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WHOOPS DISEASE, what is it?  Well it’s what I’ve named what is as yet a disease listed as unknown by the majority of medical society.  Nobody is looking for the symptoms and I got sick from being sneezed on.

Do you know how easy a sneeze crosses the air?

Ive affected my kitty? By sneezing on him and making his life horrid. And he shows the male signs, that’s for the following post because Whoops disease symptoms for males and females are different, An Arrow-b here’s a couple of links to find out the details I’ve lived with.

Me again 2015

ME- 2015

I’ve been sick for the last 10 years, first from May or was it July 2008 and of course I’m aging too, we all are, but nothing is so abnormal as to seem wrong for anyone but me.


  1. Inhaling someone else’s sneeze juice OR drinking the fuzzy pead on water in the TROPICS.
  2. Feeling not right within a couple of hours. Generally noticed within days or weeks.
  3. Congestion in the lungs, which generally begins at the start progressing into colds within the first 3 to 6 months that continue can, and for me Rhapsodie McClintick did turn into bronchitis or pneumonia symptoms within the first 1 TO 2 years and it continues… so it’s viewed as an allergy by doctors after the bronchial and pneumatic treatments failthen later they progress to treating you with asthma inhalers which only increase lung space for the parasites to gain fluid from blood out of,
    • the lung coughs come out crystal clear and dry to white flaky crud.
    • The only cold treatment that works is
        • Cider vinegar & honey help it taste good, and the Cider vinegar and honey is GREAT for the ACID REFLUX.
        • This does lead to Asthma diagnosis’ by doctors that don’t do full scale proper tests with proper equipment. Within the first 2 to 3 years.
        • BECAUSE IT IS NOT ASTHMA! THE DRUGS DO NOT WORK for more than making more lung space for the microscopic organisms that have invaded your lungs.
        • The dose for uses is a lot less than packages recommend, but that’s healthier for users. I only use 10 drops of the Swanson’s Liquid Licorice Root extract when the packaging says 48 to 56 as a dose.
    • SNEEZES that start and grow and grow calm down and repeatedly for some years passing on more disease for others even the animals in your life.
      • The early sneezes result in crystallizing looks on the fluids that are expelled and dry on darker materials also, like with coughs in the earlier stages.
  4. Acid Re-flux begins, if you don’t already have it, about 2 to 3 years into the disease and it remains throughout. It will eat away your vocal system also. The acid re-flux is because your lungs absorb moisture while you sleep as well as while you’re awake. During sleep the ‘acid re-flux’ happens because your lungs are breathing in moisture from the stomach area, thus causing acid re-flux, so the treatment with a daily dose before bed of:
    • 2 tsp. CIDER VINEGAR &
    • 5 tsp. of real HONEY,
    • 1cup hot water, and
    • Aloe juice to cool the drink AND soothe the throat
      • These combined are a great ‘cheap’ and healthier help against acid re-flux.
      • My sore throats, resulting from untreated acid re-flux, because I didn’t recognize the symptoms of stinky mouth, sore throat, and other things.
      • Additionally the AND mouth dryness is not assisted by water, but by milk, so more liquid is drunk that’s not calorie free.
      • BADLY
        • The over the counter medications, are only for use for a limited time. AND
        • The ‘medicine’ treatment above enhances the potassium absorption in your system, SO
      • it’s better for you if you’re in danger of kidney disease OR want a continual treatment to avoid the ‘acid-re-flux drugs’ when you can use natural treatment right before when you brush your teeth.
        • This is done to keep the acid of the cider vinegar, less with the unpasteurized from eating at your teeth, because the brushing and rinsing of your mouth with water should minimize the effects of the acid, and doing it right before bed is the best for sleep time acid-re-flux problems.
  5. Bunions Begin around the same time after the acid re-flux starts.
    • My family doesn’t have bunions, and I do now, this may be true for everyone, but it really helps to avoid having surgery to remove the bunions when after the disease is treated properly they disappear.
    • b. bunions on both feet
  6. Higher sugars above 120 but below 130 have been found from Whoops disease:
    • Just recently the doctors have rearranged their diagnosis for Type 1 diabetes, but I still believe that anything, consistently, over 130 is unhealthy,
    • anything above 120 is slightly uncomfortable, it gets more so the higher the sugar is.
  7. Itchy skin that both males and females get from dry skin is very common. When the skin feels itchy DO NOT SCRATCH IT WITH YOUR NAILS or ANY OTHER SHARP OBJECT. Instead find a roughly textured cloth or use your fingers to rub away the itch.  This also works with bug bites, because it releases the area inflammation that generally adds to itchiness, but it doesn’t raise up more blood that will increase the inflammation in the healing processes.
    • There is an additional itch to worry about also with this disease.
      • Initially, about year 2 to 4, the bug feet on the skin itchies, with NO bugs were light and I rubbed those areas, but in 3 areas I scratched- the end of my nose and on my upper arms, until I rethought and stopped.
