Me & my speech.

None of these issues began recently, they all started for Rhapsodie way back in her youth. Because of her high pain tolerance and her early diagnosis, in life, as a type 1 diabetic. While Rhapsodie’s A1C’s, which measure the average body sugar results over 3 months are consistently between 6.8 and 7 most doctors ignorantly think that 100% of the diabetics they treat have high/ BAD A1C’s, so they lump Rhapsodie in with everyone else. The issues Rhapsodie has had with Whoops Disease do impact diabetic insulin uses and sugar problems, but the disease also causes some people to become diabetic.

BUT in addition to the Whoops Disease issues is the problems from medical societies inaccurate record keeping and more.

  • In 2000 Rhapsodie broke her left forearm, the Ulna fractured in a car accident causing the bone to splinter and shove out through the skin. The emergency room X-ray reviews showed that the inner bone needed a plate, and that the fracture of Rhapsodie’s left calf, which she had treated herself in 1987 had healed beautifully. “Who was that wonderful surgeon?” (Dr. Supinski, 8-10-2000)
  • In 2005 a CT scan at a country hospital, had the technical people saying, “nothing was found.” But Rhapsodie had an appointment with the physician that had treated her arm previously and in that visit, the surgeon stated, “We’ll get you prepped for surgery now.” (Dr. Supinski)
    • The screws in the plate holding it to the bone were almost out of the arm. The person who did the surgery said, “I reached in with my fingers and took them out they were so loose. The plate is still in the arm, it’s supposed to be permanent…BUT it’s not resting on the bone, so if you lose weight it could fall out of place…No one will know what they are seeing in images because it looks like glass or gravel.”
    • The ‘official surgeon’ said “You can go back to work tomorrow, it’s just a 2 inch cut in your arm and that will heal fine. I don’t need to see you again, just sign this release form.”
      • Rhapsodie hadn’t known that signing that form meant that she had no legal rebound if there were problems with the treatment OR the arm later in life. In addition the signing of that form meant that she accepted the inaccurate surgical report as being accurate. BUT then again illegally the doctor had her signing the forms while still under the drug influence from the surgery which lasts in the brain tissues longer than in the body.
  • The rushed and inaccurate post surgery report stated, “Screws were removed, plate was removed, connecting screw was removed.” Rhapsodie never had a connecting screw used, the plate was not removed, the post surgery report was false AND it’s a lie doctors are still using because it’s in her records as official treatment documentation.
    • Rhapsodie did have the surgeon make a note on the copy and sign it which she took home, but the medical people are continuing to follow the lie. Because “we do not use any records that aren’t in our files.” (Doctors & Nurses)

While this has been only part of the false records about Rhapsodie it’s often the case that her grandmother’s words have proved true. “Make sure you keep copies of every single doctors visit, surgical report, prescription and more. Make sure you tell the doctors what’s happened when it’s happened, they may lose the information BUT it’s also a reference for them to use. And if you don’t tell them when it happens they have nothing to reference.”

Medical Record Keeping REQUIRES Individuals to keep records themselves

Rhapsodie wishes she had told her doctors more about her left calf back in her teens when it was fractured with the use of the school gym floor. She told the school nurse, but that wasn’t even put into her files as far as she knows. She did injure her left calf again in 2007 while at work, that’s in reports at the company, but her doctor ‘didn’t see anything’ to find. Hah, shin splints aren’t visible and people still keep on walking and moving with those bone breaks. But none of this would do any good unless Rhapsodie was keeping the records of those visits and the issues, treatment OR lack of it, with notes on those forms.

Doctors are failures as record keepers, and they are overworked with the AHC system of medical treatment and works. The records are only skimmed by doctors for every patient, so the patient has to have a complete filing system of records in order to get better treatment, that’s if they have doctors that will use their more accurate records.

Rhapsodie’s Treatment

The laziness of the personnel in the medical field is exacerbated by the report falsities, inaccurate reports, and lack of time spent in examining any gathered evidence. Blood tests are relied on for lots of things, Rhapsodie wishes there was an Osteoblast & Osteoclast test done on her previously, which could prove that the bones are suffering injury that need treatment, because the doctors would look at the results of a blood test when they ignore looking at official X-rays.

Because so far, the doctors’ “Don’t believe there is anything to find.” And they have begun to believe that drugging Rhapsodie will shut her up, because they aren’t going to try and treat what they don’t want to know about. AND with less than 5 minutes of a patient in front of a doctor 2 times a year they aren’t going to take more time to know the patient OR review their records either.

