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So ended the previous post- #13- Visual PAIN Diary- July 2014- Painful Pokey Boney Walk The amount on a pain scale was about a 6 with my arm down, but with the arm up against my chest it was only depleted with shoving the Pokey Boney back into place behind the plate.  It didn’t go back onto the bone, but at least it wasn’t sticking out any more.

August & Fall 2014- Frictional Discomfort

There were months while I rubbed at a very tiny protuberance that  shifted and rubbed behind the plate that hid the bone from my fingers.  Sometimes a boney section pecked out from between my solid bone area and the plate that remained as a fracture support.  My arm continued to suffer shifting and rubbing feelings of pain, until I finally pressed it down to a more comfortable location multiple months later.

But the bruising on my arm was continually being felt.  In fact to this day I can touch the exact locations I rubbed and shifted against for months, seeking comfort with my Left Forearm, as are pictured here:

But multiple inaccurate reports used by doctors & medical technologists have caused them to fake in the estimates while not doing proper examining.

The ONLY accepted official report about my 2005 surgery was the false one stuffed in my files.  The X-rays of that arm show glass or gravel, like the plate was to be seen as, but NO CARE HAS BEEN GIVEN, because it has been the patient’s word against the doctor’s inaccurate testimony.

How can we as patient’s continue to accept these inaccuracies AND live by them when we have the exact opposite actually happening to us.  Well we human’s do like to be dumb and ignorant when it is too much work to fight for truth and right.  Isn’t that why Hitler was so successful with the persecution camps?

The Infrequent & continual rubbing of my lower arm resulted in getting the bruised deepening area feeling on the bone,  but there was ALWAYS another item keeping my fingers separated from the bone.

  • Wouldn’t a removed plate on my left arm have allowed me to feel the touch of my fingers against the bone?
    • For many years there have areas of my lower left arm that do not feel the pressure of my fingers, since 2000, and it still continues.

Presently I feel body areas under my right hand and fingers on my left arm, but my left arm does not feel the same fingers any deeper than the skin, no matter how deep I push against the painful areas of my Left Lower arm.  The pressure push feels like pushing into a deep raw bruise.

Since Then

There were many interstitial circumstances, at least from my living time, varying things between September 2014 and the Summer of 2016, but most were minor enough to not be specifically remembered.

But during the Winter and Spring of 2016 I had

  • trouble with my right shoulder, causing me to use my LEFT Forearm a lot more than over the previous 2 years.
  • My left shoulder was definitely weakened because of not being exercised properly because a leaning function in our narrow hall, 23 inches wide OR less with sliding door only partially open, in
  • July 2016, caused me to dislocate my Left Shoulder ROTATOR CUFF in more than 3 areas.

This was proven after it was brought back into position August 28th, the MRI results done in October 2016 showed there was more than one area of injury which I’m still getting care for.  The only way I was taken seriously by the doctor was my lie about the so called level of pain I was feeling, since it was disruptive AND no care for deeper injuries was ever received.

This wasn’t nice, but it was easier than suffering more shitty assessments, but the original shoulder brace shifted something else in my lower left arm…

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

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