      • About the 7th or 8th year this has returned with a mass of rash on the body and in the places that did the scratching with the slightly itchy skin. These were in the exact same spots, but my life wasn’t tremendously worsened, because I avoided ripping my skin and digging for the itchies earlier.
        • I still feel little bug feet crawling on my body, but there’s nothing there so I rub the area &/OR leave it and they stop.
  8. The 2nd year of the Disease has 1 outrageously loud and angry yelling episode, this only happens once.
    • But the sneezing does not begin until after the singular yelling episode.
      • The sneezing gets harder as time progresses the deeper and more painful the more time the sneezes continue for.
    • The frequency of the sneezing increases, so that with some of us, it’s like we’re in a smoky room with no ventilation.
      • Sneeze sets that repeat frequently AND
      • are infectious to anyone breathing in any of our sneeze smear.
  9. My hands, fingernails & toe nails have altered
    • from how smooth they used to be, to being wrinkled rougher on top in a finger length type of wrinkle that runs down the nail from the cuticle to the tip of the finger nails.
    • My hands have aged weirdly they look older than my aunt’s who is 11 years older than I am.
    • Additionally there has been cuticle growth on my finger and toe nails that is larger and tougher than normal, sense since youth I’ve shoved my cuticles back I’ve continued to do so. Recently the cuticle stains remain on my fingers, …
    • P1700371- 3 fingers
    • .Recently, in 2018, year 10 for me there has been staining of the cuticle remains. I used a nail brush to scrub it clean tonight.
    • AND my pinky toes are losing the top layer of skin, it turns flaky white and I can scrape it off with my finger nails, I try to avoid it a lot. AND use of foot cream that’s a mix of a hydrating cream, glycerin, and aloe seems to help keep things from getting too tough on my legs.
    • Hangnails that rip down have come and gone, with treatment the superglue works really well.
    • The ripping & cracking fingernails,
      • The ripped nail edges are being treated with a nail file, because one is carried with me all of the time, my left hand nails are rip cracking the opposite of my right hand on the exact same fingers.
      • BUT my nails are acting super dry like my hair is, so having them break at the tips seems quite normal for how dry I’ve been.
    • b. ripping finger nails
    • Flat topped thumb nails and the one on my left hand has seemed to start cracking on my right hand the small ditch on my flat topped thumbnail seems to be getting worse here are some pictures from my thumbs today.
    • b. flat topped thumbnails w-possible cracks
    • Hangnails also result– So use of super glue to seal those areas is best, generally that washes off in 6 to 12 hours, but the healed area may need re-treatment OR it may not.
  10. Dry Skin this has impacted many aspects of my body, that I feel more than others really see.
    • Hands wrinkled & dry– shared above.
    • Skin sloughing off my body with baths and showers.
      • Getting dandruff when I’ve never had it in my life.
        • Reduce this with super moisturizing shampoo & conditioner AND making sure to keep drinking; drinking; drinking.
        • It’s the worst right after the shower after my hair dries, without using a hair dryer, my head feels like I have a lot scraping to do to let my skin breathe and there’s a lot of flaking.
      • Baths & showers leave teaspoon measures of white skin in the catch cage before the shower drain.
        • I’ve always lost hair, but now the skin mixed with the hair makes the hair paste in the drain.
      • Vagina full of loose skin that feels & appears like a paste, AND it is super itchy because it’s moist and stopping air flow to the skin.
        • I use a douche, which I’ve modified from the original by adding a hole at the tip of the inserter. My mix, which works requires dual uses one right after the other to reduce leave behinds.
          • Adding a 1/ 2 with a water & Aloe Vera juice mixed at a ratio of 2/3 water to 1/3 Aloe juice. Doing the math for the individual amounts with the full mixture as a base means:
            • Water- 0.5 (as 1/ 2) ÷ (0.666) or 2/3rds= 0.333
            • Aloe Vera juice- 0.5 (as 1/ 2) ÷ (0.333) or 1/3rd= 0.1.667
          • With the cleansing agent of 1/2 of cider vinegar.
  11. The 3rd year began occasions where the body sweats like you’re swimming in water, for hours on end,
      • for one 24 hour period to a week I was so sweaty a dry cotton wash cloth sitting on my bare leg absorbed more than a squeezable amount of water.
      • There were multiple times since 2013 when I awoke with the bed soaked from my sweat, the mattress soaked so much that it was still damp the next day. AND
      • it happened just a couple of days ago, ‘death sweats’ I named them, because my lungs are so bad now I can barely breathe in the tub OR in trying to sleep.
  12. Thirst dramatically increases in the 6th year and the thirst continues to increase so that about a gallon or more is drank each day, but the water adds to the body weight without draining away properly, this article continues plus [PLEASE READ MY CHART WITH DETAILS, AT WHOOPS DISEASE 2b. Water Weight Chart Comparisons

