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As was shared with the previous post- #12- Visual PAIN Diary- June 2014- Father’s Day Weekend after the work to repair my leg you would think that if there were other injuries with my arm, I could also work them into repair.  But there is a great factor hindering me, it is the plate that still exists in my arm.  If that plate was gone, I could have put the bone fully back in position just as I originally did with my lower left leg.

From the visuals a person who is trying to understand the pain another is feeling can also relate better with the situations that led to actions based on feelings that may not necessarily be understandable without the visual connections. I’m not talking about pain alone, but how different aspects of nature can vary the actions of the person who took actions that are not understood fully by others.

Please remember that I have to make visualizations because there were no photos taken previous to suffering the many problems that resulting from real injuries AND multiple doctoral inaccurate assessments that are causing pain.  At times PAIN that has been severe enough to cause me to get nauseous or weak AND to become more and more incapacitated with doctor’s not making assessments properly because of their inaccurate basis of PAIN assessments.

The July 2014 Pokey Boney Walk

On an excursion to from the mailbox in July of 2014, the extent of the Father’s Day Weekend Fall of JUNE 2014 was demonstrated. Pulling the mail out of the box with my right hand was done, and it was passed into my left, but something popped.  It wasn’t too bad that instant, but the joggling mail envelops made things worse.

(A) Natural Walking Arm Angle

I felt like a raw scab was being ripped inside my left arm, and with a single inaccurate step I almost passed out.

The PAIN was on the lower side of my arm. The pressure on the skin shifted as I moved my arm, eventually though clumsily my right hand located a slight protuberance poking away from my left arm.  For all who have never scraped themselves and crawled on the injury, the pressure pain, from the arm with the protruding bone resting against the skin below, felt like having a raw scrape that was cared for land repeatedly on gravel against the exact same location.

(B) Raised View of LEFT Forearm

Raising my arm, caused the ache to intensify against the skin, but it minimized the scraping scratching raw pain of shifting bone weight. My right hand couldn’t really find the problem after my arm was lifted at a certain angle, but there was an angle of touch that was sickening.  The closest place was over 100 yards away from where I was standing, I HAD TO DO SOMETHING!

Shifting the mail, and trying to rub the pain away, was not helping things were getting worse.  I needed to see the problem, so capturing the mail against my chest with my partially raised LEFT arm allowed me to work on getting rid of more pain.  Working to view the situation took some effort.

My view of the painful area was not easy to see from my natural viewpoint as shown in this mirror image here. The red mark on the sketch is approximately the location of where Pokey Boney was located on my Left Forearm.

(C ) Pokey Boney Injury Sketch

With my arm across my lower breast there was nothing to see, I had to shift my wrist down while raising my shoulder up to get the bone to act like it did with my arm down.


Finally I saw the issue, though I felt a lot in the meantime. I do not have an accurate view to share with you, so this picture has been sketched with an oversized  Pokey Boney addition.

Please remember that the bone was trying to poke out of my skin, I was alone in the yard, the house was so far away, I had to do something.  Shaking my head to keep me from  stumbling into the darkening or collapsing from pain, I shoved my Pokey Boney down away from the skin, but NOT back into place.

The amount on a pain scale was about a 6 with my arm down, but with the arm up against my chest it was only depleted with shoving the Pokey Boney back into place behind the plate.  It didn’t go back onto the bone, but at least it wasn’t sticking out any more…

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

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