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The PAIN Diary Timeline begun with the 2000 car accident, followed by the 2005 screw removal, and furtherance of problems in 2013- #11- Visual PAIN Diary- 2013 Stressed Injury continues here. But please be aware there are multiple associated accounts because of the weaknesses growing from a lack of a care as well as the need for proper treatments as well as care with assessments. 

June 2014- Father’s Day Weekend Fall

I stepped down into a hole with my left leg, it was disguised by grass, and I was unaware of it because it had not been there in my previous memories. I took photos of the hole, but it just looks like a grass dip, so they are not being shared.

As my left calf twisted in a full to the ground fall, both my arms braced out to support my weight, my left arm caught most of my weight as that was my collapsing side.  My stronger right arm was away from the fall, thus my left arm suffered more problems, but it wasn’t for another month or so that I really noticed any major ache in the arm.  Because my left calf suffered more from the Father’s Day Weekend Fall.

Yes I had also previously injured my left calf, but the dancer’s injury of the fracture to the Left Calf was never seen by doctors until 8-10-2014, in the body X-rays taken after my car accident.

Again I believe my really high pain tolerance assisted me in putting those bones back in place after the returning home from school where I’d injured the leg.  That work at home was done with the use of ibuprofen and aspirin which also helped decrease the possible swelling.

Original Fixing of the LEFT Calf Injury

Originally the injury only was felt by my suffering and the very slight protrusion of the smaller bone that sliver was held mostly in place by the larger outer piece of bone I had to shift out of the Tibia.  While the bones didn’t protrude too much until after I popped them fully out of place because that injury had 2 larger and one micro piece layered on the back inside of my LEFT Tibia no one in my family even felt the injury.

  • My 1st attempt at repair resulted in passing out, while also determining that the pieces were not appropriately reinstalled in my leg.
  • My 2nd attempt with the pieces fixed the problem almost totally but I had worked the layering out by then AND I had iced my calf. So there was a small bone medium bone sliver, layered in first followed with a just a micro shiver that had to be held in place until I butted in the 3rd largest piece into the Tibia overhand where the larger bone had cracked but had remained captured previous to my release of it.
  • After that I let myself relax to sleep for a bit, with ice again to assist me in massaging the injury smooth with my hands outside the injured bone.
The 1st Record Doctor’s Ever Received of Injury to Left Calf

Eventually this injury was found by doctors in the 8-10-2000 car accident body X-ray, I have never seen the picture the doctor had.  BUT the work I had done for myself resulted in praise by the professional orthopedic surgeon who did my Lower Left Arm work in 2000.

NO ONE but me witnessed any other reason for injury in my lower left calf, previous to the time starting in 2014.  The original injury didn’t turn black or blue & it didn’t noticeably swell either, but I did wear a couple of ace bandages on the lower calf for about 4 weeks as I felt it needed support.  Likely a doctor would have made that a longer time, but I never did more than mention the injury to my parents… Oh the ‘foolishness of youth’ is haunting me now.

After the work to repair my leg you would think that if there were other injuries with my arm, I could also work them into repair.

But there is a great factor hindering me, it is the plate that still exists in my arm.  If that plate was gone, I could have put the bone fully back in position just as I originally did with my lower left leg…

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

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