[PLEASE READ MY CHART WITH DETAILS, AT WHOOPS DISEASE 2b. Water Weight Chart Comparisons it’s easier to read than the outlines & comparisons of info. It contains information gathered from research, that is also shared below, BUT it’s not small].

    • My sore throat, mentioned above is not assisted by water, but by milk, so more liquid is drunk that’s not calorie free.
    • Severe thirst so that the mouth needs liquid every 10 to 15 minutes has happened from beginning about the 7 to 8 year period, at least for Rhapsodie. Things may be varied with people with different size lungs, I have large lungs for my frame.
      • The thirst gets so great that the mouth and throat dries out and hurts without a drink every 10 to 15 minutes.
      • The drinking need has dramatically increased AS HAS THE peeing amount. As of January 2018
        • I’m up to drinking over 1.25- 2 gallons per day, this is a combination of-
          1. Water,
          2. Tea water,
          3. Milk,
          4. Sparkling water,
          5. Tea with water, AND
          6. Nutrition Plus to keep my calories at a good spot.
        • Going to the bathroom,
          1. Every 1 to 2 hours, during waking times AND
          2. 2 to 3 times during sleep.
          3. Approximately 1.20 gallons about 80% or more of what is drank.
        • There is also how comfortable the shower or bath feels, which means more time is spent with water because the body is super dehydrated unless more than a gallon is drunk per day.

13. There is also water weight gain that is noticed in the legs and ankles, on the face, thighs, belly, breasts, upper arms, chin, and other areas. AND this is the approximately the same with men, but it varies with water on body locations AND the amount of fluid being consumed generally.

I’m very sure my weight gain is water weight gain because of the amount of calories consumed daily for the last 5 years in personal records & because of making record of my drinking & keeping an account of my peeing on multiple occasions. Since the last mention of fluids, my pee amount has decreased while my fluid intake has remained consistently higher than normal. So water weight factors have shifted. But according to one researchers article in Explained, “[T]he ‘correct’ amount of water for you is half your weight in ounces, meaning a 150lb person should drink 75 ounces per day, equal to 2.25 liters), but most people don’t drink that much”. 