  • That Rhapsodie fell in Sept. of 2013 shouldn’t have meant more problems, but she did pass out even though it was found with examining the sun shift later as well as the pain that hit. The left arm pain had been more than that on the right calf, but swelling feet that had been so bad that her slip on Keds with a mid foot strap ate into her foot leaving strap bites on top of her foot, which continued to happen through the months after this fall. There was proven fracture shown on an X-ray image from June 13, 2014. The previous November X-ray was done in a hospital that had 20 year old X-ray machines, and BAAAAAD work done in the technical reporting, so ‘nothing was found.’
    • Guess what all the following reports were only copies of that false report, no examination work was done by anyone treating me with any of the new images OR records they could have examined.
  • There was proven fracture found with an X-ray on June 13, 2014, but the emergency room where I was mistreated dismissed me without examining the X-ray. IN fact that image was only supposed to be one of a set, but the other image was never taken because the brand new machine was NOT PLUGGED IN. The report lie sent to my doctor said “nothing was found” when no examination of the records was done.
    • The damage to my right calf had weakened my body as had the Whoops Disease. A urinary tract infection gained my an antibiotic, AND after 10 days on antibiotics my right leg started itching, so I rubbed it.  And I rubbed in an area that sunk and shifted.  So what should have healed hadn’t it wasn’t even ‘something worthy of noting OR finding’ by the doctors.
    • But the problem’s have grown because my right leg is not correct anymore.  AND the weakened body suffering starvation plus lack of medical treatment for injuries caused my left foot fall into a hidden hole to cause further injury to my lower left arm and my left calf.
  • The promise to give the digital photo taken of the x-ray on the computer at the Orthopedic doctor’s office in June of 2014 was fulfilled, so the partial that I have is all that I have.
  • In fact, the hospital where the original pictures were taken sent me a disc from 6-10-2014 with the pictures of another patient, which are in my husbands records as copies.
    • Because they had billed me for an arm x-ray that wasn’t taken and a leg x-ray with a misdiagnosis.  So BAD.  The other patient was wearing bone buttons on his shirt, I wasn’t wearing any 4 hole buttons.  But I’m considered a patient that’s not important, and that is so WRONG.  Not only did I receive another patient’s visual files, but there was no doctor diagnosis of my pictures, just a set of nurses that were determined to rush me away.  That’s my opinion of those bad medical actions, the reason I say this is because 5 minutes after my pictures were taken I was told nothing was found by a young women who originally came to the room to remove the sheets from the bed I was given.

The situations with the right calf have grown into fractures of the left calf AND the fevers I’ve been suffering on and off for years now.

Left Lower Arm

As mentioned above Rhapsodie had an injury to her left arm in 2000. This injury was hassled again in 2013 with the fall to the porch causing the left arm to drop to support the falling body. Rhapsodie passed out and awakened later with her left arm aching, it ached for months, but nothing was examined because of the false report saying, “Plate was removed.” Since the plate wasn’t removed the plate acted as a buffer for any touch from the skin around the area, the bone can’t be felt through the plate.  This means that the bone issues are under a layer of plating that hides the issue of the problem.

If a house beam OR post fractures, the first sign of the damage is generally the falling pieces, the leaking problems, the crumbling drywall OR plaster. BUT we know that there’s plates hiding the structure, so taking the time to examine the house structure for angle and shift issues generally can be used. Plus the leaking like pain can tell us there are issues. And the wall shifting/ swelling like the body area swelling can indicate issues.

BUT these are ignored because the doctors don’t work to see anything with Rhapsodie beyond what they expect to see. With the false ‘plate was removed report’ they expect to see bruising OR something else on Rhapsodie’s arm because they believe the surgery report lies not the truth which Rhapsodie repeatedly tells them about.

