage mechanics would likely be insulted if you brought them a report from another garage UNLESS it was a home garage or something, but our doctors suffer under the ‘government’ and the information they get controls all of their patients.  SO

  • research your doctors,
  • avoid any with ratings below 4 stars, and
  • try to get to them before they have a single falsified report shared from a previous doctor.  AND
  • make sure to get copies of all the reports, these are simplified info sheets not saying anything, but it’s better than nothing because at least it testifies to you having ‘gone to the doctor.’

But because you aren’t allowed to have your own files make sure to get those WITH EVERY SINGLE VISIT TO THE DOCTORS and ADD YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS, DENTAL VISITS, and ANY of your own NATURAL TREATMENTS.

THE END! For Now!

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

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