The adult human body water intake & output use image, at page under Dr. Larson’s name was used to form the chart information with Rhapsodie’s information & variables included. The Chart to be located under the title WHOOPS DISEASE 2b. Water Weight Chart Comparisons [page to be made as soon as this one is saved] can be demonstrated with some other images & information bits like those shared below. The other details explaining that chart are saved in additional blog pages, NOT FORMED FOR SHARING YET], because this page his HUGE already. I’m sorry about that, it’s just too much work right now to fix and modify a whole blog sharing when there are followers that keep returning to find out more details before they suffer inaccurately by bad doctoring.

  • You can see in the 2015 image how it looks like I’m growing a double chin, that’s also a part of whoops disease.

2015 Rhapsodie to the left & the 2018 Rhapsodie to the lower right

Me again 2015

                  • b. Rhapsodie w-photo picture- P1680061As you can see with the image on the right, my face looks FAT but my had looks as bony as my neck and chest in the 2015 image at the left.
                • I poop every 2.5 days with a large mass not every day generally,
                • I have NEVER sweated a lot likely because of her consistent lower than normal body temperature, more is below.
    • Plus my good bladder retention with a  large bladder helped me retain fluid longer than the men in my life. Previously, in normal circumstances, I had only about 6 to 8 urine breaks per day, BUT now it’s up to between 10 and 20. The peeing has varied with Whoops Disease ranging between heavy drops & minor drops. I found that leaning forward slightly assisted in helping me empty my bladder. For men it’s likely leaning over a urinal might help.
      • Because of the non-fat weight gain, but high proteins and fluids, my diabetes has acted weird with the insulin working super, super fast AND my body responding super super fast [some more is mentioned below].
    • There were also blood pressure problems, so the doctors tried to add blood pressure medicine, when there is not a real problem ‘blood pressure problem’ because they aren’t treating the disease, that clogs the lungs and poisons the body, only the symptoms resulting from the disease.
      • But it’s not a problem now.
    • Below is  tiny snip of my calorie counter, done in Excel. The food amounts are really much better now than they used to be back in 2013 when I was consuming less than 1200 calories per day over months and months. I was trying to eat, but had to drink OR couldn’t eat, breathe, or even feel ‘okay’. The drinking has increased, but the addition of nutrition drinks AND lots of milk in tea PLUS adding fat to vegetables and food mixes has really helped.

calorie snip for wordpress Whoops disease b

        • I was doing great eating 1600 on average each day per month for 4 months, up and down some, but that’s good because I feel less weak and wobbly. Additionally, my bones are less likely to break more than they were when I wasn’t eating enough to stay healthy, even with doing no physical labor.
        • I’ve been as low as 1200 per month on average for four months more than once, previous to making a good account of my eating, for almost a year I was eating less than 900 calories a day, while my doctors were believing the scale, as an accurate body mass index, instead of the truth in my records.

Me again 2015

Again, the images of 2015 Rhapsodie to the left & the 2018 Rhapsodie to the lower right

  • Additionally you can see how in the 2018 image that I look fat. BUT
    • my right hand the one that’s used all of the time looks like bones with skin.
  • My feet have shrunk in shoe size, my hands were smaller, but now they are the correct size as when I was at my prime weight.

14._Diabetes issues- I’ve heard this disease causes non-diabetics to become diabetics, but please take care with any treatments. Because of the non-fat weight gain, but high proteins and fluids, my diabetes has acted weird with the insulin working super, super fast AND my body responding super superfast. Additionally