  • In June of 2014 Rhapsodie stepped into a ‘hidden’ hole with her left foot, her left arm hit the ground hand down and pain shot into her. Her left calf twisted and felt like it split from mid calf, the old 1987 & 2007 shin fracture splint injury that wasn’t treated by any doctor.
  • In July of 2014 Rhapsodie walked 350 to 500 feet to the mailbox, after taking the 5 or 6 envelops of stuff out using her left arm she turned to walk back up to the house. AND a bone popped up out from between the plate and the bone in her left lower arm. The mail fell to the ground, since the wind could blow it all over, Rhapsodie used her right arm and leaning over picked the pieces up.
    • Standing caused the arm to ache, because the bone section was poking at the skin, trying to break through. Rhapsodie stood there in pain, and realized she couldn’t get to the house to even get a phone OR call for help. So with some shifting and maneuvering she finally shoved the bone back into the arm between the plate and the bone.
      • There isn’t money to go to emergency,
      • They will need to send an ambulance, there’s no vehicle her at home,
      • I’ve an appointment next week with my primary care doctor.
        • After working the bone back into place and going back into the house the reasoning as well as the ‘home treatment’ caused Rhapsodie to think on waiting until the next week to see her primary care doctor. Plus considering the other issue facts…
          • it’s not hurting now,
          • I can use it,
          • there’s no swelling to see,
          • this was injured originally in 2000, the plate remained with screw removal in 2005, the fall in September of 2013 hurt it more, the recent fall father’s day weekend in June 2014 hurt it more, and the doctors never are finding anything. I’ll just live with it for now.
        • So Rhapsodie waited until the next week, and the doctor surprised her with  the comment, “The arm X-ray shows nothing.”
          • Wait a moment, this was the 6-10-2014 X-ray with Rhapsodie’s right calf and left arm, but THE ARM MACHINE WASN’T PLUGGED IN, there were NO LIGHTS ON, it WAS NOT WORKING YET.
        • So another FALSE LYING REPORT by the medical professionals. Because there was no lower left arm X-ray taken!!!
    • It’s now 2020 additional X-rays were done, between 2014 and 2020 with the area of the bone showing “glass and gravel” has been found in the images repeatedly, but because of the false 2005 report by Dr. Supinski which said, “Screws were removed, plate was removed, and connecting screw was removed,” present doctors believe those falsities instead of the scar evidence and patient information. A patient that lives in the body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and has more evidence of problems that doctors ignore repeatedly. The real surgeon that removed the screws wrote on the report that, “plate appears as glass OR gravel in images.” BUT that report isn’t found because of the false record keeping actions of Dr. Supinski.

Use of bracing and straps really help Rhapsodie whenever there’s a need to ride in a vibrating vehicle. The use of strapping daily assists her in being able to use her left arm in some activities, like typing on the keyboard, but not much else.

Left Calf Situations Felt

So presently this is me.  And the YouTube videos just demonstrate a little of life.  It’s not good that each blue square showed on the floor is 12 inches and it takes me 3 to 4 steps to walk over 5 feet.  I’m sharing this information because even though I don’t want to, applying for disability has become a necessity.  I’m barely walking, barely able to function, and am NOT being treated by the doctors with enough care so that I can function like I used to.

Having drawn a picture that compares to what I saw in x-rays, I’m sharing a comparison here, but my marks aren’t exactly what was seen in the x-ray, and I’m calling this a checkerboard fracture.

sm- right leg fracture sketch P1460161

I think there were only 5 pieces of bone, each about 1 centimeter in size or smaller.  But having bent one has stressed my left leg so that a fissure has spread from a fracture that happened in 1987 or there about.  That fracture was treated by me, not by doctors because I didn’t turn black and blue and because I didn’t have any visible swelling, I put the bone back in place.  So this picture links to my other YouTube video showing my slow movements now because of poor balance and pain in left leg fracture sketch P1460160

Age restrictions were added, because I didn’t want any person who gets offended a reason to complain, but this is reality not a faked picture.

Left arm, right leg, and NOW left leg problems.  The pain in the left arm & right leg diminished tremendously with the use of antibiotics.  So Rhapsodie believes the doctor’s repeated lack of diagnosis’ may be causing more problems, like osteoarthritis &/or gangrene in areas that haven’t been treated that are under the skin.

The fever’s have diminished with the use of Frankincense as an antibiotic & antiseptic, but the right calf had fevers at least 2 times which took about a year to develop between situations. Hot bath soaks helped, but the infection causing fevers continues. AND at present with the left lower arm, right lower arm, and right calf feeling infected it’s telling that this is going to be a horrid year. Doctors ASSume that the normal temperature for an individual at 98.6 degrees fahrenheit is my normal temperature. They REFUSE to listen to me, because the normal for me is between 97.3 and 98.0, like they refused to listen to my grandma and aunt who all of us suffer lower than normal body temperatures. Which means that the 98.6 & 98.9 means I’m slightly feverish which means there’s issues needing treatment which I’ve not been given because they ASSume that they know me and my body.

The swelling is more pronounced as is the bruising, but that’s diminished under the body water of the Whoops Disease that hides the bruising and swelling from most observers.

Additional posts with information which also corresponds to these words are shared below, I’m sorry that the original Medical #1 post got deleted, it had more images which I’m not adding at present.

Other Connecting Posts

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Rhapsodie has written about these issues for multiple reasons:

1) To have a shared written record, that’s useful. 2) To provide info to others to assist them in planning to deal with the horrid medical system of the U.S. 3) To hopefully impact doctors & health carers to do more work than just using reports which may be false.

Rhapsodie’s Visual PAIN Diary- From September 2013 into April 2017

 Rhapsodie’s ideas to improve Medical ASSESSMENTS by doctors

PAIN Variables

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