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Book Marketing Questions

Book Marketing Questions

Throughout my life one of the greatest concerns was, “Is Rhapsodie alright?”  That and the fact that as a woman in a religious organization the best goal in life would be to marry to bring credit to my family or to become a full-time volunteer minister have caused me to have a very narrow focus.  Hearing and reading were my main tools for diversion from life.  Hearing others experiences and stories, reading adventures and romance, all led me up to the point of respecting and caring about the stories others shared that I was interested in.  It has also helped me appreciate others more than I can explain.

But above and beyond my personal life stories written by another that I care about have caused me to love people outside of my immediate acquaintance to a greater extent.  These books impacted me in such a great way because of the relationship I have with the author of the works and the history I have in life.

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But who else should these books be shared with?  Who are the individuals the work of Ava D. Dohn will appeal to?  What are the struggles being taken at present to determine who to share with?


Determining Answers to Marketing Questions

For the last ten years’ time has been expended on writing and rewriting the material to be shared with the public.  My time as a Walmart cashier and door greeter helped me become acquainted with a wide variety of people, but it still hasn’t helped to determine who the target market is or should be.  Since 2010 I’ve been taking college classes, at first for a marketing degree and now for another, but still the target market remains undefined.

Early this morning my purchase of John Locke’s How I sold 1 Million Ebooks in 5 Months caused me to read more words about having a defined target market.  And those words are tremendously pertinent.  But our target market is still undefined.  The goal and purpose of the Sisters of the BloodWind is to introduce the readers to the world of warriors that have fought for Millenia to save the universe from implosion and evil destruction.  To cause the readers to fall in love with individuals that fight for freedom and true love.

Some reader’s comments were from people that have found religion to be a disappointment to their hearts.  Those readers are people that have searched for true love, and have found that men’s rules given in religion break the law of love shared in the scriptures.  For me as an individual that search for true love was never very hard because of the love shared by my family fulfilled my desire until I became acquainted with the greater love shared in the Chronicles of Heaven’s War series.  My heart tells me that sharing the work is good, even though everyone else in the author’s intimate group thinks the time expended is a waste.  And it might be without a more specific target market definition.  But who should I market too?

So Who Should be Marketed Too?

Figuring out who the readers may be is the hardest task so far in sharing writing.  It is the reader who will come to care, it is the reader that will develop a love or a hate for the characters.  It is the reader who is important, not the buyer.  A buyer may take the book into their library and that’s it.  A reader is one who will desire to read more, that will develop a heart for the characters that make the story so impactful.  So who is a person that will read this book without knowing the story?

Ava D.’s books are written in a Tolkienish style, this means that it is not presented in a familiar style and the story will live long after the author dies. The book promotes love, freedom, the value of life, and the value of true friends and lovers. But at the same time it shares an alternate universe with the world that interacts with people from earth. The space ships, interplanetary and interdimensional travel cause me to see the book as a fantasy. The structure of the story presentation is similar to the works of Bruce Catton which means it is sectionalized by events with multiple characters.  But the characters experiences and life are the main focus of the presentation.  And it causes me, a volunteer marketer, to advertise it as a modern classic.

But who is the proper audience to share it with? So far it has been narrowed down to men and women between 30- 90 years of age.  John Locke’s book has caused me to determine that the true target audience won’t be determined until there are comments by haters of the written work.  Gaining enough readers to reach that point according to Locke requires sharing the differentiating work.  With a chronological series, book 1 is released before book 3 and this means determining the target market is more difficult.  So at present the target market is people that desire to love, truly love, and to gain knowledge of true reasons to love.

Do you think you can be one of the target market, or are you one that will hate the work.  Please let us know.  Here’s a link to the 100+ page free sample: AND/OR

Please share your thoughts.

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