  • There have been extended periods of time where I’ve had to disconnect my insulin pump in order to keep my sugar normal. Once this happened for almost 2 whole days.
  • Recently I’ve found that in taking a bath, over a 7 day period, if I sat in the water I needed to disconnect my insulin pump. I was in the tub for 8 hours with my insulin unplugged for 6, my sugar, which had been low and treated repeatedly, so the disconnect was at 102 when I got out of the tub before plugging the insulin back in.
    • I’ve had occasions where my insulin line gets kinked, and in an hour my sugar has gone from 102 up to 180, then in another hour up to 260, then in another hour up to 300. So having no insulin for 6 hours, with results at 102 demonstrated weirdness.
  • Plus as mentioned previously, because of the non-fat weight gain, but high proteins and fluids, my diabetes has acted weird with the insulin working super, super fast AND my body responding super super fast. This is so abnormal that a technician for Minimed/ Medtronic, where I’ve gotten insulin pump supplies for years, told me, after viewing my reports, that the system wasn’t fast enough to keep up with my sugar changes. Because of that it is not a smart idea to use an additional feature of the CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring system) because my body was shifting too fast for the system to keep up with the changes, meaning the system kept getting lost & confused.

15. Thyroid issues have resulted in me starting thyroid medication ONLY AFTER THIS DISEASE BEGAN and the ‘lack of change’, like normal, over 10 years tells me this is not Rhapsodie, instead it is Whoops Disease.

    • My original prescription was 0.88, later the doctors raised it to 1.0 then 1.25, I’m in normal range, but low in normal, so it’s likely I need 1.20 but they do not have that available in prescription form.
    • I DID NOT TAKE ANY THYROID MEDICATION from 2013 into 2014.
  • When my endocrinologist saw my thyroid (TSH) numbers being higher than the normal range, he asked me to start taking the med again, and I have. He also said, “We’ll likely have to increase the amount also, but let’s get you on the med before we make a determination.”
    • My most recent lab test, was really low even though I’ve been taking 5 pills for 7 days instead of 7 pills for 7 days like is prescribed.
  • These are the results, from my TSH, that MyCare with Rochester Regional Health organization allows me to see.
    • Rhapsodie’s TSH – Results Graph- Rochester Regional Health- 12-13-2018

TSH - Past Results Graph- Rochester Regional Health- 12-13-2018

    • Rhapsodie’s TSH – Results Comment- Rochester Regional Health- 12-13-2018

TSH 12-13-18 test results INFO

    • This was the comment from the Rochester Regional Health system with the numbers of my account. I had NO fluorescein dye in my system, and as you can see from the results of the graph above, my lows are common while taking a thyroid treatment medicine amount that is too much for me.
    • It seems avoiding taking the drug for almost a year has meant I do not need to take as much anymore.
      • That could be because of the Whoops disease, or
      • that could be because of other things like using Frankincense Tears, I consume, as an antibiotic that reduces system infections &/OR the taking of ginger which reduces system swelling so things like my thyroid function more normally without the drug.
      • But this is only my conjecture, because the doctors can’t believe they could be wrong, “Thyroid medication needs, normally, increase as a person ages.” My doctor never made a comment after seeing my results drop so dramatically when taking the drug again, I haven’t asked him to reduce the prescription either, because ‘he’s the doctor’. That is dumb of me, BUT that is also dumb of him to not notice the situation and that his incorrect assumptions have been proven WRONG!
      • My mom was prescribed thyroid medication after getting infected, her doctor took the time to notice how too much medication was being used, so reduced her prescription, after increasing it previously. BUT my doctors, think I’m too stupid to realize they are being stupid because I keep going to them. ‘Well isn’t the U.S. medical system just wonderful! (Sarcasm is meant!)’
    • If you aren’t super wealthy you have to put up with the ‘best or maybe only what’ your area offers. Because us normal American people realize ‘Nobody is perfect’, but we expect our doctors to be better than the general body. Smart people work to know themselves and how to get care for what the real problems are, so they aren’t drugged into other problems by ‘lazy doctors’. People like me avoid doctors unless doctors are necessary, like for my diabetes medications and advice, so we don’t go broke trying to get properly treated.

16. Additionally there are the hemorrhoids that grow from bowel movement increases and variations that increase the more fluid you take in.

