Me & my speech.

So presently this is me.  And the YouTube videos just demonstrate a little of life.  It’s not good that each blue square showed on the floor is 12 inches and it takes me 3 to 4 steps to walk over 5 feet.  I’m sharing this information because even though I don’t want to, applying for disability has become a necessity.  I’m barely walking, barely able to function, and am NOT being treated by the doctors with enough care so that I can function like I used to.

Having drawn a picture that compares to what I saw in x-rays, I’m sharing a comparison here, but my marks aren’t exactly what was seen in the x-ray, and I’m calling this a checkerboard fracture.

sm- right leg fracture sketch  P1460161

I think there were only 5 pieces of bone, each about 1 centimeter in size or smaller.  But having bent one has stressed my left leg so that a fissure has spread from a fracture that happened in 1987 or there about.  That fracture was treated by me, not by doctors because I didn’t turn black and blue and because I didn’t have any visible swelling, I put the bone back in place.  So this picture links to my other YouTube video showing my slow movements now because of poor balance and pain in left leg fracture sketch    P1460160

Age restrictions were added, because I didn’t want any person who gets offended a reason to complain, but this is reality not a faked picture.

Left arm, right leg, and NOW left leg problems.  The pain in the left arm & right leg diminished tremendously with the use of antibiotics.  So Rhapsodie believes the doctor’s repeated lack of diagnosis’ may be causing more problems, like osteoarthritis &/or gangrene in areas that haven’t been treated that are under the skin.  The fever’s have diminished with the use of Frankincense as an antibiotic & antiseptic.  The swelling is more pronounced as is the bruising.  But so far, the doctors’ “Don’t believe there is anything to find.”  That I fell in Sept. of 2013 shouldn’t have meant more problems, but on June 13, 2014 after 10 days on antibiotics my right leg started itching, so I rubbed it.  And I rubbed in an area that sunk and shifted.  So what should have healed hadn’t.  But the problem’s have grown because my right leg is not correct anymore.    And the promise to share the photo taken of the x-ray on the computer at the Orthopedic doctor’s office in June of 2014 was fulfilled, so the partial that I have is all that I have.  Here is the link to that picture:  THIS Picture can be fully viewed once every 24 hours.  I took a photo of the x-ray shown on the computer screen, and the x-ray disappeared from the hospital and the doctors files by my next visit to that orthopedic office.  In fact, the hospital where the original pictures were taken sent me a disc from 6-10-2014 with the pictures of another patient.  Because they had billed me for an arm x-ray that wasn’t taken and a leg x-ray with a misdiagnosis.  So BAD.  The other patient was wearing bone buttons on his shirt, I wasn’t wearing any 4 hole buttons.  But I’m considered a patient that’s not important, and that is so WRONG.  Not only did I receive another patient’s visual files, but there was no doctor diagnosis of my pictures, just a set of nurses that were determined to rush me away.  That’s my opinion of those bad medical actions, the reason I say this is because 5 minutes after my pictures were taken I was told nothing was found by a young women who originally came to the room to remove the sheets from the bed I was given.

Please share your thoughts.

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