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#29- OUR Responsibilities!

More here continuing from #28- More ACCURATE ASSESSMENTS with Good Reporting, Filing, & Reviewing  … Our Responsibilities… So all of the work of our healthcare has been handed to strangers, doctors, technicians, nurses, pharmacists, and the government BUT we all have responsibilities for our selves, BUT do we take care of our responsibilities for our selves and our families?

Unhealthy Patient Diets Can Add to Pain Problems

Unhealthy diets can cause us to have deficiencies in our systems that significantly add to problems with our growing bones.

Yes, I said growing.  is a site that is very informative about bone growths. Including information corresponding to bone density is a massing of bone cells in smaller amounts of space, my dense bones for many years suffered almost no pain. Injuries which have caused my bones to repeatedly work to fix themselves, could be causes for why I now know a lot more about weather pain, but my self treatment seems to keep the pain from being too bad presently… it is not only a continually good diet, but it also is ginger which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Diets of

  • white flower foods, (with the flour a sugared starch with NO value other than it is not sugar),
  • high sugar (cane sugar is often bleached, and strained so that all we get are the sweet remainders left behind from the health of the cane),
  • highly processed foods with the added chemicals that can break the natural body, and
  • lots of physical inactivity also can add to the problems grown for us as a people.

Many of us begin trying to live healthy after we have lived in fun for many years. But how many of us are suffering from our fun, with possibly injuries or problems that add cause to our reasons for suffering pain?

Blah, blah, blah… yes I talk too much, sorry. But you may also find that the use of nature can enhance your health. For me the old Dr. Jarvis treatment of unpasteurized cider vinegar and local honey has resulted in me avoiding the medicines for Acid Re-flux, Allergies, and possibly arthritis also. The previous Bone Density link shares information about how chemicals treating Thyroid conditions actually do not add value to bone building in the body.

All of our natural care for ourselves is another addition to the information we should share with our doctors.  They also may be ignorant of us because they skin a small sheet of information about us.  And the longer we have been treated the more fiddling files there are about us for our doctors to review.

So we should

So we all should have

  • a list of our medications, even the natural ones we use instead,
  • a list of all our self treatments & when,
  • a list of all the doctors we have visited & when,
    • a list of the doctor associated hospitals also,
  • diagnoses they have made,
    • medications they have prescribed for what,
    • tests they have done, for what, and when those were done, AND
  • other information.

This way we keep a medical record for our lives and for a reference to use in sharing with others.

The value of our own records

For us the value is a binder of work we’ve done for ourselves.  AND this assists us when we seek out new doctors, did they get reports from all your doctors about all your medications or were there missing files that they need to have?

And you know why this is my recommendation?

It’s because I’m not anyone but me, there is no guide in their files designating me for them.  The sense of this is because a lot of doctors I’ve visited recently tend to generalize me with all other diabetics they have treated, but I am me not them. So generally there is at least 2 minutes of every 10 minute visit with a doctor telling them to check my A1C records, to do the research, that I am healthy.  And there are still doctors that do not look beyond their past knowledge of other people before they start estimating me and the pain I have been living with.

While my:

  • records of my lower caloric intake have been ignored?
    • With the body situations of having eaten very little for over 3 years that could be effecting my bones, joints, organs, and other body areas too.
  • records of balanced food consumption have been ignored?
    • With my work to eat balanced amounts of food diminished by no hunger.
  • comments about skin, hair, body, and other problems have been put to the side because only one issue at a time can be taken into account.
      • What idiocy, how can you know any issue if you don’t take the time, effort, and energy to make a real determination of the issue?
    • My words aren’t heard!

AND I’ve used the internet for RESEARCH also

Research for me includes having looked at

  • Osteomylitus, [NO TESTS done for this yet]
  • Respiratory Alkalosis, [NO TESTS done for this yet]
  • Diabetes Insipidus, [NO TESTS done for this yet]
  • Microscopic Waterborne Parasites/ Organisms, [1 TEST done for this INCORRECTLY] and
  • Hyponatremia water–electrolyte imbalances, [NO TESTS done for this yet]

which ALL fit me somewhat.  The Respiratory Alkalosis was proven not to be asthma AND Diabetes Insipidus have bone weakness associations; the Osteomylitus may have been acquired with walking around barefoot and having a nasty prickly bite me the inflammation in my right calf started about 2 months after that.  There has been no other work by doctors, beyond believing the lies of technician’s who were too overworked in reports, reading of information, and going through so many files.

AND because I don’t want to insult them with asking for tests for these, because the microscopic parasite test I asked for was a work done by so many to find the test.  BUT the LAB SHOULD HAVE SAID “Go to the hospital, we can’t do that here LIED!” And this lie has made my whole family get infected also, I lost my Walmart job because of the disease, BUT my family sacrificed so I could go to college.

Then I fractured my right calf and have had more falls, likely increased in intensity because the parasite has altered my whole system.  AND because of the lies added to my files which have caused doctors to think I’m a ‘drug addict’ instead of them treating me like I’m trying to get healthy again. MY medical file, which I didn’t make, could have eliminated that mistreatment, with my files of prescriptions showing every drug I ever got as well as the hospitals & doctors I used…

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

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 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

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