  • About my 5th year with the disease, 2013 I’d poop what looked like quarts of shit at a time.
  • About my 6th year with Whoops, I had one nasty it felt like a baseball of poop, hard round and dry like a mud ball that sat out for days.
    • Sorry, I had to use my fingers or die of the pain, and I used the scrub brush and soap as soon as the relief was gotten.
    • In 2016 I had another nasty spell with golf balls of poop that were dry little chunks clogging me up until pulled out.
      • The hemorrhoids grew from baseball season, 6th year, and now I use the Bag Balm [search engine web page] OR petroleum jelly almost every time I’m on the pot.
  • Recently softer diarrhea poops are more common because of all the milk I’m drinking without a lot of fiber, I think.

17. Also there are mood changes that are most dramatic in the 6th to 10th years, but made worse by the ignorance of so called ‘doctors’ and the money they want you to spend for visiting specialists with no results:

  • About the 6.5 month stage for me, there was
    • One month of severe I DON’T CARE attitude.
    • About 2 to 5 months later there are moods of severe calm than there are weeks of calm days followed by angry days.
  • Recently, the 10th year, I’ve suffered the I DON’T CARE attitude for months, with extreme mood swings and upsets.
    • Partially because of ignorant doctors and more…

18. Heavy wax build up in the ears causes a sort of ‘deafness’ that comes in the 4 to 10 year.

  • The wax buildup starts as heavy liquid coming from the ears that feels very watery when a person is sleeping.
    • Initially normally wax colors get very dark and
    • While previously the EARS WAXES WERE WATERY.
  • Then they were white and heavier.
  • In addition are the ‘wet’ ears. [My doctor suggested it could be sweat, and he told me that having someone else, you trust, put their hands ‘around’ your ears, with middle & pointer in front & ring finger plus pinkie behind then doing a massage, has helped me wake without puddles in my ears.] (Dr. Keith Gembusia)
    • This has been one of the most annoying things I’ve dealt within the last couple of years. There is so much puss in my ears most days after I wake up that I ended up buying an ear scraping kit. In addition I’ve found that the boils are premenstrual, about 2 weeks before my menstrual cycle it starts forming again. And the day my period starts the boil releases puss and gunk into my ear.
    • What has helped has been using the Povidone Iodine solution sold in the local pharmacy on 2 Q-tips soaked with the stuff at least every other night. AND I make sure to use a separate one for each ear to reduce spreading the problems of one ear into the other ear.
      • Previously they were golden yellow & very dry from how my temperature has been out of wack.
        • If people around you are LOUD and if you’re having waxy ears and listening, the sound is amplified more and hurts.
  • Most of my headaches recently have resulted from noise, and I know my ears get clogged. So
    • Using the mix of rubbing alcohol and aloe juice heats and allows the waxy build up to run out.
      1. I mix up the aloe and alcohol in small container,
      2. Then put a towel on my pillow for each ear,
      3. Then using an eye-dropper fill the ear that’s up, and let it stay in the ear for 3 to 5 minutes, THEN
      4. I tip my head down and do the same with the other ear,
    • This may be repeated if I still feel the need for the release.

19. And there has been & are odd swellings and itchiness for the last 5 years progressively getting worse with time.

ME- Eye swelling 3- 2015

Oddly Swollen & Hollow Eye Space

                                One example is shared with the above picture showing my eye oddly swollen eye & face.

  • There have also been
      • odd throat swellings,
      • odd groin swellings,
      • an odd behind the ear lump,
    • under arm swellings and itchiness’s,
      • the under arm itchies have continued to the present day as have the nose itchies and I treat them the same with Bag Balm, that you can buy in a ‘farm care’ OR pet place.
        • Walmart used to sell that in the pet department where I used to work, that’s I how got acquainted with it. It’s some sort of antiseptic, with lanolin and petroleum jelly. AND the rashes ‘go away’ until another week OR day of treatment depending on the location of the itch. And
        • odd right & left hand swellings that I do not associate with other injuries.

20. Additional rash locations have come about, for me the oddest has been my belly button, BUT I’ve treated that the same way as the underarm rash itchies and the itchiness on the nose mentioned right above.

