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Rhapsodie’s Words on QR Codes

Rhapsodie‘s Words on QR Codes

I love being able to copy and paste onto paper a QR code so another can access my online site information.

This is the link used for me to set up my QR codes, they provide a lot of information about the codes. Code Link

The site also provided the following Link information.

Link information for cell phones

This is The Sisters of the Bloodwind at QR code link:

Rhapsodie’s Words on Social Heart for Business Media

Rhapsodie‘s Words on Social Heart for Business Media

David Chrisotopher« Enterprise Social Networks – The Heart of any Social Business »

Who is my audience, how can they find value in what I am sharing, and how can I share with them what is valuable for them.  And for businesses how can I make what is valuable for them valuable for me also.  The value of the social is that there is a way to influence and affect others.  But truthfully there is more effectiveness with heart than without it.

But what is heart and how can I share it.  There is more to hear than just feelings.  Heart involves understanding, patience, and a willingness to feel for others.  Social media is being used differently in the world now than it was in the past.  This requires not only understanding the tools, but also working to understand how to use the tools the best way possible.

For a business David Christopher highlights the value of the individual with social media plans, but there is more to life than business.  And that is where the value of understanding heart is important.  If, [a]  company that is socially connected is not just going to be more effective and more efficient, but it’s going to have a knowledge reach spanning the entire company that any employee can tap into and make use of.”  Then each person in business needs to figure how to understand the heart in order to connect with it.  This is a very useful tool in all types of business.

The reason for the success of multiple tools and multiple people is that there is more than one person on this earth.  And if you as an individual have trouble understanding yourself and your actions, how much more difficult time are you going to have understanding 0thers and their actions?  If there is one social channel, there will be less variety and understanding in communication then if there is a larger heart resource.  For business relationships and the social channel Mr. Christopher highlights a couple of ways to build up the social networking within a business.

The first thing mentioned in “Enterprise Social Networks – The Heart of any Social Business”, is that he and his crew “put more focus and attention on building employee social relationships. By doing so we build up employee trust and an expansive knowledge network which we can then utili[z]e.”  But also there is a really interesting idea for any business that wants to expand the network without expanding the budget tremendously.  “[P]ut a “Shout Out” to your employees asking for active participants (volunteers to be part of the project team) and passive contributors (volunteers to contribute from the sidelines).

There is a lot of money involved with adding the heart of individuals into this side of business:

This “Shout Out” approach provides some great business benefits:

  • avoids duplication of time, money and effort if someone is already working on something similar in your organi[z]ation (in large enterprises duplication is often a common occurrence)
  • delivers a better solution as the volunteers are interested in the subject matter
  • allows you access to a large knowledge network to minimi[z]e risks and issues
  • provides a better chance of adoption as the employees themselves have been involved in the delivery of the project

I call this Open Collaboration (yes, I avoided using the term social) and have been trialing it now for a while with some great success.

We all can relate.  What is really more interesting and exciting?  Dinner at home with potatoes and chicken, or dinner at a fine restaurant with hash browns and chicken cordon bleu?  Aren’t the foods typically the same, but the attitude is different because of the change in environment.  The people at the restaurant are different, the table is different, and the atmosphere is different.  To work in a restaurant once in a while, so to speak, is more exciting than dinner at home.  People in business enjoy trying new things, social media is new and interesting to many people.  Use this interest this heart and take advantage of what success it brings.

Rhapsodie’s Words About Eric Harr’s

Rhapsodie’s Words About Eric Harr’s

Social media success in business is still going through test and trial phases.  A pattern for all has not been formulated.  But htere are multiple patterns on offer for different types of businesses.  Eric Harr seems to have written an article called “12 Steps to Social Media Success…and a Gilly Flower Cordial to You!, which seems super valuable to me, Rhapsodie.  After reading and reviewing the information highlighted, my appreciation of how the general business public are thought of and spoken to  has encouraged me to share the information with more of the public.

Why is his information valuable?  Because he acts like he speaks.  The value of social media in business is becoming common knowledge, but unless you are a superman finding all of the information needed is impossible.  For the person reading the “12 Steps . . .” the material feels right for all.  The applications are valuable for the basic business person and the more complicated business set up.  When reading the material an individual, like myself, feels appreciated and valued.  And the outline of the material is easy to comprehend and apply.

