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Nearly 20 firearms handed over at ‘Safe Surrender’ program

Lovely, now we’re heading the way of Mexico. The law abiding, caring citizens surrender their means of defense and the criminal element gains more power.

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Nearly 20 firearms were turned in this weekend in Greensboro as part of the “Safe Surrender” program, which seeks to get guns off the streets.

Organizers said the 2-day event allowed gun owners to turn in anything from semi-automatic pistols to shotguns without any questions.

In all, four rifles, five shotguns, three revolvers and four pistols were handed over.

The event was hosted by the Greensboro Police Department and was the second such event they’ve hosted this year.

Many in the community said the program is a great way to get rid of unused and unnecessary weapons.

Participating churches included Saint Matthew’s United Methodist Church, Bessemer United Methodist Church and Christ Wesleyan Church.

Police said they collected more than 70 guns during the previous “Safe Surrender” event in January.

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