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What is interesting about living with this disease is that the doctors are always trying to diagnose something else, and they never even look for this being an option.  One reason is because it was listed in the journal I located about 2009 as a tropical microscopic organism and I don’t live in nor have I every visited the tropics.

But according to those records the disease is waterborne from the lower lungs where it starts growing.  It can be passed by drinking the fuzzy water in certain areas of the tropics, and it can be passed by a sneeze from an infected person passing into your sinuses and thus your lungs.  As it is carried on water there may even be life with it beyond the tropics in the right moist environment.  The pattern consistencies of symptoms that don’t vary from individual of sex and type run the same pattern and this causes me to think there could be a nano mite cause.

Nano Mites are microscopic organisms assembled with technology that also live to one degree or another. I have been a diabetic since 5 years of age, and have used insulin shots to care for myself since that age.  Sugar variances are a norm with me, but for the last 20 years tight control of my sugar with the assistance of the insulin pump has caused me to grow away from diabetic problems like nerve damage to the body or to the systems of my body.

My care also means that there are times when low sugar have resulted, but with this Nano Mite possibility I’ve had abnormal situations, like back in 2013 there was one week where I had my insulin pump disconnected for over 20 hours just to keep my sugar normal.  Then there have been the abnormal up and down patterns of base insulin rates also. This assembly of mix is found in some ways with things like the insulin pump that connects to the body of a diabetic for use in treating the sugar problems of a bad pancreas.  Heart pumps, artificial joints, symbiotic brain connections, and other systems are in use and existence, beyond that for me there is the:

  • Eye flickers where the right eyelid, the right eyelid ONLY, jumps for a period of time and proceeds to get worse for about 6 months.
  • Abnormal itchy repetition, mostly avoided by me because of rubbing not scratching the itchy areas almost 2 years into this disease.
    • The extensiveness of this itching never extends beyond the exact same location on the body when it comes again years later.
  • Vocal- Acid Reflux PROBLEMS that everyone seems to get.
  • Left Eye Skin Tab that will NOT go away no matter the treatment.
  • Behind the ear bubbles, IT IS NOT A PIMPLE, in about 2 years it just disappears.
  • Diabetes Designation to any female who acquires this disease.
  • High Blood Pressure problem to any male who acquires this disease above a certain age.
  • The Weird Hunchback Acquisition TO ANY YOUNG MALE FOR I think 4 weeks.

What’s really weird about the whole situation is that the systems of everyone have exactly the same problems.  I’ve been living with doctors doing only what they are familiar with in making bodily diagnosis.  My grandfather died from  a TROPICAL SPRU (I think that’s a wormy leech that attached to his intestine walls, that he picked up from drinking out of a water fountain in Syracuse, NY over 20 years ago.) Maybe you know of or have suffered also from Whoops Disease symptoms.

For me the worse part of the whole situation has been that years ago I located an article on tropical parasites and symptoms for the Whoops Disease were fully shared from an doctoral analysis. BUT I have NOT been able to relocate that article or the disease name as located in that article. When I originally shared the name of the disease with my PCP, she had her office research to find the modern updated disease name, and in that research the urinary test to be examined within 23.99 hours by the testing facility was required.

I think my doctor thought I was being a nincompoop, so the only person’s supporting my investigation and the symptoms displayed were the other office nurses who had seen my suffering and had taken the time to read the full instruction set up for the test.  In fact the lab slip for the test was NOT FILLED OUT CORRECTLY missing the time, my excitement for getting proper care & my trust in the nurses at the lab caused me to only mention that time issue NOT TO WORK TO MAKE SURE I WROTE THE INFORMATION IN CORRECTLY.  So I still suffer today, with no name to share with you, no other information either, which means you’ll have to continue suffering also.


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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

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