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On Students Considerations about College

What does Rhapsodie Say


College Considerations?


Considerations are always based on personality and desires that a person wants to have fulfilled.  For a student going to college considerations like where am I going to live and who am I going to spend time with are as important as what ratings does the college have and what will the degree I get give me.  Why are these other considerations so important?

One reason is that most students are taking there first step away from home life. These needs are  being filled by communication with other students.  “According to a recent study by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, 100% of universities surveyed use social media to communicate with students, up from 61% in 2007-08. The study found that 98% of the responding colleges have a Facebook page and 84% have a Twitter account.”  These numbers are great tools for other interactive minded colleges to consider.

As students take a step toward college life, they are taking the time to understand where they are going, and with the students perspective being shared with social media giving them the key to the life they may lead.



About Facebook Jobs

Rhapsodie Speaks Again


It’s amazing what different bits of material are available on the web.  This article , “Facebook profiles predict job success” by Eve Tahmincioglu, the article shows how a limited study was done in accord with a judgment of “the findings of a new study by a trio of universities that looked at how Facebook profiles predict job success.”

The details of the article let the reader understand the limits of this study.  “Facebook users, 56 total, were given a personality score by independent evaluators and six months later those ratings were compared to evaluations completed by the supervisors who the users worked for.”  The limits are not good in accord with the US work population, but the articles publishing causes the writer to share the words of Kluemper.

According to Kluemper “‘This is one study and the sample size is not that large,’ he explained. ‘A lot more studies need to be done.’”  So a reader needs to take the time to look beyond the first words in a blog page, and take the time to read the material provided.  Kluemper shared his concern and Ms. Tahmincioglu’s post shares that “he admitted some ill-advised HR folks may try and hang their hats on this one study, and that worries him because using such personality tests could be on sketchy legal grounds.”

So all reviewers of material should take the time to look beyond the bit and into the depths of the material.


Tahmincioglu, E. (n.d.). Life Inc. – Facebook profiles predict job success . Life Inc.. Retrieved February 29, 2012, from

Rhapsodie Speaks


Rhapsodie‘s Words

This is a sample of Rhapsodie as an individual.  There is another blog that I have worked on, but it is a promotional blog for a book I love. is a link for any reader to use to determine my blog capabilities.

As communication is key for a good blog, I am happy to share more with any readers that desire to know more.


Rhapsodie McClintick

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Rhapsodie McClintick is presently a student at Alfred State College, and she previously was the infamous door greeter at Wal-mart in Hornell NY.  During her time as a college student and a door greeter Rhapsodie has contributed her efforts in the establishment and the distribution of Ava D Dohn’s, Chronicles of Heaven’s War books.  The Sisters of the Bloodwind is Ava D Dohn’s first epic and as Rhapsodie defines it, the first twenty-first century classic.


While working for her degree she successfully maintained a GPA of 3.0 and higher, while supporting multiple in college organizations as secretary and treasurer.  Through temporary work on campus Rhapsodie developed a reputation as a hard worker and as a woman that does not suffer stupidity in others.


At the present time Rhapsodie is also working towards a paid summer internship and more relationships with fellow extraordinaires.  And any that define themselves as extraordinary qualify.

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