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This is a sample of Rhapsodie as an individual.  There is another blog that I have worked on, but it is a promotional blog for a book I love. is a link for any reader to use to determine my blog capabilities.

As communication is key for a good blog, I am happy to share more with any readers that desire to know more.


Rhapsodie McClintick

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The Chronicles of Heaven’s War, Book I: Sisters of the BloodWind #13 (

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Rhapsodie McClintick is presently a student at Alfred State College, and she previously was the infamous door greeter at Wal-mart in Hornell NY.  During her time as a college student and a door greeter Rhapsodie has contributed her efforts in the establishment and the distribution of Ava D Dohn’s, Chronicles of Heaven’s War books.  The Sisters of the Bloodwind is Ava D Dohn’s first epic and as Rhapsodie defines it, the first twenty-first century classic.


While working for her degree she successfully maintained a GPA of 3.0 and higher, while supporting multiple in college organizations as secretary and treasurer.  Through temporary work on campus Rhapsodie developed a reputation as a hard worker and as a woman that does not suffer stupidity in others.


At the present time Rhapsodie is also working towards a paid summer internship and more relationships with fellow extraordinaires.  And any that define themselves as extraordinary qualify.

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