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More here continuing from #23- Relational Corresponding PAIN Chart Part- A- Section 1 through 4a

Relational Corresponding PAIN Chart Part A– Section 4

4. Gather individual patient ratings corresponding to the needle user; the needle in use, type of use, and the body area of location use. The 3 variables shift here with:

  • the needle user,
    • Better training and more practice should mean less pain.
  • the type of use need,
    • Emergency care done in the dark is not the same situation as a blood withdrawal done at a lab, AND
  • the reason for body area location, insertion site, use with the needle.
    • Type of Shot or Withdrawal
      • A shot for insulin is done in an area of body fat not muscle in general,
      • A blood withdrawal for a lab is generally done in an area with blood vessels close to the skin, and
      • An immunization shot is often taken in a more muscled area of the body.
    • Location of insertion,
      • Where the needle is inserted will effect the pain results also depending on the nerve areas in the body of the insertion site.
        • People who are familiar with giving their own shots can know what different areas of nerve feelings effect results from inserting in the wrong locations.
          • When I get shooting pain, it’s because I’ve inserted my insulin needle where there are blood vessels, the blood that comes out after removing the point proves me correct.
          • Number areas are safer for insertions with less nerves.
        • Examples
          • A dentist giving Novocain shot does it at the mouth, allowing at least the 15 to 30 minutes to numb it for the patient before they do more work.
          • A doctor giving Novocain for numbing a spine will put it near or at the spine THEN making sure that the 15 to 30 minutes of time to numb it for the patient is allowed so the numbing is done before they do more work in the nerve center, most painful if hurt location, of the body.

Relational Corresponding PAIN Chart B– Section 5 & 6

5. Chart ratings from use for the individual with how their specified ratings and other averages correspond from the previous ratings gathered for other individuals.

  • The more consistently that this is done, the more correspondence for having rating scales used by individual patients.
  • This means if the ratings of 0 to 10 are used with the needle and the other variables above corresponding to other patients then there can be more consistent scales for doctors in reference to every individual.

6. The ratings charted will then fit onto an average for corresponding the individual in pain scale against the generally associated averages which means people who fit outside the norm can be related to more realistically with their pain ratings and the care for them can be more accurate.

b- 0-10 pain rating AVERAGES capture B

You can see how the variations in pain for the exact same situation can cause the doctors to have made inaccurate assessments.  The Relational Corresponding PAIN Chart Part A & Part B,can then give the doctors a better reason to associate what they hear and see with the care work they do.  And the patient’s can get better care for their needs also especially when their Picture PAIN Diaries with timelines are made so when the doctor views their pain remarks they also gain a better evaluation with their decisions.

Compiling information

Compiling the information will work best with computers that can assist in averaging and adding information into formula sheets that will provide quick estimates for doctors to review about individual’s pain tolerances.  THEN when the patient works and builds their visual pain diaries they are not only creating visuals of what has been happening, but they are also adding details that are not easily assimilated in a 10 minute visit.  It’s also possible that these compilations can assist doctors with the internet, email records, and other automatic systems for taking and keeping records.

I mean the mechanic can plug a little box into the computer of a modern car to get a better idea of what’s happening with its systems. An accountant can have budgets from multiple areas, businesses, and financial processes share information with it.  A personnel system has computers that keep information about employees, pay scales, hours, and medical information also.  There is a net work of systems that are used to assist all of these fields and we have not good system for getting pain estimates from individuals.

I remember the one time I was questioned in kindergarten about the feel of the tetanus shot. For me I said one, there was nothing to correspond that pain to, I only realized in watching the many students of my age group that went through the line before and after me how much some were hurt.

b- Average pain ratings corresponding- Kindergarten Tetnus

Yes there are also the Dolorimeter tools for measuring pain tolerances, but it’s my conjecture that their use failures come with associated costs and the inexactitude of application styles by the wide variety of users.  Plus the lack of consistency different testees with the situations for testing could damage relations with those pain assessments, so the work with the needle doesn’t need to be a needle but there needs to be other relations that correspond, like are shown in the information posts about the Relational Corresponding PAIN Chart sections.

Rhapsodie’s Relational Corresponding PAIN Chart shifting variables can be more acclimated because of the ways and the frequencies of the assessment that could be done among a large variety of people.

Doctors have more reason to take care in their estimations making diagnoses because beyond injury pain can grow infectious pains from lack of proper treatment…

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Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables


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