  • For me treating the underarm rash itchy with Bag Balm can assist them in fighting this drying itchy bumpy rash, initially for over a week, but then later in the disease once a day before bed or after my shower or bath before bed.

21. Over the last years I’ve suffered water blisters that feel like pencil stub bubbles on the end of my fingers.

  • It’s kind of odd because they came about 3 months apart, the one on my thumb I’ve lasted for almost exactly 3 weeks. So there wasn’t popping I use a sugar picker and poke a hole and bleed out the excess water in that blister, I’ve done that every other day for the last 7.
  • Also I’ve gotten white heads, pimple blisters, on my face and when they are popped they result with an oil layer over water that seeps out for as long as it’s allowed to. It’s 8 to 12 times more water than oil smear or pus. I can reduce them by squeezing any skin area, but the water expulsion is ABNORMAL.
    • Additionally boil like lumps have appeared on my face, groin, chest, and they do not reduce they sit their for months until they start to hurt and can be reduced.

22. Eye balls feel super dry, like they are un-lubricated,

  • In 2013 the optical doctors informed me that my eyes were dry, but
    • expensive eye solution is wasteful for helping my eyes when SALINE SOLUTION &/OR the protein heavy equate brand MULTI PURPOSE SOLUTION, which is also used for contacts are the great for hydrating & stopping my eyes from itching.
      • Presently I’m using a tablespoon of MULTI PURPOSE SOLUTION on my eyes weekly. Versus using the same amount of saline solution daily.

23. LUNGS- The whoops disease lives in the lungs, it causes all the other body problems because the lungs are an air and blood filtering system for the whole body. And the shit of the ‘microscopic organisms’ pollutes the body. Additionally the lack of clean air the body takes in adds poisoning to the blood. For me, my lungs:

  • Start burning, really low, in the 2nd year,
  • by the 4th year the lower lungs are a lot heavier and burn a lot, and breathing diminishes more,
  • in the 6th year the middle of the lungs feel a block, and
  • after that the upper lungs gain heaviness and in the 7th year they start burning,
  • by the 8th year the upper lungs progressively get more burning periods and more of the throat hurts too, also breathing is A LOT WORSE.
  • For the last 24 months, 2017 to 2019, my lungs are burning daily in the upper zones.
    • For the summer with no AC the lungs feel heavy, and the breathing is a lot harder.
      • AC does dehumidify the air, but it causes my throat to burn also, while the hot dry wood heat air also dries the air, my lungs don’t while my throat does when I’m not drinking milk.
    • For Winter
      • the wood stove dry air, it’s so dry that using a humidifier greatly helps, but I’m thinking that if it’s the microscopic waterborne organism’s then the dry air is keeping me alive as well as enhancing my thirst.

24. And there is hair and skin loss, much greater in amounts and frequency than normal, in general the more baths & showers a person takes the more hair & skin they lose.

  • SKIN LOSS, seems to come with being so dry.
    • Each shower I take causes me to lose at least 1 teaspoon, or more, of skin that’s what remains in the fine screened drain grate clogging it unusably.
      • The skin loss amounts continue to increase so that if I take a bath the tub has skin floating in a layer on the water when I’m done in the tub.
      • My face, hands, legs, and arms are peeling visibly daily, the same as the tub is my sink after washing my face in the morning or scrubbing my feet at night.
    • I’ve never had dandruff, I do all the time now, but my mom recommended the baby shampoo and it works to decrease dandruff itching at a smaller cost than dandruff shampoos.
      • BUT the dry skin on the scalp continues, and the remains are not dusting’s of dandruff, the skin flakes off in larger ‘between’ hair pieces. You can see the skin sections floating down through the air like snow.
  • HAIR LOSS, I still have my own hair, at least some of it AND I do not regularly dye or perm my hair, I don’t use a hair dryer OR hair curler, but
    • I’m losing about 4 times the amount of hair I ever used to.
      • 8 years ago my comb collected less hair per month than it now collects daily.
      • My hair has always collected in the drain, but now I can fill a collection screen cup with each of my shampooing rinses.
    • I’m not 50 and I’ve had bald spots on my head because of the dramatic amount of hair loss that isn’t continuing now, even though I’m eating healthier with the Equate Nutritional drinks from Walmart.
      • Other than the previous comments that were true, about a year ago my hair started growing in at about 3 times the normal rate.

