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More here continuing from #20- For Doctors & Medical People to Work On Continuously  … AND this is only the actions for medical people to practice AND there are benefits including limiting legal hassles as well as improving patient/ customer care.

  • Reducing the Doctor’s & Medical Service Groups Fear of LEGAL Hassles
    • Doctor’s & Medical Service Group’s HAVE TO DO THEIR WORK PROPERLY because the continual IT HAS TO BE A KNOWN ISSUE crap causes more legal issues.
      • How can you know any issue if you don’t take the time, effort, and energy to make a real determination of the issue?
      • How can you do your work properly if you are not:
        • Making proper assessments?
        • Listening to the patient?
        • Making sure to read accurate records?
        • Making sure to make accurate records?
        • Really investigating issues?
          • A patient who is paying to see doctors is not shittingly wasting money for your crappy assessments.
          • A patient who is spending time, energy, effort, to get assessments is not suffering to see you to get nothing from you.
        • You are wasting your time in having the patient come again and again instead of working to get to the real issue instead of the real issues taking place.
          • More visits by a patient take more of your time,
          • More visits by patient’s progressively worsening also mean more likelihood for lawsuit.
          • More visits by patient’s progressively worsening are also cutting more time for care of other patient’s you may have also increasing your problems for lawsuit.
        • So the issues for lawsuit grow with the lack of care for patients growing.
          • National Healthcare is SHIT!
          • Health Insurance control of the healthcare industry is SHIT!
          • WE the PEOPLE suffer our own stupidity in allowing others to care for us when we should be caring for ourselves.
            • But this causes a doctor to fear also, at least it should, because I will not go to a doctor unless I determine I need to, thus, they will lose business and that’s mean less money for them to be in business.
          • Patient’s like me who have real problems left untreated are more likely to sue, because years of suffering & the lack of good medical care increase problems that could have been avoided with work of doctors done right in the 20th century that are being done wrong in the 21st.
    • If a patient is satisfied you may not get a single reward other than their payment to you out of it, then again you may get more if you request it.  BUT you are guaranteeing costs added to you by not taking care of your patients correctly.
      • There are malpractice suites, AND
      • there are also liability suites that can be for any liability you are guilty for costing the client problems.

CARE & Actions versus lawsuits

2- CARE & Actions versus lawsuits

Rhapsodie has the idea of the Relational Corresponding Pain Charting because her suffering is only increasing with NO CARE and a body that is gradually getting worse in multiple areas. For Rhapsodie care is not a drug, it is work done to fix problems that are truly in existence. That situation has a consistency to symptoms in comparison with what others have suffered and with a previously diagnosed disease that Rhapsodie can’t officially name for you, but she calls it Whoops disease.

But there is NO way the doctors have used to relate to me that they can use in making accurate assessments. That’s not a complicated or difficult step to take it just requires taking time to care, keep records, and process them PLUS working to learn outside of your own present knowledge. Let your patient’s speak so you understand them…

Other Connecting Posts

Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables

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