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#18- February 2018- With Updated Assessments & Images

More here continuing from #17- Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- April 2017 Because months have passed since my last entry I’m adding details from the present situation and the pain shifting.  A situation which the doctors have listed as chronic pain, they’re stupid about that, but then they only read what others share with them before making a diagnosis. The February 2018 post demonstrates how the so called ‘chronic pain’ isn’t, it’s in fact circumstantial driven by life AND lack of proper treatment.

There has been a reduction in pain because I do not do much of anything.  My huge 583 square foot tiny home doesn’t make me move a lot to do anything.  The pain that I feel is taken care of by not doing anything, that’s not healthy but it sure saves money and stupid drugging by doctors who prescribe damaging drugs instead of taking care of the problems OR prescribing natural treatments to take care of problems. The misdiagnosis and lack of investigative care are leading to problems beyond the initial ones.

I’m going to show pictures of present pain at times with comparisons from the past, but there’s not of added detail because those were shared in previous posts.  Please think of the value of having doctors who do better work with pain assessments and how that may also help you!

2017 Body Pain Picture

b- April 2017 Pain Pictures Colored

2018- Body Pain Picture

You’ll notice in comparing the images that the pain has decreased, this makes sense with the depreciation of movement and the season of winter.

b. Feb. 2018- Pain Changes

You can see how the spread of the pain has varied; now the lower left calf feels like it’s splitting over and around the talus, the center bone of the ankle. The right calf is stiffened with clumps that can be rubbed painfully away, likely it’s because of core clotting outside the bone. The upcoming pictures demonstrate how the bone shifting with the legs have damaged things.

b. Lower right calf pain & bent bone

b. Lower Left calf bones & Pains

Dr. Gingras determined that the right calf outer bone was bending and arthritis was possible in the left knee area, so it doesn’t surprise me that the pain nerves at the connections of those areas suffer also. Problems grown from lack of care are barely discernible now, but they are likely to just get more and more damaging in the years to come even if the doctors do a fully accurate treatment.

If you logically feel out the results from the ‘found’ problems and you look to the pain issues resulting from the lack of proper treatment you can see why these problems are growing.  I felt like the doctors didn’t want to do anything even when they offered to do surgery to treat the blood clotting on my right calf.  It may have been I read the situation incorrectly, but my primary care doctor should have received notification of that recommendation and I’m not sure that was done either. Maybe my strong pain tolerance threatened their assessments of their own accuracy in diagnoses.

Hip & Knee Problems CREATED from lack of care

This image shows the problem areas and new areas of pain that are inconsistent in amount but they have grown from a lack of care.

b. 2 Hip & Knee Problems created

I’m not sure if you could read the info under the pictures so I’m adding an enlarged version here, but the credits for the figures are shared above:

b. Clipped- Bone issues with lower legs

Arm Problem Extensions

Previously we discussed how the problems with the uses of the left arm increased the problem possibility for the Left Arm Rotator Cuff.  Now the wrist and the elbow are arthritically threatened, because as shown previously rheumatoid arthritis results from lack of care as well as other things.

Images displaying the previous injury and the resulting problems after the fall of 2014 completing the re-seperation.  But here is another image of the scar that resulted from those sets of treatment:

b- Rhapsodie's Left Forearm view when arm is in front of neckThis assists in demonstrating how the internal injury spread is a great possibility and that helps explain the problems that have extended to near the wrist and near the elbow now and this is only the scar remaining from the original surgery when the bone shoved through the arm.

So here I am at the beginning of 2018 before doing anything with Spring or Summer having trouble pulling silverware out of the drawer at times AND being unable to do much more than hold my left arm as I do everything.  That is except typing, which I do with my arm braced on a support and with pain suffering for days beyond any work like that.

b. Feb. 2018- Left arm updatesThese results from inaccurate examinations and reporting have been enhanced by inaccurate pain assessments.  That’s why Rhapsodie has ideas that can assist in helping the doctors who ask us as patients to rate our pain on a scale from 0 to 10 to get better information…

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WHOOPS DISEASE-6. Treatment Ideas & Facts

I’m sorry everyone, by writing and sharing these symptoms with my animal, males, females, minus the ones from the last posts about other injury symptoms with me that have been ignored because of other injuries with my body that aren’t diagnosed or treated correctly because of stupid pain ASSumptions by doctors.

These tropical waterborne microscopic organisms [parasites], are all building the signs of Whoops disease so you may also be suffering. The older ‘medical PDF’ record I found disappeared from the internet, and since then the disease name has changed frequently so all I can tell you now is to be prepared that your doctors will try to treat you for asthma, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and anything else they can prescribe a drug for to get you out of their hair AND they will not be treating the problem that’s killing you. Which means you may be demanding multiple tests for waterborne micro-organisms.

If I’d lied and said I’d been in South America, they may have tested for the correct disease. With Whoops disease for testing, a waterborne parasite a urine test is used, and the test needs to be done within 24 hours after the sample is collected. IF the place you go for tests ships in amounts to a hospital lab, it’s likely a bad place to use for this type of test. That’s because from the time of your peeing in the cup until the lab does the test needs to be less than 24 hours. This means that there’s a finite time between sharing the sample and getting the accurate test. If this procedure is not followed, with the lab slip stating 24 hours the results are likely to be TOTALLY inaccurate unless the people handling the test are familiar with it and it’s priority in time, which they aren’t likely to be.

There have not treatments in my life other than the misdiagnosed treatments that actually are done for symptoms that will disintegrate with the real treatment. I mean diabetics may have dry skin that could be a sign of high sugar, so treatment for years for dry skin could kill the people who aren’t tested for the diabetes which is the problem. AND that’s also the case with Whoops disease.  If I get treatment and care I’ll try to have that information shared with you as soon as possible.

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