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Do you love your animals?

Some of us love them & make them as sick as we are! Mystin 2008

Do you love your animals? Some of us love them and make them as sick as we are! Sneezing on them and making them as horrid as we are? Okay, maybe like the males are? Whoops disease symptoms for males and females are different, An Arrow-b here’s one link to find out the details I’ve lived with. Animals can get this from humans also. My cat Mystin has displayed some of the human male symptoms.

But he’s a cat and the vets DID NOT KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING. He tested positive for parasites, but with Whoops disease symptoms the ANIMALS need a yearly shot of 10 times the amount HUMANS get different treatment options! AND a clear sign for animals is the single long cut on the front canines, that begins AFTER SNEEZES, THE TEETH which WILL HEAL FINE if the long cuts are cleaned 3 to 6 times before they start healing, with the pet toothpaste & infant brush, AND allowed to fully heal with no touching, if the skin is broken by finger nail or toothbrush after they start healing, then the poor animal has a yucky canine. If the tooth is not brushed the teeth can starve the critter or they can heal with yuck in them.

THE SNEEZES which can KILL when the animal has them repetitiously and cannot sleep, THE SYMPTOMS LIVE A TIMELINE OF EVENTS OVER YEARS OF TIME. But there is also the food. Being unable to eat and the sneezes are death dealing.  The itchy problems are more advanced with the animals because the critters like cats and dogs with fur covered skin have hair that means only claws dig through to itch their skin.  Thus the scabs from the itching grow with the itchiness, and I hope my animal gets correct treatment before a painfully raw scratch causes and infection that leads to death through an attack or an blood disease.

THE HUMAN SYMPTOMS ARE THE ANIMALS SYMPTOMS, but the animals can die from poor teeth possibly and from lack of sleep with sneezing.  And there are side effects that alter the body compositionally and because of multiple thoughts on this disease I now am assuming that this is a technologically advancing disease.






WHOOPS DISEASE-6. Treatment Ideas & Facts


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