25. There are also sleep situations that are not normal. Around the 5th year and continuing to the present my sleep has been odd.

  • Super tiredness that increased so that 10 to 14 hours a day were normal sleep happened this last year for months.
    • One day I slept straight through except one bathroom break for 24 hours.
  • Then there were months where every time I went to sleep I was awakened and
    • This was weird because it was a cycle of 3 days odd up to one day normal for over 1 month.
    • And during this time there were odd dreams.
  • I’m still having weird and odd sleep cycles, that are exacerbated when I do consume enough nutrition in the previous days.

26. Additionally taking the Ibuprofen is like taking a sleeping pill, I think, drugging me for over 24 hours with a foggy head and no ability to do more than stay awake.

  • Previously if I took A COMBINATION OF ACETAMINOPHEN’S &/OR IBUPROFEN they cause 1 to 3 hours of vibrating abnormal shakiness. And that has happened for over 5 months, but IT’S GOING AWAY NOW.
    • The shakiness has diminished tremendously with my nutritional value increases.
  • So if you’re suffering whoops disease, I’d suggest not taking any acetaminophen OR ibuprofen until after you’re ready for bed. If you were driving with it, ….

27. Previously I’ve had dizzy spells, starting on Saturdays, that increased in amount & effect, but no more than 10 times a month. These ended after 12 months, seeming to have happened from January through December, and my mom had almost the same situation, but hers started in July and ended in June.

  • My mother has been suffering these for a long time now, but
    • the disease has a normal lung female with 6 to 9 months, 3 days and 3 hours getting worse and worse as time progresses. So
  • for me with the larger lungs my dizziness may extend longer.
    • I’ve been having the Saturday dizziness from about last November starting at 9 weeks, then increasing to 6 weeks, then 3 weeks, and
    • now once a week and this last week has been going on since Friday.
    • So it may be my last week of dizziness or it may mean worse weeks are ahead.

30. Yellowing & Softening Teeth

Yellowing of the teeth happens, the dryer you are. There are issues with teeth softening, it’s looks like rot, but it’s not this happens towards the end of the disease AND up to 5 days after medical treatment it goes away. AND treatment by me includes:

29. I have all the ‘medically mentioned’ signs for, 

  • these tropical waterborne parasites/ organisms, yes I’ve lost the ‘medical PDF’ record and the disease name has changed frequently, but I have all the signs of Whoops disease so you may also.
  • And be prepared your doctors will try to treat you for asthma, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and anything else they can prescribe a drug for to get you out of their hair AND they will not be treating the problem that’s killing you.
  • For testing, a waterborne parasite a urine test is used, and the test needs to be done within 24 hours after the sample is collected. IF the place you go for tests ships in amounts to a hospital lab, it’s likely a bad place to use for this type of test. Because from peeing in the cup until the test needs to be less than 24 hours, or the results will be inaccurate.

Please remember these are notes for the disease with me, my mother who got it from me is suffering ahead of me now because her lungs are a lot smaller than mine. Originally her symptoms followed mine, now they are ahead of mine. BUT because of her age, past menopause, her symptoms are different in some ways and degrees. There are some similar male and female symptoms mentioned but the timelines and the depths of problems vary to a great degree by the size of the lungs and the sex of the person.

Because my cat suffers the male symptoms in my timeline, I’m wondering if there’s a chemical animal human disease correspondence.  Eventually that may be discussed more in the WHOOPS DISEASE-5. Nano Mites? post.  The following post is organized to discuss what male humans in my life are suffering, because my sneezes carried to them.

Other Connecting Posts

Whoops Disease Info

Additional Connecting Information

Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables

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