Me & my speech.

Trademarks again so that others will have to pay me to use them, unless they already have.

These are sweet and nature them did provide:

The winged horse or the Pegasus by another name:

The Horse with a halter by another.

Horse out the barn door trademarkwonder horse trademark

The elephant with trunk raised, lengthened, and lowered.

Elephant long trunk with tusks trademarkElephant longtrunk trademark

And the Eagle or Pterodactyl depending on which name you do choose.Pteradactyl trademark3

And believe you me I have multiple images of these critters, but the winged horse is mine and will remain into eternity.  So any adventuresome souls that arise please avoid trying to duplicate those that appear in my video here.

And on top of the trademarks for sale here, I’m sharing with you the trademarks of the author displayed on the present work.  Just to secure the rights within the public, but I’m saying now they are in the gold, but they could be in silver, white, blue green or any other shade as long as they’re in the correct shape and design.  The marks are encased in a blue and  a green box, the ones in the blue box can be used individually, the ones in the green box are used in accompaniment with the one in blue.

The shading on the cover behind the marks are is in the cover itself and is not part of the trademark.

Sisters w-trademark symbol shared1

The cover itself is a unique cover, and should be also considered a copyrighted work used by this author.

With regards Rhapsodie McClintick for Ava D. Dohn

Please share your thoughts.

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