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WHOOPS DISEASE, what is it?  Well it’s what I’ve named what is as yet a disease listed as unknown by the majority of medical society.  Nobody is looking for the symptoms and I got sick from being sneezed on.

Do you know how easy a sneeze crosses the air?

Ive affected my kitty? By sneezing on him and making his life horrid. And he shows the male signs, that’s for the following post because Whoops disease symptoms for males and females are different, An Arrow-b here’s a couple of links to find out the details I’ve lived with.

Me again 2015

ME- 2015

I’ve been sick for the last 7 years, first from May or was it July 2008 and of course I’m aging too, we all are, but nothing is so abnormal as to seem wrong for anyone but me.


  1. Inhaling someone else’s sneeze juice OR drinking the fuzzy pead on water in the TROPICS.
  2. Feeling not right within a couple of hours. Generally noticed within days or weeks.
  3. Congestion in the lungs, generally begins at the start progressing into colds within the first 3 to 6 months that continue can, and for me Rhapsodie McClintick did turn into bronchitis or pneumonia symptoms within the first 1 TO 2 years.
    • The lung coughs come out crystal clear and dry to white flaky crud.
    • The only cold treatment that works is
      1. GINGER for the INFLAMMATION
        • Cider vinegar & honey help it taste good, and the Cider vinegar and honey is GREAT for the ACID REFLUX.
      3. This does lead to Asthma diagnosis’ by doctors that don’t do full scale proper tests with proper equipment. Within the first 2 to 3 years.
        • BECAUSE IT IS NOT ASTHMA! THE DRUGS DO NOT WORK for more than making more lung space for the microscopic organisms that have invaded your lungs.
      4. SNEEZES that start and grow and grow calm down and repeatedly for some years passing on more disease for others even the animals in your life.
  1. Acid Reflux & type 1 Diabetes begins, if you don’t already have it, about 2 to 3 years into the disease and it remains throughout. It will eat away your vocal system also. Treatment with a daily dose before bed of:
    • HONEY
    • 1cup hot water
  2. An itchy skin, that both males and females get.  When the skin feels itchy DO NOT SCRATCH IT WITH YOUR NAILS or ANY OTHER SHARP OBJECT. Instead find a roughly textured cloth or use your fingers to rub away the itch.  This also works with bug bites, because it releases the area inflammation that generally adds to itchiness, but it doesn’t raise up more blood that will increase the inflammation in the healing processes.
    • About the 7th or 8th year this has returned with a mass of rash on the body and in the places that did the scratching with the slightly itchy skin.
    • My nails were used in 3 places minimally, thus the later resulting rashes didn’t happen to a massive degree.  These were in the exact same spots, but my life wasn’t tremendously worsened.
  3. The 2nd year of the Disease has 1 outrageously loud and angry yelling episode, this only happens once.
    • But the sneezing does not begin until after the singular yelling episode.
  4. The 3rd year has occasions where the body sweats like you’re swimming in water, for one 24 hour period to a week I was so sweaty a dry cotton wash cloth sitting on my bare leg absorbed more than a squeezable amount of water.
  5. Appetite shifts increase, so that people retain weight and even gain it with fluids, but they are not eating properly towards the ends of the disease.
    • For the 4 to 8 year range the appetite diminishes and this continues to increase as time goes on.
  6. Also there are mood changes that are most dramatic in the 6th to 8th years.
    • One month of severe I DON’T CARE attitude.
    • About 2 to 5 months later there are moods of severe calm than there are weeks of calm days followed by angry days.
  7. Heavy wax build up in the ears causes deafness that comes in the 4 to 8 year.
    • The wax buildup starts as heavy liquid coming from the ears that feels very watery when a person is sleeping.
      1. Initially normally wax colors get very dark and
      2. now the EARS WAXES ARE WATERY.

        ME- Eye swelling 3- 2015

        ME- Eye & Cheek & Forehead swells 2015

  8. And there is hair and skin loss, in general the more baths & showers a person takes the more hair & skin they lose.
    • SKIN LOSS, seems to come with being so dry.
      1. Each shower I take causes me to lose at least 1 teaspoon of skin, that’s what remains in the drain grate.
      2. My face, hands, legs, and arms are peeling visibly daily.
        • I’ve never had dandruff, I do all the time now.
  9. Eye balls feel super dry, like they are unlubricated,
    • In 2013 the optical doctors informed me that my eyes were dry, but
      1. normal eye solution is useless at helping my eyes SALINE SOLUTION is the only thing that works without building up useless crud.
    • Presently I’m using a tablespoon of saline on my eyes daily.
  10. Body weight increases while, food calories are less than healthy.
    • In fact I’ve charted my calories since 2013 and the numbers show
      1. I’m doing great eating 1600 on average each day per month for 4 months, but
      2. I’ve been as low as 1200 per month on average for four months more than once.
  11.  LUNGS-
    • Start burning in the 2nd year,
    • by the 4th year the lower lungs are a lot heavier and burn a lot, and breathing diminishes more,
    • in the 6th year the middle of the lungs feel a block, and
    • after that the upper lungs gain heaviness and in the 7th year they start burning,
    • by the 8th year the upper lungs progressively get more burning periods and more of the throat hurts too, also breathing is A LOT WORSE.
  12. Thirst dramatically increases in the 6th year and the thirst continues to increase so that about a gallon is drank each day, but the water adds to the body weight without draining away properly.
    • Severe thirst so that the mouth needs liquid every 10 to 15 minutes has happened at about the 7 to 8 year period, at least for Rhapsodie. Things may have varied with people with different size lungs.
      • The thirst gets so great that the mouth and throat dries out and hurts without a drink every 10 to 15 minutes.
  13. And there have been & are odd swellings and itchings for the last 5 years progressively getting worse with time.  One example is shared with the next picture at my eye.  There have been
    • odd throat swellings,
    • odd groin swellings,
    • an odd behind the ear lump,
    • under arm swellings and itching’s, and
    • odd right hand swellings that I do not associate with other injuries.
  14. HAIR LOSS, I have my own hair and I do not dye or perm my hair, I don’t use chemical treatments nor do I eat bad foods, but
    1. I’m losing about 4 times the amount of hair I ever used to.
      1. 8 years ago my comb collected less hair per month than it now collects daily.
      2. My hair has always collected in the drain, but now I can fill a collection screen cup with each of my shampooing rinses.
  15. There are also sleep situations that are not normal. Around the 5th year and continuing to the present my sleep has been odd.
    • Super tiredness that increased so that 10 to 14 hours a day were normal sleep happened this last year for months.
      1. One day I slept straight through except one bathroom break for 24 hours.
    • Then there were months where every time I went to sleep I was awakened and
      1. This was weird because it was a cycle of 3 days odd up to one day normal for over 1 month.
      2. And during this time there were odd dreams.
  16. On top of all of that ANY TIME if I take A COMBINATION OF ACETAMINOPHEN’S & IBUPROFEN they cause 1 to 3 hours of vibrating abnormal shakiness. And that has happened for over 5 months, but IT’S GOING AWAY NOW.

There are some similar male and female symptoms but the timelines and the depth of problems vary to a great degree.  The following post is organized to discuss what males in my life are suffering, because my sneezes carried to them.






WHOOPS DISEASE-6. Treatment Ideas & Facts

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