Let me share an example with you:

To put your brand on the map, you can toil away day-in and day-out for years, but one knockout appearance on The Today Showcan tip it in one fell swoop. Most people shy away from thinking big, because they think they’re not good enough (or ready) for mainstream coverage. Guess what? You are. Want proof? Look at some of the people who appear on talk shows. If they can do it, you can do it! Emotionalize your brand, craft a clever pitch, and use Twitter to engage mainstream media.

The material talks to me as an individual, the emotions of a human are shared in appreciation of my humanity and in understanding of the way to overcome and grow with and beyond.  The steps highlighted here will be applied in business by me and hopefully by you far into the future.  May Mr. Eric Harr find blessings because of his understanding of the value of humanity.

Eric Harr is the new Social Media Expert for CBS News and the Founder & President of Resonate Social, a boutique, integrated marketing agency in San Francisco. He is the author of “The REAL TRUTH About Social Media: 8 Timeless Truths Uncovered & 8 Monumental Myths Revealed” now available in bookstores nationwide and on the REAL TRUTH Website. He is the creator of FlyRight, the world’s first real-time customer service app that uses the social web to empower you with a stronger voice as it enables airlines to improve service. Engage with him on Twitter.

Concerning Values & Social Media

Rhapsodie’s Words Concerning Values


Social Media

Why are the impacts of social media so valuable in business today?  Well who hasn’t heard of Oprah Winfrey‘s new giveaway, or of Angelina Jolie‘s new movie?  What is heard is shared with social media.  Social media is as simple as mom saying, “You can’t have the cookie till after you eat dinner.”  To as complicated as new ordinances being publicized by the government.

What are people saying, and when do you as a business person determine that they are important to listen to?  That depends on how and when you listen.  In general it is as soon as you feel a concern because of how the information will impact your life or your business.  Businesses need to reason as people, if the information is not important to you why should you listen?  Social networking sites were created to share life with the world and to increase life’s value for all.  There are many contentions about the value of social media, but in the present day and age there is no life without money to live.  Are social networking sites good for our society?

Social media can be a powerful tool for social change and an alternative to more traditional methods of communication. During the protests of the Iranian election in June 2009, protestors used Twitter to circumvent government control over phones and the media. Twitter was so important that the US State Department asked Twitter to delay a network upgrade that would have taken the website offline at a busy time of day in Iran. Twitter complied and rescheduled the downtime to 1:30 am Tehran time. The ability to remain anonymous helped protect people who were spreading information in real time.

If the US government and other governments are taking the time to alter and limit social media, it must be a powerful tool.  The other tool government works to control is gun use, the reason is that guns are tools.  Tools can be used properly and they can be abused.  But the type of tool that is proper for your business might not be the tool that is proper for your neighbors business.  So a business that wants to keep up with the world needs to listen to social media and they need to use social media.

100 Years ago a business man would use a telegraph and a telephone as part of their social media program, today a business man could use, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, websites, and Digg, but it is only a tool of communication. Understanding the import of these tools is of primary importance, but second is  understanding how to use the tools to the best advantage.  And if the squeaky wheels get the grease (and the money,) shouldn’t a business person determine how to monitor the system?  The tool has many different values, but each business person needs to measure the value of the tools that are used.

If the tools aren’t used there is a limited potential for growth!!!

About Stories

Please forgive me the delay.  My knowledge of WordPress is more limited than I thought.

Rhapsodie‘s Words About Stories

A story guides peoples perceptions of the writer.  Posts that share information of value lead to these perceptions.  But the story doesn’t necessarily make the man.  Here are a couple examples of stories:

The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

And Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings.

But those are only examples of stories, for people telling stories online more is required.  The person must continue to carry a story through one line after another line on page after page or post after post.  And for Rhapsodie, telling stories is not easy.  Rhapsodie’s words about stories is that tell it well or avoid telling it at all.

We all care about the story that we tell.  But is the story that is told important to others? This question is often a guide to story telling for all.  The import of the story is the reason that others listen and this is the reason to search for a story.  What do you tell that is important and how can your words influence others?  Let me share with you an example of how to do this.

“Visitor detail capturing which is possible on a website by creating forms is not allowed on Facebook.’’ Indeed, let us add that at east 50 per cent of our business leads come from the form created on the website. We are still to get a single lead via our social media presence. Adds Varun Joshua, our creative director: “Facebook is structured/ designed to enhance conversation between people with limited options to communicate a brand message through visuals, experience, interaction – which a website does. It’s restrictive in that sense.’’

The reason that is noticed on Google is because there is a story being told that others find valuable and interesting.  So may your words and mine find success in being a story for others.

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