Me & my speech.

Reality vs. Fiction

Comparisons of what has really happened recently and in the past with what I’ve read in fiction stuns my mind when the realities are grotesquely brought to life.  These realities in my opinion are based on the desires of demon’s.  The reading was being done while working to blog for Ava D Dohn.  Although Ava D Dohn tries to avoid sharing political and religious opinions, with my words I can work to expose the underlying reasons for actions viewed in such things as Glenn Becks show.

Earlier this week on Tuesday while watching the Glenn Beck show a video was shared that brought the reasoning of the fiction writer‘s words more to life.  One section of the Sisters of the BloodWind by Ava D Dohn inspired in my mind visions of actions by a hater of love and life.  The author a historian to a small degree has reviewed how individuals have acted throughout time’s history.  The horror of the demon’s desires being lived by men makes me fear our future as humans.

Glenn Beck picture shared    Because in my mind the demon’s are ones whose own pleasures, goals, pursuits, and love are of primary importance.  This type of person only cares to         satisfy their needs and their personal desires.  This means that the only love displayed is based on their primary importance.

The mind and heart seem to be under our soul control, but we can allow the demon’s desires to control our mind.  Mihai, the character in Ava D Dohn’s Destiny Road shows how hard it is to fight a demon’s desire when it’s unwelcome, but are we strong enough to fight when this desire fulfills our own selfish motivations?

The reality from the video link on the left of this page is something that if ignored could make us as guilty as the individual pictured who acts as a demon’s slave.  This guilt may be shared and judgement is not made by me, but each individual can decide what course they choose and who they decide to be.  While the political concepts that Glenn shares are not necessarily mine, the horrors witnessed by all who view this video should make us know what realities the demon’s really care for in this world and how those that imitate their desires will act when they are given the power to do as they desire.

Please share your thoughts.

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